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Chapter 5

After spending three long weeks in the hospital Abram was finally home.

Amanda was grateful that her baby was alive and safe. Alexa was born after trying to conceive for four years and Abram, after five years.

She will be indebted to Lucian forever. The boy was an angel in disguise. First he saved Alexa and now her little Abram.

They have hired a middle aged woman to help with the cleaning and cooking as Abram required more attention. The doctors advised Amanda to always keep him warm, nothing like a mother’s love, they said.

Abram did not have any trouble in breathing. His eating habits and digestion were good. Amanda hugged his warm body close as she thanked god for the millionth time. Arthur and Raelyn were still staying with them at their house was still under renovation.

They had yet another family dinner in their backyard when they decided to talk to Alexa, about adopting Lucian again. That boy was already a part of the family and Amanda didn’t see any reason for not adopting him as their own. No one has come in search of him yet.

Victor and Amanda thought that with Nate and Abram’s arrival, Alexa won’t be against the idea as she was before.

“Alexa honey, why don’t we adopt Lucian? He will be just like Nate and Abram, what do you think?” Amanda asked softly.

Lucian looked up from his plate with a hopeful expression on his face. The table fell silent as they awaited Alexa’s response.

“I don’t want you to adopt him,” Alexa shouted angrily at her mother in reply. Her face was red in anger as she breathed heavily glaring everyone at the table.

Raelyn stifled a laugh with her hand and Arthur pressed his lips tightly, trying not to embarrass his niece. It was as if sense the direction this was going, Alexa’s expression and display of anger was hilarious.

Lucian looked shocked and his hurt evident as his eyes filled with unshed tears. He looked down at his plate, pushing the food around as his lips trembled slightly.

“Alexa!” Amanda exclaimed unbelievably. She should have talked to Alexa when they were alone. Lucian was hurt now. Alexa shared everything with Lucian, even her toys.

Why would she oppose the idea of adoption so much? She was even overwhelmed at the news of a baby brother.

“I want to marry him one day,” Alexa replied innocently making everyone’s jaw drop. Her answer stunned everyone and Nate giggled, babbling something incoherent not knowing what was going on.

“How can I marry him if he is my brother?” She continued chewing her lower lip. Everyone in the room looked between Alexa and Lucian with a dumbfounded expression.

Lucian’s face turned beet red in embarrassment and Amanda did not miss how his face lit up after Alexa’s statement. They did not have a perfect comeback or knew how she even got that idea in that little head of hers.

“Honey, who put that idea into that head of yours?” Amanda asked dumbfounded.

“I don’t know. He is always nice to me, he doesn’t call me a fat pig or make fun of my eating habits or my clothes like the other boys. He always says that I look beautiful in whatever I wear,” Alexa mumbled.

Amanda didn’t know how to respond to her baby girl. Fat shaming has to be stopped and she couldn’t believe her innocent girl felt so insecure about herself at such a young age. She will have to speak to her school principal.

“You’re not fat. They are jealous because you’re better than them,” Lucian defended.

Amanda and Victor shared a knowing look. Alexa seemed to brighten up at Lucian’s answer as she smiled widely before continuing to eat her food.

However, they did not talk to her about adopting him again. Victor remained Lucian’s legal guardian and Amanda loved him like her own son.

Thinking about what Alexa said they actually did not care if Alexa ended up marrying Lucian in the future. Lucian was a good boy and was very protective of Alexa, who would say no to a boy who jumps in front of a bullet for a girl. They didn’t know what future has planned for their kids, they decided to have an open minded approach.

Lucian lay on the bed trying think about his past.

He has forgotten mostly everything, these days he did not even remember the face of his nanny. Uncle Dimitri’s voice has faded and only figments of the dark creatures remained. His scent was deeply ingrained in his brain and Lucian hoped he will be able to identify Uncle Dimitri with his scent.

He still repeated his name every day.

“Lucian Armand Orszak,” he whispered to himself. He did not want to forget his name like he forgot everything else. His new family was very kind and he thanked god for giving him such a lovely family. The number of days he rummaged through the garbage bins for food was over.

Amanda always kept his tummy full, he never felt that sort of hunger again, she was so lovely. He adjusted himself in the soft bed, sighing at the comfort it provided.

He still remembered the cold shelf he used to sleep, it was never comfortable and his body hurt badly next day when he woke up.

Lucian shared a room with Alexa and Amanda stayed with him during rainy nights. Though he had forgotten most of that night, he still had nightmares.

Alexa was sleeping peacefully in the bed on the opposite side of the room; her bedding was light red while his bedding was dark blue.

He looked at her as she hugged her favorite teddy as she slept and she had a small pout on her pink lips, which looked so cute.

Lucian still remembered the first day he met her.

