Stolen Birthright

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Chapter 60: Interspecies Mating

The feeling of seeing them again was indescribable. I wept as I clutched them tight to me, my nose taking in their complex scents. I could sense my cat, she recognized the children as ours from my memories, and a wave of paternal love washed through her. The bond between my cat and my children snapped into place, causing all of us to twitch in surprise as it hit. There was no doubt now. They were her kitts, her future, and she would protect them with her life.

Her reaction to Craig was a little more interesting. She knew who he was from my memories, and could feel the immediate reaction of my human side to him. I loved him, more than I could ever express, and she found that curious. To her instinct, men were a necessary part of reproduction; important during the heat, but otherwise a threat to her kits and her food supply. She didn’t understand the pull, the need she was feeling to be touching him, to be around him.

Craig pulled back, his teeth shifting, and bit down hard on the left side of my neck where it met the shoulder. The pain was fleeting, soon morphing to pleasure as the claiming bite took. My mind recognized and rejoiced in it, my cat was confused. To her shock, another bond snapped into place, and she felt his emotions crashing in. For both of us, it was the first time we had a bond with our mate. He licked the wound, and pleasure and desire crashed through me as he gently cleaned the bite.

My relief was so great, I started to cry. The one thing I had been worried about, that my cat wouldn’t accept my mate, had not occurred. In fact, the mating bond was strong, I could feel it as his emotions poured into my head. Relief, happiness, and most of all, love.

“What’s going on with him?” Craig whispered in my ear, not wanting the kids to know. I turned my head to see Al; he was standing on the dock, frozen like a statue. His eyes were black, and his teeth were slightly shifted. He was on the verge of a shift. I turned to see what he was focused on, just to find his target was similarly gobsmacked. Her eyes were black and her wolf forward as she stared at her mate, a man she had given up on finding.

Marge found her mate. I started laughing, I was SO going to tease the shit out of her for this!

Everyone gathered at the dock gave them room, not that they noticed anyone but the other. Marge broke first, she ran forward and leapt into his arms. He caught her and spun her around, then their lips crashed together in a passionate kiss. She broke free, her hand pulling his shirt down and her jaws shifting before they bit hard into his shoulder. He screamed in pleasure as she moaned, the bond between them strengthening. His teeth shifted, and he bit her back. They held each other for a moment before she shifted, running off the beach into the trees. He quickly shifted into his panther form and chased after her.

“I told them to take the beach house on the west side for a few days,” Mabel said. “They have decades of lust to work out before they are ready for us.” I shook my head, she hadn’t talked, it was in my head. That meant… my pack link was back!

“Holy shit, I’ve got a link!” I yelled it a bit too loud over the Pack bond in my excitement, and I could see them wincing as it slammed into them.

“Yes, you do. A strong one, too. Your cat, she has Alpha-like power, I can feel it.” I stood up, keeping my boys in my arms as I did so. I looked down at Craig, he was still on his knees, smelling me down there. He shifted, his clothes tearing as he turned into his magnificent black wolf. I squealed and moved away as his nose buried itself in my crotch.

“Hey, not now, there are kids here,” I sent to him. He didn’t reply, so I focused on his emotions over the bond. His wolf was going nuts, his tail wagging furiously. His muzzle went down, lifting the skirt of my dress up and taking a smell and a lick over the thin panties I was wearing. I was already wet and ready for him, this nearly sent me over the edge, but we had the Pack around and the boys in my arms. “Stop it!”

“PUP PUP PUP PUP!!!” It was all his wolf was thinking, and it resonated over the bond. I froze. It couldn’t be, could it? I started to count back, and with a shock I realized my last period had been before I was sprung from Fort Detrick. I only had that one night… but what a night… and we didn’t use protection.

My cat just chuckled at me, like she already knew and just hadn’t told me. Craig shifted back to human form and pushed his ear into my stomach, grinning like a madman. “Heartbeat! I can hear a heartbeat!” He jumped up and kissed me, then kissed the boys.

The Pack cheered as the news spread their Alphas were with child. “Jeez, Ella,” Mabel said, “Can you have sex just ONCE without getting pregnant?” I turned pink as everyone laughed.

“Sure… I just have to be pregnant first!” I looked at everyone in my Pack, I was so happy to be home and the Pack bond was alive with happiness. “Come on, let’s go sit down. I’ve got stories to tell, and I need to catch up.” Craig took Darryl and we held hands as we walked up the beach to the former hotel that was now our Pack house.

It was just after lunch, and as much fun as seeing everyone was, there was only one person I truly wanted to be with right now. Mabel recognized what was going on and came over for the boys. “Nap time for the children,” she said in a voice that brooked no disagreement. “Come on, you Mom will still be here when you wake up.” They tried to cling to me but she soon had them walking up to their bedroom.

“Thank you,” I said over the link. Damn, I had missed the ability to mind link, it was so handy.

Olivia was moving her own kids to the stairs. “I think we need to have a welcome home beach party for you tonight, but right now you need to rest.” She winked at me, causing me to blush.

“We’ll arrange everything, just be down here again at seven,” Mark said.

