The Omega

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The Present

“I want to take you on a real date, be ready at five tonight and wear what Rosa brings to you. I won’t see you until then but I have a surprise waiting for you.

Your one and only


I kept reading the note over and over again. I woke up at one in the afternoon absolutely starving to find a full trey with pancakes on a traveling stove to keep them warm and some bacon and orange juice. The note was right next to me with a single white carnation that had red tips. It was absolutely beautiful. I ate and took a shower. When I got out an outfit was already waiting for me on the bed and Rosa was at a vanity that was definitely not there when I left the room. I gave her a look and she just shrugged.

“I mean, he wants you to be happy,” She said as she was organizing the piles of makeup and putting it into the fancy vanity.

“That does not mean that he has to keep buying me things and giving me gifts,” I say with a huff as I walk to the outfit.

“He wants to try and make up for what you didn’t have growing up,” She said matter-of-factly as she put everything away. I just shrugged and looked at the outfit set out for me. It was a V-cut longsleeved, white top with a flowy black skirt that went mid-thigh and had a gold belt. My nose crinkled.

“Am I going to be cold? I do not like the cold, last time I went outside I turned into an ice-cube,” I said as Rosa snorted in laughter.

“I can assure you, you won’t be cold. I am sure even if you were cold, Viktor would give you his jacket,” She said and wiggled her eyebrows. I held my towel tighter and only with one hand and grabbed a pillow to throw at her but she just dodged it. “Okay, okay, jeesh. I did not know that you would be so touchy today. Wasn’t cinderella thrilled to go to the ball?” She asked

“She was until she had to leave abruptly and had to go home before her illusion of happiness was destroyed,” I said as I pulled on the shirt and tucked it into the skirt. I looked into the long mirror and gave myself a nod.

“If I knew you were going to be all rainbows and sunshine today I would have sent Wednesday from the Adams family.”

“Adams who?” I ask as I turn to her. She shook her head.

“Never mind,” She said as she pushed me down into the chair in front of the vanity. “So Viktor told me to not go over the top, but that is sort of my specialty, so let’s give you a makeover,” She said as she pulled out a tarp and put it around my neck.

“What are you doing,” I ask after she blowdried my hair and pulled out scissors. My hair was touching my waist and it was probably time to cut it, but I always cut it myself. I know it never looked too well. But it was one way to remind myself I was in control.

“We are giving you a make-over. I can only imagine how heavy that hair must be for you. I mean Viktor may have a heart-attack when he sees you and he may want to strangle me, but I figured that you have changed a lot since you came here and I think a new look is in order, so how short do you want your hair?”

I looked at myself in the mirror and thought. She was right, I needed something different. “Shoulders. I want it touching my shoulders,” I say and close my eyes as she gets to work.

“You have hair like the catch me outside girl. Like seriously. It has perfect curls and is such a deep red, although I do think that it’s not natural for her, still,” She said and I laughed. Viktor showed me videos of her. She was funny, but we all know it is just publicity, or that’s what Viktor said. It took at least forty five minutes for her to cut all that hair away. The whole time I kept my eyes closed in order to surprise myself. I have never had hair so short, I knew I would get beat if I cut my hair that short with Spike. So I just cut it enough so it would not be a bother.

She took a few more minutes and used the blow dryer and a comb. I felt her moving my hair so it parted differently. It felt weird without so much hair, but it felt good. Like I was free.

“Open your eyes,” Rosa said as she clapped her hands in joy. I gasped. My red hair was curly as usual, but it looked less messy and more like I curled it myself even though I didn’t. My part was moved from the middle of my head to the right side. It looked so pretty. I shook my head as tears came out of my eyes. I was so happy. I felt Viktor creep into my mind but I pushed him just enough so he could not tell what was happening but only so he could feel that I was okay and happy. Rosa came behind me and handed me a tissue.

