Stolen Birthright

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Chapter 11: Going to Town

A week later, and I was starting to go a little stir crazy. I was finally caught up on my school, I had transferred to an online high school and could do everything from my new laptop. The bandages didn’t help with my typing, but at least the left thumb wasn’t used for much. What hurt the most was having to hide myself from all my friends, for security reasons of course. I didn’t even install Facebook on my new machine.

Luckily, I had a thing going on. I had found a hand surgeon in Billings who had time to see me late in the afternoon. I walked to the Alpha’s office and knocked, he called me in. “I’ve got an appointment at three today up in Billings; I’m going to stay overnight and come back tomorrow.”

Doug looked at me, his eyes glazing over quickly. “Fine, but I want some people with you, just to be safe.”

“I’ll take Darryl with me, since he won’t let me go without him anyway. He already agreed.”

“Baby, do you think things have cooled off enough for this? I think I could get in some Christmas shopping before the bad weather hits, and I know Renee would love to go.” She walked behind her mate and put her hands on his shoulders. “Billings is a good drive, we could stay overnight there, make a girls day out of it. I know a nice spa there, and you could use some pampering.”

Doug closed his eyes, linking two of his guards. “Fine, but I’m sending some guards with you.”

“They can come in a second vehicle, my truck will be too crowded with six.” I looked at both of them. “Plus, we need room to bring our shopping back.”

“Fine.” Remi leaned down and kissed him.

They heard an excited squeal outside their doors and then Renee burst through. “MOM THANK YOU I WANT TO GO TO DISNEY AND GET MY HAIR DONE AND…”

“Just stop.” Remi turned her around and walked her to the door. “Plenty of time to plan on the way there, now you need to go pack an overnight bag. Make sure you include a dress and shoes in case we go someplace nice for dinner, and your swimsuit. Meet us at the front door in twenty minutes.” She ran off as I giggled at her energy.

“She’s excited about shopping, huh?”

“Yes, but she’s excited about spending time with you, too. She doesn’t have sisters and being the Alpha’s daughter can be kind of intimidating to other Pack members, as you know. She has been begging me for something like this since you came here.”

I walked to the door with her, then we went our own ways to pack. I stopped at Darryl’s room and told him we were leaving in twenty and staying overnight. He’s a guy, so it took him like three minutes to stuff some clothes and a toothbrush in his bag and he was ready. I didn’t have a whole lot to choose from, so I went with my normal- comfortable Wranglers, cowboy boots and my favorite flannel shirt over a white T-shirt. I put the Glock in a shoulder holster on my left side, strapped the remaining silver dagger onto my left arm inside the sling, and clipped more knives inside each boot. I grabbed a light jacket for the cool evenings, then packed a swimsuit along with the other clothes and my medical records into a duffel bag and was downstairs in time.

Darryl had pulled my truck up and was waiting, the two warriors Doug had chosen were behind him in a black Ford Explorer. We started loading the overnight bags into the back seat, and Renee came up and pulled my good hand. “Ride in back with me, please???” I couldn’t resist, so I motioned Remi to ride shotgun and we went around to the other side. I had brought my laptop so we could watch movies or play games.

We had left their Pack land and were heading north on 212 towards Red Lodge when Darryl hit the brakes hard. I looked up, there was a motorcycle in the ditch and a man was writing in pain next to it. “Luna, can you call 911?”

She already had her phone out as she jumped down from the truck. Darryl got out and ran to the guy, telling him not to move. I grabbed the first aid kit I kept under the back seat and carried it forward. When I got there, he didn’t have any obvious broken bones but he was complaining of head pain and blurry vision, he probably banged it. Nope, no helmet. I checked his eyes, his pupils weren’t blown but you never know with head injuries.

I waved forward the two guards, and they came around my truck and stopped next to us. “He’s got to get to a hospital, probably concussion. Get down here and put him in your car.” The two men looked to Remi, she nodded as she continued to talk to the dispatcher. They carefully helped him to his feet and set him in the back seat.

Remi took the phone away from her ear for a moment. “Drive as fast as you can towards Billings, and keep the operator posted on your location. They’re sending an ambulance to meet you.”

“Yes Luna.” They jumped in and took off, squealing tires.

“So what should we do with his bike,” I said. Darryl picked it up, the wheel was bent but he could push it. He moved it up out of the ditch and put it on its kickstand. I packed up the first aid kit as Remi finished talking to the 911 operator. “We could put it in the back of my truck, then we can leave it at the hospital as we go through town.” We started back to the truck just as I caught shadows moving in the treeline. “Something isn’t right.”

Remi raised her nose and sniffed. “Wolves… not our Pack.” Her eyes glazed over as she linked the guards and her mate.

“Too late… get behind me.” Darryl moved between me and the wolves on the uphill side, while Remi watched the wolves moving from the other side. “RUN… get back to the truck!”

I took off with Remi, and Darryl shifted and howled in fury as the wolves poured out of the trees. Remi stopped as move wolves ran from behind the truck towards us, she shifted and ran forward to intercept. I ripped the Glock free from its holster and followed her.

