The Omega

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Welcome to Hell

Omegas. The lowest of the low in a werewolf pack. They do the dirty work that no one else wants to. The job description is simple. Do what you are told without any questions. If you do not abide by that simple rule, punishment will follow. Some punishments are worse than others. It just depends who you pissed off. Omegas are not always born into their position. Actually on the contrary. Omegas were never born into society. It was a title created by an Alpha that wanted to prove his strength and dominance over his pack and show that he is able to discipline accordingly. You see, when you do something despicable in your pack, you are given two choices. I honestly do not know which one is worse. But my choice was made. I picked the one that I thought I was more likely to survive. Little did I know then compared to what I know now. long story short I got committed for a crime. Although I would not consider cowardliness a crime. Story time.

Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her name was Allison. She was the Alpha’s daughter. Little Allison had a perfect family. She had two loving parents, the Alpha and Luna of the pack. She lived in a strong pack that ruled under the Alpha King and Queen. The pack was happy and healthy. They were known for their honesty and integrity. They were strict yet laid back enough to have fun. Everything was great. Until one fateful day rouges attacked. It was not known for rogues to group up and attack together since they hated authority or for anyone to have power over them. Yet for some reason they did. The pack was doing just fine against the rouges. Our pack was not in the slightest out numbered, they weren't even thought of as a threat considering it was only eight rouges. But from the stories that I heard they fought like the royal guard themselves. There were no casualties at first, just injuries, until the mother of little Allison fought off one male rogues to save a group of three children. Allison, being eight at the time, took authority while her mom was fighting and grabbed the kids hands and the four of them ran away from the rouges. Little did little Allison know that her mother died shortly after she ran away. Since her mother and father were mates, Allison’s father followed. Naturally the one to kill the Alpha, became the new Alpha. And that brings us to the end of how I became a rouge. At least the why part. I was a 'coward'. I abandoned my mother in her time of need in order to selfishly run away.

I am little Allison, and although I am still little, I am older now. I am the one who was trying to save the kids that my mother was trying to protect. Those poor young kids that were younger than me. I was not running away from the trouble, I was protecting MY pack. I was young, but my Luna instincts were strong. Again I was only eight at the time.

Our new alpha's name is Spike. Or that’s what he has everyone calling him anyway. He reminds me of that day every time I see him. He was over a hundred years old when he killed my mother which subsequently killed my father. He gave me a choice that would change my status, and the status of the kids I ran away with. Become a rogue without a pack that had to take care of three children of various ages, or become an Omega. I, being eight, would have never survived a day being a rouge, let alone be able to protect and feed three more children younger than myself. I understood that. So I picked the latter.

Now only he in heaven knows how old Spike is now, but he only looks twenty four. I am seventeen. Turning eighteen in three weeks. I will be an adult. Finally. My life is not easy, but it is my life. The kids are now teenagers and I take care of them as my own. Feeding them when ever I can and looking after them as well as taking beatings for them.

Spike killed the first four of our old pack, because he saw them as a threat, and took on his own first four. The Beta is like the vice president to the Alpha, then the Gamma, then the Delta. Alpha being the first. Spike chose his rouge friends to take these positions since he did not trust any of us at the time. Our once respected pack turned into a joke. We were weak. Sure we had great warriors and good defenses. But a pack with a weak alpha, was always a weak pack. And rouges were always considered to be weak. In order to not be a weak pack we would have to cut out the source of our weakness. I wanted to do it, but I couldn’t. Spike took one of those three children to have leverage over me. Her name is Faith. She is the youngest of us four being only five years old when the rouges attacked. Spike always holds her over my head and says if I disobey too much, she will know the pain and get punishment instead of me. Faith was so innocent. I haven’t seen her since that fateful day. But I still remember that moon locket she always wore that was gifted to her by her mother. I still have dreams imagining that Spike allows us to see each other to at least let me see that she is alright, and she is still wearing her pretty little locket with her curly blonde hair and innocent blue eyes. But I always wake up and remember that he has her locked up in the dungeons. At least that’s what he says.

I never overstep my bounds just in case. I walk on the line, I cross the line, but I never go far enough that a punishment would be bestowed on her. The other two children looked up to me as their parent. I take care of them and take care of my pack. It is my rightful pack. I will not forget that.

As I wash the dishes from breakfast I repeat to myself that Spike and his rogues will not break me, and they will not break this pack. I am their Luna, I will stay strong and carry the broken to safety. They will not break us.

