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Chapter 45

She was once again in the dark, unable to move her limbs.

Blood-curdling screams and painful howls were all she could hear for a while. She hated being helpless, hated being on the side-line, while her brothers fought for her. She could see and feel everything. Her baby brothers were fighting for her life, bleeding to keep her safe. The Elves shielding her body with theirs’, taking the attack directed at her.

Their love overwhelmed her. Their pain grew unbearable as the darkness within her stirred with a thirst for revenge. Her soul rattled within her body not responding to her will. She damned the witch, who cursed her to be.

The laughter of the witch filled her ears, increasing her thirst, she didn’t want revenge; she wanted blood and death, and her body ached to be drenched in their life source as she delivered justice.

Her heart ached as she let out an inaudible cry when her brothers weakened, barely standing, and blood whooshing out from their fatal wounds. She wanted to go to them, heal them, to spill the witch’s blood for dare hurting her brothers.

Their faces as a newborn child flashed in her mind–their toothless grin, cute babbling, and the wet kisses they placed on her cheek while she cooed at them, the way they grinned victoriously as she changed their diapers, now her heart bled on seeing their pain.

She couldn’t let it happen. They cannot get hurt because of her, her brothers–her blood. They are here because of her. Alexa felt something stir inside her when the thunderous roar shook the castle. Her heart, mind, and soul rejoiced at the sound of her love.

He is here. He came for me.

The victorious howl of her brothers filled her ears, making her heart swell with pride. She felt their happiness through the bond.

“Well, hello. What a surprise?” Gretchen snickered. “You have come to die along with them, Lucian. I will be happier to finish you all together,” she cackled.

Lucian growled in response as his eyes analyzed the injury of his brethren. They were hurt, but they will live. His attention turned to Alexa’s unconscious form, his beast rumbled within his chest wanting to rip through the enemies and that was what he did.

His movement was a blur to the naked eyes as he danced around the arena discarding the lifeless bodies of his enemies, who now cowered away or trying to escape from the arena. Gretchen couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Zaros backed against the wall, pulling her with him.

“My love, the situation is out of control. We have to leave now,” he whispered.

She couldn’t disagree with him. Whatever, she was built over these years was being slowly destroyed in front of her. “Okay.” She nodded, and they turned around only to be stopped by none other than the boys.

Gone was their mortal injuries, they stood strong and new before her in their human form, blocking the only way out of the arena.

“Going somewhere, witchy,” Abram smirked.

“You won’t get another chance to kill Alexa,” Nate commented with a wicked grin.

How did they heal so fast? Especially, after I made sure they didn’t heal.

Her confusion was answered by a blinding light that filled the arena.

Abram and Nate were on the floor, hugging and shielding Alexa’s body while Lucian fought the enemies off.

They heard Alexa’s heartbeat quickening as her body heat increased. They were soon blanketed by a hum of energy invisible to their eyes. Their body tinkled, and they felt a slight stinging as their skin weaved back together.

Alexa is back.

The boys smiled at each other as their body healed and their strength restored. They looked around the arena to see most creatures lying dead as Lucian continued to slaughter them. Their beast shed its skin, changing back to their human form.

Pulling out a pair of shorts from the bags they brought with them, they dressed up quickly as Alexa’s eyes shot open. A faint glow lit up her skin, this time it was bright white, unlike the darkness. The brothers caught Alexa’s eyes and nodded before rushing towards the door to stop the witch tried to escape with her lover.

The Elves released Alexa and watched with wide eyes as her body rose from the floor, radiating power too much for them.

Gretchen waved her hand as her lips murmured an ancient spell. What the hell? Why my magic isn’t working on her? What did I miss?

The witch tried everything she knew but nothing worked on Alexa. She stared at Gretchen with a wicked smile that graced her lips as her eyes changed white.

Third wave. Gretchen’s eyes went wide with realization. I have to do something before it ends. She summoned more fire demons who filled the arena under a minute.

Lucian whipped around, growling at the new threat.

“Kill them!” Gretchen ordered. To her dismay, none moved. Instead, they eyed at someone behind her with her.

“Hey Puoots, how are you? Long-time no see…” Abram hollered from behind Gretchen.

Gretchen whipped around not understanding why the fire demons would fear the boys, until her eyes landed on the red thing, Nate was handing to Abram.

What?! How did I not see this? They must have carried it with them all this time. She knew how they attacked and froze the fire demon with that thing–a magic far from her knowledge.

She ground her teeth. “You will pay for this,” she growled at boys.

“Ah, you wish…” Abram drawled.

The fire demons swallowed hard, and they backed up further when their eyes landed on Alexa. How could they forget? She almost destroyed their safe haven not so long ago.

“Ridiculous! You are all cowards.” Gretchen bellowed before summoning another entity. And this time it was the demon master who materialized.

“Hell Boy!” The boys shouted excitedly.

The demon master took a double take and groaned audibly at the sight of the boys. “You boys again?”

“Not our fault. She abducted us,” Nate snickered.

“You!” Abram pointed his finger at the demon master. “You send us to this mad witch.”

“No, I didn’t. I just teleported you to the supernatural realm,” the demon master argued.

