Stolen Birthright

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Chapter 52: Spotwelded

Craig had let me slide down so my legs were wrapped around his hips, my arms around his neck and my chest tight to his as he ran through the suburban homes and yards towards his house. “How much farther?”

“Another mile.”

My body was on fire, my nipples were like diamonds scraping across the hard planes of his bare chest, my soaking wet sex bouncing above his stiffness trapped in the shorts he had been given. I wouldn’t make it. “Love, I can’t wait. I need you inside me NOW.”

I saw his eyes darken with lust as he turned us towards a dark strip of grass between two garages. He set me down on my feet just long enough for me to pull the dress over my head, and he didn’t even wait for me to push my lingerie off. He tore it from my body as I dropped the dress to the side. I jumped back into his arms and felt my back slam into the garage wall; letting go of his neck, I pulled him in for a passionate kiss. He kept me trapped there, as the tingles raced between our bodies, until the rubbing my hips were doing became too much. He held me up with one hand and pushed his shorts down with the other. I reached between us, grabbing his hard cock in my hand and rubbing it against my slit. His hands grabbed my ass, lifting me until I had him aligned to my opening, then he drove up in me hard as I screamed in pain and pleasure.

He froze for a moment, wondering if I was injured. It felt like he was tearing me in half, and I gritted my teeth against the pain as I waited for things to adjust. He looked apologetic and asked if he should stop, but I shook my head. I didn’t want gentle right now. I wanted to be taken, to be claimed, to be his and only his again. When the pain started to turn into a delightfully full feeling, I started to move my hips in a circular motion, as his tip rubbed up into my cervix. I kissed him again, my body urging him to do what it wanted and he started to lift me, bringing me almost off him before letting my weight drive me back down to his base. It felt amazing, and it was exactly what I needed. I urged him to go faster, to do me harder, but his human side was reluctant to hurt me.

I needed the wolf.

I bit down on the junction of his neck and shoulder, hard, as I slammed myself down onto him again. It was his turn to scream, and from his eyes his wolf was taking over. “Am I yours? Are you strong enough to take me, to make me yours after TWO YEARS away from you?” His eyes flared in anger, and I soon had my answer. They tell young wolves never to challenge the Alpha, and that’s what I had just done. I knew that by the time he was done with me, there would be no place not covered in his scent, no place that wasn’t his completely. I felt his body partially shift, fur starting to sprout out his arms and his face lengthening as his jaw changed shape and his wolf teeth came in. His cock changed as well, becoming longer and the spongy tip becoming more pointed. I locked my ankles around his waist and hung on for dear life as his wolf staked his claim over every inch of my body again. The wood siding scraped my back, and I didn’t care.

We were both lost to the moment, there was nothing but the feeling of him stroking my insides and my hot flesh. He was so deep inside me, I swore I could taste him. I came hard once, screaming his name, and he just kept going. Before I could come off the mountain of pleasure, I was rocketing up a new one. My fingers scratched deeply into his back as my breath came in gulps. His knot started to form, and I screamed as he forced it past my aching entrance. Once it was seated, his movement was restricted so he just jackhammered me faster. It reached spots deep inside, then as he would pull back the knot would rub my G-spot and give me even more pleasure. It just kept building and building until I felt him go impossibly deep, holding me steady with his hands as his come shot into me. My head rolled back and my eyes rolled, then his canines came down and bit down on my neck. The blood was coating his teeth and lips as I got one last look at him.

I don’t know if I screamed, my mouth was open but my brain wasn’t functioning any more. I don’t know what I did, I was floating in bliss and I couldn’t sense anything but what my body was telling me. The pleasure was so intense I saw stars, then nothing.

I woke up in our bed, surrounded by his scent, as he cleaned my mating bite with some rubbing alcohol and a gauze pad. “You’re awake,” he said. “Are you all right, my mate?” He looked down at my naked body on the sheet, and my gaze followed. I could see bruising on my hips, and I felt a delightful soreness in my core that I knew came from him.

“I should ask if I hurt you. Turn around.” He did, I could see the lines I left on his back and neck, plus the human bite on his neck.

“I’m fine, it’s already healing.” He leaned down and kissed me. “I didn’t mean to get out of control. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not, that was amazing. You have nothing to apologize for. Of course, now Olivia is going to hit you with the dirtiest phrase ever heard on fifties television.” He looked at me quizzically. “You know. ‘Ward, weren’t you a little rough on the Beaver last night?’”

He laughed, then handed me a water. “Are you hungry? I can make something for us.”

“Some juice, maybe, and some cheese or meat. I need the energy.” He walked out of the room, and I watched his perfectly sculpted ass move until it was gone. I pushed myself up to a sitting position, then got to my feet. I had to hold on to the bedside table to steady myself, my legs felt like jello and my body ached like I had been beaten up.

I’d never been loved so well in my life. I was glad we didn’t wait, my body and my soul needed to be his again. I worked my way over to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. No swimsuits in public for a few weeks, I thought, looking at the bruises and scratches on my back and butt. I did my business and took a quick shower, cleaning the sweat and the combined fluids off. When I came back out, he was coming through the door with a tray. He sat on the bed, pulling me up to sit between his legs so I could lean back against him as he fed my strawberries and snacks.

I could feel him relax as he took care of me, and I knew he needed to. We didn’t say anything as he fed me and filled himself. “It wasn’t your fault, you know. They were watching us, one way or another I would have been attacked.”

His arms pulled me tighter. “I know, Olivia told me everything and the news had some more. You need to tell me about what they did to you, Ella.”

