Stolen Birthright

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Chapter 39: Wakeup Call

I was numb.

I went through the rest of the night without thought, without emotion. Even the boys feeding at my breasts couldn’t pull me out of the funk I was in. My mind was filled with the worries, the possibilities, the actuals. Over and over again, I saw the death of my kind at the hands of the terrified humans, and the death of terrified humans at the hands of my kind. At least what used to be my kind.

It made me ill. I threw up my dinner after the speech, Craig holding my hair back as I emptied dinner into the toilet. My pack looked no better, and again I cursed the loss of my wolf, for I could not sense their wolves and provide them the comfort a Luna of a pack should. I did what I could for them, all the while thinking I would never be enough. I couldn’t do what was needed.

Once the boys were asleep, I went in the shower and all the emotion of the day crashed down at once on me. I sat down in the corner of the large shower, the water beating down on my head and mixing with my tears until it all went down the drain.

Craig burst into the room, his wolf could still sense his mate and his eyes were black as he pulled the door open and stepped into the shower, not even bothering to remove his clothes. He sat next to me and pulled me into his lap, holding my face to his shoulder while my sobs poured out of me. He rocked me until I finally stopped and looked up at him. “You trashed your favorite shorts,” I said.

“It doesn’t matter, Ella. You should know that by now, that you are more important than anything in my life.”

I looked down at his hands, which were holding my butt and my leg tight to him as I rested on his chest. “I miss my wolf, Craig. Without her, I don’t feel like I can be the Alpha this pack needs.” I expected him to comfort me, to tell me it was all right, even to tell me that her knew. What I didn’t expect was for him to slap me on the ass so hard it would leave a red handprint. I squealed, then looked at him. “What the hell was THAT for?”

“You.” He stood up, letting my feet down, and took off the rest of his clothes. “I’ll explain to you in bed. And Ella?” I glared at him. “Don’t put anything on you don’t want ripped off you.” I left the shower in a huff as he took his own shower; I did my bedtime activities and walked out. I was disappointed they had those pressure-adjusting showers now, so I couldn’t flush the toilet and get him back. That was part of my problem, without a wolf I wasn’t on the same level as my mate, heck, not even as strong as Nichole and she was still just a pup. I decided to tease him, plus display his “handiwork” to him as he came out. I pulled the comforter and sheet down, and laid on the far side of the bed, on my side, my red ass facing the door.

I waited for five minutes for him to come out, my anger building the more I thought about it. Here I was, baring my body and soul to my mate, and he smacks my ass? My mind is processing the ways I can get revenge. He obviously doesn’t know who he is messing with.

I heard the door open and my eyes saw the shadow my body created on the far wall. He lit two candles, then turned out the lights. I refused to look at him or move, even when I felt him get into bed next to me. “My mother used to tell us that Luna has a plan, that she knows what we need for our life and guides us to it. Your mate was the most important thing, but that was not all. She taught me that the Moon gives you what you need for what you will face in your life.” I didn’t move or say anything, but I could feel a tear escaping my eye. My mother had taught me the same thing.

“So when I see my mate, the strongest female I’ve ever met, questioning her ability to be my Alpha Female or lead a Pack, it hurts me, and hurts my wolf. Did you ever stop and think that perhaps she took your wolf not to punish you, but to prepare you for just this time?”

I rolled onto my back, looking up at the ceiling instead of at him. “I don’t have a connection with the Pack like you do, Craig. I can’t sense their feelings, I can’t mind link to them, I can’t have my wolf connect with theirs to give them strength and courage. Every other Pack in the country has a Luna who can do these things. I can’t help but feel like I’m holding the Pack back, that they are weaker because of me.”

I yelped as he reached over and with strong arms pulled me over until I was lying on top of him, our bodies afire with the tingles. “No other Pack in the country has what I have here, Ella.” I looked up at him, eyebrow raised. “No other Pack has a Luna who can pass for a human, who can move among them without endangering everyone else. You look at it as a penalty, something to overcome, but to me it is a blessing from the Moon Goddess herself. We don’t have to bunker down and hide out like all those other Packs, we have our Alpha out there protecting us.”

I relaxed into his hold, his arms calming and exciting me at the same time. “I never…”

“I know. It’s not something most would see as an advantage, but you now are the bridge between humans and werewolves, able to move seamlessly between those worlds. I know Luna has great things planned for you, Ella, we all can see it. None of us would wish for anything different.”

