The Omega

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I couldn’t keep count of the days. The pain in my shoulders have become dull throbbing while they automatically popped in and out of place. I haven’t slept well, and no one has brought me something to eat. I’m starving, It’s not anything out of the ordinary but usually I get at least a piece of bread every few days. This wasn’t the first time the Bastered had staved me like this. I’m guessing he wants me even more skinny for our mating night that was undoubtedly approaching. Although I’m already skin and bones. Last time I was at the doctors I was being treated for a serious injury Spike had given me. I weighed ninety pounds and was five five. That is way too skinny for a werewolf. But there is nothing I can do about it for now. I’m hopeless, at least when I am still unmated.

I may be small and light. That only means I’m fast and agile. When the time comes I think I have enough strength to use a weapon against Spike. But he needs to be weak for that, Spike needs to think I am completely under his thumb. For that I need to become his mate. The thought made me shiver. I was raised to be a Luna since a young age. It is hard for werewolves to conceive more than one or two children even with our life expectancy. So mother and father raised me to become a female alpha. I trained hard, learned hard. I was only a little girl. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. If they didn’t train me hard, I wouldn’t have been able to stay strong when Spike ruined everything. It is hard. But all I have to do is think about the lives of my pack and the life that we can all live once Spike is gone. When Spike came he brought 8 rouges with. We are only a pack with about a hundred or so members. We had about fifty warriors at the time. Now our warriors are induced with wolf bane, a poisons substance that when given enough of you can die. Our warriors are weak, so weak that they would probably just be blood bags if our pack were to be attacked. But even at our weakest no one has tried to attack us.

I am hoping to seek the Alpha king out when Spike brings me to ask for the blessing of our mating. The Alpha king has the biggest and strongest pack in the world. Hence why he is the Alpha king. He will surly take pity on the situation of someone under his rule, won’t he? I hope so. It’s the only plan I have. The other plan I had was if I found my true mate, but as said in lore, that True Mates meet under the circumstances they are needed. Well I have needed my mate since Spike ruined my life and my pack. So I felt like I’ve been doomed with that plan since he hasn’t showed up. Sometimes I have dreams of finding my mate. Him saving me from Spike, saving the pack. But it’s always been a dream. I let out a sigh and notice the sliding door from the house opening to reveal Spike.

“Awww, darling. We will need to get you fixed up and ready before we leave for Russia to see the King. We wouldn’t want him to know how much I love you now would we?” Spike says with enthusiasm. Much to his amusement I don’t reply. “Don’t be like this mate. You are going to a ball after all. Some girls here would kill to be my mate, some would kill to go to the Kings birthday ball. Now come on, let’s get you all healed up,” he says as he releases the chains that bind me. My body Instantly falls to the ground and I let a sigh of relief. My shoulders finally were allowed to pop one last time as they healed back into their rightful place.
Spike lifted me in his arms and carried me to his room. He laid me on his bed and left. Not twenty seconds later did one female doctor come in with another lady. The other lady was a guard that always watched me when my wounds were tended to. She is here to make sure we don’t talk about anything that would lead to an uprising, at least that was always my guess. I narrow my eyes at her. Spike thinks I’m a threat. The ends of my lips twitch upwards. It’s a little victory. I’m a threat because I’m still a Luna. No Omega title can take that away.

“I’m just going to help you take a bath and then wrap and treat your wounds so they will be healed by the time of the ball,” said Karen the doctor. I just nodded as she helped me into the bathroom. “We will need some privacy so you will have to wait outside miss,” was all Karen said to the unknown female. I only care to know my true pack members, not the people who have infested my pack. As soon as the door was slammed in the women’s face, the doctor turned to me. “Luna, we need to clean you up. Come on and let’s get those wounds cleaned,” she said quiet enough for prying ears not to hear. I only nod and undress and get in the bathtub. Nakedness is not a big thing for the pack. When you shift you rip all your clothes anyway. I heard her short intake of breath as I was getting into the bathtub. My back was probably really bad from the silver lashes.
“I’m okay Dr. Karen. It’s nothing that is new,” I said using her full title to give her more appropriate than she probably gets from the rouges.
I lay back and soak in the bathtub. The water is hot but I welcomed any sort of warmth in place of the cold nights I spent hanging outside. My body was thinner than it has ever been. I was all bones. I do not have enough strength to do much. Hopefully I’ll be fed and recover before the ball. When the water turned cool it was already stained brown and red from the dirt and dried blood. I drained the water and showered to wash my hair and face. All better.

“Let’s dress your wounds and get you dressed,” Karen said. When all was said and done I was dressed in a nice white blouse and dress pants. I wondered why I wasn’t in my normal uniform, but I did not want to give it much thought. Before we left Karen came close to my ear. “We stand behind you Luna, not them.” With that she left and returned to the other women’s side.

