The Omega

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Bite me

“Allison, let’s get back to the jeep, I have guys coming down here to check this out, but for now there is nothing we can do,” Viktor said in a tense voice after the phone call he just made.

“What about her? We can’t just leave her here?” I said in a quiet voice, staring at the now closed box that reeked of death.

“Then let’s compromise, we will wait at the jeep. How does that sound?” Viktor said as he rubbed up and down my arms. I shivered and immediately Viktor took off his own leather jacket and helped me put it on.

“I don’t want to leave her,” I said stubbornly.

“Sweetheart, it won’t do you any better if you are right here or right over there by the jeep,” he tried to reason.

“Well if it doesn’t matter where I am then it’s decided, I am staying right here,” I said as I sat and leaned against a tree. All I got was a huff of annoyance from Viktor but he did not comment anymore on the matter.

“Most of my followers live in this town, so we will have someone here soon.”

“I thought everyone lived at the castle. I guess that is why I only see certain people there at certain times.”

Viktor came over to lean against the same tree that I was up against but he remained standing.

“If every one of my followers lived at the castle, it would be a little crowded,” he said.

“I guess,” is all I said in response as we both dwelled in our thoughts.

Would Spike keep killing? Would he come here with the palaces army? Why haven’t they done that yet? What is their overall motive for keeping me here if they could just grab me?

“Publicity. The longer they wait the more people think you are in grave danger. The longer they wait to “rescue” you mean that the people would think you have been through great trials. My father and Saul can use that against you. If you would tell anyone that Saul is not your mate and that they were in the wrong, Saul and my father could just say that you were brainwashed by me or that you are not in your right mind,” Viktor explained.

“Make yourself cozy why don’t you,” I say sarcastically.

“It’s instinctual for me to reach out for my mate when she is in need of comfort. But to be honest, I like to be in your mind, it is interesting in there,” He says as he taps me on my forehead. “Plus it’s not like you can’t be in my mind, you just don’t like to go in there.”

I know it is a mates right. It’s just after all that mind voodoo that I went through this past week or so, it just has made me more conscious of how easily he had access to everything that I thought or have ever thought. I blocked him out. He seemed to tense up but I just put my hand on his calf and rubbed it softly as I thought to myself.

I need to do what Spike is asking of me, if I do not, then the children are going to get hurt, others will get hurt, even the people here could get hurt. Plus if I went back and made a public announcement, maybe, just maybe, Viktor could get enough people to group up against the king. It is just the how. I do not know where the castle is, I do not know how to fly a plane. How am I going to do this? I can not ask Viktor for help, he will deny the idea, but he doesn’t see past the fact that I am his mate and he needs to keep me away from everything. When in reality I could stop everything. I could end both the king and the Spike. But who would help me? And how would I get away from Viktor? All these were great questions. I knew the pilot who took us here, he is a good person and would help me if he knew Viktor was for it. Now how do I do that?

Before I could find an answer I was startled by footsteps. I stood up next to Viktor and grabbed his hand. I needed to figure out a plan. But for now, I am going to enjoy my last moments with my mate before I take on this adventure. I looked to my mate to see his eyes already on me with a small grim line set on his lips. Just like that my plan formed in my head. Distraction.

“Sir,” a buff guy said with five more people behind him.

“I need you to get this box and the women inside prepared for a funeral. I will be going to the nearest hotel with my mate and then we will be back to the castle.”

“Yes sir,” all the men said. Before the men moved Viktor started to pull me away.

“You do not need to see this little one,” Viktor said in a soft voice. I didn’t argue and let him pull me as I mourned the loss of a friend and pack member. Viktor helped me into the car and sped off to a motel. My mind was a mess. So much in fact that I was moved gently by Viktor into the room we would be in for the night. I was still deep in thought when the bed next to me dipped and Viktor pulled me into his lap. He pulled my hands that were limp in my lap into his hand. I looked at him and saw his somber face.

“Please don’t cry moy tsvetok (my flower), I will do anything just don’t show me those tears. I will kill them, I promise you. Just please don’t cry Malishka (Baby),” He said while he brought his other hand to wipe my tears. I leaned into his touch and allowed the comfort he was providing physically and mentally soothe me. I closed my eyes and let the sparks that went through my skin calm me down and help clear my mind. Until more thoughts seeped into my mind.

“She helped me. Before I came here I was whipped and left tied up in the yard for a week. She treated me. She told me that my pack was still behind me,” I whimpered out as more tears came. I was full on sobbing as Viktor brought my head to his shoulder and pulled me closer and moved me so I was straddling him. He rubbed my hair and back while whispering words of comfort in English and Russian. I kept sobbing for a long time until no more tears came. Until my uncontrollable hiccups and the small whispers of Viktor was all that could be heard.

“We will avenge her, I promise. This isn’t your fault, you couldn’t have done anything love. I promise everything is going to be alright,” Viktor said as he laid me down on the bed and leaned on his elbow and held my waist with his other hand. “It’s alright,” he said as he kissed my forehead.

“It’s not,” I said in a hoarse whisper. “She is dead because Spike and your father are punishing me for trying to be with you because I want to be happy,” I said as I wrapped my hands around his neck and brought my head to his neck. Trying to calm myself with his sent. I took a few deep breaths before the hiccups stopped and I finally felt more in control.

Viktor grabbed my hair gently and pulled it until I was laying back down.