“There will be no crying after this you hear me? Make-up is not easy to fix if you had it perfect and end up ruining it by crying,” She said sternly as she started pulling a bunch of things out. “Now we need to match your skin tone and make it so it’s light enough to see your pretty little freckles on your nose. Ohhhh! and this eyeshadow will bring out your eyes. EHHHHHH!” She screamed as she dove in and got to work. As she poked and prodded me for the next two hours. I was really uncomfortable. I only wore makeup to the ball at the palace. This was different. When I was finally able to open my eyes I kept looking at Rosa and then back to my reflection with a gaping mouth. My eyeshadow was a rose gold on the lid with a deep pinkish purplish accent on the crease as it blended into the wing on of the eyeliner. My eyelashes were black and long, they almost looked fake because they looked so long and perfect. My eyebrows were neatly plucked with only an outline to make them neater. My lips looked bigger with the matte lipstick that was a dark pink. My cheeks were blushed and all in all, I looked amazing. It was flirty and cute. Perfect. I got up and hugged Rosa as she removed the tarp from my torso.

“You still have about half an hour before Viktor gets here, I would go to the bathroom, it will be an hour before you guys get anywhere,” She said as she walked to the door.

“Are you sure I won’t be cold? It’s like the frozen tundra when it snows and last I checked it was supposed to snow tonight,” I asked nervously. I haven’t been too happy about snow since the incident.

“Don’t you trust Viktor? He wouldn’t let you freeze to death,” She says as she stepped out of the door. I sighed and decided to relieve myself and then go get a quick snack. I ate a granola bar that has extra things in it that helped me put weight back on after I got here. I was happily munching when I heard a loud clang of something hitting the floor. I turn and see Ravana scrambling to pick up a cell phone.

“Is everything all right?” I ask as I get off the stool I was sitting on.

“Fine, everything is splendid,” She said harshly as she stood up and glared at me. I took a step back in surprise. She was never rude to me. I wouldn’t say that we were friends but she was never rude to me.

“Did I do something wrong?” I ask as my eyes narrowed a bit. Maybe she wasn’t as innocent as I thought she was.

“You-” She started to yell but Viktor entered the room and glared at her. “have done absolutely nothing wrong, I am just in a bad mood, if you’ll excuse me,” she mumbled and walked out of the room. Viktor glared at her the whole way before his eyes turned to me for the first time. His eyes widened and he stood there for a moment. Complete shock was on his face as he looked at me. I started to fidget with my hands before he finally broke out of his stupor and walked my way. He grabbed my hands and lifted both of them individually to his lips.

“Are you ready to go Angel?” He asked with his lips still on my right hand.

“Of course, where are we going?” I asked as he pulled me into the direction of the front door.

“That is a surprise, but I know you will love it,” He said with a smile and a kiss to my head. “I love the hair-cut. I mean I loved your hair long, but this way it must be much more convenient for you. I will say, though you look rather ravishing with makeup, you don’t need it. You look amazing all on your own,” he said in a deep raspy voice that rose something within me that I haven’t felt before. I felt my face flush as I let out a thank you. He led me to a jeep and then we were off.

“So what did you dream of being when you were growing up?” I asked as the silence was too much for me. One of his hands left the wheel and grabbed my hand and rested it on my thigh.

“I was always trained to become my brothers beta. I was being prepared to be the next king’s right-hand man up until Saul had to leave. Then I was trained to become king,” He said with his eyes focused on the road.

" That’s not a real answer, that was what you were forced to be. What did you want to be?” I asked again.

“I guess you could say I wanted to be a doctor. I was always obsessed with what the pack doctors could deal with and I was obsessed with medicine. I had to learn first-aid and how to take care of different situations just in case as training to be the beta, but never the in-depth things like out pack doctors can handle,” He said whimsically. “How about you?”

“You can’t laugh when I tell you this, but I wanted to be a gymnast. I went to a public school before Spike or Saul I guess took over my pack. I even went to gymnastics classes. With my werewolf genes, I was really good, but I haven’t done anything other than a cartwheel or basic stretches since my pack was taken over. It use to drive Spike crazy how rambunctious I was until he taught me not to be,” I said. Viktor just squeezed my hand and then continued driving. I turned on the radio and listened to the songs even though I didn’t know most of them but it was still fun to bob my head to the music and dance around with Viktor. We asked more questions for an hour or so until we came to a human civilization. I looked out the windows curiously. It was so much different than a pack’s or even the human civilization near the mall I went to before I came to Russia. We came up to a building that had a black ball with three holes in it and weird white shaped things on it. I could see that it has a bar and it was pretty full. I looked at Viktor curiously.

