Stolen Birthright

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Chapter 32: Legendary

I woke up when his knot let go and our combined fluids gushed out onto my leg. He got up and walked to the bathroom, returning with warm cloths and cleaning me up. I pulled him down for a kiss. “Are you all right? Did breaking your Pack bond hurt?”

Craig laid down beside me and covered me again. “It did, but the pain was forgotten as my wolf got to claim you. We should find out how the other guys reacted, if my fake death worked.”

“I know. We’ve got a lot of work to do, or at least I do. You can’t go with us, and you can’t be seen or smelled until we’ve returned the four to your old Pack. I’m going to take a shower and try to wash some of your scent off of me. You may as well get some sleep.”

“I don’t like you having to shower, I kind of like you smelling like me and wild sex.” I smacked his chest as I got up, kissing him briefly before walking to the bathroom. I turned on the light and looked at my naked body in the mirror. My eyes were immediately drawn to my stomach, which looked like I had swallowed a basketball. The skin was stretched tight and I had built up some fat too; apparently, the combination of pregnancy and being human messed with my former six pack abs. I looked at the scabs on my neck from the mating bite; unlike last time, my body wasn’t rejecting it. The bite looked clean, and hopefully would scar nicely. It just wouldn’t change me.

I took a shower, thoroughly cleaning myself to hide his scent, and stepped out and dried myself. I worked a brush through my hair and pulled it back in a ponytail, and applied minimal makeup. It was going to be a long rest of the night.

Craig was sleeping when I came back out. I grabbed underwear and a maternity dress, and flats. Dressing quickly, I left the room with one last glance at him and walked towards the kitchen. Margo and Moe were there, drinking coffee and eating a late meal. They both smiled at me as I entered, the bite mark clearly visible where my neck met my body. “Congratulations, Ella.” Margo gave me a hug then went to get me some juice and toast.

“I’m happy for you, Ella. I’m so glad you could still find and claim your mate.” Moe stood and hugged me, then we both sat down.

“Did the theater work?” My eyes went towards the door to the basement.

“Very well, actually. Matthew was watching on the monitor, we had threated to kill him if he didn’t talk and when he broke the bond we dropped the side of beef on the ground and pulled it out of there.”

“They didn’t figure out it wasn’t his smell?”

“Well, we immediately went down there and hosed everything down the drain, then washed the place down with soap and bleach. We also changed clothes and showered. I think they are fooled, they are behaving like it.”

I nodded, it was going well. “Are we set up to do the next part?”

“Yes, we got everything we need.”

“Good. Get them to shift and knock them out again, we’ll do it while they are asleep. We have enough to keep them down until we reach their Pack Territory in the morning, right?”

He nodded. “And then some. We’ll keep them knocked out, and when we are ready we can give them another shot to counter the anesthetic and wake them up.”

I finished my snack. “Let’s do this.” We walked down the stairs and Moe put on leather gloves, then grabbed two bags from the table. I stood back as the boys entered the room, cattle prods at the ready.

Moe entered and stood by the door, his muscled arms crossed against his broad chest, and then I entered the room. “I told you someone was going to pay for your attack, and he did. Now I have to decide what to do with you four.”

“He was the Alpha’s son!” The same warrior as before glared at me.

I walked over, my dominance forward even without my wolf, and I stared him down until he looked away. “He’s fertilizer now.”

I looked them over, they were far less defiant than a few hours ago. “If you cooperate, I’ll return you to your Pack with a message for your Alpha. If not, well…” I looked at the door. “There’s plenty of places next to him out there to hide your bodies.” I turned and walked out the door again.

I watched as Moe went around to each of them in turn, releasing them from their bonds before commanding them to shift. When they did, he put a muzzle on then attached a silver collar to their necks. The silver would prevent them from shifting back, and help with compliance. It had silver points on the inside surrounded by soft rubber; if laying there, the silver wouldn’t touch the skin, but if the collar was pulled the points would dig into the skin painfully.

