The Unknown Lycan Heir | 1# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 40

All hell broke loose in the HELL.

The past few minutes had been utter chaos, Abram and Nate watched the demonic form of Alexandra going on a rampage. She attacked the demons and dark creatures that had flooded the castle to help their master. Inhuman wails and screams filled the gigantic room as bodies flew in every direction.

The demon master was out cold laying limp next to the eastern wall. Abram nudged Nate and together they crawled towards the demon master, occasionally dodging the flying bodies of the creatures.

“Wake up, Hell Boy,” Abram shook the demon master whose body was now cold like he was refrigerated.

“Gosh… he is out cold and if he doesn’t stop the demons, she will destroy this place,” Nate stated as they continued to shake the demon.

After trying for a while, the demon master groaned in pain as he opened his eyes and when he did, he looked at the boys in confusion.

“Stop your creatures now else there will be none left to manage your souls,” Abram yelled over the chaos.

“What?!” The demon master wobbled on his feet and the scene in front of him had his black blood freeze. He knew she was powerful, yet he had never seen something like this. She looked magnificent in her demonic form.

Alexandra floated in the air with her long hair flowing behind her–her eyes dark–blue veins popped in her face making her look deadly. A dark shadow covered her being with tendrils of dark energy licking at the underworld creatures, sucking their life source.

“What are you looking for Hell Boy? She is killing your people. Stop them from going at her,” Abram shook him again.

The demon master ordered the creatures to stop as he knelt before her with his head bowed. “Apologies, Qistina. Please forgive us,” he begged while Alexa glared at him–her face void of emotion.

She stopped only for a millisecond before continuing to destroy the creatures still present in the room.

“Shit! How do we stop her?” Nate exclaimed.

“We are doomed,” Abram said in a resigned tone when he felt a wave of anger wash over him.

The emotion was not his, and he knew well to whom it belonged. Looking up, he noticed Nate had a similar expression. Their tense faces broke into a huge grin as they felt Lucian’s emotions again. It was almost feral and they could feel his bloodlust. However, they were just happy to feel him after so long.

“Alexa! Its Lucian,” Abram yelled running towards her.

Before he could reach her, she had him in the air gripping him with her dark energy.

“Alexa stop it now. It’s Lucian. I can feel him. He is awake,” Abram shouted again, ignoring the dark wisps of energy licking his skin.

Audriana had sneaked out of her chamber at midnight, tiptoeing to Lucian’s chamber.

Her father was killed and Dominick had kept her family locked in their chambers. She stopped when she noticed the guards outside his door. Cursing she turned towards her left and rounded a dark corridor. She knew of the secret passages around the castle and she knew about the one that would lead her to the heart of Lucian’s chamber.

Giselle had this built when Antonio wouldn’t allow her to visit baby Lucian once he was weaned off breast milk. Audriana had followed her a few times and found this passage, which she had kept it a secret until now.

Pressing her hands against the wall she traced it to find a familiar ledge. She smiled when she found it. Her hands drew the pattern she knew well as the back of her hand.

The wall moved back with a groan sending dust particles across her face. She closed her nose trying not to sneeze and alert the guards. Going in soon she reached Lucian’s chamber, where he lay. His eyeballs moved behind his eyelids.

His perfect muscles were on full display making her beast purr in delight. She reached out without thinking twice and ran her hands over his torso. A low rumble erupted from his chest in approval as she continued to feel him with her hands.

She almost jumped when his hands clutched her and pulled her tight against him. Soon she was pinned against the bed with him on her top, his erection prodding her thigh.

“Lucian…” Audriana moaned when he ran his nose across her neck and arched her hip, giving him complete access. He did not waste time as he climbed between her legs, his eyes still close, his chest continued to rumble as he sniffed her.

“Lucian…” The girl with big chocolate brown eyes moaned as she arched her back towards him.

The silver crescents in her neck glowed brightly as he nipped her mark. Her intoxicating scent filled his nostrils as a familiar heat of need spread through his veins, he ground his hips against her to sooth the ache.

His beast surfaced unable to control the need he felt and soon he lowered himself sniffing the wonderful scent of her arousal, he remembered her taste well and something changed.

Everything went dark.

Unlike other dreams this time his hands felt a warm body. Instead of soft voluptuous curves that cushioned his body, he felt a lithe frame and his fingers brushed protruding bones.

Did she lose weight? Was she not eating properly? He remembered telling her to eat. Though he could not remember when he told her that. Something shifted within him as his beast now howled within him in a rage.

Lucian sniffed again and the odor of a female beneath him prodded his nostrils. His beast grew anxious as he became aware of his surroundings. His eyes shot open as he took in her appearance.

Grey eyes filled with lust stared back at him.

Lucian frowned as he looked around, he did not recognize this place. Something felt wrong, and he looked at the girl again. Honey blonde hair, lean frame, and straight nose. She smelled like wildflowers.

No. This was wrong. She should have big chocolate brown eyes, long brown hair and chubby cheeks. He closed his eyes feeling her skin again. It was soft but not plush like the one he was familiar with. Lucian leaned down sniffing her neck again.

Opening his eyes, he slid her dress to reveal her neck bare of silver marks. Confusion and anxiety filled him. He felt lost. He didn’t recognize the women beneath him. His beast growled and clawed in his chest. This isn’t right.

When he thought he would lose it, he smelled it–an enticing scent which felt so familiar. A scent that drew him like a moth to the flame–it reminded him of her.

He jumped from the bed, out of Audriana’s embrace, his eyes finding the source of the smell. Always follow the scent of gardenias. They will take you to your destiny.

He remembered those flowers too well, his favorite. A memory of a beautiful face flashed in his mind. Her beautiful brown hair braided and lay across her round breasts, a single gardenia adorned her hair. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Lucian tried to remember her name and no matter how much hard he tried, he couldn’t put a name to that face he remembered too well. He inhaled deeply getting lost in the comforting scent, which felt like home.