“It is something that humans do for fun. I figured that you did not know what it was and thought it could be another first for you,” he smiled sheepishly. “It’s called bowling, come on let us get inside and buy shoes.” He ran to my side through the light snow and opened my door and led us into the building.

“We have to buy shoes? Why buy shoes just for one activity?” I ask dumbfounded as he chuckled at me.

“Sorry love, I should have said rent. We have to buy time to play and rent shoes,” He said as he walked up to someone and started talking in Russian to the man standing here. The man was probably in his early fifties and looked and sounded like he smoked five packs of cigarettes a day. He looked at me and sneered at me. I instantly hid behind Viktor. Viktors back tensed as he handed the money to the man.

He won’t do anything Angel, don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you,” Viktor said in my mind as he grabbed the shoes the man handed him and led us to a table so we could change our shoes. We took off our snow boots and put on slippery shoes. Viktor told me to grab a ball that was not too heavy and fit my fingers. I grabbed a ball that must not have been more than six pounds and brought it back to the rack thing in front of a noisy machine that had a conveyer-belt that led back to the rack. My head cocked to the side until a hand wrapped around my waist and brought me to a strong chest.

"Don't think too hard Sweetheart, it might wear you out too much," Viktor said as he kissed my cheek. I turned into him and glared at him and looked at our table.

"I will forgive you only because you got us drinks," I said as I looked at the pink drink on the table. It looked like fancy juice. I walked over and took a sip and my tongue retracted as my lips puckered. "What is this?" I asked as Viktor typed our names into a system and entered other information.

"That would be an alcoholic beverage. I thought you should try it. plus I do not think you can get drunk, but then again you have surprised me on more than one occasion," He said as he turned to wink at me.

"It is a little sour, " I said.

"You don't have to drink it if you don't want to, but the taste is just new. I know I hated alcohol the first time I tried it too," He said as he pulled me up from the chair. "Now I need to teach you how to bowl," He said mischievously. Two games and many more alcoholic beverages later I was stumbling and definitely not in tip-top shape but still having the time of my life. I was almost positive that Viktor was holding back, but that didn't matter. I loved when he would come and help me throw the ball. He'd put his left hand on my waist and the right one over my right hand. My heart always felt like it was going to beat out of my chest when I was with him.

"I think that is enough bowling for tonight, do you want to stay here awhile? I think you shouldn't drink anymore. I have never seen a werewolf get sick from drinking so much, but I also have not seen a werewolf get so drunk unless the drinks were spiked," he said with a laugh. I stared at him and laughed with him as I sat on his lap with his arms around me. I laid my head on his chest.

"We can go, I am pretty tired," I said as I yawned. I stood up and he put his hand behind my back as we returned the shoes and walked out of the building but something caught my attention and before long I dragged Viktor into the woods that were behind the bowling alley. I felt him pulling at my hand but I dropped his and let my nose to lead me. There was a decent sized box lying in the middle of the woods.

"Allison I swear to God, please just step away from the box," I heard Viktor but he sounded miles away even though I knew he couldn't be more than a few yards away.

I opened the already half opened lid and a peice of paper fell to the ground but I ignored it. All I saw was hair and I smelt the stench before I turned and renched all the drinks that I just drank out. Viktor was by me in an instant, holding my hair back and rubbing my back. When I finally collected myself I sat on the ground on Viktors lap and grabbed the paper next to me and read it as Viktors hand tightened on my hips.

You can do this the easy way or the hard way Allison. It is your choice. All you need to do is come back to the castle and this all ends and no one else needs to end up like Karen. I knew you two were close and conspiring behind my back, do you think I am stupid? The more you play this game, the longer you stay away from me, the more people you care about will die. Next, it may be one of the kids that you love so much. If you make me wait too long, I may have to take matters into my own hands and come over there and kill everyone on that little moutain of yours. You are not unreachable my little Allie, you never were and never will be.

Yours Truly,


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