One by one they were led out to the next room, where four low tables had been set up. Moe had them jump up on the table, then took a chain hanging from the ceiling and attached it to their muzzle so their head was held high. Another chain was looped around their belly just in front of their back legs, it led to the ceiling joists behind them. The combination kept them standing and unable to move, and that’s when we got to work.

When we were done, we led the four by leash out to my RV and sat them on the floor of the kitchen. Moe went around and injected them with sedatives so they would sleep through the five-hour trip. I went back to the master bedroom and slept the whole way, while Moe, Matthew, Mark and two of the Johnson Pack warriors drove and kept watch on our prisoners.

We arrived at our destination in the early morning. The park was not busy, but there were plenty of humans around. I let the Greens get the four men ready while I sat at a table and made the call. The phone rang a few times before a tired and annoyed Alpha Michael Anderson picked up. “Who the hell is this?”

“It’s Alpha Ella Grey, Michael.”


I waited as he continued to threaten me, then I cut in. “Your son was dead as soon as he came on my territory with intent to hurt humans. It was stupid and petty, so quit bitching. You want your other men back, you can pick them up at the Buster Dog Park. Bring a van.”

“What did you do?”

“Don’t ever fuck with me and mine again, Michael. This was your warning.” I cut the call and turned the phone off. I knew it would take him twenty minutes to get here, just enough time for us to finish what we needed to do.

I couldn’t help but laugh as the first of the wolves was led off the RV by Moe. His fur had been the thickest, so we had used clippers to turn him into a poodle. He was clean shaven in most places, with stacked balls of fur on his legs and at the end of his mostly shaven tail. This was hilarious, he looked like he was swinging a toilet brush back there! We had left fur on the front half of his torso, and shaved back by his stomach. We tied pink bows to his collar and superglued one to the top of his head. Oh, and did I mention we colored his hair a bright blue?

The second off the bus was cut to look like a dinosaur, with jagged shavings along his side and was dyed a dark green. His back had a series of triangular peaks that made him look scary, at least until you got to his shaved tail.

The third was my personal favorite, after an old insult you might hurl at someone. His body was shaved bare except for around his hind end, and there we had carefully shaved a face! The tail was the nose, his butt the mouth, and you could make out the sideburns and eyebrows if you looked close. As a final touch, we had superglued a pair of eyeglasses to him that sat on top of the tail and wrapped around to the sides. “If my dog was that ugly, I’d shave his butt and teach him to walk backwards.” Yep. At least he was spared the indignity of a hair color, as his black fur worked well for it.

Finally, the pack warrior that talked back to me was led out. We’d saved a very special idea for him. His body was mostly shaved, except the word “FREE” on each side in block letters. On his backside, his tail was completely shaven and there were three concentric rings centered on his butt that moved around his legs and side, just like target rings. The hair that was left was colored a bright cotton candy pink.

All in all, they were a sight to behold as they were led into the dog park and set free to run with the other dogs. We had left the muzzles on so no one would get hurt, and it turned out we had nothing to worry about. The four were so mortified by their appearance they ran for cover, hiding under an empty picnic table, even as the other dogs tried to coax them out to play.

Naturally, we had video rolling and Matthew had taken high quality photos, suitable for framing, as they were led off the bus. I took a short part of the video and emailed it to Uncle Doug, along with the friendly Alphas nearby, along with an explanation of what Michael had ordered and why these men were being punished so. I ended it by saying the leader of the group that invaded my land, Alpha son Craig Anderson, had been “taken care of.”

Oh, he had been that, and I couldn’t wait to get back and do it again.

I got up when Moe called and said Alpha Anderson and his men were approaching. We loaded up the RV and drove out just as he was pulling in to the parking lot. I got one quick look at the sight of the four humiliated wolves following their Alpha out the gate before we were out of sight.

“Home, Alpha?” Matthew was driving as we headed back to the freeway.

“No. Head for St. Cloud. I want to do a drop-in on the new Alphas, see what they are thinking.”

Moe moved over and sat in the recliner opposite me, he was still laughing to himself about what we had just done. “You know, Ella, I’m glad I’m on your good side. My normal reaction to people coming onto my land like that would be to just kill them, but I think your idea was worse.”

“I don’t want a Pack war, Moe, they were just doing what they were ordered.”

