The Omega

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My arms and legs were tied up to each corner of the bed with chains. My skin cool and bear of anything except the necklace that Viktor had gifted me. It burned angrily against My skin. The bond was pumping with anger filled fear.

Viktor, can you hear me

What were you thinking, nothing you do there is going to change anything.

His harsh words bounced around in my head but I knew I did the right thing. I opened the bond and shared what I saw. A blank room with one tiny window and a oak door that was closed. The only thing in the room was the bed.

You need to get out of there now Malishka, I need to find a way to get you out of there.

I’ll be okay Viktor. You need me to gain you allies, if I can get to the press I can get you allies.

Allison, this is not the way to do this

This is my way.

I closed the bond and left only enough for him to know I’m safe, for now. I need to be smart and play it safe. I need to be submissive, stutter. Act like I want to be here. I need a story. Like magic my mind formulated one. Viktor threw me out, I came here with help to program a helicopter and then poof, I ended up here.

The door swung open and an angry Spike walked in with a composed king behind him. I dropped my eyes immediately.

“Looks like my little brother didn’t break her after all,” Spike said with a lick of his lips. Of course all he can think of is how submissive I can be.

“Now now Saul. You know why we are here. She can’t bear his mark when she talks to the press, it would be bad, cause an uproar if they found out,” the king spoke as he put a bag on the end of the bed in between my chained up legs.

“Yes father, which means we need to skip a few steps to ensure my mark and sent surrounds her for when she talks to the press,” Spike says as if everything was being given to him on a silver platter. I shivered involuntarily. “Ohhhh, I think my little mate likes the idea.” at that I open the bond again.

On second though Viktor, I don’t think I planned this out like I should’ve.

What’s happening? Why do I feel fear. Viktor says as the king pulls out a siringe filled with a weird glowing purple liquid.

Viktor, I love you. Only you. Is all I get out before the king jabs the injection into my leg. I didn’t know exactly what Saul was going to do, but my act of submissiveness wasn’t going to cut it. I had an idea of what was going to happen as my vision started blackening and I heard a zipper and clothes clash against the floor. I knew what was going to happen. I just hopped I’d have the chance to make it all worth it.


The bond slowly gave out after she whispered those words. I was in my office conspiring with a few of my closest warriors. Talking strategies, but nothing would work without gaining support of a big pack, and the only one that would consider joining me said he needed proof of our mating and how she’s not Sauls. I slammed my hands on the table. Something bad was about to happen. I looked up but wasn’t seeing anything has a growl ripped out of me. It slowly turned into whimpers as I dropped to the floor to hold my head. The bond sending excruciating pain through me. The warriors spoke in hushed tones before the doctor came and got me on a stretcher. Everyone could assume what was happening. The only time a mate could be in this much pain is if the other mate was dying, and if that was happening I would be dying to. But that’s not happening. So the only other option is that she’s having sex with someone. In my pain I focus through the bond to find her unconscious. That sick, twisted Zasranec (asshole).

I changed into my wolf and flew off the gurney into the woods, destroying everything in my path to the little river my mate found and almost drowned in. The immense pain in the bond subsided but it was throbbing and the bond felt weak. She was probably still under whatever fucked up drug they have her on. I put my snout in the water and submerged my whole head for a while before coming back up and shaking it off. I needed to be there for her when she wakes up. I lay down and my wolf whines. After a few minutes it howls a gut wrenching howl that soon gets added onto by pack members. I want my Luna back. I know she didn’t think this would happen but as crazy as they are they aren’t stupid, if she walked in there bearing my mark, smelling like me, their plan would be done for. I mourned what my mate just lost and mourned what was going to happen when she awoke. She was going to go through a lot and I just needed to be there for her and get her through this without killing her in the process. She’s to precious for them to kill but I wouldn’t put it past my father if he knew she was going to talk about anything risking his crown. I felt the bond open a bit and knew she was waking up and I pushed into her thoughts before she could even try and block me out.

Baby I’m here. And I’m going to be here. You’re going to get through this. As I said that I felt her sobs as they racked her body and as she tried to curl up into a fetal position with the bonds that restrained her.

Viktor, I didn’t want that to happen I-

I know Ali, I know. I sent her all the comfort I could and sent the feeling of her in my arms to her. She instantly calmed down and her sobs turned to sniffles. I tried to keep my anger from seeping through the bond. She shouldn’t have to go through this. All I can do is make her and the moon goddess a promise that I will destroy the ones that ever decided to wrong my Luna, my mate, my queen, my omega.

A/N: sorry for the really short update but I thought it was time to put one out, I’ll be sure to put another one out soon!
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