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Chapter 44

Dimitri and Dominick sighed in relief at the sight of Lucian, whose gaze was fixed on the witches who stood at the other end of the field protecting the enemy.

The witches’ eyes widened for a moment not expecting this sudden change. Their posture faltered for a moment before focusing their attack on Lucian, who just smiled at them challengingly.

Lucian flexed his muscles as his eyes scanned the battlefield turned into a bloodbath. His beast could feel the pain of his brethren. His heart ached for the ones that had fallen.

A tinkling sensation brought him out of his thoughts as he realized that the witches were using magic on him. He chuckled as he shook his head, their actions seemed hilarious.

“Children,” he muttered before waving a hand towards them, an invisible force swatting them like a fly.

His eyes narrowed when his eye landed on a Lycan’s lifeless body. The vampires and ghouls continued to fight the Lycans in the group, taking advantage of their blind spot.

Lucian let out a loud roar before he rushed towards a nearby group where a Lycan was fighting at least six of the creatures on his own. Blood whooshed from his gashes as he struggled to fend them off his body.

Lucian wasted no time as he caught one ghoul crushing its head between his palms. The rich putrid scent of its blood-filled field as others backed up. He didn’t give them time to recover as he attacked them ferociously.

Agonizing howls and screeches continued shortly as Lucian littered the battleground with the corpses of his enemies, saving his brethren as he advanced towards the witches, who were back on their feet. Most creatures didn’t know what attacked them. Lucian was faster than wind as he raced from one group to the other–ripping, crushing, and tearing through their bodies.

Soon the number of enemies thinned out and the Lycan’s gained an upper hand with Lucian on the field. The witches were so focused on attacking Dimitri they didn’t even realize when Lucian stood in front, covered from head to toe with blood.

“That’s my nephew!” Dominick growled with pride.

“Don’t forget. He is my nephew too,” Dimitri replied with a grin mirroring Dominick.

A growl from Lucian was the only warning they got before he cleaved their heads off their shoulders. The vampires and ghouls scattered on the field, few stayed back to fight foolishly while the majority retreated.

Lucian’s beast continued to chase the retreating enemy, wanting to end them once and for all.

Gretchen’s cunning mind planned quickly as she pinned the boys and Elves to the wall using her magic. This fight was between her and Alexandra.

“You may be a Qistina, but you are not powerful enough to defeat me, girl. I didn’t walk on earth for thousand years for nothing,” Gretchen growled waving her hand, her lips murmuring an ancient spell which Alexa didn’t understand.

Soon Alexa was pinned against the wall by an invisible force, which squeezed the air out of her lungs. Her eyes rolled into her head as pain filled her body. She thrashed against the force.

Gretchen cackled maniacally as she continued to torture Alexa. Abram and Nate shared a look, letting their beasts to take over. They broke the grip of whatever force holding them before racing towards Gretchen with their sharp claws.

Gretchen who was so focused on Alexa did not notice the shifted Lycans coming towards her. She gasped and waved her hand, disappearing from the cell, but not before Abram clawing at her drawing blood.

The invisible hold on Alexa released, and she fell down gasping for breath.

The mad witch reappeared outside the cell, clutching her side where Abram nipped her. “You do have some tricks under your sleeve. Still, you are no match for me,” she sneered. “Cuauts!”

A dark creature limped towards her as fast as his crooked limbs could carry.

“Prepare the entertainment arena! We are going to have an amazing show.” Her tongue darted out wetting her lips as she ordered. The creature hissed at the occupants of the cell before nodding eagerly to his Queen.

“YOU!” She pointed at Abram’s beast raging inside the cell. “You did a big mistake by touching me boy and you are going to pay for it,” she said in a bone-chilling voice before leaving the dungeon. She turned in the last moment, knocking out Alexa using her magic.

“Alexa!” Abram rushed to his sister’s side, trying to wake her up to no wail.

The Elves continued to thrash weakly against the invisible barrier that held them.

“Abram, you take of Alexa. I am going to get these Elves free,” Nate said before going to Meira and her brother.

Soon a group of dark creatures and vampires arrived at the dungeons. Two walked forward unlocking the cell while others held weapons which looked different from human weapons.

Abram felt power humming from the weapons. “Nate, I think their weapons are lethal. Don’t do anything in haste,” he warned his cousin through their mind link, who nodded in agreement.

Nate stopped the creature from picking up Alexa and lifted her himself. Two creatures grabbed the Elves, and they all followed the creatures to the entertainment arena.

The place had so many corridors and few walls looked ready to collapse. They walked for a while, reaching a gigantic area which looked like a fighting arena. It looked like those illegal fight club but only triple in size.

Dark creatures, they have never seen before and vampires moved back giving them enough space to walk as they were pushed into the center of the arena. All the others stood to form a circle around them.

Abram looked up from his position to see the witch sitting on a luxurious throne with a handsome man, who by his smell was a vampire. He curled his lips up, letting out a threatening growl at them.

