Stolen Birthright

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Chapter 17: We Need To Talk...

Jimmy and his mate Melody arrived in time for dinner; Doug had agreed with our plan and had sent them early. We would leave after breakfast for Fargo to meet up with the Luna of the North Shore Pack.

Scott Tanner hadn’t been happy with the change, but Remi wouldn’t be bullied and I refused to meet him on principal. He finally agreed to her terms after she took the phone from him and talked to Remi herself. Lunas are natural peacemakers, and she hung up to deal with him and then called back.

We had finished the sorting of my parent’s stuff, and there was a stack of boxes in the garage that she would take back home. It was getting easier for me to deal with, after the original rip-off-the-bandaid approach of going through their bedroom. We had even gone through the files in the office, finding those we thought I would need to meet with the lawyer on Monday. I was exhausted, and I hadn’t even met with Mark yet.

I talked to his father in the afternoon, he was home and was not planning anything despite it being Saturday night. I left after dinner in my truck and drove over to their house. It was dark by 5 pm this time of year, so I parked on the street in front of their house and turned off the lights. I had to spend a few minutes mentally preparing myself for this. Mark had been my good friend for as long as I could remember, and we had ONE night as lovers before I shoved him away. I didn’t know how he would react to the news. The thought of him not wanting me, not wanting the baby, it scared the crap out of me.

He deserved to know.

It was a little easier because his family had known we were werewolves for generations, and because of that I could speak freely about what was going on. I had already told him everything that had happened at the lake and the cabin; he knew I had been raped, and that being with him was in part to help me move past that.

I must have spent too much time trying to get my courage up, because he opened the passenger door and climbed in next to me. I jumped. “Oh God, Mark, you scared the shit out of me.” I slapped him lightly on the shoulder as I tried to control my breathing.

“Well, I sat there watching you for five minutes and you didn’t notice me, so I just came in.” He cupped my face with his right hand as he scooted over and turned towards me in the seat. “What has you so nervous? Your heart is going a mile a minute.”

“We need to talk, Mark.” His face fell at the words no man wants to hear.

“Well, should we go inside? My parents are home, but they’ll leave us alone.”

“Maybe later.” I started the truck as he buckled in. “Let’s go to our place.” In high school, we used to meet up at a secluded spot above the reservoir. It didn’t take long to get to the park. I grabbed a blanket from under the seat and I took his hand in mine as we walked through the trees. There was a small clearing with a few stone benches facing the water. I brushed the snow off and set the blanket down, then pulled him down by my side and snuggled into the warmth of his winter jacket. “I didn’t know if I would see you again after the way you left me,” he said, his arm pulling me closer. “I meant every word I said that night. I love you, Ella. I want to be with you, no matter where you go or what you do.”

“I know. I’m sorry, at the time I thought it was the best way to protect you. There wasn’t much left that I truly cared about, and I couldn’t lose you too.” I let him pull me into his lap and I put my arms around his neck, keeping my brace clear. “Things have changed, though. That’s why I’m back here.” I filled him in on what had happened while I was at the Johnson pack; the attack on our truck, the news about the Tanner sons all dead, and the truce with the four packs. “They agreed to the truce only after learning of my… condition.” I put my head to his forehead and gathered my courage to say it.

“What? Are you all right? Did they do something else to you?”

I looked into his eyes and prayed for the best. “I’m pregnant, Mark.”

His jaw dropped, his eyes went down to my stomach and then back up. He tried to say something, then looked down at my belly again. “Who is the father, Ella?”

I pulled his chin back up. “I don’t know.” His eyes glared with anger. “There’s no way to tell until much later in the pregnancy. We didn’t use protection, and you, uh, finished in me a few times. I’m almost certain it is yours. But, it…”

“Could be that bastard’s kid too.” I nodded. “And they agreed to the truce because they think you are carrying his baby.

“Exactly. It buys me time and safety, but as soon as the baby is born that could all go away. If the baby is human, or if the baby is female, I become a target again. Only delivering a blood heir to their Alpha would grant me protection after that.” I could see the gears grinding in his eyes as he thought it over. “They know nothing of you, they don’t suspect there could be another father and I’m not about to tell them.”

He gritted his teeth together. “How can you even think about carrying a baby that might be his? I mean, after all he did to you…”

I kissed him quickly, then put my forehead back on his. “I couldn’t stand the thought of ending a baby that was yours, Mark.” Tears started to flow, he wiped them from my eyes. “I’m having this baby, Mark. What I came to see you about was if you wanted to be involved with the baby or not.”

He moved his hands down my side, one moving in front below my navel. “I can’t be a baby daddy, Ella. I just can’t.”

I turned away from him on his lap, wiping the tears away as I looked over the lake. “I understand. I’ll work with your father, we can do a paternity test and go from there after it is born. I won’t bother you.”