“I am going to take care of it. Okay? I promise you, I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could take this pain away from you.” he said as he leaned his head against mine. I felt our bond grow and spread around us. Trying to cocoon us. I felt our bond open and his thoughts collide with mine. Our emotions mixing. Before anything could be said his lips were on mine and I was being pushed down into the bed. My mind was overtaken by Viktors thoughts.

I saw me and him sitting by a fire all cuddled up in the mansion. I saw us wrapped in the sheets laughing, kissing, talking, and taking part in other things. Then the image changed into me walking down the aisle in a white dress and am led to Viktors side where I belong. Next, it was me laying on the couch with a swollen stomach as Viktor was on his knees kissing it. And then there was me holding a baby in a hospital bed with Viktor at my side as we looked in awe at the baby in my hands. Before long I felt tears that were not my own falling onto my face. I pulled away from the passionate kiss and looked at Viktor. His eyes were glowing blue, showing that the wolf inside of him was showing itself.

*Mild sexual content*

“I want that, I want that with you,” Viktor said before he recaptured my lips more vigorously. Viktor’s hands wandered up to my waist and back down to my thighs as he separated my legs and placed himself closer to me. I gasped as I felt him poking me through our clothes. Suddenly I felt butterflies flutter in my stomach, but it was way worse. More like angry birds that wanted to get out. The kiss grew and grew before I felt myself falling and losing my own control. Viktor started trailing wet kisses down my neck. Before I knew what happened I flipped him over and was kissing his neck. I felt a little self-conscious about taking control like this. But once Viktor moaned as I got to the juncture between the neck and shoulder I felt my fangs spring from my gums. Before I got permission I bit down hard. Almost immediately Viktor flipped us yet again and held my head gently to his neck as I greedily took in his spicy yet sweet tasting blood. When I knew that I had enough I pulled back and licked at the wound as Viktor kept rumbling and growling. When I was satisfied that it stopped bleeding, I pulled back to see his eyes bluer than I have ever seen since I knew him.

“Mine,” Viktor whispered. “Only mine,” he said as he gave me a peck on the lips and trailed down to my neck.

“Yours,” I moaned as he found the spot where he would mark me. Yet he didn’t bite me, he focused on my neck and the bare part of my chest, giving it all his attention. I almost cried out of frustration as I wished he would finish what I started.

“Patience little one,” He whispered into my skin. I shivered at his breath on my skin along with the deepness of his voice.

“Bite me,” I said sassily. Pulling his head to my neck. He used his strength to keep his lips barely an inch from my skin.

“What did I say about patience little one," He said as he placed a feather-light kiss where I wanted him to bite. I growled at him. Letting the wolf side of me show her displeasure with his teasing.

"If you won't do it I'll find someone who will," I bite out as he was kissing right under my ear. He halted his movements for a split second before his hands slowly trailed down from where they were in my hair down my sides and under my butt as he squeezed. He lifted up the skirt I was wearing a little more and pushed his hips against me. I cried out, not able to hold in my body's reactions to this primal need running through me. I did not know too much about sex. I was not experienced in seduction or being sexy. But with every noise, touch, and kiss Viktor made me feel sexy.

"I would not sign a check you can't cash sweetheart," He said as he pushed his hips a little more into mine. I moaned as pressure built up into my lower abdomen. A foreign feeling of frustration made me want to push Viktor off of me and kiss the life out of him at the same time. I whimpered as he returned to the spot where he was no doubt going to mark me.

*Safe for work*

"Please," I whimpered out. Before I could even finish the plea I felt his fangs dig into my skin. Instead of the pain that I expected, I felt a huge amount of pleasure. My back arched and my legs wrapped around Viktors waist. My head would have fallen back onto the bed if it weren't for Viktor holding it to his neck. The bond felt like it imploded and went on for infinity and beyond. Beyond all the stars and planets and galaxies. It was just us, two people. I felt happiness explode in my chest. Viktor pulled back and licked my neck once or twice, resulting in pleasuring tingles running straight to my stomach. I wrapped my arms around his neck and squeezed myself to him. Not wanting to let him go. Not wanting him to let go.

It's a little too late for that don't you think? Viktor asked in my head. I let out a giggle. I couldn't help myself. I laughed as I was in my mate's arms, not worrying about the world around us. Just laying peacefully as my mate held onto me.


"Yes, Kiska?" He said in my ear as he nibbled it.

"What are we going to do now that we marked each other? I mean were we not suppose to wait after the chase and the other rituals?" I asked. Viktor raised himself on his forearms and looked at me weirdly. Like I had three heads.

"What do you mean?"

"Well we are supposed to first have the chase, then the ceremony, and then we are supposed to mark and mate."

His eyes widened.

"Wait, you wanted to do this the traditional way? No one does it these days. No one has done it in probably fifty years or so. Damn it! I am so sorry if I would have known I would have-"

I cut him off and kissed him. "It's okay Viktor. I just thought we HAD to wait until after. I do not mind that we did it now. In fact, I am very, very, very happy," I said convincingly. I entangled my hands in his hair and pulled his lips to mine. He kissed me for a few more seconds before he pulled away.

"When we get back we need to get you up to date on werewolf traditions, I am sorry that I didn't know you thought we were supposed to wait," he said and kissed my nose. "but no matter, you should rest now," he said as he pulled the covers over us and pulled me so I was laying on his chest.

Sweet Dreams was whispered into my mind as I felt his arms squeeze around me and hold me closer. I fell asleep to him petting my hair and kissing my head.

A/N: So there is exactly a week left of my exchange year and then I have lots of things to take care of when I get back to the states. But I am going to try my hardest in order to get updates at least once a week up on the internet. But until then hold onto this juicy update.

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