Stolen Birthright

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Chapter 5: Rape By Another Name

I awoke to a weird feeling, my right leg was wet and was being lifted. I pushed my thoughts through the fog as my eyes slowly opened. I was still in the cabin, still naked, and he was still here.

I reached for my wolf in my mind but she was barely conscious, and couldn’t do much for me. I looked down; the blanket and sheet had been removed and David was giving me a sponge bath. He was sitting at the end of the bed with my legs over his. “Really? Do I smell that bad?”

“Your smell is wonderful, love, it’s just a bit strong right now. I thought you might feel better if I got you cleaned up a little, got the lake smell off of you.” He stroked the sponge down my calf. “And I don’t mind, it gives me an excuse to lay my scent down on you later.”

I huffed a little and laid back, still a little woozy from the drugs. “Can I get something to eat and drink, then? I’m starving.”

“That, my dear, depends on how much you cooperate.” He set my right leg down and picked up my left, starting to clean it from top to bottom. I considered asking him to stop, but this wasn’t the battle for now. He had removed the leg chains, and that was to my advantage. I had to bide my time, I thought, and wait for an opening. I’m sure he felt I was too weak to fight him, and right now that was true. I don’t know if I could have lifted my leg on my own.

I decided to play along, hoping to lull him into making a mistake that I could take advantage of. I started to lean into his touch, making soft little moans when he caressed sensitive places on me. Thankfully, he didn’t push it by going for the boobs or the delta, though I’m sure he thought of it. When he was done, he released one of my hands, locking the handcuff to the headboard, so I could roll enough to put fresh sheets on. I have to admit, I was glad he did. I would have preferred a hot shower, but it was better than nothing.

I behaved and when he had put the stuff away, he returned with a glass of orange juice and a sandwich. He put some pillows behind me so I could sit up a little, then helped me as I had the first meal since that welcome barbecue. He was actually being pleasant to me, and I didn’t want to be punished further. We had a decent conversation, as I learned about his life and his family.

Our moment was interrupted by the sound of a car. David jumped up and looked out the door; Doc was back. David looked at me, then back at Doctor Andrews who was getting out of his car with his bag. “What’s going on, Doc? I thought you didn’t need to see her for a few days.”

He walked past him and set his bag on the table. “I made some phone calls, and I need to examine her before I come to any conclusions.” He opened up the bag and put on gloves. “It will only take a few minutes.”

“Fine.” Clearly, David didn’t appreciate the interruption.

“Any reaction to the wolfsbane?”

“Yeah,” I said. “It hurts like a bitch and I’ll rip the throat out of the next person who gives me one.” They looked at me like I was kidding, I wasn’t. I hated that stuff.

“Well, if everything goes as anticipated you won’t need one.” Doc peeled the bandage back from my neck. “See? I was right, it was her wolf fighting the claim. These have scabbed up nicely, I’m going to put a dressing back over it but you can take it off in a few days once the scarring is complete. Has the bond started to form yet?”

David closed his eyes. “I can’t feel it.”

“It is as I thought, then. That bite won’t take, you’ll have to give her another.” He finished with the bandages and tore his gloves off, tossing them into the trash can. “Come on, we need to talk.”

He grabbed his bag and they went outside, closing the door behind him. The move didn’t keep me from listening in on what they said, though; the wolfsbane hadn’t affected my hearing. “So, I contacted my colleagues and they were stumped, no one could recall this ever happening. So we went to the Elders and asked them to search Pack histories, and we finally got our answer.”

“And?” David wasn’t the patient type.

“First, describe to me the sequence of events when you marked her.”

“She was already drugged when I got there, Olivia linked that she was furious when she found out what was going on. She must have linked her parents because that is when they tried to leave the conference room. Dad said that turned violent quickly, and he was killed. She screamed when he died; you know how it feels when the family bond is broken.”

“What then?”

“Well, me and the boys were still traveling across the island, and she was fighting the girls. She got some shots in, but the drugs were taking effect. I heard her scream again when her Mom died. By the time I got there, she didn’t have much fight left. She was in the water, she had tried to get to the boat but couldn’t even sit up anymore. I picked her up and carried her back to the beach.”

“So both her parents died before you got there?”

“Yes, my Dad told me what happened as I went to pick them up. Apparently it was a hell of a fight, even four on two we didn’t get away unscathed. They fought well, they wouldn’t submit so they had to kill them.”

“And then?”

“They held her up in a sitting position, I tried to calm her down but it didn’t work, she was fighting me right up to the point I bit her. She screamed; I expected that, but you know, it’s supposed to turn into pleasure almost immediately? Well, it didn’t. She screamed until she passed out. The wound was angry, and wouldn’t stop bleeding. I covered it with my shirt and Olivia and I took the speedboat back to the dock. From there, I drove here, and you know the rest.”

“I see. That explains it then.”

I was on the edge of my seat now. Well, not literally, I was still chained to the bed.

“The bite of the male initiates the claim on a normal female. Even if the female is a higher rank, it still has that effect. However, she was no normal female.”

“What are you saying? She’s a werewolf, both her parents were werewolves.”

“This hasn’t happened since the 1475 in Europe. That’s where we found the answer, in the Pack records of an Austrian pack. Their Alpha pair had died in an attack, leaving their only daughter. She became Alpha at nineteen. The Pack was vulnerable, so the elders called an allied Pack and begged for help. They sent an Alpha’s son to take over. The daughter, however, didn’t like him and didn’t want him, but they didn’t give her a choice. He bit her.”

“And it didn’t take?”

“It did not. You see, Alpha females aren’t the same. If you want to defeat an Alpha, what do you have to do?”

