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Lone Wolves

By Chris Burrows All Rights Reserved ©



Two shadows slunk down the deserted road. They turned off the road at a moss covered stone pillar and followed a barely visible path through ancient trees. A lonely tomb rose menacingly before the two shadows. Mysterious mist clung to the gothic structure making it look lost in time.

“This is the place,” the first shadow whispered, a man with an average build and wide fearful eyes. He turned to the other shadow which pushed a hood back just enough to reveal the face of an attractive woman as she gazed at the tomb. She stood almost seven feet tall yet moved with a slight graceful yet unyielding step.

“Open it,” the woman instructed, shaking herself from her reverie.

“We really shouldn’t be meddling with the dead,” the man warned. The woman reached out from her cloak and seized the man by the collar. With surprising ease, she lifted the man off the ground so that his feet dangled at her shins.

“I’m not paying you for your superstitions,” the woman growled, as she held the man in her violet eyes. “Now get over there and open the tomb,” the woman ordered, as she flung the man to the ground. The man scrambled back to his feet.

“Yes ma’am,” the man sighed, “Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He tentatively walked up to the tomb door and placed his hands on it. A click sounded from beyond the door, and the stone door slowly opened with an echoing creak.

“There…,” the man’s statement was caught off as a slender blade thrust through his chest. The woman let his body slide from her blade to the ground and wiped the blood from her saber with his cloak.

“Thank you; your services are no longer required,” the woman said beside the man’s body, “I needed someone pure of heart to open this chamber.” The woman stepped into the chamber, her cloak sliding from her shoulders revealing her leather jacket. She walked up to a sarcophagus bound in chains, and took the heavy pad lock in her hand, pulling it free from the chains. She stood back and crouched down, her dark auburn hair hiding her face. The gaunt figure of a woman wobbled unsteadily out of the sarcophagus and examined the woman before her.

“Who are you, insolent worm?” the figure rasped in a somewhat monotone voice, raising her hand out to the woman.

“I am Amber Cyprus, a lowly mortal who desires your power, Lady Necro,” the woman said.

“My power?” Lady Necro rasped; black mist flowed out from her hand and surrounded Amber. The color seemed to fade from Amber’s skin as the black mist engulfed her.

“Yes,” Amber replied, not showing any fear, “I heard you could grant one the gift of immortality.” The black mist suddenly dissipated from around Amber.

“I suppose, since you released me, you do deserve some reward,” Lady Necro replied. “Take my hand, mortal,” Lady Necro instructed, holding her hand out to Amber. She stood up still not meeting the deathly gaze as she drew closer to Lady Necro. Amber took the emaciated hand and a cold chill ran through her arm to the rest of her body. Amber’s auburn hair grew darker and strange runes appeared on her body. As this was happening, Lady Necro seemed to grow stronger. Her skin gained color and life returned to her eyes.

“You will serve me well, Amber,” Lady Necro said, “now rise as my loyal servant, and with my gift you will become the most powerful mortal who ever lived.”

“Thank you, Lady Necro,” Amber said, and when she rose to her feet she could feel her new strength.

“Now, if I am to rise to my former power I will need an army,” Lady Necro said more to herself as she walked to the entrance.

“Lady Necro, before you exit I should tell you that you have been dead for quite a while,” Amber said walking up beside Lady Necro.

“Time matters little to me,” Lady Necro replied as she opened the tomb door. Lady Necro stared at the distant sky-scrappers. Spot lights cast beams of light into the night sky as glowing car tail-lights zipped along between the buildings.

“How long have I slept,” Lady Necro thought aloud.

“You’ve been dead for fifty years, Lady Necro,” Amber replied stepping out beside Lady Necro. “Things have changed.”

Lady Necro gazed down at the still-warm body crumpled beside the stone door.

“Stand aside, mortal,” Lady Necro said shrugging Amber away. Lady Necro then held her hand out over the corpse which began to pulse with an eerie green light. It began to slowly rise from the ground and Amber watched in awe as the corpse lumbered over to them.

“This is but the first of my army,” Lady Necro said, “then I will have my revenge on this world.”

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