Stolen Birthright

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Chapter 31: Walking Into an Ambush

We got on the road about nine, and were headed south towards Jackson Hole when my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but I did recognize the voice. “Hello, love.”

“CRAIG! How are you? Is everything all right?” I had bolted upright when I recognized his voice, causing Natalie to wake up since her head was resting on my legs. I patted her hair and she snuggled back in to sleep.

“No, there’s an attack coming on your homes. My father, he found out that you have Olivia, and he’s pissed. He had spies in your town, they know you and most of the wolves with you are gone. They are going after Mark’s parents.”

“Hang on.” I put the phone on speaker and repeated out loud to everyone what he just told us. Moe was already dialing his sons to warn them. “What else?”

“He sent three men this morning to meet up with the two he already has out there. The plan is to kidnap the two humans, and trade them for Olivia.” I looked over at Olivia, she was shaking as she sat in the front seat next to Mark who was driving. He was holding her hand as he tried to calm her. “They plan to hit the house just after dark.”

“What are you doing, then?”

“I’m one of the three men, Ella.” Oh, fuck. “We stopped for gas, I brought a burner and I only have a few more seconds before I raise suspicions. I can’t stop it, Ella, but you can. Just try not to kill me when you do.”

I looked at Moe, he nodded. “Be careful, Craig.”

“I will. I love you, Ella.” He hung up before I could respond.

“Turn us around when you can, Mark. We need to head back.”

Moe was already busy talking to Matthew back home, and I called Doug and Remi and filled them in. It wasn’t long before we had a plan. He was sending a couple warriors in a private plane to West Yellowstone, which was the closest airport to where we were. Moe, Michael and Luke would fly back with them, while Linda, Katy, Theresa, Nadine and Melanie would stay with Natalie, Mark and I as we drove back in the RV. Since we were going out the west end of the park, he was having another warrior drive the Green’s SUV back along with all the luggage we had left at the Pack when we left for our short trip.

When we finally got the calls done, I told everyone to try and get some sleep since most of them had been out running all night. Moe and Theresa took the master bedroom while Nadine took my place on the couch with Natalie. I moved up to the passenger seat as Olivia curled up with Melanie on one of the big recliners. Michael and Linda took the bed where the dining table was, and Luke and Katy took the other recliner. I looked back from the incredible vistas that suddenly held no interest to me, the mountains were in the way of where I wanted to be now. It was quiet.

“It’s going to be all right, Mark.” I put my hand on his shoulder and gently squeezed. I had started to get some motion back in my left thumb with my exercises and physical therapy. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to grip something as small as a wooden spoon. “They won’t be in danger, Moe won’t let it happen.”

He nodded, his hands turning white on the steering wheel as he thought about it. “They’ve done NOTHING, Ella. My Mom, she still can’t go down the hall to my room. Dad, he tries to be strong, but I’ve seen him at night. He wakes up and goes down to the kitchen, and he breaks down when he thinks no one is watching. He killed a man, watched his guts get splattered on the wall. They watched me almost bleed to death.” He let out a slow breath. “We have to end this, Ella.”

“I know.” I wiped a tear away and looked out the window again. “I never meant for you to be involved in this, Mark. I never thought I’d place others in danger.” I banged my good hand on the door. “Fucking soccer, it ruined my life.” He looked over at me, I tried to hold it back but I let out a laugh, and then he couldn’t stop himself either.

“Another reason to hate that game. As if I needed one.” He smiled at me, then looked back to the road. It wasn’t a fast drive, luckily it wasn’t peak tourist season, but the mountain roads and curves were a challenge with the big RV. The sounds of snoring filled the back, as the werewolves recovered from a long night of running.

We finally reached West Yellowstone just after lunch, and the men who were heading back early loaded up into the chartered plane that was waiting. Another warrior had brought down the Green’s SUV, so Theresa, Linda and Katy transferred to their own vehicle after we had a big lunch. We all got back on the road as fast as we could, because the attack was only hours away. Nadine was driving with Mark riding shotgun, so I was in back playing Uno with Natalie and Melanie.

We were just past Miles City when I got the call from Moe. “It’s over, Ella. We’ve got them all in custody, no casualties on our end.”

“And Craig?”

“He’s asleep now, we hit them all with tranquilizer darts as they approached the house, except the two drivers. We took them out as soon as they were linked that the attack had failed. Tom and Shelley are fine, they never even knew something was going on.” He paused for a moment. “Have you decided what to do with them yet, Alpha?”

I thought for a moment. “Are they in wolf or human form right now?”

“Both. The drivers are in human form, the three kidnappers including Craig are in wolf form. It doesn’t matter what form they are in, they will be out for hours.”

They were normal Pack members, I thought, not the ones giving orders. On the other hand, they were going to terrorize and perhaps hurt innocent humans. They needed to be punished. “If we kill them, it will start an open war.”

“Probably. It’s different than the attack on you at the Johnson Pack, you aren’t as strong and they weren’t after you or us.”

