The Unknown Lycan Heir | 1# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 42

“I don’t like this, sis. You better have a plan,” Nate grunted. They were surrounded and were following Gretchen. The boys didn’t hide their displeasure. They growled at the creatures threateningly as they walked.

“I have my reasons. There were creatures hiding in the dark, waiting for her command to attack. We cannot take them all on our own and I am yet to figure out what triggers my power. It’s not wise to go for a fight without knowing your strength or their weakness Nate. Not to mention you guys haven’t even shifted yet,” Alexa explained.

“So where is she taking us now?” They continued to speak on their minds and their thoughts were clear to Alexa.

“Her castle somewhere deep in the forest,” Alexa responded.

“The Hell Boy planned this all as revenge, I am telling you,” Nate grumbled.

“Yeah. She is creepy. Red hair and all that. She overdid her makeup, don’t you think?” Abram asked.

“Yeah, reminds me of the Hunger Games Capitol citizens,” Nate replied. “Alexa, what is she planning for us?”

“She is planning to consume my heart.”

“What?!” The boys shouted in unison alerting the creatures. They growled, eyeing them as if they were their next meal. Their black snake-like tongue darted out licking their fangs suggestively.

“Quiet! You guys are giving us away,” Alexa hissed in their minds.

“Eww… I prefer cockroaches over these creatures any day,” Abram mocked.

“I second that, bro.”

The creatures growled, but the boys just stuck their tongue out at them. They were sure the witch wouldn’t hurt them. Not at least for now. She’d need them as their bargain chip.

“But, Hell Boy said no one can kill you except Lucian.” Nate frowned.

“Well, seems like the witch has an idea up in her sleeves.”

“Whatever you are planning to do–” He eyed the creatures with distaste. “Do it fast. I can’t spend a minute longer with these creatures.” Abram grunted and eyed them with distaste.

“We should do this often you know, it’s like we are on a conference call,” Nate chuckled.

However, Gretchen who did not know Alexa could read her thoughts continued to trek towards their domain with high hopes. Soon they reached a castle which looked so much better than the underground castle though it looked ancient.

“It will look a lot well with some paintwork,” Abram commented as they walked in. Dark colored carpets decorated the floor, and it was too hard to tell if it was the deepest shades of blue or black.

“You guys never change the carpet. Do you?” Nate quipped earning a warning growl from the nearby creature.

“So what are you guys? Have seen nothing like you in the movies?” Abram chirped earning another growl.

“Do you mind if we take a selfie with you? It would be cool to post a photo on Instagram with you guys…” Nate continued not minding the growls.

“Yeah!” Abram and Nate clapped their hands in a high five and laughed out loud, annoying Gretchen.

“Quiet Boys! Stop bitching.” She yelled from the front as she continued to walk.

“She called us a bitch!” Abram whispered, and they boomed with laughter again.

“I said, enough!” Gretchen stopped and faced them with a furious look.

“All right, just thought it was funny that you were confused with our gender,” Nate shrugged as the witch grew furious.

“Excuse my brothers. They are just children,” Alexa intervened and threw a glare at the boys. “Stay quiet. She wouldn’t think twice before offering you guys to the creatures.”

“Very well.” Gretchen turned and walked again.

The boys snickered but kept quiet as Gretchen led them to underground holding cells which smelled stale.

“Eww… I hate this place. At least show us to some place clean, lady,” Nate commented as he covered his nose trying not to gag.

“Lock them in!” Gretchen ordered before leaving the dungeon.

“Wait–What?!” The boys growled.

The creatures pushed them into a cell and locked the rusty door behind them. The place was so dark with no light and all the cells were empty except for the one they were in. The place was dirty with no ventilation and it was harder to breathe and keeping their stomach’s contents inside.

“Alexa, can you do some of that voodoo stuff of yours to get rid of this smell? I won’t survive a night here,” Nate coughed.

Alexa sighed. It is difficult to breathe in here. She didn’t know if there was anything she could do to rectify this situation. She bit her lower lip as she searched within herself for something that would help. Alexa scanned the dungeon cell looking for anything that could help, her eyes landing on two figures huddled in the corner.

“There is someone there,” she said as she rushed towards their fellow prisoners.

“Oh, it is hard to tell with these gut-wrenching smell,” Abram coughed.

The two figures turned out to be a female and male, who looked similar though their features were not clearly visible under that dirt that caked their skin. They were barely alive, their breath hitched. There were bruises all over their body and their clothes were torn. It appeared as if someone whipped them.

Alexa shook them trying to wake them up.

“Here, use this,” Abram handed her the water they packed earlier. Luckily the creatures didn’t take their things from them.

Alexa sprinkled water on their faces and lifted the bottle close to their lips. The female coughed as she gulped the water with greed. Nate fed the male. They handed them a few apples they brought with them. It was devoured under few seconds and they looked at them expectantly for more.

Abram sighed as he handed them the rest of the fruits he had and watched them devour the fruits like there was no tomorrow. “So who are you guys?” He asked when they finished.

“I am Meira Orina Qinyarus and that is my brother Myrin Krislamin Qinyarus,” the female rasped in a weak tone.

“Right.” Abram snorted. As if he knew them by name.

“We are high elves and were used to be the keeper of secrets centuries ago,” the male explained.

“Hmm… Let me guess. When the mad witch wanted some information she kidnapped you, locked you here and tortured you,” Nate intervened.

“Yes.” The twin elves said in unison.

“What information did she want?” Alexa asked. Maybe they possess more information about a Qistina.

“Sh-she wanted the scrolls that had information on the Qistina.” The female gulped in fear.

“And we know who you are.” The male concluded.

Alexa nodded. “So you guys have any idea how to awaken my powers?”

