Stolen Birthright

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Chapter 4: The Cabin

Pain. Consuming, soul deep pain and loss greeted me when I awoke. I reached inside for my wolf, she was on her side and feeling the same pain and loss I was. It wasn’t a dream.

My parents were dead, and my future was no longer mine.

I tried to move my hand down to wipe my eyes, only to find it wouldn’t move. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in a small cabin on the full sized bed in one corner. There was a small kitchen to my right with a small table and chairs; in the corner below the bed was a small bathroom. A woodstove was between the kitchen and the living area in the other corner. The smells were stale, as if no one had use it a while, except for one.

David Tanner.

The man who claimed me, against my will, with the help of my so-called ‘friends.’

I looked up at my hands, they were in handcuffs with the chain looped behind a bar on the cast iron headboard. I tried to scoot up, only to find my ankles had leather cuffs on them, with chains leading to the posts. I pulled a little to verify it was solid, but stopped before I made noise. I didn’t need David to know I was awake yet.

I was stuck, on my back, in my enemy’s cabin, and I was naked.

Dad had taught me that you have to remain calm and try to notice things in a bad situation, so I used some breathing exercises from my yoga class. I took another look around, and let my senses sharpen. On the bedside table was a plastic cup with a straw and a pitcher of water, also plastic. The kitchen held some promise, I could see a chef’s knife on the wall behind the propane stove, and there might be more in the drawer. There was no electricity, so a large cooler sat in the corner, also functioning as a bench for the table.

I focused on my wolf in my mind, calling her to my side. “I’m sorry,” I told her. “I tried.”

She put her head on my shoulder. “I know. Now focus on the bonds… what do you feel?” I sought out that place in my mind where they connect; I could feel all the Pack bonds were there, but I was too far to send to them. There were empty spots where my parents were. It took a moment to figure out what she was talking about, it wasn’t something that was there, it was something that was NOT there.

There was no mate bond!

“How?” She backed up and shook her head, she did not know either, but this was the best news I could have hoped for. What David did, what they ALL did to me, it didn’t work. I wasn’t his. I smiled as I pulled back to my surroundings, David was talking on the phone and I could just make it out.

“I’m telling you, something is wrong. I bit her good, right on the shoulder, but it’s not healing. I’ve been changing her bandages for hours, they are oozing blood and not closing up. Have you ever seen that in a claiming bite?”

“It’s been six hours, we both know that a bite should heal over as soon as the mate licks it clean.”

“Yes, of course, I did that several times, on the beach, at the dock and again when I got here. I did it three more times as I was changing the soaked bandages. I’m telling you, Doc, it’s not working. I need you here.”

“She’s still asleep, she’s breathing normally. The drug you gave Olivia worked just like you said, she couldn’t move anything but her head by the time I bit her. Do you think that has something to do with it?”

“Fine, I’ll expect you in ten minutes. You know the way to our cabin, right? OK.”

I relaxed into the mattress and closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep as he came back inside the cabin and hung up his jacket. I followed him with my hearing as he walked over to the cooler, opened it and pulled out something from the ice. I heard the can open and smelled the beer, then heard the chair creak as he sat down. “You can quit playing, love, I know you’re awake. I could sense your heartbeat change.”

I opened my eyes and looked over at him; if my eyes were lasers, I would have fried him. “You’re a bastard, you know that? I’m going to kill you for this, and I’m going to enjoy it.”

He laughed as I struggled against the restraints. “I don’t think so, my Ella. That drug isn’t out of your system yet, you’re going to be weak as a baby for a few more days.”

“Why? Why kill my parents?” A tear started to make its way down my cheek as I thought of what they did to them.

“That… that was never the plan. If they, hell if YOU weren’t so stubborn, everything would have been just fine. You and I would be completing our mating, I’d be moving to your Pack, and we’d live happily together until your father decides to hand it down to me. They wouldn’t play ball, though. They saw you as something more than you are- an asset to be married off to a strong wolf capable of being the next Alpha of your Pack. One who would establish a blood alliance between your Pack and the Minnesota Packs.”

“They would never do that. They promised me I could wait for my true mate, they aren’t like your father.” I thought of my mom. “They were true mates, they knew the power of that bond. The wouldn’t settle for less, nor will I.”

He chuckled. “You’re in no condition to determine your future right now. Do you need anything before Doc gets here? He’s going to look at that shoulder.”

I hated this, but my teeth were almost floating. “I need to use the bathroom.”

“Not a chance, baby.” He reached under the bed and pulled out a bedpan. “You can use this, or lay in your own piss. Your choice.”

