Stolen Birthright

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Chapter 27: Fingers

Tom and Sally were debating whether to get a hotel or not when we were kicked out of the room, since morning visiting hours had ended. “Get the room,” I said.

Marge handed them a room card. “Already done. You can’t go home; your house is still a crime scene. It may be a day or two before it is released, and then you have to deal with cleanup.” They looked at each other, I could tell Sally was still freaked out about the house. “Now come on, you all need to eat, especially you, Ella.” I mouthed a ‘thank you’ to her as she led us out of the hospital, she just knew what needed to be done and did it without having to be asked. It was one of the things I loved about her.

Marge insisted on driving, knowing Tom was still a little rattled from everything. She pulled into a diner and we found a booth away from everyone in the back. After we ordered, I could tell Sally was nervous about something and I asked her.

“It’s… all that blood, what happened there. I’m afraid, Tom. I’m afraid to go home.” She buried her face in his chest as the emotion came out. I was glad she had fainted so as not to see more, but I’m sure what she saw through the doorway was etched into her memories.

Marge looked at me, lifting her eyebrow, and I nodded. “There is no need for you to go home right away,” I said. “Actually, it would be safer for everyone if you didn’t.”

“We can’t stay in a hotel forever, Ella, I have work and Mark has school!”

“I know, Tom, but hear me out.” I took a napkin out and awkwardly drew the street leading to my house, as best I could with my ‘good’ arm in a cast from elbow to thumb. “When the Pack dissolved, these twelve houses were left empty as the families moved elsewhere. I’ve leased or purchased all of them; some are going to be needed for people who I’ve already asked to come help me, but most are empty. Just pick one, a couple are even furnished.”

“Oh, I couldn’t put you out, Ella,” Sally said.

“Really, you’re saving me work,” said Marge. “Right now we are maintaining these houses and keeping them clean and ready. Moving in at a minimum gives you time to get your house cleaned and repaired, but there is more than that. They know you are close to Ella, so what if they come again, this time after the two of you?” I watched as Tom looked angry and Sally scared. “We are setting up security already, it will surround these houses and Ella’s house. If you and Mark move in, it makes it easier for us to protect you.”

I nodded. “I’m so sorry you’ve been dragged into this, but you know the situation I’m in. I don’t know how long it will take to resolve it so you are no longer in danger. It would make me feel better if you were close by, plus I’m sure it would be nice to have their grandparents nearby when they come. I’m going to need the help.” Yep, I played the grandma card. You do what you have to do. “It will be nice having their father around, too.”

I could almost see the gears going in their heads. “All right, we’ll talk about it,” Tom said. “We’ll let you know tomorrow.”

“Great!” The food had just arrived, so we got off those subjects and soon the girls were talking crib patterns and nursery colors while Tom pretended to be interested. Sally was going overboard with all this, but she had struggled with fertility and was lucky to have Mark at all. Now that she was having grandchildren, she was all in.

We dropped them back at the hospital, then we went home. Along the way, we called Aunt Remi and Uncle Doug and filled them in on what had happened since the ambulance ride. “We still don’t know who the attackers were, Uncle Doug. I didn’t recognize them.”

“We will have to wait for the police to identify them, Ella. Even then, they probably used contractors so they couldn’t be directly tied to the attack. Those three Alphas heard what I said, yet they did this and you got hurt. They’ll pay for it.” I was sure they would, Doug was a trusted ally and a fearsome enemy. “As for your security, I’ve talked with my Betas and we decided. I’m sending the Greens.”

I slipped into my Samuel L. Jackson voice impersonation. “The Greens? Well, shiiiit, negro, that’s all you gots to say!”

Doug laughed. “They left an hour ago, it’s an eight hour drive, they’ll be there in four.” It was my turn to laugh.

“Are they all coming?” In addition to Morgan ‘Moe’ Green and his mate Theresa, they had six children, sons Michael, Matthew, Luke and John, and daughters Mary and Elizabeth. Yes, they were Italian, having moved here in the early 70’s when their Pack was merged with another they did not want to join. Moe had been Doug’s lead beta on Pack security until his recent retirement, and his sons and daughters were all Betas or Warriors. It wasn’t the family you wanted to fuck with. “I’ll give them the Jennings house to stay in, it’s the largest and has that huge pole barn out back. I’m sure they are bringing their toys.”

It was Remi’s turn to laugh. “Yep, it looked like a caravan of trailers as they left. They won’t go anywhere without their motorcycles and RV’s. They can’t wait for Sturgis.”

