The Unknown Lycan Heir | 1# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 43

Gretchen waltzed towards her love, Zaros, the vampire King. “We have her.” She smiled seductively as he pulled her into his embrace.

“Hmm… I can see that,” he whispered placing open-mouthed kisses on her shoulder, sucking the skin there.

“I can’t wait for tonight,” she moaned.

He straightened as he picked her up supporting her to wrap her legs around his waist. “What have you planned this time Vixen?” He nibbled her throat earning another moan.

“You will see, my love. You will see,” she chuckled.

“Most of our troops are almost there ready to attack the Lycans. Their Kingdom will be ours tonight,” he said running his hands across her body.

“Mmm-hmm… The ghouls will be more than happy to devour the new flesh.” She supplied nipping him. That was how she got the Ghoul King Gograk on her side. As long as they had flesh to chew on they were ready to fight alongside them. The only sounds that followed were the moans of their pleasure.

“Enjoy your last night Gretchen. I am waiting for you.” Alexa whispered with a wicked smile on her lips.

“Alpha, the enemies are closing in,” Kieran announced.

“How is Lucian?” Dominick asked as he got ready for the war.

“He is stirring. I could feel his beast raging. He should be awake anytime now and it will be a bloodbath.”

“Okay. I will be out with the others after a word with my brother.”

The walk to his brother’s chamber was short. He didn’t announce his presence before entering. Being a Lycan Antonio would have known he was coming. “How are you, brother?” He asked his brother, who watched Giselle’s sleeping form as if she was a treasure.

“I’m fine. Thank you for bringing her back, brother.”

They both appeared much better than he saw them the last time. Dominick could see the fresh marking on Giselle’s shoulder, and he gave his brother a knowing smile. “Enemies are closing in. The war will start shortly,” he informed his brother.

Antonio tensed at the mention of the war as his posture stiffened. “I’ll be with you soon.”

“No. I have everything under control. Stay with her, guard the castle and the women.” Dominick told him and turned to leave.

“Dominick!” Antonio called. He contemplated for a moment before standing and going to his brother. Antonio embraced Dominick who returned the hug awkwardly. “Be careful.”

Dominick nodded, his brother’s concern stirring their childhood memories in his mind as he closed the door behind him. After all these years, he finally had his brother. The one he lost in his juvenile years on their journey to the throne.

Alexa could feel Lucian’s beast stirring again. The witch Mirunalini had performed a ritual which not only awakened her energy but also made her aware of her own powers and how to use them.

A smirk formed on her lips as she closed her eyes and searched through her soul to find the bond. Meira had said a Qistina bonded with her mate’s soul. Though Gretchen had tampered with their bond, she found a thin line that still connected each other.

Alexa tapped on the bond and reached out for her mate. Her body felt lighter than her spirit detached from her mortal body. She followed the dark path, holding to their fragile-looking bond. “Lucian, my love, open your eyes,” she called.

His beast rumbled in response as he stirred within him. “Let me in, my love,” she continued to whisper. Behind her closed lids she could see pure white energy pulsing within the darkness she was in, a thin thread of energy connecting them together.

Her own form pulsed with dark energy. She followed the thread. “Lucian wake up.” She was still surrounded by darkness as Lucian’s beast continued to rattle inside him.

“Alpha, Prince Lucian is not waking up.”

“He will wake up soon, Kieran. I can feel the anger of his beast rising by every passing second,” Dominick said as he noted his eyes moving behind the lids.

“What’s the plan?” Dimitri asked as his eyes scanned the battlefield.

“Kill anything that is not a Lycan,” Dominick responded, “or an elf,” he added quickly.

“Sounds good,” Dimitri snorted as he pulled his favorite sword out.

“Move forward! No one comes near Lucian. Guard him with your lives,” Dominick’s voice boomed across the field as he continued to shout orders to his army as they got ready to face the enemy.

The ground vibrated as thundering footsteps of ghouls and vampires raced towards them. Lycan warriors shifted and flexed their muscles as their beasts let out a roar welcoming the challenge. The creatures howled and screeched as they entered the battleground.