“Welcome boys!” Gretchen announced in an overexcited voice from her throne. “Now we play. Protect the weak Elves and your precious sister if you can,” she chuckled with a wicked glint before waving her hands at the creatures.

Abram and Nate tensed when they realized what she was imposing on them. Nate placed Alexa safely on the floor and the Elves immediately surrounded her, hiding her body from the view of the attackers.

Nodding to each other Abram and Nate stood together, remembering all the fighting techniques they learned. The boys let the anger they felt course through their veins as they charged at the creatures that attacked them.

Lucian followed retreating creatures, killing them and discarding their lifeless bodies as he went. The forest felt familiar as his beast chased the enemies. It was the same forest where the creatures attacked him and his Uncle Dimitri–separating him from his parents.

Now after all these years, it was his turn to return the favor. Though he was angry, he did not regret his life in the human realm. He wouldn’t have found his Alexa if it was not for their attack. Thinking of which, he hasn’t felt Alexa in a while. She was there in the back of his mind when he woke up, he could feel her anger until suddenly he lost it again.

He killed the last of the ghoul who cowered from him before searching through the bond, trying to feel Alexa. It was silent, his instincts screamed danger as he felt the anger of Abram and Nate.

A faint ache spread through his body as his beast raged with fury, they were hurt. He didn’t know which direction to go, his beast howled in anger. He wanted to be there. They were in danger.

The beast raged and howled destroying the forest as he continued to look for a way to reach his people.

It was a bloodbath in the arena. Alexa was still unconscious. The Elves tried their best to protect her, taking the attack of claws to themselves, covering her body.

Abram and Nate’s beasts continued to fight. Though they were weakening, they kept going. Their blood pooled on the ground beneath them, pain shot through the wounds they received.

Gretchen and Zaros were amazed to see the will of the boys. They were bleeding and their injuries must hurt like hell. They were not healing at the usual rate. Her magic had made sure of that. But, they still stood, guarding their sister with their life.

“Give up boys! I will let you live, be my right hand,” Gretchen offered with a smug look on her face.


Both the beasts spat in anger, not bothering to wipe the blood poured out from their mouth.

“Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.” Gretchen shrugged as she waved at her minions to attack. This time the entire group of creatures and the vampires lunged at them.

Mirunalini was exhausted with all magic she has just used. Her energy has drained, she watched weakly as Lucian’s beast destroyed the forest. Her heart ached to see the boys fighting bravely to save their sister. They were injured and won’t be able to keep up for a long time.

She looked at her crystal which began to shimmer. A small smile lifted her lips as a new hope bloomed within her. “Hold for a bit longer boys,” she whispered to the cauldron. If only she could find enough strength to send Lucian there. She walked weakly to the cauldron, tipping a pinch of the magical powder into it.

The green liquid bubbled as she closed her eyes, summoning the little energy left. Her lips murmured the familiar spell repeatedly. She watched with her blurred eyes in satisfaction as Lucian disappeared from the forest and reappeared next to Gretchen’s castle, before collapsing on the ground.

Lucian didn’t understand what was happening. One moment he was in the forest destroying everything and next, he was in front of a castle. The distant growls and stench of the creatures had his beast on full alert as he let out a menacing growl. His eyes narrowed at the entrance where he noticed a few creatures racing towards him.

His lips curled up, and he rushed forward with his claws extended, killing anything that was on his way.

Abram and Nate were losing. Their vision blurred and their moves faltered as an overwhelming pain and weakness washed over them. Gretchen boomed with laughter as they staggered unable to stand any longer.

The creatures stopped attacking. Their knees gave out and their beasts heaved taking a labored breath. Blood mixed with saliva dripped from their mouth as they knelt helplessly.

“I am sorry, Alexa,” Abram whispered through their link, hoping she would hear him.

“Please wake up and do that demonic thing of yours. Remember Lucian,” Nate prodded weakly, still not finding her through the bond they shared.

“I admire your strength and resolve. I would have spared your lives if you had given up when I told you to. I don’t like people disrespecting my command. Now, say goodbye to your dear sister. I promise I will send her and those pathetic Elves soon behind you.” Gretchen laughed, the bone-chilling sound echoing through the eerie castle walls.

Abram’s beast opened its mouth to retort when he heard a thundering roar–a roar that belonged to their King.

Abram and Nate’s beasts chuckled wiping the blood from their mouth as they locked their gazes with Gretchen, who still had no clue of what was happening. She narrowed her eyes at them while Zaros tensed behind her.

“My love, we are in danger.” He muttered in an urgent voice.

“What are you talking about?” She frowned when a group of creatures crashed into the arena.

Well, more like their lifeless bodies crashed into the ground, sending the debris flying around. When the debris cleared, there stood the massive beast in all its glory. Fifteen foot taller, its claws at least five inches longer. His dark velvety coat drenched in the blood of the enemies he killed.

Zaros gulped audibly as he backed up putting Gretchen before him.

Abram and Nate howled as their gazes locked with Lucian’s. A howl that spoke a thousand words–a song sang prior to their victory.

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