They would fit in there, I thought, they were big and intimidating and they stuck together. “Are Michael and Luke bringing their mates?”

“Yes, Linda and Katy are coming along too.”

“Hmm… maybe I’ll give each of them one of the smaller houses. You know, given how loud new mates can be.” We all laughed. “I’ll give them a call next. Thank you, Uncle Doug. I really appreciate the help.”

“You’re welcome, Ella. You just take care of your Pack, all right?”

“And get some rest, Ella.” Remi couldn’t hold back.

“Don’t worry, guys, she’s pretty helpless right now. She can’t even get dressed without help. I’ll make sure she doesn’t over do it.” Marge would, too.

“I love you both, and thank you.” I hung up and called Moe; they were very happy with the arrangements I was making, and he gave us some things they would need to get going on right away. The rest would wait until they had a chance to survey the land and the houses. Moe was very good at what he did, and I trusted his judgement. I wrote down the items they wanted and Marge said she would get them ordered when we reach home.

I also got a call from the Sheriff to meet him at Tom’s house. He had me walk him through my earlier statement, showing me where I was and what I did. When I got done explaining it all, he told me my pistol would be returned once the investigation closed in a few weeks. “Do you or Mark use drugs, Ella?”

I looked at him like he was growing two heads. “What? NO!” I put my hand on my belly. “I’ve never used them.”

“It’s all right if you tell me, I’d rather know now than when your blood tests come back. It’s easier to convince the county attorney if you are up front about it.”

I shook my head. “Not me, and I’ve never seen or heard about Mark doing them. We’ve been friends for a long time, I think I would know.” Suddenly I thought of something. “What’s bringing on this questioning, Sheriff?”

He looked back at the room and sighed. “The Feds are starting to show an interest in this. Drug Enforcement Agency, mainly. Part of it is who the dead guys are, and part what they did.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean they think it is drug related. They didn’t take anything, they didn’t even ask Mark any questions, they just came in and started torturing him. We’re searching the databases to see if there is a gang or cartel connection to the URN they carved on him.”

My mouth was gaping open. “I can’t believe it.”

“It happens,” he said. “It’s also possible they got the wrong guy. We’ve searched the house, even had the drug dog come through. We can’t figure out a relationship, and it’s driving me nuts.”

“I don’t know either.” He walked me to the front door. “So now what happens?”

“I finish the investigation, the country attorney should decide not to charge, and your pistol should be returned after that. I don’t think it will be a problem. Between you and me, if you were legal I’d buy you a beer. Society is better off without these in it.” He handed me a couple of mug shots. “Ned and Zed Zimmer. Rap sheets as long as your arm, mostly small time stuff but they’ve done time before. What they are doing coming up here from Chicago, I don’t know.”

I didn’t either, but I kept the sheets. I called Doug as soon as the Sheriff left and gave him the names. He called back the next morning; the guys were rogues, and known to do jobs for Packs for drug money. He was going to see what he could do to tie them to one of the three Alphas, but he didn’t have much hope in proving anything. Not that it mattered, he said, I got hurt and they should have been so afraid of that they wouldn’t risk anything.

The place was a madhouse for the next week or so. The Greens had arrived, and quickly upgraded the security to modern standards. Major changes included a vehicle gate at the only entrance to the private drive, video surveillance with motion capture, motion sensors, and a Pack-wide alarm system. That wasn’t something he had needed before because of the Pack mind link, but my Pack wasn’t like the others. Not only could I not communicate like that without a wolf, but we had people from multiple Packs involved in living and working here.

While he and the boys were busy with that, Theresa and the girls had taken on the safe rooms. Physically, they were in good shape; they did change out some of the batteries with newer technology and changed all the lighting over to LED to extend battery life. Each house had its own small safe room, good for a week or so. The huge Pack safe room under my house was a completely different challenge. Moe wanted it stocked and ready for an extended siege, enough so everyone we had could stay in there for a month or more. The boys bought a panel truck, and Tom set it up so I owned a shell catering company. We started ordering from restaurant supply companies and making huge Sam’s Club runs, and soon had the food storage room filled.

Technology got an upgrade as well. I had the phone company run fiber optic high speed internet lines to each of the houses. Then they ran dedicated lines between the server in my office, Moe’s basement and the Spencer’s basement. Moe set up a high-tech security office in their basement, complete with video screens. This was critical since didn’t have the numbers to keep more than one person on patrol at a time, with another in the basement.

