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I will not explain every little detail. This story is going to be a little different than most werewolf stories on Wattpad. So some basic werewolf details I will not explain and I will put here if needed.

Alpha- Leader of pack. Has all control of pack. Everyone in the pack must follow what he says. Either born into the position or challenged/killed the other alpha out of it.

Beta- Second in command is the Alphas second. Everyone but the Alpha needs to listen to him. Alphas closest friend. Best friends with the first four.

Gamma- Third in command. Best friends with all of the first four.

Delta- Fourth in command. Helps send messages in between packs. Peace keeper. Helps keep peace in the pack and between packs. Best friends with the first four.

First four- Everyone listed above include first four.

Dependent on the pack and how big it is, More than one role can fill these positions. Only can one person be in the alpha position because if there were more then they would end up challenging each other.

Luna- Female Alpha. The mate of an alpha or also another name for a female alpha.

Mates- Wolfs mate for life and only mate one person. Magically through the moon goddess, werewolf have a soul mate that they mate for life. They are literally half of your soul, so if one dies after the mating process is complete, then the other dies too. For you can not live without the other half of your soul. And if they happen to die before the process is complete, then they will go crazy and have to be killed or kill themselves.

Mating Process- A series of events that binds the two souls together of a mated pair. This can not be done between a non- true matted pair. If it is completed between a pair of non true mates the result is unknown and unheard of.

Baby Werewolf- Can transform into wolfs at anytime any age. Even as a small baby.

Werewolf- Their wolfs are apart of them, they do not have their own name or even their own voice. The person and the wolf are one. Although it is hard to fight the wolfs instincts. The man is as much a part of the wolf as the wolf is apart of the man. If the wolf wants something, so does the man and vise versa.

Age- Werewolf stop ageing at 21 and start to age slower. Old for a werewolf is around 600 years. You can find your mate at any age but usually your mate comes into your life when you need them most. The magic pulls you together under circumstances that you need your mate.

Mateless- It is common to meet your mate, but the fact is that there are more men born than women in the werewolf world. When you do not meet your mate by the time you reach 100, you start to feel darkness take over and the wolf inside you has the need to claim a mate. The wolf will think taking a mate that is not your true mate will help, but it doesn't. Only your true mate can keep that darkness at bay and keep your wolf happy and sedated.

I think that is all, if there is anything else that you guys thing I should explain here, comment and I will either add a description here or explain more in the book. If you guys have any ideas or any comments feel free to share your opinion. I want to become a better writer. Feel free to comment, vote, and share. Thank you!!! Enjoy!

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