He was searching for food when the four men took him. They were scary and locked him inside a cabin which was so dusty that his nostrils burned. Lucian was hungry and scared. Sitting on the floor he brought his knees close as he rocked back and forth, hugging them.

He refused to cry.

He won’t show his weakness to them, he thought.

They were drunk and he could smell Alcohol and cigarettes, he hated that smell. He kept quiet and kept his gaze trained to the floor. After a while they returned with a crying girl who was crying profusely. He could hear him clearly from distant before even they got in.

He felt bad for the girl. She looked chubby and had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. Her big brown eyes were puffy and red, her cheeks were swollen and had a reddish hand print.

The thought of the men hitting her made him angry. They left the girl alone with him as they went out.

She has not seen him yet. She banged the door as she shouted to let her out.

Oh, no they will hurt her again if she did not keep quiet, Lucian thought as he observed the girl.

“Hey,” he whispered, making the girl jump with fright. She turned towards him, her brown eyes wide like saucers. When she realized there was a boy with her in the room, she ran towards him.

“They hit you, didn’t they?” she asked as she gave him a once over looking for any injury.

She herself was hit by them, yet she cared for him.

She had stopped crying now and her big brown eyes held concern for him. Something he did not witness for so long, “No,” he whispered in reply.

“My daddy will come for me, you know, he will find me.” She said as they sat there silently waiting for the men to return.

He had a very bad feeling and despised what is to come. The men came back after a while and they were angry.

“That son of a bitch called the cops,” one man shouted angrily as he paced the floor.

“You...” He shouted, pointing at Alexa, “You are going to pay for your daddy’s mistake,” he said picking her up from the floor.

She cried and screamed as she tried to kick him. Something inside him stirred and Lucian did not like her crying a bit.

“Leave her alone,” he hissed in anger. He did not know why he was doing it, but the need to protect her was stronger than any other emotion he felt.

When the man did not drop her he slashed at him with his sharp claws and watched in satisfaction as the man bled. Their captor dropped Alexa as he held his bleeding legs and scrambled to the back of the room. The other men had pulled out their guns as they shouted at him to get back. Lucian pushed Alexa behind him as he stood protectively in front of her.

He did not care what possessed him or that his hands are now furry with long claws, the only thought in his mind was to protect her.

The bullet tore through his flesh and he felt the agonizing pain licking his flesh. The metallic scent of his own blood filled the cabin and instead of frightening him it only increased his thirst for blood.

His senses were on high alert and the arrival of two new men only made the situation worse. “Daddy,” he heard a low whisper behind him. It was Alexa and the scent of her fear was so thick in the air.

He did not like that on her for a bit. One of the new men aimed at the four men who kidnapped him and Lucian watched as the new comer went down with a grunt as their captors shot the cop.

Alexa’s father tried to speak to the insane men in front of him and when they did not listen he tried to fight them. Three men rushed towards her father while one stood aiming his weapon at Lucian and Alexa.

He heard the painful yelp of Alexa’s father as he took a gun shot and slumped to the ground. Her father’s eyes held so much pain as he watched Alexa.

The man aimed his weapon at them, his finger on the trigger. Lucian pounced and he could only hear their painful screams as he tore through their flesh.

He was thrilled by it and did not feel an ounce of remorse. In fact, he enjoyed the taste of their blood against his tongue and their blood curling screams. When he scanned the room again, he noticed Alexa and her father were watching him with fear.

She will never speak to me again, he thought painfully.

“Hey,” she called softly as she left her father’s embrace and walked towards him.

Her soft voice soothed him and an unknown emotion filled him. He had lived alone for so long that he longed for her friendship.

“Alexa... no,” her father tried to stop her.

His dark eyes turned towards her as he stood rooted to his spot.

“Are you okay?” She asked, advancing towards him.

“It’s okay, I’m safe.” She said again and raised her hands to touch him.

Lucian flinched otherwise stood without moving. Alexa caressed his face and he closed his eyes inhaling deeply.

Her scent enveloped him and he felt his anger simmering down.

It felt so good.

Lucian’s claws retracted slowly, he did not want to hurt her even accidentally and when he opened his eyes all he could see was the mesmerizing brown eyes which gazed at him with wonder.

He felt sleepy and his vision blurred. The only thing he remembered before darkness consumed him was Alexa’s comforting scent.

No matter what the future holds for him, he will always be there for Alexa and her family. They are all he has, to call a family and he will protect them at any cost.

He remembered Alexa telling her mother about marrying him. He did not understand the full meaning of marriage. The only thing he understood was that he gets to stay together with Alexa like Victor and Amanda, he smiled at the thought. He did like Alexa and would love to stay with her forever like this.

“Good Night Alexa,” he whispered as he snuggled close to his soft quilt and went back to sleep.

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