The Omega

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Royal Ball

I hate being a royal. I hate it even more when I have to leave my peaceful mansion in the middle of nowhere just to go to some stupid ball for my father. But appearances are everything. I love my father, I do. But ever since our family took a turn for the worst I had to get out of there. So as of now I was in my privet plane, waiting for the snow to calm down in the slightest so we could fly and take the few hour plane ride and arrive safely. The blizzard was raging on, as if giving me a second chance to back out and call my father to tell him I can’t make it. Alas I had to go. I am the youngest son of my parents. I only have an older brother called Saul, but he ran away in search of his mate, the madness started to eat at him. My father let him go. We haven’t seen him for ten years. We presume he’s dead or crazy by now. He was supposed to be the King when my father steps down. But after a year of my hundred year old sibling being gone, the kingdom lost hope in him and started to move onto judging me. Studying me. I would be the youngest King in history. I was twenty one years old. Still very young, too young to become king to most people. Yet another reason I do not want to go, people will bombard me with questions regarding my rule, and girls that are mateless will throw themselves at me. I scowled at the thought. Even if I was desperate and mate less, I would never overstep my boundaries and claim some other persons property. They all have mates, as I have a mate out there somewhere. One reason to go to this stupid ball, potentially find my mate. I wonder what she will look like, how she will smell, how she acts. I can’t even imagine. I just hope that she won’t run away from the fact that I was to be King. As much as it attracts girls, it can also repel them, not that I cared about girls like that. I also hoped that she wasn’t power hungry. Another scowl painted its way on my face. The ball was tonight, and it would probably begin before I even got there. Yet another reason for people to question my ability to become king, punctuality. I shake my head. I will not Ever be able to win will I. Fifteen minutes later I am informed we will take off right away. At this point I realized that I should have just ran to the palace. It would have taken longer than a plane ride, but I would have been on time. Should've, could've, would have I guess.