“Lock them up together, let them talk to each other all they want. Put Craig down there with them. When they wake up, drag him off because he is the most dominant wolf in the group. We will return them mostly unharmed, but they need to believe that Craig was loyal to the end.”

“It shall be done. Have a safe drive, Alpha Grey.” He cut the phone, probably to call his mate and fill her in.

“The bad men are caught now, Miss Ella?” Natalie was watching me, her wolf hearing meant she had heard the whole conversation. I nodded. “They need a good spanking.”

“I’m not sure a spanking will work on an adult werewolf, Natalie. It would be embarrassing though.” She did give me an idea, though. An evil, twisted, sadistic idea. An idea that would allow us to return them unharmed, yet make the point that they shouldn’t EVER fuck with me or those around me. I called Moe back, we needed to make some arrangements.

We parked the vehicles in front of my house just before midnight. Marge and Mabel helped Melanie bring in the luggage, while Nadine took Natalie for bath and bed. I dropped my bag in the hall and went down to the basement where the men were waiting for me. We had a storage room that was converted into a cell, it had solid concrete walls and a steel door, no windows. They had rigged wireless cameras with infrared so we could watch what was going on.

Three in human form were shackled to the wall by handcuffs padlocked to chains attached to eyebolts in the ceiling. The two wolves had metal collars on; they were sized just large enough to let their wolves breathe, but were small enough they wouldn’t come off in human form. The collars also were chained to eye bolts. They brought over a chair for me to sit down, my back was still sore from the trip and my feet were swollen. Ah, pregnancy. “How long until they wake up?”

“Less than an hour, they are starting to move more in their sleep now.”

“Did you get everything prepared?”

“Of course, Alpha.” Michael looked at me and smiled. “Remind me never to get on your bad side. These guys will never live this down.”

“We have to make it look right. When Craig’s bond breaks, they need to be absolutely convinced that we’ve killed him.” We waited, snacking on food as we watched the screen, until they started to wake up. Once the first awoke, the others quickly followed. We could see the terror in their eyes as they looked around the room, unable to make anything out in the complete darkness.

The collars and cuffs weren’t silver, so they could still mind link each other and we didn’t want to stop that. We waited until all five were in human form before we made our move. Moe, Michael and Matthew flung the door open and turned on the bright lights, causing them to retreat and cover their eyes. They took positions near the door as I walked in. I glared at them, a pregnant Alpha Female with no wolf, their enemy and captor. “You’ve really fucked up by going after humans, boys. Now, what were your orders?”

“Fuck you, Ella. You’ll never get us to talk.” The man was a Pack warrior based on the tattoos on his arms.

“Oh, I don’t really care if you talk or not, but someone is going to pay for this attack on my homes and Pack.” I walked in front of them as they glared and struggled against their chains. I stopped in front of Craig. “Him. He’s the most dominant wolf here.” I turned and walked out of the room as Moe and Michael moved forward with the chain and silver collar. Matthew was carrying a cattle prod, and after the first shock from it the others moved away. There was a scream as Craig struggled, his flesh burnt as the silver touched it. The collar once in place would sap his strength, prevent him from linking to the others and keep him in pain. Every werewolf knew what it meant.

I watched on screen as they beat Craig up for a few minutes in front of the others. I had left because I couldn’t let my face betray my feelings for him, but this was important to the illusion. Finally, they unchained his handcuffs from the wall and pulled him out using the chains on the silver collar. Matthew slammed the door closed, leaving them in darkness.

Luke came down the stairs quietly, bringing the side of beef down and hanging it from the hook near the storage room door. He sat down on a chair nearby, and stuffed a rag into his mouth as his brothers and Moe wrapped their hands up with tape. We were going Rocky on him; they were going to spend the next hour interrogating ‘Craig’ and beating the shit out of the beef carcass. The storage room door wasn’t that soundproof, and the sounds plus the darkness would get them where we wanted them mentally. I took the silver collar off Craig since it didn’t affect me, then took his hand and we slowly went up the stairs. The last thing I saw when I looked back was Moe yelling at ‘Craig’ as his fists slammed into the beef.

We reached the top of the stairs and went through the door, and as soon as it was closed I was spun around and pressed against it. Craig’s lips were on mine, and I moaned in lust as the tingles moved through my body. My brain short circuited to my sex, and I could feel myself getting wet and ready as his hands moved down to my side. When he pulled his lips back, it almost felt painful. “Not here,” I said. I took his hand and led him down the hall to my bedroom. Everyone else was asleep or staying out of the way, we all knew what was going to happen tonight. My mate was going to claim me.

I pulled us into my room and lit a few candles before walking over to the bed and sitting down. “I never thought I’d be claimed with twins fighting around inside my huge belly,” I said to him as he moved in front of me and knelt down.

“I never thought I’d find such an amazing, strong mate.” His had cupped my face. “So beautiful.” I went to pull my blouse off, but his hands grabbed my wrists and stopped me. “No, I’ve been dreaming of this for months. I want to unwrap my present.”