She tore into the lead wolf with a furious growl, ripping his shoulder apart. Two wolves moved to flank her while she fought, and I started firing. The wolves were fast, but not a thousand feet per second fast. I put three rounds into the one on the right before he dropped, then shifted aim to the black wolf on the left. I got off one shot when I saw a blur out of the corner of my eye; the next thing I knew, a brown wolf had my forearm in his grip and my gun was scattering away on the road.

I screamed in pain as his teeth ripped into my arm. Instead of trying to pull away, I leaned down and bit him across his nose and jaw. He whined in pain, but didn’t let go so I used the good fingers on my left hand and poked his left eye hard. That did the trick, he let go and I pulled the knife free from the sling and sliced his throat.

There was a growl from behind me and I turned to see another wolf launching himself towards me, jaws open for my neck. I dropped to the ground, raising my knife into his soft belly as he flew over me. He howled in agony as his momentum split his guts open, spraying blood on me. He landed hard and didn’t get up.

I looked over to where Remi was holding her ground in the uphill ditch against two wolves. Running forward, I distracted one long enough for her to get his throat and rip it out. She was bleeding from multiple places and her right front leg was hanging funny.

The second wolf turned towards me and charged. I braced myself, silver knife brandished, when he suddenly stopped and looked at me. He was a huge black wolf, in his prime, with a white tip on his tail and a white streak down the center of his chest. His eyes were a bright green, and he blinked a few times as he tilted his head to the side and sniffed deeply. He started to circle me, sniffing the air while I tried to move between him and Remi. He wasn’t growling at me, he was whining.

I heard the diesel engine fire up as my truck accelerated forward. Sparing a glance at the road, I could see Renee in the driver’s side, she was standing on the gas pedal and holding tight to the steering wheel. The truck roared past as I kept my eyes on the threat in front of me. Remi whined behind me and struggled to her feet just as there was a loud crunch. The black wolf stilled, then turned around and ran back into the forest.

I heard the truck squeal to a halt and looked back that way. Darryl lay still on the roadway, surrounded by four dead wolves. I looked back at Remi, she had shifted to her human form and was cradling her broken arm. “Go,” she said. I slid the first aid kit to her as I ran forward to my Beta.

I kept my knife out as I reached them, but I didn’t need it. One had its throat ripped out and the others were all dead, I could see head injuries and bones sticking out. I knelt next to Darryl, my hand moving his wolf’s head aside to see his neck ripped open. He was bleeding out rapidly; his eyes opened and locked on mine, then he gave one long breath and he was gone. “NOOOO!” I grabbed his chest and cried into his fur.

“Is he…” Renee had walked up behind me and put her hand on my back.

“Help your Mom,” I said. She ran back to her while I sat there petting his chest. The fire in my arm stopped my mourning, I was still bleeding and I needed to do something about it. I stood up walked back to them. Looking Remi over, her wounds weren’t that bad but her arm needed to be splinted. “Renee, go back to the truck and grab the ice scraper.” She ran off as I dug through the first aid kit. I found a battle dressing and tore the mylar bag open. It was about four by six inches and had a strip at each corner you used to tie it off. It was also coated with Quickclot, which would help with the bleeding.

Renee came back, and I got her to tear off my sleeve and tie the dressing tight. Once I was taken care of, I took the snow brush and scraper off, leaving the handle. I placed this along Remi’s forearm, then had Renee hold her still while I wrapped it and her arm with an Ace bandage. Finally, we put her arm in a sling before starting to clean and bandage the other bites and cuts she had.

We helped her back to the truck and into the seat just as a group of Johnson Pack wolves burst onto the scene. The lead wolf shifted, and Doug raced forward to embrace his daughter and check on his mate. I dug through Darryl’s bag and found a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and handed them to him.

“Doc’s coming in the medical van, he’ll be here in ten. Are you all right?” He was busy checking her for injuries.

“I’ll be fine,” she said. “Renee, are you all right?”

“Yes, Mom.” She kind of looked at her like she was being overly protective. “I did fine, I got three of them.”

“WHAT?” Doug looked at her.

“Well, Mom was hurt, Ella was fighting one, and Darryl was being torn apart by three. I put the truck in gear and ran them over.” She looked rather pleased with herself. “I think I killed the most of them.”

“Nope, we tied,” I said. “I got one with the Glock and two with the knife. My last one turned tail and ran off. Your Mom got two, Darryl one.” She high fived me as I hugged her to my side. “You didn’t hurt my truck, did you?”

“I doubt it, that brushguard on front took the impact.” She gave her Dad a hug as he looked down at her with pride.

“Ten on four, you did well. The trackers are already following the one who left,” Doug said. “Where did your security go?”

Remi tried to link them, but they didn’t answer. “Send some people after them, something is wrong. The whole thing was a setup, there’s no way these wolves ambush us here without that guy being a part of it.”

The van arrived, and the three of them plus Doug were loaded in for the short drive back to the Pack hospital. “My truck?”

“One of the men will drive it back.” Doug looked out the window. “Darryl has been wrapped and placed inside, we’ll have his ceremony tonight. What do you want to do with the others?”

I thought about it, they were Pack wolves, not rogues. This was no random attack, this was probably the North Shore pack. “Skin ’em and burn ’em. I’m making a blanket.” We drove off, my mind going back to the mysterious green-eyed wolf as the pain medication started to take effect.

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