“Not even you? Doesn’t your wolf pine for his other half?”

He put his finger to his mouth like he was thinking hard. “Hmmm… let’s see, I have a beautiful mate naked in my arms, Alpha blood in her veins, and two strong boys sleeping in the crib. My wolf is happy, Ella. He always is around you.”

“You say the nicest things.” I wiggled a little bit, trapping his hardness between my legs. “Make love to me, Craig. Help me forget for a few minutes.”

He kissed me deep in response, his strong hands cupping my ass and moving me up and down across his hardness. When I was at his tip, I shifted my hips and he slid inside, his hands pulling me down until he was seated deep within me. “Fuck, Ella, I’ll never tire of this.”

I squeezed my channel around him, working up and down his hardness with a tilt of my hips. “Me either.” I pushed up from his chest and started to move him in and out; his hands went to my full breasts, the squeezes making me moan as they were still sensitive. He let me have my way with him for a few minutes before I saw his wolf come forward in his mind. He rolled until he was on top of me. Hooking his arms under my knees, he bent my legs back and started to pound hard into me as I moaned out encouragement.

I could feel the orgasm start deep within my sex; he must have know it as well, because he grabbed my ankles and folded me back even farther. His cock was pushing so deep in me, the feelings as he stroked were so strong, that all it took was one little push to break me completely. He saw that moment and his canines extended, and with one powerful thrust he started firing deep inside me as his teeth bit my shoulder.

I came so hard I saw stars, and the next thing I remember was waking up in his arms to the sunrise. I smiled and moved his arms aside to go to the bathroom. I was sore, but it was a good kind of sore, and I smiled thinking of how he had taken care of me last night. I kissed his forehead and went to get ready for the day. By the time I was dressed and ready for the day, my boys were ready for me. I got them fed, changed and dressed quietly so Craig could sleep. I knew everything was weighing on him as well, he needed his rest.

I walked into the kitchen, where I was immediately relieved of the boys as Nichole and Nadine had just finished eating. They took them into the living room and set them down on a blanket to play with them. Mabel was cooking up omelets as Marge did the pancakes. I gratefully took the plate and sat down; breastfeeding took a lot out of me, and losing dinner last night had increased my hunger. I was up to werewolf-sized meals now, yet I was still getting back to my pre-baby weight with all the training and exercise.

I had just taken a swig of orange juice when Marge said, “So did he wrap it before he tapped it?”

I choked down the juice, coughing a few times. “WHAT?”

“Oh, come on,” Mabel said. “The rooms are supposed to be soundproof, but it felt like he was trying to pound your ass through the mattress last night.” I turned a bright shade of red. “So, did he put a glove on his love or are you planning to have more babies right away?”

“NO GLOVE NO LOVE,” yelled Nadine from the other room.

“Before you spank her, cover your wanker,” John said. “And we KNOW he spanked you, we heard your scream.” I was passing tomato red, approaching Rudolf territory.

“Don’t be silly, wrap that willy,” Angela said.

“Don’t make a mistake, cover your snake,” Melanie smirked.

“She’s too eager, protect her beaver,” Josh said. All breathing stopped as they all looked at the fifteen-year-old hacker. “What?”

“You all just STOP IT,” I said.

“Well?” Marge looked at me. “Did you learn your lesson last time, or are you going for Irish Triplets?”

“By LUNA, can you just leave me alone?” I tried to focus on eating my pancakes.

“I guess we can hope for a girl this time, then.” Mabel’s comment had everyone laughing, and I had juice go through my nose before I got myself under control again.

“I can only hope.” Getting up, I put the dishes in the sink and went back upstairs to get my mate up. I had almost made it to the stop of the stairs when the scream happened. Rushing back down the stairs, I saw everyone looking at the television. A smoldering ruin was in the center of the drone video; wolves and humans were seen running around in the wreckage. A jet fighter came in, cannon fire slamming into some of those who tried to escape. The caption read, “Werewolf Army in Montana Attacked.”

My hand went to my mouth as I recognized the Pack. The Johnson Pack.

I fell to my knees. “Oh no. REMI! DOUG! Oh my Luna, RENEE!” I tried to stay upright but everything was swirling around in my head. My eyes went back and the last thing I remember was my face hitting the carpeting.

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