“We need to prepare clothes for your meeting with the King. I’m here to make sure you look decent enough to call yourself a Luna,” said the women in a snooty tone. She obviously was against the idea of me being Luna. “We are to go into town and to the mall to go shopping. There you will try on and get clothes and makeup to make yourself Luna material.”
I scoffed at that. Looks are not what makes a Luna, but I keep my opinion to myself. Getting outside was a blessing. And I’m not giving up the chance I have.
Lots of pointless, rude comments and swiping of a credit card later I have a suitcase full of clothes that were presentable and one dress in a bag for the Ball. My limited makeup and stuff that had to be explained how to apply, were all in the suitcase too. It was late at night and I was told to wait in the alphas bed for him to return. I know he wouldn’t touch me. I do not know why he doesn’t. I’m sure no one would ever know. But for some reason he doesn’t. Maybe he is scared of the Alpha King. But I couldn’t think about what he was going to do or not. I had to think about if the Alpha King would help me. Why in the world hasn’t the Alpha King interfered already? Would he when I asked him to? I shake my head. I at least have to try. He is my last hope. If not I would have to kill Spike myself, only for me and my pack to be killed by Spikes minions. This situation is shit. I don't even know if I could kill Spike if I wanted to.
“Ahhhh, Little Luna. You’ve been waiting as I asked,” I cringed at the nickname Spike gave me. I hated it. It wasn’t enduring, it was degrading. He was taunting me with my title, and I hated it. “We will leave early in the morning. We will leave without breakfast and go straight to the plane. I will eat on the plane for breakfast, and if your good enough you will be able to to.” My stomach growled at the mere thought of food. I nodded vigorously. I needed energy.
“Is that all Alpha? May I retire to my room?” I asked. Being near him made my skin crawl, after all he’s done to me it’s hard to even stand being civil to him.
“Actually you will spend the night with me Little Luna, I want my sent on you so everyone will know that you are all mine,” he said as he stripped to his boxers. I wanted to puke at the thought of me belonging to someone like him. But I didn’t, and I wouldn’t. Instead I got into his bed and pulled the covers tight to me, ignoring the fact that my clothes were still on. He wrapped his arms around me.

I did not sleep a wink. His loud snores were bad enough, but his arm that has caused me nothing but pain around my waist was unbearable and caused insomnia. When the alarm clock on the bed side table struck six and rang I was relived that I could finally get out of bed. The rest of the time I spent putting on new yoga pants and a plain white shirt. Comfortable for a ten hour plane ride. I hated how the clothes hugged my body and showed off the curves that I didn’t have. But I didn’t have a choice as I was dragged to the car with my suit case in tow. My dress was already there and we were underway before seven thirty.

The plane ride I slept, it was one of the best nap I have ever had. Considering that I slept longer than I usually sleep at night, it was amazing. Spike said that I took too long to get in the plane, so while he ate in front of me, I just slept. He left me alone for once. And for that I was grateful. So even without the food I was grateful for the little peace I had.

I woke up to my ears popping and the plane descending. I stretch out my limbs and wait. No one else was on the plane besides Spike and his Gamma Jason. The others all stayed back. Probably extra precaution in case we got killed. I shivered. If Spike did something stupid enough for him to get us killed, I’d kick his ass in the afterlife. I swear. I’m not strong enough as a person, but as a spirit I’ll kick his ass. I bet my life I would. This time I was not dragged off the plane, I was ushered with a hand on my lower back. Appearances are everything. So when I got off only to get in a limo filled with guys who I assumed were the kings men, I kept quiet and a small smile on my face. I needed to get on the kings good side. I needed him to take Spike down. I needed him to favor me, not that that would take much, if anything at all. It was another hour drive before we arrived to a secluded castle. It was absolutely gorgeous. I stared in wonder as the limo was parked and I was again led by my lower back through so many hallways and stair ways that I got winded and it got to the point where Spike lifted me in his arms much to my distaste. I took a deep breath, counted to ten. Appearances, appearances, appearances. I kept repeating until we finally came to a stop. He set me down as the King guards surrounded him. I went to say thank you to the men when Spikes hand went to my neck and squeezed hard. I winced at the sudden pressure on the back of my neck. His hand went to grab my hair as a warning that he was in control and didn’t want me to say thank you.

“Tell the King I will meet him as soon as I finish up and show my mate the room,” Spike said dismissing the five guards surrounding us.

“Actually the King wants to know of why you decided this visit right away, you know you aren’t welcome here,” one guard spoke up. Spike isn’t welcome here? What happened? “We will make sure she gets settled,” he continued.
Spike looked furious but only gave a slight nod. He gave my hair a painful tug. A warning. And let go and walked off in a direction. He seemed to know his way around the place. I looked at the man. “Thank you.” Is all I say as I look in his eyes. All I get is a nod. I open the door and walk in. Only the guard that spoke up walks in with me. He has my suitcase, and my dress in tow. As he closes the door I hear the mans voice again.
“That man isn’t welcome here,” he says in a gruff voice.
“Well I didn’t know that,” I snap back. Just because Spike isn’t allowed here doesn’t mean he has to act like I’m not either.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make it sound like that. But he shouldn’t be here. You shouldn't be around hi. he's dangerous,” he says more politely.

All I let out is a hum in response.

“Why are you here with him?” He asked, his voice holding and edge to it. Instead of telling him how Spike planned to mate me I ask my own question.

“I need to speak with the King alone at some point. Is there anyway that I could do that without Spike finding out?” I ask as I turn to face him.

“Well, the only time would be at the ball unless he requested an audience with you. I can request to my supervisor to ask the king about it,” he said as he looked at me warily. He knew something was wrong. He just didn’t know what. I needed to keep it that way. If Spike found out I told anyone, one phone call and my pack members are dead, and then I’m next. I can’t take that risk.

“No, thank you. I would rather speak to him at the Ball tomorrow night. Although it would be amazing if you would tell your supervisor if he could make the King aware of my need for a conversation with him,” I said and turned around. Dismissing him. He took the hint and left. I sighed and sat in the bed. Time for the game plan.

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