He spun me back to face him. “NO, no, no. That’s not what I meant, Ella. I want more than just visitation. I want YOU, Ella. I want to be with you forever.”


“I’ve always been in love with you, Ella, and I think you love me too. Sure, the timing sucks and this probably isn’t the way you dreamed of this happening, but it’s where we are.” He set me back down and dropped to one knee in front of me. “Marry me, Ella. Let me take care of you, take care of us. I promise to be by your side all the way.”

My jaw dropped, and the tears came faster. “You’re proposing to me?”

“I know, there isn’t a ring and I didn’t have time to make this special. It doesn’t matter, Ella. I love you and I want to be with you forever. If you love me like I think you do, we can make this work. We get married, quick and quiet, and we’ll worry about the rest later.”

I pulled him up to the bench and sat on his lap again. “But the ceremony? Your school? Heck, I’m still in high school, Mark! Where will we live? What will our family say?”

“Details.” He kissed me, deeply and forcefully. “I haven’t heard your answer yet, Ella.”


He kissed me again, we lost ourselves in the moment, and when we finally broke apart I realized I was freezing. Our favorite spot was much nicer outside of winter, and I was starting to shiver. “Come on, let’s get back to your truck,” he said.

“We need to tell our families. We can’t just elope, Remi would kill me if we just went to Vegas.”

He looked at me funny. “Actually, it’s not a bad idea. How many people do you want at your wedding, anyway?”

I had to confess I’d never thought about a wedding because I always thought about a mating. Weddings meant nothing to werewolves, it was just a way to formalize what was already done in the human legal system. “Marge, Mabel, Doug and Remi’s family. Maybe some of my old Pack members. I don’t know, maybe twenty or thirty. What about you?”

“My parents, of course. A couple of friends.” We had reached the truck, and we both climbed in. I cranked the heat and put the buttwarmers on high. “Vegas actually is a good option. Do you want it around here? You’re 18, but you know what will be said if you announce a fast wedding.”

“Nothing that won’t be said anyway.” There weren’t human friends that I wanted to invite. “Vegas can work, it will be fun. When should we do this?”

He looked at the calendar on his phone. “We should take a few weeks so people have a chance to make arrangements. How about December 21st down in Vegas? We can rent a block of rooms, it’s school break, and everyone will be back home for Christmas. And that’s the perfect day to get married in my book.”

I looked over at him quizzically, “Why?”

“Because it gives me the longest possible wedding night, baby.” I busted out laughing. “And I plan to use every… last… second of it with Mrs. Harris.” He pulled me onto his lap and kissed the hell out of me, it was bliss.

Telling the families was not as fun. We drove back to his house, thankful it was still early enough that his parents were still awake. His Mom, Shelly, invited me to have some of her German Chocolate cake, and as a pregnant woman I wasn’t turning that down. We held hands after we finished, and they looked at us like we had something to say.

The conversation was uncomfortable, after all, a few weeks ago we weren’t even romantic and now I was pregnant and talking about a Vegas wedding. They had questions, of course. It was now past midnight and we were still talking.

Shelly put her hand on my shoulder. “Ella, you know Mark isn’t your mate, you would have recognized him when you were of age like he was hoping.” I nodded. “Your mate is still out there somewhere.”

“I talked to the Pack doctor about this. I have no wolf, so no means to recognize my mate if he walked up to me tomorrow. My scent has changed, so his wolf might not recognize me, and in any case there is no wolf to bond to. He said there is no known case like mine where the person has found their mate later.” I looked down at our hands. “I’m human now, I will fall in love and be with someone just like every other human. I’ve loved your son for years, but I couldn’t act on it. Honestly, I don’t deserve him. He’s been there for me even when I’ve pushed him away.”

“Where will you live,” Tom asked.

“I’m moving back to our house, I’ve actually been there with Aunt Remi, Marge and Mabel for a few days now getting things organized. You know my finances, I can do anything I want, but this is home. I still need to finish school and Mark still has his college. We can live there for now.”

“Good, because I don’t want to lose my baby so fast, and I want to be able to help with my grandchild.” I smiled back at her, Shelly had moved past shock and disbelief to acceptance.

“It’s getting late,” Tom said. “We will talk more on Monday; there is still a lot to go through, and I’ll start looking ahead at the tax implications of you getting married. I just want you to be sure, that’s all.”

“If it is all right with you, I’d like to keep this between the four of us until next weekend,” I said. “There’s enough drama at home with the move and dealing with my parent’s stuff.”

“I agree,” Mark said. “But, I do want to push ahead with planning. We need to figure out a location and get a block of rooms reserved while they are still available.” He gave me a quick kiss. “How about we go to dinner Monday after you’re done with my Dad and talk about it?”

