The Unknown Lycan Heir | 1# The Lycan Series

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Sequel_The Lost Qistina

Book #3 - The Lycan Series: (Upcoming)

Not yet started!

In this world, power is everything. The strong and most powerful of all will survive and the weak will perish. Sometimes the supernaturals are driven by their greed in search of more power and waged wars with the fellow supernaturals resulting in chaos.

A prophecy was told––it stated that a Qistina will arise to serve justice for the blood of the innocent. A few years later, a being more powerful than any supernatural was born and when her powers were awakened, she almost destroyed the entire world unable to control it. The war came to an end with the remaining supernaturals going into hiding.

No one knew what happened to her after. Some said she vanished into thin air and some claim that her powers became too much and she exploded ending up as stars in the sky.

Find out what happened to her?

The most powerful beings on earth will collide. The very existence of humans will be challenged. Chaos and war. Will there be peace?

This is Nate and Isadora’s story.

Status: Upcoming

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