“Lucian… honey, what are you doing with the flowers? Come back to bed.” A voice purred seductively from his left.

He cocked his eyebrows not recognizing the girl who lay on his bed, the thought of her beneath him aggravated him. Lucian didn’t know her and everything about her felt so wrong. He sniffed the gardenias again, which felt so right.

Lucian stiffened when he felt small hands running circles on his back. His beast roared within in wanting to rip the hands off. It’s wrong. I don’t want her here. Her hands traveled lower, tracing the waistband of his pants.

Audriana screamed when her body crashed against the wall, all air knocked out of her lungs. She didn’t expect Lucian to backhand her. When she recovered from the hit, in Lucian’s place stood a beast dark and dangerous.

He snarled and snapped his jaws at her in warning as she watched him with wide eyes. His beast destroyed the room and his roar shook the castle walls. She scrambled back when he advanced towards her with his claws out.

An image flashed through the beast’s mind.

A huge silver sword being plunged deep into the chest of the girl he loved. Her eyes wide with pain and shock, blood whooshed from her wound as she fell limply on the ground. There on the other end of the sword stood another girl with honey blonde hair and grey eyes full of hatred.

“K-kee-ll…. g-gaaa-d—eni--,” the beast growled.

Audriana understood what he talked about. Fuck! How did I miss it? The bitch Queen had set me up. How did I forget that Lucian’s mate smelled like those flowers?

Lucian hasn’t forgotten everything like that witch promised. He still remembered and knew she killed Alexandra. Before she could make a run for her life, he caught her lithe frame in his huge hand, crushing the life out of her.

“D-diiieee…” He roared, applying more pressure as she screamed.

Something snapped within Alexa when the demon master touched her and before she could realize what was happening she was doing things beyond her control. She was locked within herself and she fought for control over her sanity. Al she could feel or see was a thick dark fog that surrounded her.

When she saw a small boy running towards her, she gripped him to do harm. Her conscious fought hard against the urge. The fog surrounding her brain seemed to thin out at the mention of Lucian and she felt herself slowly gaining control over her body.

Within moments she had pulled Abram closer and placed her hands above his heart where his bond throbbed in anger.

“Lucian….” She whispered with unshed tears filling her eyes. The bond calmed down before thrashing again. Lucian’s beast raged within him for blood. She could feel it all. “Lucian,” she choked on a sob.

The bond settled immediately as she continued to speak. This time she could feel his emotions, he was so confused. “I am coming for you, Lucian. Hold on.” His beast listened as her voice lulled him to sleep.

The guards woke Dominick during his sleep, announcing Lucian was awake and creating havoc. He rushed towards his nephew’s chamber and tried his best to calm him down. Though Lucian’s beast acknowledged his beast as another alpha, he saw him as a threat than as an acquaintance.

The room was destroyed except for the bouquet of gardenias kept at the head table and Audriana was dying in his hands. How did she escape her confinement?

“Lucian, drop the girl!” Dominick shouted. The beast paid no heed as he continued to crush the girl, her bones cracked under the pressure and blood seeped from her mouth.

The guards were too afraid to even approach the beast that stood over twelve feet tall, his head almost touching the ceiling. Dominick’s orders and pleas fell on deaf ears as Audriana’s eyes rolled back into her head.

Just when everyone thought there was no saving the girl, Lucian stopped raging and dropped Audriana to the ground. He clutched his head as if he was listening to something or someone.

Dominick watched as Lucian’s fur melted and he picked up the gardenias again inhaling it as fresh hot tears escaped his eyes that were red with anger. Soon, he lay down clutching the gardenias to his chest and his breath calmed down.

Though Dominick was confused, he realized that the flowers had something to do with his missing mate.

“His mate smelled like those flowers,” Kieran whispered as if sensing his line of thoughts.

Dominick nodded. “Take her to the healer.”

A few guards rushed in removing Audriana from the room, she was barely breathing with her face twisting in agony.

“Any news from the messenger we sent to the Elven Kingdom?” Dominick asked Kieran, who was once his trustworthy guard.

“Yes Alpha, the Elf King has informed that Queen Giselle has not gone to their Kingdom, and he was not aware of her whereabouts,” he replied with his head bowed.

Dominick nodded as he exited the room, his mind in turmoil. He had to bring Lucian’s mate at any cost and there was no way Lucian would survive without her. “Do you know anything about Lucian’s mate?” He asked Kieran when they reached his office.

“Her name is Alexandra Mira Steller though she looks like a human, she’s more powerful,” Kieran stated as he reminisced his encounter with her.

“We need to bring her here else Lucian will go berserk and destroy everything in his path. No supernatural will be safe,” Dominick said as he took the seat behind the desk.

“I understand Alpha, but Audriana claimed she killed Alexandra right before she took Lucian here,” Kieran frowned as Dominick processed the information.

There was no way he could control Lucian without his mate. Urgent footsteps bounding towards the office could be heard as Dominick tensed and took a fighting stance, not knowing if the guards approaching meant him harm or brought him information. Though he had won his brother’s beta he still had to be on guard all the times.

“Your Highness!” The guards panted.

“The vampires have planned to attack our Kingdom. The word has it that their army is already on the move,” one guard announced.

“How long do we have?”

“Two days at this rate.”

“Kieran, you know what to do. Get women and children to safety. Get our warriors ready,” Dominick ordered. “And shift Lucian outside the castle.” A smirk spread across his lips as he could already imagine his beast tearing through their enemies.

No army is powerful enough to fight against a berserk Lycan plus Lucian is the strongest hybrid ever to be born. This fight will be a visual feast for the Lycans.

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