The Omega

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It has already been a month since I have been safely tucked away into the mountains with Viktor. I found a lot out about myself in that short time. I love to swim, read, learn, play piano, and lastly to go on runs. Viktor wasn't always on the same page with me on going on runs. I always went with Blaz but sometimes the twins joined us. But not all the time. I usually snuck out with Blaz in order to go on runs. My wolf and I were getting stronger everyday, thanks to the weight gain pills and my new eating habits. I now weighed a healthy weight at 120 pounds. Viktor was also against me training. He said I wasn't "ready". And that is what leads me to what I am doing right now. Training.

"Come on Allison, you need to put your hands up and block these punches, don't take a beating, block me come on," Bremen screamed at me as I was lying on my back. I sighed. It has been two weeks of training and the only thing I can do right is take a beating. It is true, I do not show weakness and I can take a lot before I would tap out, not that I ever have. But I still couldn't block Bremen to save my life. "Come on little girl, are you going to let the big bad wolf win?" Bremen sneered. I looked at him confused. He has never been mean in our sessions. Yet here he was, looking just like Spike did before he beat me to a pulp. "You were always just a push over. I'm sure that if Saul came here this instant and tried to take you back, he wouldn't even have to use restraints. Your just a weak, pathetic, she wolf," He sneered again.

I whiped the sweat off my brow and got to my feat and into a fighting stance.

"What are you doing Bremen?" I ask warily.

"The real question is what are you doing her Allison, I know you are Viktors mate. But how could the moon Godess have gotten it so wrong and paired him with such a pushover, a wimp," he taunted.

"Stop it Bremen," I said through gritted teeth as he kept stepping closer to me.

"Awwwww, the gutless mate speaks again. You can't stop everything with words little girl."

He just kept advancing and my mind was trying to make sense of everything.

"Viktor would have been better of mating with one of the warriors from our pack, I know Ravana has a liking for Viktor, she would make a perfect Luna," He said while stepping into hitting distance.

"I told you to stop," I hissed as I tried to not hit him.

"Make me," He said as he launched his fists at me. I do not know what came over me as I immediately blocked them and started hitting him and kicking him with everything I had. All I saw was red. I could feel that he got a few good hits in and probably broke one of my ribs but I couldn't stop. I didn't stop until someone was pulling me off of him. My arms and legs flailing like a crazy person. I only stopped flailing when I was handed off and felt the sparks in my arms as Viktors hands came around my belly, hugging my back into his front as he spoke words in his native language to me. I didn't understand them, but I did calm down enough to look at the damage I caused. Both my hands went to my mouth as I looked at the blood on the ground. My eyes widened. Bremen laid there groaning while his sister was trying to help move him. He had bruises and scratches everywhere from where my claws must have come out. I looked down at me and I could see my stomach since I was wearing a sports bra and saw the black bruise over my ribs and the little scratches on my arms from where he must have clawed me to try and get me off. I can't believe that I did that.

"Shhhhh, it is not your fault, you guys were training. He knew the risks training with a Luna when he is only a normal pack wolf. It's okay little one, calm down," Viktor said soothingly as he rubbed my stomach and arms where there were no scratches. I just shook my head as a tear or two fell down. I let out a low whistle and jumped out of Viktors embrace and turned into my wolf. Blaz came up beside me and I ran into the forest, even though Viktor called out behind me.

I ran long and hard. I made it to the spot that take normally an hour and a half and made it there in forty five minutes. I was so full of emotions and energy that I used it all up until I was numb. I jumped into the stream. I never swam in my wolf form and knew it was a dumb idea as soon as I started sinking and going with the current. I was at the bottom of the twenty five foot deep river when I changed into my human form and swam up. The current going against me. I could feel my already sore and exerted lungs start to give out. I looked up and I knew I was only ten feet from fresh air when a naked Viktor dove in and swam towards me. He came down and before I could do anything he grabbed my hips and smashed me to him and put his lips on mine. He blew air into my mouth but he wasn't done there. His mouth kept moving against mine. He was pouring all his frustration out on that kiss. Before long we were on the surface and I removed my lips from his and took a deep breath of fresh air. But before I could exhale Viktor pounced on me again. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he pulled me closer. And then I felt it and aggressively pushed him away. We were both naked. Yikes. I quickly swam to shore and changed back into my wolf and huffed at him. He just laughed at me and stayed in the middle of the river swimming.

Its not funny I whispered into his mind while growling at him.

"It actually is pretty amusing mate," He said whilst giving me a huge smile. I just rolled my eyes and laid where I was on the edge of the river, already learning the hard way that my wolf isn't a natural swimmer. But no matter how hard I wanted to be mad at him all I could really focus on was how that was our first kiss. Yeah sure he would kiss my head and cheek and I'd do the same to his, but that kiss was different. I shook out my fur and rolled on the grassy ground in order to try and dry myself. I heard a growl and turned my head to Viktor who was now a wolf right next to me. I looked at him.

