Stolen Birthright

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Chapter 40: Oh Hell No

I didn’t open my eyes at first, I just concentrated on the feeling of my mate’s fur against my side and his head on my arm. I could tell we were in our bedroom, and from his breathing pattern he was asleep. I opened my eyes, and looked over at him. He only changed into his wolf form when he was worried about me. I reached up and stroked his ears and head; his tail started to whap the bed and his eyes opened and looked at me. His eyes went back to their normal green as he shifted to human form.

“How long was I out?” It must have been a while because my muscles were stiff.

He looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table. “It’s two in the afternoon. How do you feel?”

“Numb.” It was all so much to take. “The boys?”

“Mabel has them, they fed from you while you were asleep. You scared me, Ella, you didn’t even move when they were doing it.”

I watched as he sat up, his muscles making delicious patterns under his skin. “I’m sorry, it’s just…”

“I know.” He leaned over and kissed me. “Now, do you feel well enough to go downstairs or should I bring your lunch up here?”

“I’ll go.” He helped me to my feet and then he quickly dressed while I was in the bathroom. “What are we doing about the Johnson Pack?”

“Watching, mostly. Right now the military has cordoned off the entire Custer-Gallatin Wilderness and Yellowstone, no traffic in, all traffic out is being searched. The news says they have deployed all available assets to eliminate the ones who survived the bombing. Aircraft, helicopters, drones, satellites, ground troops- right now they are calling it the front line of the Were War.”

“Why? Doug and Remi never threatened anyone, they pulled everyone back to the… oh fuck…” I started to sway and Craig caught me in his arms and carried me back to bed. He moved a bunch of pillows so I could sit up a little and watch the coverage. He tried to stop me, but this was my family, I had to know. He waited until I was settled then went downstairs to get me lunch.

I spent most of the day watching the wall to wall coverage of the war. Apparently the Johnson Pack had implemented some defensive measures, and when ground troops were sent to the bombing site they were met with stiff resistance. Snipers, land and vehicle mines, and explosions designed to take out the road leading to their Pack delayed progress enough that troops still hadn’t reached the Pack House. There was Predator drone video of humans and wolves going through the rubble, desperately searching for survivors.

I paid close attention to the video I could see. The main pack house was completely destroyed, it would be a miracle if anyone survived. The surrounding buildings were not targeted initially, including the infirmary and cabins for mated couples who were not high ranking. The military was blocking cellphone and radio traffic in the area, and it was too dangerous to try and contact them anyway. The last thing I wanted to do was draw a line from their decimated pack to my own.

By dinnertime, I was feeling better and joined the rest of the Pack for dinner. Marge had made lasagna, garlic bread and green beans, and it was tasty. We were almost to dessert when Craig’s phone rang. “Yes.” He looked at me and mouthed ‘Josh.’ “He WHAT?” Everyone stopped what they were doing when he stood from the table quickly, knocking over his chair. “We’ll be right there.” I saw him mentally call, then he took my hand. “We have to go to the security center. Josh found something big.”

As we got up, he waved for Jake and Melanie, Nadine, and John and Angela to join us. “I asked Olivia to bring Mark and meet us there. Mabel, can you watch Natalie and the boys for a bit?”

“Of course, Alpha. We’ll clean up and hold dessert until you are back.” We left the house and walked down the street to the house the Greens had been using. We walked past all there photos and things, trying not to think about how they were now, and into the basement where the security center had been set up. Josh was sitting at the console waiting for us; his computer skills had made it easy to train him to take shifts and it left older wolves available for other jobs.

“What did you find, Josh?” I sat down in the chair next to him as Craig stood behind me, I could tell he was angry because he was using my scent to keep control. Josh waited until everyone was in the room and the door was closed.

“I’ve been catching up on the bugs you left behind for Alpha Anderson, Alpha.” This had been a Moe Green special; during the time Craig was back in his old Pack and monitoring for threats to me, Moe had sent my mate a package. In it were four high-tech audio surveillance systems. They were difficult to detect because they recorded on voice activation for hours, and then sent the data by burst transmission once a night. Since they were rarely transmitting, they were almost impossible to pick up with normal detection devices. “I was listening to the burst that came in at two this morning. Most of it is innocuous, mostly discussions of the outing of werewolves. His pack is worried, and he must be worried AND crazy. Listen to this.”

Five minutes later and I was yelling at my mate. “I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM!”

He pulled me to his chest, trying to calm me down with the bond but I could feel him shaking with anger as well. “It’s too dangerous, Ella. It’s an eight hour drive just to get there, and he still has his Pack. It’s too risky.”

“I don’t care.” I walked over to the weapons locker and pulled the door open. The others were arguing loudly behind me while I strapped up. A snubby Glock pistol in an ankle holder on the left, a long knife on the right calf under my jeans. A full size Glock .45 in a holster just behind my right hip, clipped onto the belt and running inside the waistband so my loose blouse would cover it. “I’m going.”

He blocked the door. “And what is your plan, exactly? Just walk up and shoot him?”