“We read through the scrolls before hiding it. We can help you use your powers. Do you mind if I take your hand?” The female asked softly.

Abram and Nate backed a few steps at her requests. Last time the demon master requested to look in their sister’s head did not end well.

“Last time someone said that and touched her, she went all demonic almost destroying the hell,” Abram commented nervously as Alexa bit her lip nervously. It was important that she figured out that so-called powers. There was no other way to save Lucian from the fate.

“Oh! Did you touch the demon master?” Meira asked.

“No. He touched her,” Nate chirped.

“He holds so many tainted souls within himself, that must have triggered your powers in an attempt to destroy them,” Meira explained.

Meira took Alexa’s hand on her own as she closed her eyes and concentrated, her mouth moved and Alexa couldn’t decipher what she said though it felt oddly familiar. “You have gone through two waves and the third wave is the final. The one which is the most powerful of all. It can happen anytime now,” she said after a few minutes.

“The Hell Boy said if it happened she will destroy everything. That her soul is dark,” Abram informed.

Meira nodded in understanding. “Your soul is broken and only your mate can mend it,” she mused.

“Hmm… Do you guys know how to escape this wretched place?” Nate asked earning a snort from Abram.

“Dude, they would have escaped earlier if they knew,” Nate replied.

Alexa sighed as she sagged beside them. First, I need to find what the witch wants.

Giselle’s health deteriorated as she continued to suffer the loss of mate bond. Her body weakened as her heart wept.

“Did you find anything Mirunalini?” Dimitri asked as he tended his sister.

“Yes. Good and bad,” she replied not taking her eyes away from her cauldron.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, just blurt it out,” he snapped at his friend. His powers were not working on Giselle. Her strength continued to wane.

“Dominick is searching for Giselle. His men are wandering in the cave labyrinth, unable to find their way here. Alexa has reached the supernatural realm. Gretchen has her locked up.”

“Both are bad news for us,” Dimitri snorted.

“Well, Giselle’s health will improve only if she is with her mate. So Dominick looking for her is good news. We can send her back and she will recover soon,” Mirunalini suggested knowing well Giselle wouldn’t agree, but there was no other way to save her friend.

“I don’t think Giselle want to go back yet,” Dimitri stated, foreboding stirred his heart.

“Speak to her, make her understand. Antonio realizes his mistake now and with the enemies closing in, it is important that Antonio is strong enough to fight. We have little time left. Gretchen is not in the group of enemies approaching, so she must plan something terrible.” She tried to make them see the reason.

“I will go,” Giselle stated, her voice a bare whisper. It was not for Antonio, their people were in danger, innocent women and children. They needed Antonio at his prime.

“Dimitri, I will get the men here. Take her to the castle and guard her. As for Alexa, I need to figure out a way to contact her without Gretchen finding out. Her powers could be awakened anytime now, and she has to be near Lucian when it happens,” Mirunalini stated her face looking grim.

“Go on, I have to be here when it happens.” She dismissed them as she picked up the magical potion, pouring two drops in the cauldron. Mirunalini used her magic to summon the guards, who took Giselle and Dimitri back to castle. She turned her attention to the cauldron. She knew what she had to do.

Alexa didn’t know how much time had passed as they sat there in the dark. The lack of oxygen in the dungeons made the simple breathing process look as difficult as they felt suffocated.

“Use your powers,” a female voice whispered startling Alexa. She looked around and noticed that no one except her heard it. “It’s me Mirunalini. You are a lot stronger than you think, Alexandra. Just focus on what you want and command it,” the voice said again.

Alexa remembered the name well. They met briefly when Lucian’s parents came to the human realm. She closed her eyes concentrating as the witch said. Soon she could feel power humming through her veins.

Her eyes were crystal blue when she opened them. She willed her energy sweep around them and commanded it to clear the surrounding air. The others in the room gulped the clean air greedily. The elves appeared much better now with the supply of fresh air.

“Well done, Alexandra. Now focus on your energy again, you can use it to arouse the beasts of your brothers. You need them to fight beside you,” the voice floated in her mind again.

Alexa nodded as she stood up focusing on Abram and Nate. The boys’ eyes widened when they noticed the power being radiated from her. Soon they were suspended in the air as her power surrounded them. Their mouth opened in a silent scream as fell down. Their surroundings blurred as pain exploded in every part of their body as they shifted for the first time.

After an hour of pain, they landed on the ground in their beast form, their brain still foggy from the sudden shift.

“Stay calm.” Her calm voice floated through their mind, calming their beasts.

Alexa felt more in control and she was in awe of the things she could do.

“Now restore the power of the Elves. They used to be so strong and having them by your side is an advantage. You can do it, Alexandra. Reach for the power within you,” the voice guided her.

This time Alexa nodded more confidently as she focused on the high Elves who sat on the floor.

Dominick rushed towards his brother’s chamber with Dimitri and Giselle in tow. Her condition appeared worse than his brother.

Antonio’s nose twitched and his beast perked up when Dimitri carried Giselle inside. Fresh tears sprang free as he scrambled on the bed to make more space for his mate. Once Dimitri lay his sister on the bed, she was soon cocooned in her mate’s embrace, whose tears soaked her dress now.

Dominick motioned everyone to leave the room as Giselle basked in the warmth of her mate. Her heart feeling complete once again as their bond mended itself, his tears told her so many things that his words couldn’t express over the years.

“I-I love you too,” she croaked as he buried his face in the crook of her neck inhaling her scent.

“I-I am sorry my love,” he rasped, his voice cracking with the emotion he hadn’t felt in so long. His beast felt overwhelmed to have his mate again and by now he understood well he couldn’t live on without her in his arms.

“I know,” she whispered as they embraced each other.

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