Dominick commanded, and the Lycans ran forward, slashing and ripping their enemies.

Dimitri ducked the first attack slicing up the vampire who was closer. He let his energy flow through his veins, creating a whole on the ground which swallowed the ghouls. His powers allowed him to control the earth and water while Giselle’s was thunder and air. A vampire nipped him with his claws drawing blood. Dimitri turned around shoving his sword deep into his ribcage, piercing his heart as the vampire let out a blood-curdling scream before going down.

Next was a pair of ghouls who pounced on him with their jaws open, sharp fangs aiming for his torso. Dimitri’s calculated gaze accessed their movements, and he moved towards his right, turned and brought his sword down cleaving their heads off in a swift move.

As for Dominick, his beast enjoyed the battle. He was locked away for over thirteen years, barely being let out and the kills provided him with a thrill like no other. All those years of practice had only strengthened his beast, and he used this opportunity to let go of his control. His sharp claws sliced through his enemies, relishing their screams that tore through the night. He could hear the roars of the other Lycans thundering across the fields. The Lycans enjoyed their kills.

A few more minutes into the battle, things changed. A painful howl rang loud across the battlefield indicating a Lycan was injured or much worse, dead. Fury pulsed through Dominick as he heard the howls increasing.

More vampires and ghouls poured in as they continued to rip, cleave, slash and claw. Lightning struck the sky as shots of magic lights began to lit the night. Where did they come from? Their enemies were gaining an upper hand and Dominick found two dark witches standing far from the battlefield attacking the Lycans.

Dominick cursed as he changed course trying to get closer to the witches so he could finish them.

Alexa wandered in the darkness following the thin thread that took her close to Lucian. “Lucian,” she called again.

“Gardenia?” Someone whispered to her almost making her jump.

Turning around, she came face to face with her one and only Lucian, or more like his soul, which was shimmering pure white unlike hers that was pitch black. His soul embraced her, his nose buried to her neck.

“You don’t remember, do you?” She asked as her soul took all the comfort he provided. Her voice cracking as she met her husband after a long time.

“You are my gardenia,” Lucian answered, not releasing her.

“I am your mate, Alexa,” she whispered. Lucian blinked when she pulled apart. Alexa reached out touching his heart. She stopped him when he tried to pull her to him. “I want you to remember me, Lucian,” she commanded. “Remember who I am to you. I am your love, our souls are bonded, and no power in this world can separate us. Remember, my love.”

A surge of energy coursed through his soul as she continued to whisper to him. It blanketed him, licking every inch of his soul. Lucian panted as he clutched his head. His lips curled up, letting out a roar. His legs gave out, and he felt, clawing at his chest and pulling his hair.

“Please…” Alexa called in desperation. “I need you.” Her tears broke free as she begged him to return. She caught his head, placing it on her lap. “Look at me, Lucian. Please…”

Lucian’s breathing evened a few minutes later, and he blinked, looking around. “Alexa?”

“Lucian! Oh, God. You are back,” she sobbed and her soul throbbed.

“What is this place? Why do I look white and you, look black?”

“It’s somewhere inside our minds or body. I don’t know really,” Alexa sobbed in relief. “I am just glad you are back.”

Lucian caressed her cheek. “I was never gone.”

“You were. Audriana took you. She stabbed me in the heart and took you,” Alexa wheezed. Her soul tensed when she felt a tug. “Look, this witch broke our bond. There is no time to explain everything. They all say I’m a Qistina, the most powerful magical being born on earth to serve justice.”

Lucian nodded as he listened to her, processing the information. He remembered seeing Audriana that night.

“I could feel this darkness pulsing through my veins tempting me to lose control and do things I don’t want to. Mark me again, Lucian. I can’t hurt anyone. Only you can keep me safe,” she cried with an urgency only he could understand.

“I’ll always protect you, Alexa. Tell me, how do I mark you? You don’t have a skin?”