My pussy gushed as he kissed me deeply. I raised my hands as he lifted it up, breaking the kiss only to toss it aside. He unhooked my bra as my hands were exploring his muscled back and shoulders, and I gasped as the cool air hit my nipples. His hands were on them, cupping and caressing them as his lips worked their way down from my neck to them. I moaned in pleasure as he flicked his tongue against the hardened tips before sucking gently on them. When his hands moved farther down, he looked up and told me to lay back. I did, lifting my hips slightly as he removed my maternity slacks and underwear. I was naked in front of him, horny as hell and even I could smell my arousal.

“So perfect. I have been dreaming of your taste.” He kissed his way up my inner thighs until he reached my steamy delta. I was so worked up I came as soon as his tongue found my clit. My hands gripped his head and held him there are the feelings washed over me. He slurped it up like a cat with cream, and he didn’t stop. He put his hands on my ass and tilted my hips up; I wrapped my legs over his broad shoulders as he continued his assault on me. I felt his right hand move, then a finger worked its way in as he continued to lick and suck my folds. I moaned and writhed in pleasure as he added a second, then a third, rotating them within me. I broke again, screaming in pleasure as the even stronger orgasm went through me. I’d never been so orgasmic, but it was different with your mate. The tingles made everything stronger and more pleasurable.

When I could move again, I pushed his head away. “I want you naked, my mate.” He smiled and stood up. I moved around on the bed so my head was near the edge and I could watch better. “Nice and slow, now you unwrap my gift.”

He unbuttoned his shirt slowly, exposing more of his chest as he went. I licked my lips as his pecs and abs came into view, he was every bit the strong Alpha male and he was MINE. He tossed the shirt aside, then unbuckled his belt. I could see his excitement underneath, and it sprang free as he unzipped and let the jeans fall to the floor. I watched his hardness, mesmerized, as he stepped out of his jeans and pulled his socks off. “Bring that here.”

I laid on my back with my neck at the edge, allowing my head to tilt back and watch him as he approached. I grabbed his cock with both hands, marveling at its size and girth. I couldn’t get one hand all the way around, and he was so long he went from my fingertips to partway up my forearm. Hell, he was as big around as my hand was. I pulled him close to my face, my tongue seeking a taste of him. I licked the tip, smearing the pre-cum around before pulling him into my mouth. He filled it completely, and I continued to jack him off as I sucked hard on the tip. My tongue didn’t have much space to work with, but from his sounds it was working well.

“Ella, if you don’t stop you’re going to get a mouthful.” I looked up at him from below, moving so I could see around his dick as his heavy balls touched my hair. I grinned around him as I moved my tongue even more. I moved my hands behind him, pulling him forward until I started to gag. I swallowed hard as I fought against it, and moaned as he slid into my throat. I held that for a few seconds, then pulled off as the saliva covered my face. Taking a deep breath, I pulled him into me again and hummed. He held my face in his hands as his cock head swelled before he screamed in pleasure and started to unload into my throat.

I pulled back, catching his second and third bursts in my mouth before swallowing them down. His taste called to me, I couldn’t get enough. When he was done, he pulled himself out and looked down at me with awe. “Holy shit, Ella. I think I saw Luna there for a moment.” He backed up, going into the bathroom he came out a minute later with a hot washcloth and a hand towel. He cleaned my face, then my sex, and dried me off. I grinned as I saw his length hardening for round two.

“We’re not done yet, Craig. I want you to mate me and claim me.”

He moved me to the center of the bed and pulled some pillows down. “You’re sure? The babies will be all right?”

I nodded as I rolled over onto my hands and knees, pulling pillows under my chest. “Doc said it is fine as long as it is comfortable and we don’t get too wild. He suggested this position to keep weight off my belly.”

He moved behind me, his hands stroking my hips and my ass. “And the claiming bite? It won’t work.”

“It is important to me, Craig. I’ll take the pain. Now hand me the phone.” He picked it up off the bedside table, Mabel had unpacked my stuff and left it there while I was downstairs. I called Moe. “It’s going to be soon, Moe. When I call again, that is when he’s claiming me.” I ended the call, but set the phone on redial. Looking back at him, I wiggled my hips a little. “Make me yours, Craig.”

He moved forward on his knees and grabbed my hips. I moaned as he started to move in; he went a little deeper with each stroke, not sure how much I could take. I was shocked at how much I did before it became uncomfortable. His movement inside was driving me wild, and in minutes we were both building to a finish. I felt his hands shift to paws, the claws gripping my hips, as his cock changed into that of a wolf and the knot slid home. His soft fur covered my back as he started to move faster. I hit send on the phone and turned it off when it picked up. When I came hard and moved my head to the side, he drove deep and froze as he started to come as well. His jaws surrounded my shoulder by my neck and bit down. I screamed in pain mixed with pleasure as I felt him fill me.

He released my neck and started to lick the blood as I collapsed onto the pillows. He shifted back and carefully moved us onto our sides, his knot still holding us in human form. I fell asleep in his arms, totally sated and happier than I’ve ever been before.

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