They started patrols immediately, in human form on ATV’s or snowmobiles during the day and in wolf form at night. So far, nothing. We were prepared, though. The Greens had brought half an arsenal of weapons with them, and I bought the other half through a firearms dealer Tom trusted. We made sure each house and safe room was armed and ready.

I talked with Moe about how best to protect Mark’s family, so he set up protection details. We had Tom hire Elizabeth Green as his receptionist; not only did it give her some real-world experience, but it keeps him safe and gives us a wolf in town to monitor for strangers. We also got Luke Green’s mate Katy to enroll in the same college Mark attended; she would provide low-key security for him on campus. I had Moe talk to them all about what it meant to be under their protection, and what he needed from them. They weren’t leaving the neighborhood without at least one werewolf escorting them. They were too important to me.

The volunteers from the other Packs had also arrived and were settling in. Melanie Schefter had moved into my old bedroom in the house, and had taken over the walls of the office. Every time I went in there I was amazed at how much information she could find, and the relationships she uncovered. She seemed happy, but was very shy around men, which was understandable. I warned Matthew and John that they should stay away, and they did.

Nadine Anderson had taken over the guest bedroom, and her daughter was staying in the small room next to her. She was working closely with Melanie to map out the Pack membership and relationships. She was starting to show interest in Matthew, even though they weren’t mates. It was good to see her moving forward again.

Richard and Doris Darling took one of the smaller houses, and he was starting to dig into the contracts and alliance data we could find. He was good at finding the human legal system documents that the Packs had to use to blend in.

The final piece was the first to volunteer but the last to arrive, the Spencer family from the Winnepeg pack. Tom had set it up so my ‘research’ company hired him, and arranged for a green card since they were Canadian. They took the house next to the Greens, and Josh set up his computer system in the basement. I don’t have a clue as to what half the stuff was, but it was impressive. He was a talented hacker, and was thrilled to be let loose on this job- especially knowing that the Packs wouldn’t use human law enforcement. His Mom, Angela, was homeschooling him and their daughter Jane, and his father Carl was starting to dig through the financial data we were collecting.

Through all this, I was feeling kind of helpless. I got the cast replaced, and was looking at seven more weeks with it on. Back when I had wolf healing, it would have been healed in a couple days. I missed that, I missed my parents, I missed my Pack, I missed my mate. I might be the Alpha of this group, but I was also the pregnant, hormonal, craving filled eighteen-year-old girl who could break down crying at any moment. Marge and Mabel tag teamed me, forcing me to eat better and sending me off for naps for the first time since my preschool days.

The weeks moved on and on, moving through what I called the Dark Ages of a North Dakota winter. The nights were long and cold, and we would wake up well before sunrise and it would be pitch black outside before dinner. The Pack had come together as a group, and I was pleased with the progress we were making. I had given them a goal- to bankrupt Alpha Goodwin of the St. Cloud Pack by the end of April. So far the oil market was cooperating, prices had gone even lower to $29 a barrel. Oil production in the Bakken fields no longer made sense, and mineral rights were worth little.

I wished I could see his face when his accountant explains his capital gains tax bill to him.

We were working to make things more difficult for him; contracts were being cancelled, insurance rates raised. OSHA inspectors were making unannounced inspections. The insurance company decided to cancel its coverage, and new policies were significantly more expensive. The bank decided not to refinance the balloon mortgage on his warehouse. All of this we did, and watched the results of, thanks to Josh hacking his email server.

As March turned into April, I was heading into my sixth month and my belly was starting to balloon. I felt fat and uncomfortable and I still had a long way to go. It didn’t help that my libido was in overdrive, and my mate was still back in Brainerd. Our Saturday Night Skype was now my favorite time of the whole week. He arranged it so he could have his iPad on in the parking lot of a local restaurant, and he could talk to me without fear of being discovered by his father. “Hi baby, how are you feeling?” I smiled as his face came up on the screen.

I was sitting up in my bed, my iPad perched on my legs and my rounded belly. “I’m feeling like I want my mate with me,” I said. “Well, that and I’m huge. And I have to pee all the time.” As I was talking, one of the boys decided to roll over inside me. The screen shifted as a leg moved under the screen.

“What was that?”

“Here, watch.” I picked it up and pointed the camera down, it looked like a couple of bulldogs fighting under a rug as both boys jockeyed for position. “They’re active tonight, I think they miss you.” Craig had gotten over his anger at Mark for impregnating his mate, eventually, and they had talked about how they were going to make this work. Craig was going to treat them like his own, but Mark would be involved as well.

