The Omega

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"And since about two hundered years ago, it has been more common for werewolfs to take other people as mates even if they aren't their true mate," Viktor said as we sat at a table eating lunch. He was teaching me about everything I have missed out on.

"I thought it was illegal to mate with a person who isn't your true mate. I could have sworn my parents said it was illegal."

"In some packs, it frowned upon. You can not reproduce children without your true mate, so that means that it is impossible to procreate but it is not a law that must be followed," Viktor explained while taking a bite of his pasta.

"So what happens if they meet their mate after they have chosen a mate," That seems like an impossible situation that would put more people in pain than if you just waited for your true mate.

"Well I have heard stories, but I know not of their validation. Most times the true mates eventually get together, sometimes the non-true mate kills the true mate out of spite and to keep the person's attention. Although it sends the living mate into depression and possible suicide. Although a bond with a person that is not your true mate is weak and you can not mark them, the bond is all emotional. Even if you bit them, the bite mark would heal in a week or so."

"So you are saying that the bond between chosen mates are not permanent?"

"No, our creator wanted us to procreate with our mates, therefore if we try to make a bond with someone else it will not stick."

I have been starting to doubt my original knowledge of wolf culture. Everything seems to be different than I had thought it to be.

Viktor soon finished up the pasta he had made for dinner and said he had business to attend to. Which was the perfect time to start getting key ingredients for my plan to stop this monstrosity. I was planning to go to the castle myself and tell the truth about Viktor. Tell everyone who the real liars were. First I needed sleeping pills and something to travel with. I calmly walked to the hospital wing and asked to talk to one of the Doctors about getting a prescription for sleeping. One of the nurses immediately put me into a room and not even minutes later a doctor I had not seen before entered.

"What seems to be the problem, Allison?" The kind woman said politely.

"This is confidential right? So whatever I say does not leave this room and go back to Viktor does it?" I ask nervously.

"Of course, we may be werewolves but there is still a confidentiality law," She said with a small smile.

"Well I have been having a hard time sleeping, you see, in my last pack I wasn't being treated well and I've been having bad nightmares," I lied easily. "But I do not want to worry Viktor, there is enough Mombo jumbo going on with the oncoming war I would not like to add my problems to the mix," I said trying to sound more vulnerable.

"Okay, so the only sleeping pills I can prescribe you will be fast working and knock you out for a long time since you are so small. You will probably sleep for about eight hours if you use them and you will fall asleep within thirty minutes of consumption. These are the only sleeping pills on the mountain at this point and they are the only ones strong enough to knock out a werewolf," The doctor explained while I nodded my head to everything she said. "You will need to take one only. You are so small and if you take more it could make you overdose. So be careful and don't abuse them. I will only give you enough for three days, if you need more you can come to see me anytime, just go up to the desk and ask for Dr. Monroe."

"Will do, thank you so much," I said while grabbing the packet of pills from her and standing to leave.

"Remember what I said Allison, only one," She said sternly. I just nodded my head and walked out. I felt guilty for lying and even guiltier for manipulating her, but it needed to be done. I need to stop this war before it begins. I then head to the next stop, Viktors office. I needed to order a helicopter or a plane. I was not quite sure how I was going to be able to pull this off, but I was going to try. As I approached Viktors office I knocked three times and waited for him to ask me to come in. I walked in and walked to his chair and sat on his lap as I watched him look at his computer screen.

"What are you up to?" I asked as he was reading an email.

"We are trying to group up all our vehicles in order to have enough transportation," he said distractedly.

This was perfect. I had to focus on keeping my wall up so he wouldn't figure this out.

"So what is going on?" I ask dumbly.

"We are just taking into account all the vehicles here and in town that are used for my followers."

"What vehicles are here?"

"We have many cars and snowmobiles. We have a helicopter on the helipad and we have a plane a few miles away in a field," He said, again ignoring my curiosity which was perfect.

"Where is the helipad?" I asked

"On the roof. You just go up our privet staircase and there is a door leading to the helipad. Why are you so curious about this?" He asked while he finally turned to look at me. Shoot.

"I guess I just want to become more accustomed to this place. Know the ins and outs, You know?" I say confidently. Hoping it will fool him.

