The Omega

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We had transported her into the medical wing of the castle. Now my little Allison was just lying there with heated blankets consuming her. It has been four hours since her rescue and so far he vitals have not been good. Her heart rate is dangerously low and she has no responses to sounds or lights. There is the occasional twitch or the occasional movement of her eyes but that’s it. I was currently sitting in a comfortable rolling chair right next to her. I kept my hands where her stomach and hands were in the heating blankets. The doctor left with strict orders to not bring her out of that blanket until he said so.

I had so many things that needed to get done. Business deals, paperwork, war plans. I needed to also get allies in order to be able to win against my father if war arose. But that would be a dangerous task. What I would be doing would be seen as treason and it could kill not only me, but the allies that I had convinced. But I don’t see anyone going against my father. He wasn’t a bad king, but he hasn’t done anything extraordinary either. Maybe if I dug deep and found strong packs that may have been influenced badly by my fathers decisions, then I could make this work. But I highly doubted that I would need backup. I just needed to get evidence of what he has done. I think that the fact that our own king is going against the rules is enough to get the kingdom on my side. But how am I to go about that. I had no clue, I was absolutely clueless.

I was lost so deep in thought that I didn’t pay no heed to the movement under the blanket. I looked at Allison to see that she moved onto her side. Apparently that being more comfortable for her. Her face, that was covered with a heating pad that now fell away, was still pale as a ghost. Her lips still a pale blue. She looked better, but not by much. My hand reached up to caress her face. The tingles that ran up my arm were welcomed. I just wanted to pull her in my arms and keep her there, but I did not know the severity of her condition. The doctor and nurses said that it was a miracle that she wasn’t in a coma. They said that even if she had stayed in her wolf form, that she should still be in a coma or if not that, dead. They said it was a miracle, but I don’t believe in miracles. There is something about her that I can’t quit put my foot on. I stared at my mate in concentration when the door opened and the smell of my best friend wafted to my nose.

“Staring at her like that isn’t going to help her wake up you know?” Alexei said while he walked to the other side of the bed.

“What do you want Alexei?” I asked impatiently. Ever since Alison came here with me, he has been acting less like a best friend and more like a nuisance. It is no secret that he does not like my mate, but that doesn’t mean he has to take it to an extreme. A day or so before Bremen came in and asked to train Allison Alexei came to me and complained about all the problems she had caused, how it would be better if I just handed her over to the King and Saul. To which I replied with a punch to his face and a simple lesson on how he did not understand mates and the mate bond. To which he nodded slightly and walked away. Ever since he has been quiet and moody. I decided that I did not want any part in that and then Bremen has started to become more of a Beta than Alexei.

“I want you to understand that I am sorry, you are right, I know nothing about having a mate. I just wanted to say sorry for the damage I caused and I hope that this has no effect on our friendship,” He said with his back stiff and his head down.

“I accept the apology Alexei. I just hope to not see it happen again,” I said sternly.

“Of course, I was also wondering that when all of this blows over that maybe we can all go and celebrate. You, me, and Allison. We can go to the human civilization and go to pubs and hang out, you know, like we use to do before she came,” He said as he looked up at me.

“Of course Alexei, I am sorry that we haven’t been able to hang out in a while but it would be really nice if we could do that once my mate is recovered, I think she would like that as well,” I said and went over and hugged him. We have been friends since childhood and I did not want that to change. But I also knew that he was at fault for this, not Allison. Alexei then looked to Allison and bared his neck to her. She wasn’t awake to see it, but he was pledging allegiance to her. I gave a nod of approval before he left the room.

I sat back down on the chair and tried for the hundredth time to go through our bond. But it was like she was trying to force the bond close. But I knew she did not have the strength to do that. So I put my hand on her still exposed face and caressed her cheek. I closed my eyes and whispered out a quick sorry to her in case this hurt.

I tugged and pushed at the bond, trying to force the bond open. When my patience ran thin after a minute of trying I used more power and broke through. And right away I was thrown in a night mare. I looked at Allison, she looked to be in her early teens. She was tied down on a table in a stone room looking at Saul. She had no emotions in her eyes, her face completely blank. She has been through this before. But I felt her emotions and she was so full of fear. I looked over her clothes only to see her in what resembles a “sexy” maid outfit. I scowled in disgust. Allison has told me a little about her life back with Saul, but mostly she did not want to talk about it.

“You should not have tested my patience my precious Allie,” Saul said in a sing song voice. When Saul turned his back to grab some object in a large arrangement of torture tools, Allison flinched. But by the time Saul found the tool and turned back around, Allison had once again a face of stone. I walked to her side and tried to stand in front of her, but it was like she just saw right through me. I turned back to Saul to see him coming with a lead sprinkler. But I had no doubt that it also contained wolfs bane inside of it. My heart wrenched as I rushed towards Saul and tried to take the lead sprinkler, but instead I passed right through him. I looked back to see him already near her with a sly grin forming over his face as Allie looked at him emotionless. I felt her fear to the core. I knew what was to come as I rushed back to Allison’s but before I could get there Saul was already poring the substance onto Allison’s stomach. It burned through her clothes as her back arched and she let out a shriek. Through the bond I felt the fire burn me as if it was her. I reached for her hand and touched her, and instead of going through her, I actually grabbed her hand. Suddenly she looked to her hand as she screeched more from the molten lead and wolfs bane being pored on her.

I grabbed her face and turned it to me. She looked at me in confusion and awe.