I nodded. “Shelly, can you help me plan? I’d never dreamed I’d be getting married, I don’t know what I need to do.”

“Of course, dear. And call me Mom.” She got up and gave me a big hug. “I hate how things have happened, but I’m thrilled that you two are together and I’m going to be a Grandma.” She pulled back a little. “Even if it does make me feel old.”

Mark insisted on following me home to make sure I got there all right, and I protested weakly before thanking him. I drove on, thinking about him and how lucky I was to get a man like him, mullet and all. Naughty thoughts and memories went through my head as I drove on, and by the time we turned onto the road to my house I was a hot mess.

I pulled into the driveway of Zach Jenning’s house, he and his family had joined the Johnson Pack so I knew no one was around. I drove around and parked by the pole , turning out the lights as Mark’s car pulled up alongside. I waited until he got in, and then I attacked him.

Our lips were magnetic, they couldn’t be separated without force. I straddled his waist, my knees digging into the leather seat, and pulled my jacket off and then my shirt and sweater over my chest. I hadn’t worn a bra, so the cold air hardened my nipples immediately. He raised his hand and I pulled his shirt off too. He ran his hands up my sides and cupped my breasts before he took one in his mouth. I gasped as he pulled hard, first from the suction then with his teeth gently biting them. I was already wet, but this caused my sex to clench in anticipation.

He lowered the seat all the way back, and I unbuckled his belt and loosened his jeans. He lifted his hips as I moved to his side, and I pulled them down to his ankles. Lying back with my head on the other side, I popped my jeans open and let him pull them off. I was going to sit up, but he pushed me back with one hand while the other moved my left leg to the side. He leaned forward and buried his face in me, his tongue and lips doing unspeakable things to my pussy as he claimed it.

The windows steamed up as he sent me to the first orgasm of the night. I grabbed the back of his head, forcing him even closer as the knot exploded into bliss. When the spasms had stopped, I let him go and he sat up, a smirk on his face. “God, I love it when you come,” he said.

“My turn.” I sat up and leaned forward, my good hand grasping his rock hard shaft at the base while my mouth dropped down onto the head. I smiled as he started to moan in pleasure; moving my head up and down slowly, I used my tongue in a swirling motion to drive him wild. I moved my hand down to squeeze his balls lightly, and pushed him to the back of my mouth. I started to gag, but this time I knew what I had to do, and I had been practicing. Relaxing my throat and swallowing, I took him in farther than ever before.

“Oh fuck, Ella…” He was gripping the door with his right hand while the other was playing with my sopping cunt. “That’s not fair.”

I popped off and looked at him. “Fair hasn’t been in my life lately.” With an evil grin, I dropped back down, this time taking him all the way to the root. I extended my tongue, licking his balls as my throat massaged him. I pulled off to get a few breaths, then went deep again. He screamed my name as his cock swelled even wider and started to pulse his baby batter down my throat.

“Holy shit,” he finally said.

I sat up and kissed him deeply, the taste of my pussy juice mixing with the cum on my lips as we enjoyed the moment. I dropped a hand down and grasped his shaft again; he was still hard. “I’m so glad you’re able to recover quickly,” I said. I aimed it up and slowly lowered myself onto him, groaning in pleasure as he filled me completely. “I love feeling you inside me.”

“You have no idea,” he said. We kissed as I slowly rocked on him, using my muscles to squeeze his shaft. The pace slowly quickened until I was bouncing hard on him, the sound of my ass smacking on his thighs and the wet squooshy noises from our coupling filling the cab of the truck. He had more staying power this time, and he fucked me through another two orgasms before we came together. He pulled my hips down hard as he filled me with his man gravy, and this time it was me screaming his name. I collapsed onto him, our bodies sweaty and coated with fluids, and we held each other until we could breathe normally again.

“Glove box, I have some wet wipes,” I said as I lifted off him. I left a trail of juices behind on him and the seat, I bit my lip hoping it would come out. I knew that no matter how much I wiped, werewolf senses would know exactly what had happened here tonight.

He pulled them out, they were cold as hell but they did the job. We got dressed again, and I kissed him before sending him back to his car. “Go home,” I said. “I can make it from here.” I watched him leave, my heart missing him already.

Of course, rolling in at two AM on a Saturday night smelling like a whorehouse during Fleet Week didn’t get past the werewolves in the house. They had all stayed up for me, and were drinking coffee in the kitchen when I came through the door. I could see them sniffing, and they were trying to hold their grins back. “Fun night?” Remi asked.

“It was good. He knows about the baby, and he said he will be with me through it all. His parents know too.”

“That’s good,” Mabel said. “Now get some sleep, young lady, breakfast is at seven.”

I almost ran up the stairs, I couldn’t get away fast enough. As I was opening the door, I heard Marge laugh. “Well, that escalated quickly.”

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