“I miss you too, you sexy beast you.”

I snorted. “I don’t feel sexy, I feel like I swallowed a basketball.”

“You don’t see like I do. If I was there, the things I’d do…”

“Don’t promise what you can’t deliver, Craig. I’m too horny to mess with right now.”

“Do you trust me, Ella?”

“Of course!”

He smirked at me. “Then take that iPad and set it on the bedside table so I can see you.” I did, I kept a little stand there for it. “Now strip for me.”


“You heard me, beautiful. Slowly.” I blushed, but I did it. I sat up, my legs over the edge of the bed, then I grabbed the bottom of my T-shirt with crossed hands and slowly pulled it up. His dominance was causing me to get excited, and I could feel the wetness starting to pool between my legs. I teased him when the fold reached my sensitive breasts. I pulled the shirt over my face, the fold catching the undersides and raising them up. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so as I slowly pulled up it caught briefly on my hardening nipples before popping free. “Amazing.” I smiled behind the shirt as I pulled it clear and tossed it to the bottom of the bed.

“Stand up and keep going. Make sure the iPad is facing me.”

I stood up, facing the camera as I rotated it to me. “So beautiful. Continue.” I couldn’t use my left thumb to hook onto the waistband of my sleep pants, so I put two fingers inside and two outside. Shimmying it down, I put them halfway down before I turned away from the camera. My ass was better than my fat stomach, right? I wiggled my ass at him a little as I forced them down, letting them fall to the floor I stepped out leaving only my thong.

“I didn’t think I saw panty lines. Now the thong.” It went off the same way. I snuck a peek back at him, he was starting to breathe harder and his erection was obvious.

“Lie down, head in the middle of the bed, legs towards the camera.” I sat down and laid back; it was weird, my head was down and my belly was in the way so I couldn’t see him anymore, I could just hear him. “Now, your fingers don’t belong to you. They are MINE. They do what I tell them to, understand?”

“Yes…” It was a breathy moan, I could smell my arousal as I spread my legs apart and felt myself opening to him.

“Run my fingers down your face, softly, like you are memorizing each curve.” I did, the tingles of the path exciting me further. “Now down your neck, together, and down to each nipple. Circle them softly.” I let out a moan. “Pinch them between your knuckles.” I couldn’t use thumbs yet, but this worked. The pain morphed into pleasure, moving down my belly to my core. He had me teasing all around my breasts for a while before he moved ‘his’ fingers down my belly.

“One finger only, gently touch your lips. Brush over them bottom to top, top to bottom.” I did, and I opened like a flower to the touch. I started to move my hips up, my bud seeking the touch. “NO! Just the lips.” He had me tease myself for a few minutes before he allowed his finger to part my folds, then finally inserted itself in me. I let out a loud moan as I hooked his finger inside me.

“Pull my finger out and taste it.” I did, it was tangy and in need of him. “Now put two of my fingers in your mouth, get them good and slippery.”

I eagerly complied, and anticipated what was next, but he surprised me when he had me continue down after parting my sex again. “Put my index finger on your star. Rub it in circles.” I did; it was a different sensation, one I’d never explored on my own. “Now push it in there.”


“My finger heard me and will obey.” It did; it pushed through the ring and inside me. I felt full, there was some initial discomfort but it soon passed. “All of you is mine, Ella, and I will bring pleasure to every inch.” He watched as I worked the whole finger in, then he told his finger to pump in and out slowly. I relaxed and enjoyed the sensation, pretending it was him was strangely liberating and exciting. “Now add the other finger.” My ass resisted for just a moment before the second one went in, adding even more to the full sensation.

“Now take my left fingers and put them inside your pussy. Don’t stop pumping your right hand, either.” The feeling of a double penetration was sending me fast to the finish. He ordered his fingers to pump in alternately, then at the same time. He ordered them to go faster and faster as my breathing became shallow and my moans echoed through the room. He watched me, seeing the climax approaching. “Now take my fingers out of your ass and use them to pinch your clit.”

I exploded in climax, my legs and hips moving me up off the bed as his fingers brought me off. When the spasms finally stopped, I collapsed back to the bed. I didn’t even have the energy to look up at him, and I could just imagine what he was seeing from the camera viewpoint.

“Absolutely beautiful, my mate. I can’t wait until we can be together.”

“Me… tooo….”

“I have to go. Have a good night, baby. I love you.”

“I love you too.” The video call ended and I fell asleep, sweaty and sated.

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