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Chapter 41

Giselle stared at the ceiling as she lay on the fur-covered cave ground. Sorrow and pain weighed down on her. The severed bond throbbed painfully. She still loved Antonio, no matter how cold he was towards her.

They had their sweet moments though they both disagreed on several matters. For one, Giselle was against the Lycan’s law of separating the children from their parents at such young age. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t change his viewpoint that matter. She was forced to watch the mothers being detached from their beloved children.

When Lucian fought for his mate and won, she believed Antonio would accept his son’s decision and she was wrong. He went behind her back and severed their bond, sending Lucian to a dream filled sleep. There was no telling what awaits their son when he wakes up from the severed bond with no memory of his mate.

Giselle thought Antonio was changing. He mellowed down his harshness and asked for her opinion in affairs that related to their Kingdom. He spent time with her. Now, she had learned her lesson, the day he messed with Lucian’s life and Giselle couldn’t think of any other way to punish him for his wrongdoing.

All she could think was putting him through the pain similar to that of their son. That was the only way he would understand the true love. First, he needed to understand the pain he inflicted on the others.

Dimitri supported her weak body as Mirunalini fed her some herbal soup. She told her it would help her gain her strength. Giselle swallowed the horrible soup, for she felt nothing inside. She wanted to be near her mate, only the thought of Lucian stopped her from going to her mate.

I will go to my mate only when Lucian is reunited with his mate, she vowed to herself.

“Dominick took over the Lycan kingdom,” Dimitri announced in a soft voice making Giselle choke on the soup. “Dominick killed Raymond,” he continued.

“Antonio?” Giselle croaked weakly.

“Alive and well. Dominick couldn’t bring himself to harm his blood brother. He ordered him to be taken care of. He is trying to find Lucian’s mate so he can unite them.” Dimitri informed as he helped her lie down again. “He isn’t all bad like we believed all these years.

A stray tear left Giselle’s eyes at the information. Dominick was not evil as she believed him to be. Why else would he keep Antonio and Lucian alive? Why he ever take care of them?

“Dominick had sent a messenger to our father, inquiring our whereabouts and that’s not all. News from a reliable source says the Vampire clan is on the move to wage a war against the Lycan Kingdom, seeing the King is disposed at the moment.” Dimitri sighed as he poured a bowl of soup for himself.

“Our people are in danger,” Giselle observed, and she felt responsible for everything happening. Maybe I shouldn’t have broken the bond with Antonio. Who would now save their Kingdom?

“You forgot about Lucian. His beast is raging within him and his control is hanging on a thin thread as we speak,” Mirunalini quipped. “I watched him crush that bitch of a fiancée your mate chose for him and toss her body on the floor before hugging that bouquet of gardenias you left for him,” she added with a wicked glint on her dark eyes.

“How was that supposed to help us in our situation?” Giselle shot tiredly, her voice a bare whisper.

“Well, your brother-in-law had ordered to put Lucian outside the castle as a precaution. When Lucian goes berserk, he won’t lash out at fellow Lycans this way. He will run into the forest killing poor animals that dare cross his path or in this case, the vampire army.” Dimitri intervened.

“Dominick is cunning than we expected him to be and he acts more matured,” Mirunalini supplied.

“What about Lucian? How is he supposed to face the entire vampire army alone?” Giselle asked as exhaustion dawned on her body.

“Well, there is no stopping the berserk Lycan.” Mirunalini waved her hand.

“You are unbelievable. My son would go berserk without his mate. This is not a good thing!”

“Alexandra is here in the underworld. Losing Lucian’s bond has turned her heart black and her soul dark. She thirsts for revenge.” Mirunalini’s voice was dark as she stared at the cave wall across her. “Unlike the Lycans, a Qistina bond with the soul of her mate. So, Lucian’s memory of her is not erased. His soul remembers her as his mate while the human self-struggles to comprehend.”

“Alexandra is searching for her mate and the worst part in all this, the severing of the bond had triggered her dark side. The third and final wave of awakening will hit her anytime and no one will be safe Giselle,” Mirunalini said looking straight into her eyes as she felt her own fear rising.

What had Antonio done? He had messed up bad this time and his mistake would cost them all.

“Was there no way at all?” Giselle asked desperately.

“I have a theory. If Lucian and Alexandra meet each other before the third wave, then there is a chance for us. Again there is no telling what would happen now. Alexandra’s soul is dark and Lucian’s beast is berserk–a very dangerous combination.” The dark witch drawled.

“But?” Giselle prodded.

Mirunalini sighed. “If they could find their sanity amid chaos, the balance would be restored. Else, we all would be destroyed forever,” she concluded.

Dominick paced the office room. Heavy tension clung to the room as the head warriors and high ranked Lycans awaited his orders. “We need to bring Lucian’s mate back. That is the only way to save our Prince and my brother needs his mate,” Dominick announced.