I rolled my eyes; I was already naked before him and helpless, it wasn’t like I could be MORE embarrassed right now. I tried to push up my hips, he put his left hand just above my butt and lifted me so he could put it in place. “Could you at least look away while I’m doing this?”

“Nothing you have or do is not mine, love. If I want to watch, I will. I will own you in every way, and you will learn to love me, to love how I dominate you and guide your ways.” I closed my eyes and willed myself to let it flow; soon the stream was filling the bedpan. When I was done, he removed it and cleaned me up with a baby wipe he took from under the bed. He took it to the bathroom, emptying it into the toilet then rinsing it out and setting it aside to dry.

“Can I at least have a sheet covering me before he gets here?”

He nodded; he pulled a sheet and a blanket up over the end of the bed and tucked it just above my breasts. “No one but me gets to see you, love.”

“I’m not your fucking love, I’m your prisoner.”

“And you would do well to remember that until you DO love me.” We both looked to the door as a car approached and parked. David got up and pulled the door open for an older wolf, he was tall and slight of build with dark brown hair and a salt and pepper beard. He was carrying a black bag and wearing a stethoscope. “Doctor Andrews, your patient is in here.” He stepped aside as the man approached, but he walked to the other side. I could see the bite mark on his neck, that was the only reason he could get this close. Any unmated male was risking his life by coming close to me until he had completed the mating.

“I’m Doctor Andrews, I’m going to examine you now if that is all right.”

I laughed. “Like I have a choice?”

“I suppose not, but there is no reason not to be pleasant. I’m not here to hurt you. Well, this part might hurt.” He reached into his bag and put on a pair of glasses with a light in the middle, and a pair of surgical gloves, then laid out some supplies on the bed. He removed the tape and lifted the dressing off the wound. “Hmm… interesting.” He used a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to clean the blood off and the wound, and since the wounds hadn’t closed it hurt like a bitch. I flinched, and he hushed me. “Sorry, nothing I can do.”

I looked into his glasses, in the reflection I could see the bite mark David had given me. The area around the bite mark was a mix of angry red and purple bruising. He used an applicator to spread antibiotic ointment around the punctures, then covered it with a large sterile pad which he taped down securely. While he was doing this, David chained my ankles together before removing the left chain from the post. They rolled me onto my side, then he repeated the process on the wounds on the back of my neck.

When they were done, he stripped off his gloves. “Well, it’s very interesting. I’ve never come across something like this, it’s almost like her wolf is fighting the bond and keeping the mark from taking.”

“What do we do?”

He thought for a minute. “She needs to rest for a day or two, I’ll give her an injection to help with that. I’m also going to dose her with wolfsbane, knock her wolf back a bit. Hopefully if her wolf is out of the way, her healing will pick up.” I winced. I’d never been given wolfsbane before, but I had seen it used on prisoners. It hurt a LOT, he said it felt like his veins were on fire. It keeps the wolf from shifting and using the bond, and in too high a dose it can even kill the wolf inside you. There are some who lose their mates and choose to kill their wolf, living out their remaining life fully human, instead of living with the loss.

“What about the mark? Do I have to do it again?”

“Tomorrow, see if the bond starts to take. If not, mate with her and bite her at the conclusion. I doubt if even her wolf could overcome that.” He stood up and pulled a few syringes out of his bag. The first one went into my shoulder; I could feel the cold of it moving up my shoulder and into my brain. I started to get sleepy again.

He drew up two more syringes. “This one is for you. In three days, give her this injection, it will knock her wolf back down. If the mating is successful and she bonds to you, it’s up to you whether to use it.”

He smirked at me. “Once we’ve fully mated, her wolf will fall into line quickly and I won’t have any more problems with this little one.”

“Still, have it ready. Call me after you mate, I’ll come by and check the wound.” He gave the wolfsbane injection into my thigh. It burned terribly as it went in, and soon my entire body felt like it was burning up from the inside. I closed my eyes and felt for my wolf, but she was weakening quickly. It took a few minutes for the pain to abate.

He left behind more sterile gauze pads and tape, along with the ointment and alcohol pads. “Change her bandages in the morning and evening until they scab up and start healing, and no biting this side.”

“Thanks Doc.” They moved towards the door, he opened it and let him out.

“I’m still curious why the bite didn’t take. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask some of my colleagues in other Packs if they’ve ever come across something like this.” He opened the door to his car.

“Fine, just don’t use any names. If it gets out that I couldn’t mark a woman, I’ll kill you.” He closed the door and I heard him drive away.

He came back in, the shot had pushed me to the edge of sleep. “Have a good sleep, my mate. Dream of me.”

“I’ll dream of your neck being ripped out by my…” and the blackness took me again.
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