Someone walks into the kitchen banging the door on their way in. I turn to see Spike and his crew walk in. I look back to the dishes and keep scrubbing.

Spike was not bad looking, but everything he has done has tainted my vision of him. He had dark chocolate brown hair with dull grey eyes. And he was about 6'3" and was bulky with muscles. Maybe some ladies thought of him as attractive but I could never.

“Ahhhhhh, if it isn’t our Allison,” Spike says in a gruff voice. He sounded as if he was trying to sound alluring, but he was anything but.

“Alpha,” I say just to show that I acknowledge his presence. He does not like to be ignored. I shivered at the punishment I knew was to come. He never ran out of reasons to punish me. If he did, he targeted the kids I took care of, and I would take the punishments anyway. I would not have it any other way. If one hair on those poor kids heads was misplaced I would blame myself. So I took all the punishments he threw me. Not one complaint. I am a Luna. I protect whats mine.

“Your eighteenth birthday is coming up. The sooner the better. Then there will be nothing that can get in between you and me. We will be able to go to the Alpha King and request our mating to be at once” Spike says as he comes up behind me and holds my waist. There is a law set up that forbids anyone from becoming fully mated with another before both participants being eighteen. When you become fully mated, then you can reproduce. It is supposed to stop teenage pregnancy among werewolf's. Although you are only allowed to mate with your true mate. Everyone has one. Not everyone finds one. Sadly Spike has not found his. He seems to be dead set on me becoming his mate even though we do not have the connection. Being true mates comes with gifts and blessings. You form a bond, your souls are literally bound to the each other. You literally cannot live without the other. When one dies, the other will follow. You become two bodies of one being. True mates share a bond that helps heal, and strengthen each other. You can also feel each other’s emotions, and share each other’s thoughts. They literally become your world and they are connected magically. Spike wanted to take that away from me. If he completes the mating process, I do not know if I will ever be able to find my true mate. I don't know if I will ever get to have that love and connection. I hope I do find him, and I hope he forgives me for the choice that I never made. To be Spikes mate. I will fight with everything I have to protect this pack and if that means I have to go through the mating process with Spike, I'll do it. The mating process contains four processes. The chase, where the female runs in human form through forest and hides as the male wolf waits and finally gives chase. It proves that no matter what, the male wolf will do whatever it takes to get back to his other half. The ceremony, like a wedding but with different werewolf twists. And for an Alphas mating, you would need the Alpha King’s blessing in order to have the mating, but for regular wolves, you just needed the Alpha's blessing. The mark, where you bite each other and leave a visual sign that you are mated, as well as makes you smell like them and strengthens the spiritual bond between the two mates. And lastly the mating. The last two are the ones that magically bind your souls forever. When you meet your mate, you know. Their smell is the best you’ve ever smelt. Their eyes the prettiest you’ve ever seen. They are the most attractive being you’ve ever had the pleasure in seeing.

It was all being taken away from me. Maybe forever. It made me sad. But I need to do my duties as a Luna and protect my pack. I can not run away and leave them hopeless. Not my style. Even if I ruin my chance at true love, I can not leave these people who are suffering behind. Not to search for someone who may or may not be real. Again, not everyone finds their mate. But I still have one option before I am mated to Spike. One chance to turn this life of mine around.

“Look at me when I talk to you, Love,” Spike yells as he grabs my arm hard enough to leave a bruise and spins me around. I don’t flinch. I don’t show emotion. I need to be stone. I will not break or bend. “There little Allison. I noticed that my eggs were a little over cooked today, that won’t happen again will it?”

“No Alpha,” I say as I shake my head. I see his hand before I feel the slap.

“Good, I would hate to have to punish you. But for good measure I just gave you a reason to remember not to do it again. Understood?”

“Yes Alpha,” I say in a monotone voice. No emotion. No pain.

“Perfect. Then I have Alpha duties to attend to. But you will clean this house spotless before I am done, and do whatever you are asked,” he says. He says the same thing every morning. Most days I can’t get done before he says I should. Then I get my punishment. Same routine. Every day. I just nod and turn to continue my work. If I wanted even a chance at finishing in the next three hours before he was usually done, then I needed to hurry.