"Good, you should start to try and know everything about here. I will need to teach you where all the escape routes are and where you can go if you need to hide with the upcoming war," He said as he stood from his chair and held me in his arms. "But that is enough about that. I need to get you to bed so you can sleep."

As we walked up our staircase to our bedroom I was willing a way for me to feed him the sleeping pills. I needed to leave tonight before more of this war nonsense was spoken about. Right when we had reached the top of the staircase Viktor let out a slight cough and then a few more coughs.

"Are you alright dear?" I asked.

"I just have a tickle in my throat love, no need to concern yourself."

"Hold on, you get dressed for bed and I will get you a glass of water," I said worriedly as I walked to the bathroom and found a cup. As I was about to fill the cup with water a light bulb hit. I looked at the pills in my hand and I crushed one of them and put it in the glass. I then added water and waited until it was dissolved. I walked out of the bathroom and rushed to Viktor.

"Here you go, drink the glass and maybe that tickle in your throat will go away Viktor," I said as I handed him the glass. He took the glass and drank it in one huge gulp. Next thing I know he grabs me in a huge bear hug.

"Bedtime little one, let us snuggle," He said as he dragged me toward the bed.

"Wait! I need to put PJ's on," I said laughing.

"Fine, but you ruin all the fun," He pouted.

I walked into the closet and changed into a pair of leggings and a plain red shirt. It wasn't what I would normally wear to bed but it was comfy enough for me to travel in. I walked out to see Viktor barely able to keep his eyes open, it seems as if the drugs were stronger than I had thought. I walked over to him and sat on his side of the bed. I caressed his cheek and kissed him on the lips to which he responded. After a minute he pulled away and reached under his pillow.

"I was supposed to give this to you way earlier, but now seems like a good of a time as any," He said caressing my cheek with his right hand as his left revealed a necklace.

"It's stunning," is all I could muster. The wolfs head glared as wings surrounded a blue diamond that it seemed to be protecting. Viktor moved it around my neck and clasped it together.

"It's meant to be the King's mate's necklace. It shows that I will protect you no matter what. That I am always with you and I love you," he said as a stray tear leaked from my eye.

"I love you too," I said shakily. "Now why don't you go to bed, I need to go and finish getting ready for bed," I said as his eyes drooped shut. I kissed his forehead and went to a desk with a notepad and paper on it. I ripped the used paper off and started a new one.

Dear Viktor,

I want you to know that I am doing this out of love. Not only for you but for our people. I need to shed the truth on everyone there. I need people in that castle to know that you are the rightful heir and that your father and brother are the true enemies. I need you to trust me. I want to avoid war altogether. I want us to be happy. And for that to happen, I need to protect you, not the other way around. I will clear your name, and save our people. I will be back, and when I am, there won't be anyone to stop you from the crown you have rightfully earned.

Love, Allison

I kissed the letter and put it on his bedside table. I quickly walked out of our room and up the stairs to the roof after I grabbed a coat. I went out to the helipad but before I got far I saw Alexei blocking my path. "I know what you are thinking, but too much blood will be shed with a war, I can stop this at once," I said before he could utter a word. His lips lifted up in a half smirk.

"I know that princess. So get in the helicopter, I will program it to autopilot all the way to the castle," He said as he walked toward the helicopter.

I followed him without looking back. If he was behind me then that must mean that Viktor is just to blinded to see that this is for the best, this must mean I am doing the right thing. I grab my new necklace and clutch it in my hand. Despite the cold, it is hot to the touch. Alexei helped me into the helicopter and pushed a bunch of buttons.

"You will be landing by sunrise, Viktor will be awake in a couple hours so hopefully he will not know that you are in this helicopter or he will program it from his computer to come back," He said as he pushed one last button.

"I fed him sleeping pills, he should not wake before I land," I said confidently.

"He is an Alpha, a king at that. Those pills may have made him fall asleep, but they won't keep him that way."

He buckled me into the seat and closed the door. He gave me a small salute and the helicopter started to lift off.

Right when I thought I was in the clear a gas started to leak in through some vents and my eyes started to droop.

That bastard knew, and he was behind this. He was going to take me to the castle. With my cooperation or not.

Viktor I cried out before I could black out. But there was no response. My mind fogged until I slumped on the seat. Not in control of my own thoughts or movement.

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