Craig picked me up and placed me on his lap, then stood up with me, my arms around his neck as his supported my knees and back. “Let Marge know, they should be here to celebrate their mating, plus the adults need to have a talk after dinner.”

“Absolutely,” I said, “There are things we have to tell you that can affect us all.” Craig pinched my butt, causing me to squeal as he took off up the stairs to our room. He opened the door and set me down on the king-sized bed, his eyes black as he locked the door. His wolf was forward as he approached, he barely got his shirt and shorts off without ripping them. His underwear was not so lucky.

I licked my lips as he stood in his glory in front of me, my cat forward and eager to taste him. I got up on my knees and pulled the dress over my head, exposing the blue lace bra and panty set underneath. He moved closer as I reached behind and unsnapped the bra, letting it fall to the bed before I fell back. He leaped on top of me, our bodies grinding together, only a thin scrap of silk between us. I lifted my hips and his hands pulled it off me.

I lay back on the bed, my legs spread wide to him and my arousal evident by sight and smell. He tossed the panties aside, then buried his face in my sodden sex.

I screamed in pleasure, pulling him closer as he devoured me without mercy. Every sleepless night away from him, every time I worried I would never see him again, it all vanished as his talented mouth and tongue went to work on me. I climaxed hard within seconds, my juices gushing into his face. He didn’t let up, his tongue lapped them up and went deep inside me for more.

He penetrated me with one finger, then two. They pulled me open so his tongue could get better access. I reached down and caressed his hair as I relaxed into the pleasure of the mating bond between us. In addition to my own sensations, I could feel his love and lust, his excitement and passion through the bond. My cat was over the moon, this man was touching all her buttons and she wanted more of him.

I could feel how his tongue had shifted, allowing him to touch deep inside me as his fingers and lips did their magic on the outside. It reached deep, then the tip curled up and licked as it pulled back. I nearly came off the sheets the first time he did this, but his strong hands pushed me down and spread my legs even wider. He pushed me higher and higher until he had me coming yet again, unable to even breathe as the contractions seized me up. I fell back a quivering mess onto the sheets as he pulled himself away from my sensitive flesh.

“Happy with yourself?” He was looking at me like he had just won an Olympic medal.

“Not yet.” I looked at him quizzically. “I’m not done with you, not by a long shot,” he said as he grinned and leaned back down, his tongue kissing the inside of my thigh, just missing the swollen lips by them. He next licked a trail up to my navel before circling it. His kisses moved up my body, causing my sensitive nipples to react; I could feel the pleasure traveling through my body and down to my sex.

My body started responding as it was quick to recover, and my hands were kept busy stroking his shoulders and head as he continued to drive me crazy. I gushed again as he sucked on my mark; when he got to my mouth and kissed me passionately, that was when his hard rod found its home. I let out a long moan into his mouth as he pushed forward, giving me that delightful fullness I had missed so much. My cat let out a loud purr, pleased that this strong man was giving her such pleasure.

He started to move slowly, our joined flesh tingling with the bond and the sensations. I came again, but he didn’t relent. I needed him faster, deeper, and I didn’t want to be teased any longer.

My cat agreed, it was our time to mark him.

Using a strength and quickness he’d never seen in me, we flipped us around so I was on top. “Shhh… “ I said. “It’s my turn.” I put my hands on his defined pecs, my fingers touching his shoulders, and started to rock forward until he was almost out. With a feral grin, I slammed down my hips, screaming with pleasure as he hit that spot deep within me. I rotated my hips, relishing the feeling on my swollen lips as they rubbed his base. When I started to rise up, I squeezed my channel, pulling hard on him as my cunt tried to hold his length inside. I rotated over his spongy head, then slammed down again. He screamed in pleasure this time.

I quickly built up the pace, my hips moving up and down as I built to another crescendo. His hands moved up and cupped my breasts, pinching one nipple as his mouth teased the other. I threw my head back as I slammed down onto him again and again.

His knot began to form, I could feel it every time I went down and it was getting painful. I dropped myself down on him, using my weight to force the baseball-sized swelling past my protesting entrance. When it finally popped in, I moaned in pleasure and relief. I stayed still until the pain dissipated, stroking him with the muscles along my channel as I felt the knot fully form inside me.

No longer could I move much up and down on him, but the little motion I had was so much more pleasurable now. His knot would hit my G-spot every time I rocked forward, and when my hips dropped it would rub my channel deliciously. It felt like a fist on the end of a long cock had been forced into me.

I could feel he was getting close, his muscles were starting to tense and his knot swelled even wider within my channel. My cat pushed forward, my teeth shifting, and just before I lost all control I bit him hard at the junction of neck and shoulder.

He howled in pleasure and pain as I claimed him as mine. My release came with his, and I may have blacked out for a few moments from the pleasure of it all.

When I could think again, I was licking the wound closed. My cat reveled in the taste of his blood on our lips, he was OURS and everyone would know it. She retreated in my mind as I collapsed onto his chest, safe and content in his arms. My poor lady parts were sore and swollen, still filled to capacity; his knot was holding back the flood of come he had sent deep inside me. I fell asleep, held safe in his arms, my hips moving on him slowly as I rose and fell with our breathing.

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