“Yes.” I looked around the room. “Mark, I need you to help drive me. The rest of you werewolves stay here, we can’t risk it.”

“No, I’m going with you.” Olivia looked at me and stared me down, then when her brother went to say something she held her hand up. “I don’t want to hear it. She needs me, she’ll never get close without you or I along to show her the way through the Pack defenses. You’re Alpha here, so you stay.”

“What if they stop you on the road, Olivia?”

“I’ll be fine, they can’t tell the difference between humans and werewolves yet.” Olivia started to pick weapons out of the locker as well, a good idea since shifting around humans was suicide now.

Craig looked desperately at me. “The boys, Ella, they need you. Think about them.”

I put his face in my hands and stared into his eyes. “I am thinking of them, and everyone else. Every breath that man takes is an insult to the Werewolf race, and a danger to all of us… including our boys.” I gave him a kiss, then walked behind Olivia and Mark out the door before we lost our nerve.

We were taking Mark’s Corolla, it was much less conspicuous than my big truck or my RV. I stopped at my room to grab a change of clothes and some cash. By the time I got downstairs, Mabel was handing me a large cooler full of sandwiches and drinks. “Be safe, Ella. Bring them all back.”

“You can count on it.” I gave the sisters a hug and headed out the door. Craig met me at the car. “You can’t stop me, love.”

“I know.” He handed me two burner phones. “I’ve programmed in the number of a burner phone here. Josh did some computer stuff, he said that it would send a false location, but that it could still record the conversation. Be safe.” He gave me a crushing, lingering hug and a deep kiss goodbye.

“I’ll be back tomorrow.” I got in the car and we drove off without looking back.

Mark and Olivia alternated driving as we went through the plan. We got to his Pack territory about three in the morning; Olivia spent a good half hour near the border observing before concluding that they were not sending out any patrols. This was good for us; Mark dropped us as close as the road would take us to their Pack House. Olivia’s plan for avoiding the motion sensors and any wolves looking outside was to use the emergency escape tunnel from their Pack safe room. We reached the fake stump in the woods, and she pulled a panel off to reveal a keyboard. Entering the code, the red light turned green and there was a click as the latch released.

She lifted the hatch and looked down, taking a deep sniff. “Clear.” She climbed down the ladder and I quickly followed. The ladder left us in a narrow tunnel made of concrete rain sewer piping, with puddles of stagnant water along the bottom. “Follow me,” she said. I really had no choice, once the hatch was back in place I couldn’t see a thing with my human sight, there were no lights down here. I felt my way behind her and into the tunnel, trying to keep up as we crawled along. She told me this tunnel was 287 yards long, and I felt every one of them on my hands and knees.

I bumped into her when she came to a stop. I could hear her punching another code in, then there was a click. She slowly opened the door, listening and sniffing for other wolves, before she opened it.

We came out from behind a weapon storage rack that was hinged to hide the hatch edges. As soon as I was standing in the room, I drew the big Glock in my right hand while my partially-functioning left hand gripped the silver knife. She had a large knife in her hand as I followed her to the door and she used the code again to open the vault-like door that led to their safe room from the basement.

We made it upstairs without incident, but Olivia stilled in the kitchen as she scented the area. “They’re in the great room,” she said. We moved to the archway leading there as quietly as we could. Peering out, we saw the entire Pack had gathered here to sleep, some in wolf form, others human. At the center of the pile was Alpha Michael and Luna Marie. Their son and heir Matthew was asleep nearby, a number of younger wolves clustered around him. It took a few moments until the first werewolf noted my scent, but before he could give a warning I racked the slide of my Glock and allowed it to slam home, chambering a silver and wolfsbane custom made round.

“ALPHA ANDERSON, YOU HAVE BETRAYED US ALL.” The Pack members woke up confused, and Michael jumped to his feet and glared at me.

“Ella, you’ve”


Everyone in the room jumped at the noise, and I watched like it was in slow motion as the big hollow point bullet struck Michael’s nose, blowing his brains out the back of his head. Marie screamed and jumped for me, and the gun blasted a second time, the round hitting her in the throat. She fell to the floor.

“NOBODY MOVE!” Olivia put Alpha influence into her voice, and her Pack responded even though Michael had banished her. Matthew was too shocked by the sudden turn of events to do anything but stare at her. Olivia held up a voice recorder in her left hand, pressing PLAY it started to play back the conversation from yesterday.

The shock and anger the Pack had for us faded quickly as they heard what their Alpha had done. He had called Homeland Security and told them that Doug Johnson’s Pack was five hundred strong, heavily armed and prepared to fight to the death. In exchange for giving them the GPS coordinates of their Pack House, he wanted one million dollars cash and immunity for himself and his immediate family in the upcoming war. If they liked his information, he was willing to give them the list of ALL Pack Alphas and their territories for one hundred million dollars. It was a small price to pay, he told them, for the information they needed to end this war quickly.

The bastard had sold out us all. We walked out of their Pack house as the remainder of the Pack listened in horror to what he had done.

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