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Chapter 7

“Well, well, well.... What do we have here?” Alexandra froze on the spot hearing Delilah’s annoying voice.

“Potato is alone?” Alexa closed the locker with a bang hearing her mocking tone and turned to leave only to be stopped by the bees.

“Someone is really angry,” Delaney quipped mocking her expression while other girls laughed.

Alexa observed them, they had way too much foundation caked on their faces and all of them wore similar pink skirts which ended just above their knees and a white shirt which held words which did not suit them a bit.

Lucian was right. They did look like a fancy doll.

“Did you eat a tire for breakfast?” Scarlett mocked pointing Alexa’s round stomach and the other girls laughed. This time Alexa was not bothered, well it did sting a bit. However, she knew better not to take it to her heart.

“At least I ate something, unlike you who looks like a starving sloth on the side of a road.” Alexa spat as a wave of satisfaction filled her as the girl’s gaped at her with horror.

“If you don’t mind, I am getting late for my class,” Alexa said and turned away from the girls.

Lucian has left her near the locker earlier to speak with the teacher regarding an assignment and the girls used the time to make fun of her.

“It worked,” she gushed excitedly when she saw him in English class. Lucian had spoken to her yesterday night and told her to stand up against the girls for once. He said he will be there for her if the girls dare do something.

Lucian laughed at her and bumped into her shoulder playfully. He was happy, he hoped she continued this and did not let the girls get under her skin again.

The girls sent death glares at Alexa throughout the day and for the first time she did not care.

Next day...

When Alexa tried to open her locker, Lucian stopped her all of a sudden with a shake of his head. He could smell eggs and some nasty stuff inside.

“The girls must have messed with it,” he confirmed her suspicion.

Looking around, he saw their Math teacher walking towards his class.

“Mr. Davis,” he called. He was a nice man in mid-forties and was fond of Lucian and Alexa. Who didn’t like their geek students?

“Hello Lucian, what is it?” Mr Davis asked kindly.

Lucian almost felt bad for what was going to happen.

Better him than Alexa.

“Alexa’s locker seems to be stuck, we couldn’t open it. Will you help us please?” He asked innocently while Alexa frowned in confusion.

“Sure,” Davis smiled warmly as he walked to the locker door.

Lucian pulled Alexa to a safe distance and squeezed her hand gently.

“Jesus... What the hell?” Mr Davis cursed as the door opened and he was sprayed with a mix of what looked like spoiled eggs and similar stuff.

Alexa shrieked and jumped backwards. A rotten smell filled the hallway as the students stopped and crunched their nose in disgust. Lucian closed his sensitive nose to stop gagging.

When the bees heard Alexa’s shriek they laughed and ran towards the commotion only to be met with an angry Math teacher soaked in the mix of rotten food. It didn’t take long for Mr Davis to figure out who did this. He was very angry when he was hit by the rotten mix, while everyone stared in shock or gagged only the four girls ran towards them with an excited expression.

The four had been nothing but trouble with the worst grades in school. They must have meant it for poor Alexandra and she escaped as she couldn’t open the door.

“You.... Come with me to the principal’s office now,” he said, pointing his finger at the four girls.

Scarlett was the daughter of their principal and it is going to be fun, Lucian thought as he tried to hide a smirk.

Mr. Davis was a nice man, until someone got into his bad side.

“Everyone, go to the class now,” Davis yelled as he took the girls to the principal’s office.

The girls were nowhere to be seen in the class or any other class until lunch break. They came to know that the girls accepted their mistake and have received detention.

The school Principal Mrs Jillian was a strict woman. She lived by the rules and just the thought of her daughter creating trouble infuriated her so much that she decided to punish them severely for their act, which would definitely hurt their ego.

Entire cafeteria broke into fits of laughter when the bees entered during the lunch break. Well, one of the trouble makers being her daughter the Principal ordered the girls to clean the ladies toilet during the first half of the day.

Alexa couldn’t contain her laughter when she heard about their punishment.

The bees stomped towards her when they saw her, “You... you will pay for this,” Delilah growled stepping into Alexa’s private space.

“Eww... At least go wash yourselves first...” Alexa exclaimed as she pretended to gag, this made them furious as they stormed out of the cafeteria and Lucian had a bad feeling that their never ending war has just started.

They will have to be more careful with the girls around.

Amanda broke into fits of laughter when Alexa explained what happened at the school.

“Wow... that was a brilliant idea Lucian,” she agreed. “At least you did something which did not get you into trouble with the school,” she told him.

“Be careful with them Lucian, they are spoiled to the core. They would do anything to get even with you,” Amanda warned.

Lucian did not doubt Amanda for a bit, she was right. The girls will try to strike back in any way possible.

The girls sneered and made rude comments on them. Apart from that they did not try anything like that in school premises.

After a few weeks, Lucian and Alexa were coming down the stairs when someone stuck their leg out tripping him in the process. Lucian did not expect this and he groaned in pain when he hit the last step.

“Lucian,” Alexa shouted as she ran towards him, while others laughed. “Lucian, are you okay?” Alexa was crying now, her heart ached seeing him hurt.

Luckily for him being stronger, he did not break any bones, just few bruises here and there. He knew very well it was Delaney, who tripped him and he was glad it was him instead of Alexa.

Amanda was angry when she learned about the incident and almost called Delaney’s mom to blast her over the phone.

“How dare she do something like this? I am going to have a word with Miranda,” she stormed towards the phone and dialed her number when Lucian stopped her.

“Amanda, please don’t call her. I don’t want Victor to be in any trouble,” he pleaded.