Alexa thought for a moment. The tug she felt was increasing. “Close your eyes and come closer,” she whispered to which he abided immediately. The trust he had in her amazed her. She breathed in connecting the lips of her spiritual form with his, connecting to the core of his life source. It felt so different from kissing him on his skin form, their kiss pulsed with energy.

Their souls rose from the ground as his soul bonded with hers again. They shimmered as energy crackled around them. Hot white tendrils of energy surrounded them, entwining their souls until they were one.

In the battlefield…

The Lycans’ were losing, most of their men injured, a few dead. The ghouls and vampires advanced with the help of the witches.

Dimitri and Dominick fought the enemies with their backs to each other. Dimitri fought two vampires on his own when another snuck upon him from the side. Dominick turned at the last moment swiping his claws across its torso discarding its lifeless body like it was nothing.

Dimitri nodded at him before continuing to fight. No matter how many they killed, the ghouls and vampires kept pouring in not allowing them to reach the witches. The enemies almost closed upon them and they were losing hope when they heard a thunderous roar behind them.

The entire battlefield froze for a moment and they all turned towards the source. Lycans howled with joy as their Prince Lucian floated elegantly above the battlefield in his beast form, one of his eyes glowing bright blue, another pitch black.

Abram shook Alexa awake when he heard a door being opened and closed in distance. The creatures arrived hauling an injured Lucian bound in chains, throwing him inside the cell.

“Lucian!” The boys ran to him, supporting him from the floor and cleaning the dirt on his face.

“Hey,” he croaked in a weak tone, his eyes scanning the other members.

“Alexa, my love,” he called, his eyes filling with unshed tears.

Alexa couldn’t believe her eyes as she slowly inched towards him. “Lucian?”

“Yes, it is me.”

“How did you get here?”

“The witch locked me in and tortured for days,” he whispered as they embraced.

“Oh, my God Lucian. What will happen to us?” Alexa sobbed. “I want to go home.”

“Me too,” he whispered running his hands soothingly on her back.

Before anyone could react he was thrown across the wall, his body hitting it with a thud. Lucian’s face twisted in pain as Alexa narrowed her eyes at him.

“Alexa, what are you doing?” Abram exclaimed and tried to get to Lucian only to be stopped by her.

“He is not Lucian,” she whispered, her voice dangerously low.

“What? But, Alexa he…”

“I know what I am doing, Abram,” Alexa warned in a clipped tone making him shut up. “So this is what you were planning all day?” she quipped, tilting her head as Lucian stood.

“Alexa, what are you talking about? Why are you behaving like this?” Lucian asked in a confused tone.

“Close your eyes, Lucian,” she whispered.

“Why?” Lucian frowned.

Alexa cackled maniacally before waving her hand. Invisible hands picked him up from the ground holding him by his neck. “Oh, my poor Gretchen, if you were my Lucian you would have closed your eyes the moment I told you to do so. Do you think I am crazy enough to believe you are Lucian, just because you look like him now?”

Lucian thrashed against the hold of invisible hands breaking free as his appearance changed to that of the woman who locked them down here.

“Well, well, well… I’m amazed,” Gretchen chirped.

“You are clever than I thought. Anyway, I will have to do this a painful way then,” she sneered closing in on Alexa.

Gretchen waved her hands throwing Alexa on the ground. Abram and Nate roared, shifting into their beasts, only to be pinned to the wall by an invisible force. “You are weak, Alexandra. You may be born to become the most powerful being on earth. But, you know what, I am the strongest here. And I won’t stop until I consume your heart.”

Alexa smiled and spat blood as she rolled her shoulders. “My heart belongs to Lucian and as of now I am not planning to donate my heart to anyone else.” She drawled running her tongue over her lips, wetting them.

“Then you might want to know that Lucian is dying there as we speak,” Gretchen cackled.

“Oh, no, my dear old woman. It is, in fact, your men are dying on the field. Can’t you hear their screams as Lucian rip their throats, drinking their blood?” Alexa taunted. “Their agonized screams are like music to my ears.”


“Oh, very much possible, you old hag. Now it’s your turn,” Alexa hissed as her eyes glowed brightly, one crystal blue and one pitch black.

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