“Not now,” I said before chugging a bottle of juice. “Right now, I’m where I want to be and I don’t want to think of anything else.” He got up and took the tray back to the kitchen; I scooted down the bed, lying there and waiting for him to return.

He poked his head through the door. “Anything else you want, love?”

“There’s only one thing I want from you,” I said. “Come here.” I pulled him on top of me and kissed him hard again, my hands traveling down his sides. He rose up on his elbows and began to kiss his way down my body, making me squirm as he teased my nipples. His eyes showed his appreciation for me and my form.

I was proud of my body; I had kept most of the size of my lactating breasts when the milk stopped, and they didn’t sag. My stomach was toned from the hundreds of situps I did each day, my leg muscles carved from the plyometrics and squats. Running during my exercise period gave me stamina, endless sets of pushups defined arms, and lunges a butt you could bounce a quarter off. I no longer had a teen’s body, it had matured into that of a woman, a strong woman.

I could tell he was appreciating it as well, memorizing every scar and curve as he left a trail of kisses down my body. I needed him badly, and I didn’t want to wait. I pushed his shoulders down, giving him the unmistakable signal of what I needed. I had an itch that only he could take care of. He was making his way down my belly button towards the target when he suddenly jumped over it and started kissing my inner thigh. “HEY!” He looked up. “Don’t tease me, baby. Just make love to me.”

He smiled and moved his head back up as he laid down on his stomach between my legs. He slid his hands under me, the spread fingers cupping my ass as he lifted me towards his tongue. I squealed as it made contact; my fingers tried to pull him in but he was strong enough to stay back. The tip started at the bottom, barely bisecting the swollen folds, before traveling up between them. He circled my swollen bud, then started again, a little deeper this time. He repeated the delightful cycle, sometimes throwing in a curve ball to keep my attention. Maybe he would blow on my sopping lips, or suck something between his lips while his tongue flicked back and forth over it.

He was a master cunnilinguist, and I was his instrument. He played me until I screamed his song, and then he’d start the next selection. Some men looked at cunnilingus as a chore, a necessary step to get what they wanted, but to Craig it was like a buffet dinner. He just dove in and took me from salad to dessert, enjoying every second of the way, even if it took hours to eat his meal.

He honestly loved doing this to me. My head fell back as the sensation overwhelmed me again, and I thanked Luna for a mate such as him.

I lost track of time, I lost track of the number of times I came. My whole consciousness was focused on what he was doing to me, doing FOR me. When I didn’t think I could come again, when my body ached from the pleasure, he found a new way to send me there again. His fingers, shifting his tongue, rimming my star, he did it all. “Please… Craig… I need you in me.”

He looked up, he was VERY pleased with himself and for good reason. He crawled over me, his face shiny with my juices and the bed below soaked. Neither of us cared, we just wanted more. I felt his tip probing and tilted my hips, letting him slide in as we both moaned into each other’s mouths. I was sore, but he was gentle this time; he held his weight off me so we were only connected by the junction of our bodies. In, slowly feeling fuller with each delightful inch, then slowly back out as my channel begged for it to come back. We rocked to the rhythm of our breathing until he was shooting deep into me again, and his bite sent me over the edge again.

I didn’t let him get up, I didn’t even let him slide out. I just told him to roll over and laid my head on his shoulder, falling asleep as he twitched inside me.

I woke to the sun streaming through the windows; at some point in the night, I had rolled off him and was now on my side, my leg thrown over his. I had to pee, so I got up as quietly as I could and went to the bathroom. I was a sticky mess, so I opened the shower and started to clean myself.

The door opened, and I heard Craig come in and use the toilet. The steam had fogged up the shower door, so I jumped a little when he came in with me. “I thought you might need help getting clean,” he said.

“If you help, I’ll just end up dirty again,” I said.

“Yes, but then I can clean you again. Everyone’s a winner!” He took my washcloth from me and soaped it up, then proceeded to clean me tenderly from head to toe. When he was satisfied, he rinsed me off and I took his washcloth.

“My turn,” I said. I cleaned the blood and sweat off his broad shoulders, he wasn’t the only one who had matured during my time away. He was bigger and stronger, his body more defined. He was much more intimidating than before I was captured. I worked my way down to his legs, saving the best for last. By the time I was done and pushed him into the spray to rinse, the South had risen again.

I was still on my knees, and I didn’t wait for an invitation. While he was rinsing his face, I grabbed him and pulled him into my mouth. “Oh wow,” he said as my lips engulfed his tip. I swirled around it, bobbing slightly, before taking a deep breath and pulling him into my throat. “OHHHHHH!” I smiled around his girth, my mouth and throat stretched as I tried to get to his base. I was a few inches short, and when I had to breathe again I pulled off him, my saliva stretching as he popped out.

“Almost,” I said as I licked the tip before taking him in my mouth and pulling him deep inside again. I could feel his knees shaking as my hands grabbed his thighs. It didn’t take long, and with one big breath I knew this was my last chance. I pulled him hard, pushing down my throat until my lips touched his pubic hair and I had him all.

It was too much for him to take. He roared his pleasure, releasing himself deep inside my throat. I pulled him back, sucking hard as his legs buckled and he fell next to me in the big shower. “Mmmm…” I said. “My morning protein shake is delicious.”

He couldn’t stand, so he just pulled me over onto his lap while the shower water poured down on us. “Ella, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I can’t live without you, not now.”

“You won’t have to,” I said. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Neither of us believed that, but we weren’t going to ruin this moment.

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