“Lucian, look at you. You are hurt, how am I supposed to keep quiet. This has to be escalated, Delaney cannot behave like this, and it could be dangerous,” Amanda exclaimed angrily.

“Please, just this one time. I will be more careful next time,” Lucian convinced her and Amanda gave up after a while with a grunt.

She sure was not happy and she will have a word with Miranda when she meets her in person if not over the phone, she said to herself as she went to prepare some food for Lucian.

The boy loved the food and ate a lot when compared to the other boys of his age. He loved meat more than anyone in the house and Amanda made sure there was some meat in his meal every day. She still wondered why he was not gaining weight even after eating so much, he still looked skinny.

Soon it was March 20th and it was Delaney’s birthday. The Steller’s were invited to her birthday party. Lucian and Alexa pleaded Amanda not to take them.

“Lucian, we cannot leave you both here. First of all she is your classmate and I work for them. It will be seen as disrespect if I showed up without you,” Victor reasoned and they caved in.

Alexa already regretted being dragged to Delaney’s party. There was no telling what could happen at the party.

The party was arranged at Delaney’s huge mansion which stood three stories tall. It had a huge hall and a grand staircase which was decorated to the core. Thousands of balloons printed with Delaney’s name floated on the ceiling, making it look beautiful.

Alexa watched the decorations in awe. The staircase railings were decorated with pink colored ribbons and original roses. And most of all there was an elevator at the side of the staircase.

In the middle of the hall sat a four foot fairy tale themed cake, which was again so grand. Everything about the party screamed luxury, Alexa shifted uncomfortably next to Lucian, who stood like he did not care about the surroundings.

Everyone was given party hats and Alexa wore it on her head with distaste. She did not want to be here.

Delaney arrived with her best friends, dressed in a pink color Cinderella gown and had a small tiara on her head.

What’s with these girls and pink color? Alexa rolled her eyes at the thought.

Abram tucked her hand, “She looks like cotton candy,” he whispered making them giggle. This caught the girl’s attention who glared at Lucian and Alexa.

The cake cutting and distribution went eventless, everything seemed smooth. Lucian and Alexa stayed by their parent’s side only playing with Abram and Nate. There were games for the children who attended and they declined to participate in any games. Though Alexa enjoyed watching the game, she knew they would do something to her.

Delilah’s mother, Paige and Delaney’s mother, Miranda seemed like kind women unlike their daughters. Abram and Nate were pulled into playing games by the classmates. So far they seemed to be enjoying it until Delaney’s younger brother Devin decided to pull the chair from Abram when he was about to sit during the musical chair game.

Abram fell down as Devin cackled and took his seat.

Oh, no... not, Abram, Alexa thought. Abram could be devious and mildly ruthless when he wants to be and the boys already messed with him a few times earlier, this topped everything.

Abram narrowed his eyes at Devin but did not say anything, which, according to the Steller’s was more dangerous. Abram will get even with them no matter what.

Soon the games got over and the floor was cleared for dancing. The children danced while parents stood on the sidelines watching them happily. Alexa and Lucian were pulled in by a few school mates before they could decline.

Though at first it was fun, Alexa was soon pushed and someone stomped on her feet which hurt. She looked around to see Delilah smirking at her. Lucian was far away from her and he was being treated the same.

Being in the crowd Alexa did not know who did what and from where. Only the smirks in the girls face gave them away, Lucian soon found her and somehow they managed to get out of the dance floor.

Abram and Nate were watching this keenly, disappeared from the crowd for a while. When they reappeared they had this mischievous smile on their face which said they had done something. Alexa and Lucian eagerly waited for the scene to unfold.

The children have moved out of the dance floor and it was now the parents turn. Amanda and Victor, Arthur and Raelyn were really having a good time.

The waiters were serving drinks on the other side for the children. Abram nudged Lucian and Alexa as Delilah’s gang, including their brothers were served with coke.

They were laughing at what they did earlier and clinked their glasses in victory before chugging it down, Alexa boomed with laughter as their expression changed and they spit out the drink on each other with their eyes popping out of their socket.

Delaney shrieked when Devin spat the drink on her pretty dress. She threw the rest of the drink at him and soon a fight commenced as they started throwing things at each other. Lucian couldn’t contain the laughter anymore.

The Steller’s removed the kids soon from the venue and brought them home.

“What did you guys do?” Raelyn exclaimed when they reached home. The kids got in with Amanda in her car and she couldn’t ask them anything.

The moment she saw the mischievous smile on Nate’s face, she knew something was going to happen and they took the kids out when the fight broke out.

“They shouldn’t have messed with us in first place,” Nate replied in a ‘duh’ tone.

“Yes, they pushed me around and made me fall down. Then they stomped on Alexa’s leg and laughed about it,” Abram complained.

“Well, what did you do?” Raelyn questioned again with a stern look in her face.

“Maybe I mixed the soy sauce with sprite and they had it thinking its coke.”

Alexa and Lucian boomed with laughter at that.

“Really,” Raelyn asked with wide eyes.

“How many times do I have to tell you guys to behave?” She exclaimed dramatically throwing her hands in the air.

“Just chill, Raelyn. They deserved what they got. Last week they tripped Lucian from the stairs and he came home with all the bruises,” Amanda stated and Raelyn nodded after a while.

“Maybe you are right, at least what our boys did was not harmful,” Raelyn shrugged as she sat down with the others.

The men just watched them with amusement. Victor did not feel an ounce of remorse for today’s incident.

They were bullying his girl and last week Lucian was tripped.

He should soon change his job, so his kids don’t have to tolerate them anymore, he thought.

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