“I know that, and I think they do too. Today was a good day. That video is going to be widely shared among the Packs, I bet. Your legend grows.”

I winced as I took a shot to the kidney. “So does my stomach. You better find a place to eat soon.” We found a Cracker Barrel near the highway, that was one of my favorites and had plenty of food for a table of hungry wolves. I even bought some candy and snacks for the drive. I was having to eat more often as the boys kept shoving my stomach aside.

When we were done, I called the new Alpha of the St. Cloud Pack, Hunter Goodwin. He wasn’t that interested in talking to me until I explained that my company held the mortgage on the Pack property. He agreed to meet for lunch as a human establishment; I asked him to bring his mate, and no more than two others. I would limit myself to four people as well.

The drive to St. Cloud brought back sad memories for me. A tear went down my cheek as I saw the exit sign from the freeway, remembering the conversations with my parents the last time it was taken. It wasn’t that long ago, and my life had changed so much. I was no longer the carefree, fun loving high school girl looking forward to college.

We had agreed to meet at a Ciatti’s Ristorante in town. I took Moe, Matthew and Luke with me, the rest would go fill up the gas tank and get food elsewhere. We were the first to arrive, and I arranged for a large table in the back where we wouldn’t be disturbed. We had just ordered drinks when Hunter, his mate April, and two Betas were escorted to our table.

Moe helped me to my feet as I smiled at them in greeting, which took Hunter a little by surprise. April, however, was excited to see me and left her mate to hug me, gushing about how radiant I looked pregnant. I made introductions, and we all sat down. “Thank you all for meeting me on such short notice,” I said.

Hunter was nervous, I could tell by the way he was holding April’s hand. “What did you want to talk about, Ella?”

“I wanted to start by saying I have no animus towards you, Hunter, or the members of your Pack. What your brother did was wrong, I’m sorry it resulted in his death, but that’s the life we have.” I could see their reaction, they were holding back their sorrow. “My enemy is your father, your former Alpha. You see, not only did he arrange the meetup and events that led to my rape, he betrayed the other Packs and sought to enrich himself. Have you seen the video circulating around about what happened to me?”

April nodded, tears in her eyes. “We are so sorry for what happened, Ella. We could not go against our Alpha, but in OUR Pack there will never be a forced mating.” She looked at her mate, then back to me. “Your children, are they…”

“I don’t know for sure, they could also be fathered by a human I was with after the hospital.” I pulled a paper out of my purse. “When I was in the hospital here, your Alpha came to me and forced me to sign this non-aggression agreement. In return, he took mineral rights that were worth millions at the time.” I gave them the copy, then the transfer of rights paperwork. “He broke the agreement by coming after me when I was visiting the Johnson pack.”

Hunter looked at the papers briefly. “My accountant says that the capital gains taxes on these options run in the millions.”

“Yes, and the oil price crash made them worth pennies on the dollar. I’ve bought them back, by the way, and he mortgaged your properties to supposedly pay the bill. He left you hanging, Hunter, but you aren’t my enemy. I want him; I want him whimpering at my feet when I kill him.”

“Get in line,” he said. “My entire Pack wants him dead, me included.”

“I have a proposal for you,” I said. “Deliver him to me, alive, and I’ll forgive the entire mortgage. Your Pack will be back on a solid financial basis.”

He sat back, thinking of it. “My Pack will be denied its revenge.”

“No, I never said they couldn’t be there to witness it. I just want to be the one that kills him, and I’m willing to do a lot to be the one that does it.” I reached in to my purse again and pulled out a flash drive. “No matter what you decide, I want you to have this. I’ve had researchers and my forensic accountant looking at Marvin’s financial dealings for months. Everything we’ve found is on here. You should be able to use it to find the money he’s been hiding from you.”

We were interrupted by our food arriving, so we switched to light conversation for the meal. Over dessert, Hunter looked across the table at me and smiled. “We’ve discussed it, and I accept your offer. My Pack is trying to locate him, but it is difficult. We will find him, though.” He held out his hand to me.

“He can’t hide forever.” I shook his hand, sealing the deal.

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