“Well, we refuse to believe. You did this on purpose. You did it to take revenge on us,” Abram growled again to which the demon master whistled as he looked at the ceiling.

“Huh! Knew it,” Nate bellowed.

“You deserve a good ass-whooping from our sister. We shouldn’t have stopped her earlier,” Abram sneered.

“Look, I didn’t do it purposefully, okay. I wanted to get rid of you from the underworld as soon as possible and I realized my mistake only after I did it,” the demon master reasoned. “If anything, we are the ones that needed to be saved, not your sister. She almost destroyed my realm.”

“Enough!” Gretchen bellowed. “I summoned you here to help me and not to exchange pleasantries with the enemy,” she sneered as Zaros swallowed behind her. He was nothing without Gretchen and he knew he wouldn’t last a second before the Lycan.

If anything, he wanted to get out of this place and go somewhere safe. His good looks and charms attracted Gretchen, and he went with all her plan as it brought him success. She gave him the luxurious life he was longing for. She made him the King.

He didn’t appreciate her need to fight. The new girl terrorized him to the core. Whenever Gretchen mentioned about her, he didn’t expect her to be this powerful. He believed there was no one stronger than Gretchen. Maybe I should have left earlier. I was a fool to have stayed behind.

“Who said I am here to help you? I came to take my boys back and collect my debt,” the demon master answered in a nonchalant voice and gestured the demons to withdraw.

They bowed with relief and disappeared from the sight as Alexa cackled. The entire castle shook as her powers awakened with a full force, the walls cracked. Everyone inside the arena felt their body lighten as if the room no longer had gravity.

Lucian stood his ground not affected by her power.

Abram and Nate were having the time of their life as they made fun of each other, mimicking each other’s position in the air.

“Wow… this is awesome! I wanted to do this for so long…” Abram exclaimed.

“Yeah… It’s just like swimming.” Nate grinned, moving his arms and legs, doing a breaststroke.

“Only you boys can crack jokes at serious circumstances like this,” The demon master grumbled, not at all pleased with his position.

The boys burst into laughter noticing the demon master, trying and failing to keep his balance. “We’re awesome that way!” They giggled before doing a high five.

“That was not a compliment,” the demon master grunted before turning his attention to Alexa.

Gretchen balanced herself in the air as she floated gracefully facing Alexa, planning her next attack. Zaros tried to swim back to get out of this place, which was hilarious that the demon master chuckled under his breath.

“Please… Let me go. I have nothing to do with her plans,” Zaros begged. The smell of piss filled the air.

“What?! You are a traitor. How dare you?” Gretchen exclaimed with wide eyes. I was a fool not to have realized this before. Why did I trust him in the first place?

“You were the one who did everything. You ordered the vampires and creatures around, not me. I wanted nothing of that except for your blood and free sex,” Zaros retaliated.

“Bastard! I loved you,” Gretchen bellowed as angry tears threatened to spill.

“See that, Gretchen. This is what you get for ruining others life. Power is not everything,” Alexa said, her voice calm and her face serene.

“You will pay for ruining everything for me, girl.” Gretchen directed her anger towards Alexa. “You have never seen my real powers,” she bellowed before cackling maniacally. Her appearance changed right before them and within seconds there stood an ugly old woman, with crooked features.

Zaros screamed as he kicked his legs frantically in the air.

“First, you will pay for betraying my trust Zaros!” Anger brewed within her and betrayal fuelled her fury. She was fuming as her plans were spoiled by a few worthless beings. She raised her hands and waved. Within seconds Zaros writhed in pain as invisible hands squeezed his heart. Gretchen boomed with laughter as she watched his painful death.

Alexa watched with a calm expression and waited for the witch to finish the task. Why would I stop someone, who is making my task easier? She would Zaros’ life anyway.

Zaros’ screams echoed through the half destroyed walls of the castle and the demon master winced. Gretchen discarded the vampire King’s body before turning her attention towards Alexa.

“Now your turn,” she sneered.

Alexa waved her hand at Gretchen, pinning her to the wall. Her eyes glowed brighter before one eye turned pitch black while other turned crystal blue. “You made me this way,” She hissed at the witch. “I was pure. You introduced me to the darkness and now you will pay. You no longer deserve to walk on earth, you have spilled innocent blood and for that, you will be punished.” Alexa stated as she let her powers take over.

Gretchen screamed and her body convulsed, reliving the pain she had caused to the others. Her memory was filled with her sins as her strength weakened. Everyone except Lucian and Alexa cringed and covered their ears unable to withstand her screams.

After an hour of endless screams, Gretchen quieted. Her now lifeless body turned into a pile of ash as a ball of black energy exited her body, floating gracefully in the room.

“Take her tainted soul to the underworld and make sure it never escapes the confines of hell,” Alexa ordered the demon master, who immediately obeyed her orders. He absorbed the energy and vanished into thin air with a bow.

The darkness within Alexa was threatening to take over when she tortured Gretchen. Her heart beat quickened and bit the inside of her cheeks to stay in control when she felt Lucian’s touch.

His beast pulled her by her leg, bringing her to the ground before embracing her as he ran his nose into the crook of her neck. Without prior warning the beast sunk its sharp fangs into her black crescent marks, claiming her as his once again.

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