I still had a few rooms to finish. I walk into the last bathroom that had a messy connected bedroom. It belonged to Gamma Jason. He should not be a werewolf, he should be a pig. He lives in a literal pigsty. I literally just cleaned this room not even two days ago and it had food, clothes, and mystery things everywhere. I sighed. With our “mating” in two weeks, Spike would not punish me too much, would he? I was off limits until I turned eighteen. So he could not rape me or sexually assault me, yet. I do not know why he would not break these rules, but he abide by them. But Alphas could “punish” pack members as they see fit. Spike abuses that power. Why does he want to mate with me anyway. I am an Omega. Degraded for being a “coward”. I shrugged, some things could not be helped.

I sighed and looked up into the mirror over the sink I was now cleaning. My fiery red hair contrasted against my deathly pale skin. My lips a pink contrast to my white skin. My eyes were a dark forest green with a tinge of gold surrounding the pupil. My long black eyelashes fanning my face as I blinked. I wore a typical maids wear. If I was a normal person, I would have laughed at the short black skirt with matching black blouse that had a small piece of white fabric to go with it. But I am not normal. I am a maid to these men. And I need to play my role well. My uncontrollable curly hair was long, halfway down my back. I thought of myself as average. Everyone has beauty. I went back to cleaning. The more I got done, the less the punishment.

The door slammed open to reveal Gamma Jason. His blonde hair swaying with each step as his brown eyes glared at me. Without a word he grabbed my arm and dragged me through the house, down the stairs, and outside to where one of the kids stood. He is sixteen, his name is Andy. He was starved like the rest of us and way too skinny for a boy his age. He had sandy blonde hair and black eyes. He must have got in trouble. His head was down. He knew the protocol. The less he interfered, the less I would get punished for whatever he did that got me punished.

“This little Twat stole bread from the kitchen,” Gamma Jason said seething.

“Maybe if you fed us properly, we would not have to steal,” I said calmly and with an edge in my voice. It was a challenge to his authority. He would take it as a challenge. But that is what I needed. If I turned the situation on me, then I would get punished.

“You little Bitch,” The Gamma says as he starts to attack me. I do not fight back. I have been through worse, and I know the bruises and cuts he causes me will heal in no longer than a hour or few at most. Finally when the Gamma is out of breath he stops. I stand up and look at the ground, a sign of submission. “The Alpha will hear about this,” is all he says before he walks away.

Immediately I walk to Andy and look at him. “I know why you did it. I am glad you did it, someone needs to show them they are insane” I say. This poor boy is only sixteen. He is starved along with the other Omegas. He is just a skeleton of what he could be, we all are. I did not want him feeling bad about the punishment that I got. So I had to cheer them up.

They all deserved better, a better Alpha. A better life. I wish I could give them. I am trying. No one wanted to be under Spike’s rule. But no one dared to challenge him. We all had something to lose. And Spike would play dirty to keep the alpha title. I talked to Andy about Brett, the other boy that was just shy of sixteen, for a few more minutes before finally I walked back into the house that the high ranking pack member lived in. Everyone in the pack now called it the rouge den since the only high ranking wolves left were the rouges.

I knew what was coming. Almost immediately, yet for the third time today, I was grabbed roughly by the arm. Spike dragged me to the backyard where there was a post set up. My post. I winced. Getting whipped was not the worst punishment I have gotten, but it was up on the list. Spike coats the whip in silver so I can not heal as fast. It would slow down the healing so that I would feel the wounds for a week instead of days. No words were spoken as he hung my hands at the top of the post so that I was standing up and stuck there. It was a physiological thing Spike liked to do. The post was like a cross and my hands were bound and hung so it caught on the cross part. I wasn't tall enough to get my hands high enough to set me free yet there was always the hope that I could maybe get free, yet that hope was always crushed. My back was too him as I felt his claw at my neck. His claw ripped through the back of my shirt and it fell in tattered pieces to the ground. The lashes came one after another. Each one worse than the last. I lost count as the pain of it was too much. I bit my tongue in order to keep from screaming, but I could not do anything about my face contorting into pain.

The crack of the whip finally stopped, but the pain didn’t.

“I am sick of this Allison. I always give you so many chances. I just want the house to be clean, but you almost never accomplish the simple task. So until our mating, you will remain out here. Rain or shine, day or night, hot or cold. You will stay out here. Two weeks, then we will have to get ready to go to the palace” he says and walks away. Not even unchaining me so I could at least sit down. He expected me to stay standing. I fell limp in my chains. Hands up and my knees not even close to touching the ground. I whimpered. My shoulders would dislocate and pop back into place by themselves, but I can not sleep standing up. I let the pain take me to darkness and slip away to a place with no pain. Welcome to hell. My hell.

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