“Hey hey hey, moy tsvetok (my flower), I'm here. I'm here. This is just a dream. You are safe," I said as her screams died down. She started to shaker her head as tears poured from her eyes. I did not know if this was a past memory of if her mind created this. But either way I was going to get her out of this.

"Vik-tor," Her voice that was sweet as honey hiccuped through her tears. Her voice sounded younger, more innocent. I untied the straps and turned to look for Saul to find him gone. Only Allison and I were left. I cradled her to my chest as she cried. She weighed nothing. She was so tiny. I shushed her and rocked her as she cried. I closed my eyes and held her tighter to my chest as if that could protect her from her past.

"I'm right here, you don't have to worry about a thing Angel. I am right here. No one can get to you here," I said as I looked at her, she was now the same Allison that was sitting in the bed, but only in my arms. I do not know how this is possible, but I assume we are in the in between of our bond. Not quite reality but it will do for now. I petted her hair and looked down to her. She was still crying. "Hey, little one. Can I take a look at your stomach?" I said before pulling the shirt she was wearing in her dream up. Her stomach was perfectly pale, no marks or even signs of damage. "See, your safe. It is all going to be okay," I said as I kissed her head and kept rubbing her stomach. After a few minutes she calmed down to just hiccups.

"What happened, where are we?" She asked, her voice small and fragile. So breakable. So unlike her.

"Right now we are in your mind I think. But if you mean physically, you are safe. You are in the medical wing of the castle. You scared me little one," I said hugging her closer.

"But, that can not be right, I have been with Saul...." She trailed off.

I growled at her "Saul hasn't touched you since I rescued you from the palace," I said harshly at the thought of Saul torturing my mate. Allison flinched and tried to get out of my arms. I held her closer to me until she stopped struggling. "What's wrong mate? What happened, what all do you remember?" I asked.

"I remember going on a run. I was upset because I hurt Bremen. I remember...." She trailed off as her face scrunched up like she sucked on a lemon as her eyes snapped to me. She jumped out of my arms and started pacing as she wrapped her arms around herself for comfort as I frowned. "I remember our fight, then I remember trying to find shelter, the snow was coming down, Blaz and I searched for hours and then it was cold. So cold, I was so tired. My body just stopped, then I transformed back and then....." She trailed off again as she stopped pacing. She shivered and she turned her water gaze to mine. "Saul was here. He... hurt me," She said as I stood up and walked to her so I could encase her in my arms.

"Shhhhhh, he wasn't even near you. I would never let anything happen to you," I said. She just nodded silently into my chest.

"When will I wake up?"

"I don't know love. You technically should be in a coma, but the doctor said its just like your asleep and healing. He said a day max," I said as I held her. My heart hurt for her. My whole body hurt for her. I was so frustrated that I just wanted to punch a whole in the wall. It felt like my little Luna had changed. I have not seen her this broken, not even when I took her away or when she talked about her experiences, even if she didn't go into detail. I would have to dig a little later on what happened in her dreams. Most likely without her permission.

"I wanna go home," She said as she buried her face in my chest.

"I know little one, I'm going to go back. I need to be able to protect you. I need you to focus on waking up-" I said but was cut off.

"Don't leave me," She practically cried out as she gripped at the sweatshirt I was wearing. I looked down to her. We were both vulnerable physically at this point. Our bodies liable to any damage while I am not down there to protect us both. But now that she is physiologically aware, she would probably wake up sooner.

"I have too Kiska (kitten), I have to protect you. I can't do that here. You'll wake up soon, I promise," I said as I untangled her from me. I started to pull away from the bond.

"NO! Viktor, he will come back-" Is all Allison got out before I was ripped from the connection. It was like it was severed now. It hurt. When I tried to reach for her again it was like there was a stone wall. I sighed in frustration and opened my eyes.

I saw her now flushed face squint as if irritated. I do not know how long I was away. It looked to be noonish. I looked back down at her. At least she was moving. I walked out of her room grudgingly. I went to the doctors private office.

"Sage, she should wake up soon. I am going to get somethings in order for her return," I said as I turned to look at him.

"The Luna will be taken care of, I can assure you. I will go check on her and I will make sure you are called right away when she awakens," Sage said as he stood up and adjusted his clothes. "Go take care of what you must," he said as he walked past me and out of the room. I thought nothing of it as I walked out of the office and headed straight to my room. I gathered some clothes that Rosa had bought for Allison during the first week that Allison was here. I grabbed her some plain black leggings and a grey sweatshirt. I also went to the bathroom and grabbed some bath salts and shampoo and conditioner. I threw all the things in a bag and went to my office in order to try and get at least some of this mess on my desk sorted out. I looked at all the paper work that my hotels around the world required. I sighed. I moved my hand to a drawer that held everything that I had inherited after my brother moved away. I was going to wait for a special occasion, but as an apology and a confession I think it would do. It was a magical heirloom that was meant to be given to the Kings mate. It was a silver necklace. The pendent was a wolf's head that had angel wings coming out from the side that wrapped around the front to encase a blue diamond. A blue diamond represented the royal family and was held highly among royals. Blue being the royal color. The wolf was the King and the wings represented how he would always be the guardian angle of his mate. The blue diamond being the mate, the most precious gem in a werewolf's life. I grabbed the box it was in and put it in the bag. I sat at the desk and got through thirty minutes of paper work when I felt the bond return full blast. She was awake. And she was terrified.

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