“Kill them or cause them to submit, therefore giving up their position to you.”

“Exactly. Her parents died first, making her the Alpha of her Pack. Her wolf won’t accept a bite as a claim any more, since whoever mates her also becomes Alpha. You have to make her submit to you before you bite her, she has to offer you her neck before the bite will take.”

“So I have to fight her?”

“Not necessarily, she could submit in a fight or in the sack, as long as she submits before you bite then all will progress as normal. I’d suggest mating with her first, though, she’s in no shape to fight with all that wolfsbane in her system.”

“And get her to submit how?”

He laughed. “Really David? In all your experience with women, you don’t know how to get them to beg for more, to do anything to get you to keep going?” There was a pause. “She’s recovered enough now for mating, just don’t get too rough with her and avoid the injured shoulder. When it’s done, give me a call and I’ll come check her again. Fight, fuck, just get her to show you her neck.”

He came back inside, and his eyes were starting to glow as his wolf came forward with the challenge. “You heard?”

“Yes. You may as well kill me now, I’ll never be your mate or your Luna.” My wolf, weak as she was, agreed with me. We didn’t care that we were tied up naked on a bed, or that he outweighed us by a hundred pounds and was much stronger. Their conversation had shifted the power over to me, I could determine my future again. I sure as hell wasn’t going to be his submissive little mate after they had killed my parents. “Kill me and I’ll haunt your ass all the way to hell.”

He started to take his shirt off, exposing his broad chest. Then he unbuckled his belt, dropping his jeans to the floor. His manhood was already swelling, reaching out to me as his lust for me built. “Let him get close, let him think you’re too weak to fight him. I’m down, but not out- I’ll give you strength, we’ll let him know we aren’t going down without a fight.” I agreed with my wolf, it was time to play possum.

I turned my head away from him, whining softly and rattling the handcuffs as he climbed onto the foot of the bed. I pretended to be too weak to hold my legs together as he forced one aside; he hadn’t put the leg cuffs back on. I looked up at him as he crawled up the bed, his knees straddling my right leg, shaking my head and begging him not to do this. “This isn’t right, this is RAPE and you know it! Do you really want to start a lifelong relationship with your mate this way? What will our children think?”

“Our children, dear, will never know. Once I’m your Alpha, I’ll command you never to speak of this. You’ll only tell a story about how we knew we were mates at the lake, and how happy you are to be with me. Your wolf will never disobey me, nor hurt me once the bond is in place.” He crawled up, kissing my stomach and then caressing and sucking on my breasts while tears ran down my face.

I waited until he was on his hands and knees, almost up to my neck, when my wolf gave me strength and I made my move. I raised my knee hard, right into his junk, like I was trying to hit them into the woods from here. He screamed in pain, his hands reaching back for his aching nuts. I then swung my left leg up, my instep connecting with the side of his face as I twisted hard.

His head snapped to the side and he fell off the bed, I had knocked him out I was sure but I couldn’t see him. I scooted up in the bed as far as I could, then tucked my legs up so my feet were under the top bar of the headboard. Using all the strength I could muster, I pushed up, hoping to break it enough to get the handcuffs. I pushed until I had no strength left, it wouldn’t budge. I tried kicking, I tried to pull on the handcuffs, but nothing worked.

Then I heard him groan and move, and he stood up.

This was a nuclear grade level of pissed off I was seeing in an Alpha male, and my wolf and I knew we had missed out chance. I tried to fight him off as he got to the bed, but he just grabbed one leg at a time, pulled it to the bottom of the bed, and locked it in place. I was helpless again.

“You bitch.” He turned around and grabbed the needle off the counter. “I was going to try and make this nice for you, well, as nice as it could be. I guess your wolf likes to play rough. Well, you know what? Your wolf is in the way, but it won’t be soon.”

He plunged the needle into my thigh and pushed the plunger. The fire started in my leg and quickly started to spread, I was so distracted I almost didn’t notice he had climbed on top of me. He rammed himself home, ripping through my maidenhead and taking that which was never his, and started to pound away at me

I screamed and closed my eyes. My wolf was waiting. “That shot… it is too much. He wasn’t supposed to boost the wolfsbane for three days. It’s going to kill me, I can feel myself dying already.”

“No! We have to fight!”

“I’ll save everything I have for one shot, but you have to take it. We’ll probably both die, but it’s all right. I love you, Ella.”

“I love you too, my wolf.”

The burning had spread to my torso, there wasn’t much time. I could feel my wolf pushing enough for my teeth to shift. Looking up, his head moved from one of my shoulders towards the other, exposing it just enough.

I lunged forward, my teeth biting deeply into his neck, and shook hard. He struggled, he punched my face and my body, but I kept tearing at his neck until finally I had ripped off a large chunk from under his left chin and ear. I spit it out as he covered the wound with his hand, but I had taken out an artery. The blood was spraying from between and around his fingers as he scrambled away, falling on the blood-soaked floor.

If he hadn’t linked his pack already, his death would alert them. I didn’t have any more time. My wolf was dying inside, so I pulled myself up to where I could get my left thumb into my mouth. I bit down hard, ignoring the pain, and tore it from my hand. I pulled hard, slipping my left hand through the cuff. I pulled off the pillowcase and wrapped it around my left hand, holding it tight against the mangled flesh. I sat up, removed my ankle restraints, then got off the bed.

I grabbed the shirt he had removed and pulled it on, then reached in his jeans to get his car keys and his phone. I opened the cooler, pulling out a small bag of ice, then wrapped my thumb in another pillowcase and placed the bundle inside. I stumbled to the door, a free woman, as I felt my wolf die inside me.

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