Don't hurt yourself, I still wanna get you checked out for your injuries, Victor said while brushing his side against mine and licking my face.

I'm fine, how is Bremen.

He sure took a hit. I ran after you so I don't really know. What happened anyway, I ran there when someone said you were ripping into Bremen.

We've been training for two weeks..... I said and waited for the yelling.

I know, Bremen asked me before he even offered you training.

WHAT! You told him yes? but me no? How does that work? I asked as I nipped at his ear angrily.

Calm down my feisty little mate. I want you to do things like that, make decisions on your own. With what Saul did to you, I just wanted to be assured you could think for yourself. Viktor said calmly.

Okay, I get that. But I can speak for my damn self

Language mate. So what happened baby?

I mentally sighed so he could hear it. I couldn't block. I would just take the hits. We haven't gotten to offence yet. I think that he was just trying to get me to block him. But I think we both took it to far. I said as I whimpered at the image of Bremen lying on the ground with cuts and bruises.

Mate, it's not all your fault. He shouldn't have taken it so far, but you also can't loose your cool in a fight like that. That could be a deadly mistake if you let your emotions take over you like that, he said as if scolding a child.

I know, it's just he pushed too far. He could have been nicer about it. I said stubbornly.

What did he say anyway? Viktor asked and a rush of my own anger came over me. I was okay until he brought Viktor into it. I've been pushed over by Saul my whole life, but when he changed his strategy onto Victor I lost it. So instead of talking about it, I recalled the memory. Every word, every thought I had, everything. Viktor growled at the insults. Viktor stood up and started walking back to the castle.

Viktor, what are you doing? I ask as I get up to follow him.

I am going to show that pup your place. I knew he would push you, but insulting a Luna, MY Luna is unacceptable. What he did is against the law. I know you did not grow up in a pack like mine, but to disrespect an Alpha or his Luna is treason. And how he did it face to face with you will not be tolerated. I allowed him to train with you, not to insult you and make you think your replaceable. He said seething as his wolf eyes turned back to me.

I do not think it is right either, but that does not mean that he deserves death, don't you think that is a bit too harsh? I asked softly as I rubbed up on Viktor, brushing our fur together in order to get him to calm down.

Too harsh Viktor scoffed and spun so he was practically nose to nose with me. So you think I should take someone else as a Luna? You think I should send you back so you can be mated with Saul? Do you want to be queen? Is this about power, you want to go back to Saul, huh? Viktor was seething. He was yelling at me. I knew he stepped over the line, and he did too because the moment he said it his eyes softened. Little one-

No, you do not get to call me any cute nicknames if you are going to be an ass hat. I will be staying where I want to until you come to your senses, but it won't be anywhere near you. Now go, I don't want to see you, I said as I turned my back, showing him the ultimate disrespect and walking back to the river, I laid down and shut my eyes and focused on shutting the bond so he couldn't hear my thoughts and I couldn't hear his. I needed time to think, and he needed time to reflect.

If he was going to think for a second that I was going to be a push over like I was with Saul, he was very wrong. It became dark sooner than it should and started snowing. I did not want to go to the castle because I knew my resolve would die faster if I was around him. So I started to wander through the snow. I know that if I sleep I could potentially turn back into my human form, I also could stay in my wolf form, it just wasn't possible to know. So I tried to look for shelter. I ventured to places that I haven't before. Blaz followed behind me, alert of our surroundings. I looked for anything that could keep some of the snow that was starting to come down off of us. We kept looking until we were hours out from the castle. Now it was a full blown blizzard. Even with my heightened senses I couldn't see anything that was more than two feet in front of my face. I knew my rib was now healed, although I think it was healed wrong and was possibly puncturing my lung with how hard it was to breathe. I knew I couldn't walk anymore. My wolf was cold, not use to this climate, our fur only doing so much. The snow was covering me as it was wet and sticky on my fur. Blaz must have ran off as I couldn't see or feel him near me, but then again, I can't really feel much of anything.

I could do nothing about my legs giving out under neath me or about the fact that my wolfs fur turned human as my body began to shut down. No one would find me, there was no way that someone would happen to go in the directions that we went, the wind and snow already covering my sent. No one would be out looking for me until morning and the snow was already covering my body. No one would find me. I let out a small, tiny laugh from my cold lips. That's what I get for being stubborn. I closed my eyes and said one last thing before the world went black. One last plea for help.

"Viktor....." the name trailed off my lips and echoed in my mind, indicating that his side of the link was closed off to. Leaving me to the frigid weather looming around me. The world turning to darkness as the wolf inside of me was focusing on keeping my organs and everything warm in order to survive until morning if I made it that long.

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