“Does anyone know or suspect where Giselle could have gone?” He asked the crowd.

Most shook their head while one elite guard who stood at the back, behind everyone shifted uncomfortably on his feet.

“Quentin!” Dominick called. “Come forth and state what you know,” he commanded.

Quentin swallowed as he eyed his fellow guards, whose backs stiffened at their King’s order.

“What are you looking at, boy? You answer only to your King. Come forth now!” Dominick’s voice boomed across the room.

“Queen Giselle’s friend lives in a cave. Ex-beta Raymond’s son knows of a secret passage that will lead us to their cave,” Quentin informed.

Dominick ordered Nikolas to be brought in and soon a group of trusted guards was sent with him to bring Giselle back. “I am going to visit my brother. You all may leave now and spent time with your families,” he stated exiting the office room and walked towards his brother’s chamber.

Antonio sprawled on the bed as his eyes stared aimlessly at the ceiling. His eyes shed tears occasionally as his hand rubbed his chest above where his heart was.

“Brother,” Dominick called.

“Dominick,” Antonio’s weak voice greeted him, his eyes still staring at the ceiling.

“We are in danger. The vampire army will arrive here any day and then it will be a bloodbath,” Dominick said sitting next to his brother. “Why would you do something foolish like this brother?” Dominick questioned when there was no response from Antonio.

“You said it is foolish. I have nothing else to say, I was acting like a fool.” Antonio’s voice cracked, and he didn’t hide the fresh set of tears that sprang free from his puffy eyes.

Lycans didn’t show weakness and Dominick’s heart ached to see his brother in pain. A part of him knew he deserved it and other part wanted to take and share the pain with him.

“I thought I was saving Lucian from the heartache. The girl was mortal and she would have died one day, leaving him to wallow in his misery,” he continued in a weak voice. “Giselle tried to warn me and I didn’t listen.”


“No Dom, I deserve it. Now I know what I have put my son through. I feel ashamed of myself,” Antonio rasped.

“Giselle has not gone to the Elven Kingdom. I have sent our men to that witch’s cave,” Dominick informed.

“I don’t know if she will ever accept me. I was a horrible mate.” Antonio wept like a child. Dominick patted Antonio’s back awkwardly trying to console his weeping brother. He has never seen his brother in tears after their younger years.

Antonio did not want to be a King and cried every day after their training sessions when they were still kids. The training molded him to be the hard man he was today. The brothers spent the rest of the day bonding and patching up as they waited anxiously for the team to return with Giselle.

Alexa and the boys were somewhere in the supernatural realm.

After the incident in the underworld, the demon master was quick to send them on their way to the supernatural realm. This time with no help, they wandered the unknown realm trying to find Lucian.

Different scents mingled in the air diverting their directions. The boy’s sense of smell was messed up and Alexa’s patience was waning with time. The bone-chilling cold seeped through their clothes making their teeth rattle. She could feel Lucian’s beast stirring within him restlessly and it was only a matter of minutes before he lost the little control he had over his beast.

The sudden change in atmosphere warned them of something dangerous as the boys grouped together looking for the source. They growled low at their throats as the twigs snapped.

The wind howled and a thick fog surrounded them reducing their visibility. Alexa tensed as she felt the darkness seeping through her mind once again, seeking control.

She clenched her fists and trained her eyes forward finding the source which stood concealed in the fog.

“Well, well, well… What do we have here?” The witch chirped in fake enthusiasm much to Alexa’s dismay.

“What do you want?” Alexa asked, her eyes narrowing at the figure that stood in front of her. She wore a red satin gown that complimented her fiery red hair and pale ivory skin. She was adorned with matching jewelry from head to toe. If Alexa was not in such a foul mood, she would have appreciated the other women’s beauty.

“I thought you were dead. Killed by a silver sword plunged through your heart and yet here you are, right where I wanted you,” the woman bellowed.

Alexa gritted her teeth as the boys growled loudly in warning.

“Gretchen!” Alexa drawled and watched in satisfaction as the witch’s eyes widened like saucers. “Meeting you was indeed on my to-do list and it’s a pleasure,” she greeted with a fake smile which spoke of silent promises of revenge.

“Hmm… so now you know me, why don’t we take the rest of the conversation inside? In a more warm and friendly atmosphere,” the witch suggested and Alexa did not miss the dark creatures that loomed behind the witch.

“Sure.” She smirked as she squeezed the boys’ hands and followed the witch. They were now surrounded by the dark creatures and Alexa kept her eyes straight not bothering to look around.

The witch was a danger to Lucian and from the stories told by the demon master, it was important that she ended Gretchen once and for all. “Stay calm until I say otherwise,” Alexa’s calm yet deadly voice floated through the boys’ mind and they visibly relaxed following her.

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