My New Un-Familiar Life

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At 16 years old, Zivri is finally old enough to summon his own familiar. He's determined to change his family's fate of being ridiculed by summoning the most powerful familiar one can summon.

Fantasy / Action
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At the age of 16, children are able to summon their familiars for the first time. My family has always been ridiculed for weak and useless familiars, well, that's until the day of my 16th birthday when I summon my familiar for the first time. And let me tell you, no one was expecting this...

Zivri Macay has grown up being ridiculed his whole life because of his family's ability of summoning familiars. Every person who has summoned familiars has summoned something useless and/or weak.

Fed up with all the teasing, Zivri vows to change it. And change it, he does. Instead of chanting the family chant, he chants something completely different, but yet so right.

Find out what happens to Zivri and his family in this exciting story about a kidnapping case, familiars, magic, and long-lost family.

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