I lay back and get cozy for the three hour plane ride when I get a phone call. Privet plane means that I can do what I want. I get my phone out of pocket and answer it.
“Viktor Ivanov, how can I help you,” I say in English considering whoever I was talking to from anywhere in the world would understand me.
“Viktor, we have a surprise guest,” says my father on the other end. I rolled my eyes. I need to know this why? I don’t care who is there, as long as I greet, smile, and try to win the hearts of the kingdom that will one day call me king.
“And? I should care because?” I say impatiently.
“You should care because it’s your brother, and he brought his mate with him,” my father said, his voice sounding like it came from a robot. My mind went blank. Then it was filled with possibilities. My brother could take the crown still, couldn’t he? The thought made me relived yet disappointed. I want to be king and lead my people and All werewolves. Although I know that Saul was more experienced, had a lot of years of training. He would lead the people more than I ever could, especially with his mate at his side.
“That’s a great thing, isn’t it?” I asked. Curious as to why he was being weary of my brother.
“I sure hope so! My Beta said that one guard assigned to the girl talked with her. She wants to talk with me at the ball. I sure hope all good things and about the preparation of being queen,” he said excitedly. Many people want to meet and talk with the King. Not that big of a deal. But obviously I have a lot more to learn.
“Okay, well I’m arriving in a few hours. I know that’s late, but the snow just let up enough to take off. I will see you soon. You have nothing to worry about father, for now, just be glad he is back. I will arrive soon.”
I’m glad he finally found his mate and had some sense knocked into him. Before he left he practically dry humped every shewolf and it got out of hand. But I can’t blame him. When you don’t find your mate for so long, your wolf side gets restless until one day, it snaps. Ten years ago he was on his way to his breaking point. I’m glad he didn’t reach it.
The rest of the plane rides I was lost in thought. I don’t know what was going to happen to the crown. My brother is back, but I’ve been training for ten years. My brother has just been off finding his mate. Although I know my father will also take in account that a wolf with their mate is a stronger wolf. I don’t have one yet. I’m more dominant than Saul. I’ve known that since I turned ten and Saul and I had an argument over something stupid. He submitted. I know I’m stronger than him. My wolf and the man are stronger. I’m sure if it. My wolf side wanted the crown and to be Alpha king. I on the other hand was more rational.
I finally landed on the castles airstrip and was rushed off the plane. I was already an hour late. My brother just returned home. I needed to meet him and his mate. I also needed to speak with father on who is now taking the crown. I rushed through the gates of the castle and ran into the large ball room. There were people everywhere. Slow music played as people danced and swayed. Drinks and snacks were being handed out. A royal ball. I straightened my suit and put on a smile while looking everywhere. The place reeked of sweaty bodies and alcohol. I looked around and groaned. A masquerade. Really father? How cheesy do these things need to be? I on the other hand did not have a mask. I stuck out like a sore thumb. I just mingled and played the part I was supposed to. I played the part of the soon to be king. I asked about families and wealth and politics. I assured the people of how I would make a great king. Just as father taught me to do.
After an hour I finally stopped and went to get a drink. I couldn’t spot any of the Omegas serving drinks, so I walked to the other side of the room where the drink table was. Half way through I smelt the sweet sent of Roses and lavender. I Stopped in my tracks for a second and closed my eyes. It was an amazing smell. I’m not a flower person. But now I know I could smell that sent all day. It was sweet. Pure. Without warning I charged through the crowd and followed the smell to the snack and drink table. Like I was being summoned to that table. And when I finally got to the source, I froze. All I saw was the back of a women. Rare, fiery red hair that went to her waist was down and demanded attention. It was curly and looked uncontrollable yet it was not frizzy. Her dress was white with little designs of gold from the top down. Before thinking I acted. I grabbed her wrist and turned her to me. I stared. I was in awe. She had freckles dotted over her nose and cheeks. Barely visible but still there. Her cute little nose. Her dark forest green eyes had a ring of gold that demanded attention. Her eyes were wide in shock. I was glad that she wasn’t wearing a mask. Else I would have probably ripped it off of her. I was observing, mesmerizing. Just in case I fell asleep on that plane, I wanted to remember this women. I wanted to know that this is what I want my mate to look like. I could hear her heart flutter and then race. Her breathing became uncontrollable. She started to hyperventilate. Okay, definitely not what I had thought my mates reaction would be. Before she could try to rip her hand from my grasp, I pulled her in close and hugged her to me. Putting both my hands on her lower back and making her face go to my neck. To any outsider it would look like a slow dance, an improper one, but still a slow dance. I rubbed her back lightly until she got control of her breathing. She didn’t say anything, but she didn’t push away either. I smiled. The song ended and I stepped back slightly and bowed and gave her a smile. Her pink plump lips returned one back. My heart caught. I could feel my wolf side push. Wanting to be closer to her, wanting to put our sent in her so everyone will know she is ours. I knew shifting right in the middle of the ball was a poor choice so I let a partial shift. I only allowed my eyes to change. I wanted her to know she had an effect on me. I didn’t know who she was, I didn’t know her name, her favorite color, or her favorite pass time. But I knew deep down that she was mine. My mate. Mine. I took both her hands in mine. They were soft and tiny. I looked in her stunning eyes.
“What’s your name moy tsvetok (my flower),” I said lost in her. Not any specific thing. She just took my breath away.
“Allison,” she said breathlessly.
“Allison,” I said testing the name on my tongue, then I smiled. “Well Allison, I am your mate, Viktor.” I almost face palmed myself. That’s it? That’s all your going to say? I growled a little and frustration only for her to jump and take her hands away. I immediately stopped. I observed her again. Really looking at her. She looked scared. I narrowed my eyes as I looked at her. The dress she wore was a size or two too big. She was very tiny. Not healthy. She was under weight. She needs food. Now. My mind was now revolving around one sentence. Mate needs food. The need to take care and provide for my mate too strong. I immediately run to the table that wasn’t even five meters away and run back in five seconds while shoving through people.
“Eat,” I growl out. I couldn’t help it. She looks at the sandwich before looking at me, then back and forth before she finally takes a bite. Her face turns sour when she swallows her food. “Is something wrong with it Allison?” I ask worried for her wellbeing. Even though there was nothing that could endanger her at this moment while I was right here, I was still on edge. I don’t know why, but I guess it was instinct.
“No, I just don’t like tomato’s,” she said softly. Her voice more beautiful than the orchestras music that was playing to my ears. Perfect. I gave her a smile before taking the sandwich from her and eating the tomato’s before giving it back to her.
At first she had a shocked expression before she started laughing uncontrollably. But just as she had begun she stopped and straightened her posture more. I cocked my head to the side. Is she normally like this? She seems tense and controlled. Focused. She has a reason why she’s here. She just happened to meet her mate along the way. I wonder what she was up to, what rank was she in her pack, what pack was she even from. Before I could even utter a word from my lips her eyes looked behind me and her tight smile turned into a frown.
“I apologize, but I have time for one last dance before I must retire to my room Viktor.”
I wanted to snarl. The thought of her leaving me voluntarily not going well with me or my wolf. But I took a deep breath. I can not keep her trapped in a bubble. But our thin bond was still yet to develop. I tried to reach out to her through the mind link we are supposed to share only to be shoved out. Her mind guarded and locked down like a bank. She was hiding from me. I frowned. “Okay, but first finish your sandwich, then it would be an honor if I could be your last dance of the night,” I said taking her hand that wasn’t holding the last few bites of her sandwich. I started to lead her more through the crowed so we could go more unnoticed while dancing. I didn’t want to have to share her yet. I didn’t want everyone to know until I’ve got to share a few precious moments with my mate in peace. She finally finished the sandwich. I took her slim hand and put my other hand on her waist. Properly dancing. Again no words were spoken. But by the way she was leaning into me I knew she felt our connection already. She wanted me just as much as I wanted her, and I smiled. When the song was over I took her right hand and bowed as I kissed it.
“Thank you for the lovely dance Love, you made my night,” I said hoping to stall her in order to keep her here longer. Hell, if I had my way, she’d be by my side at all times.
“Mine too Viktor, but I have to go,” she said distractedly. Nervous. Again I tried to reach out through the link we share to know what she was thinking but she had it shut down. I don’t know how she had it like that. You can block out your mate, but after a certain period of time it starts to hurt you physically and emotionally. If she keeps this up she’s going to get sick. I frowned. I’ll have to push her to open up the link for her own good.
“When will I see you again mate?” I ask gently.
“I do not know, this complicates a lot of things that are going on right now,” she paused as my face fell. So I’m a complication now. “No, no, no. Not like that Viktor. I want you. I do. I really do. But right now my life is about to get crazy. I don’t want you to be thrown into the crossfire because of me,” she said sincerely. I almost laughed at the fact that she thought someone could hurt me. Was I cocky? Yes, definitely. But she cared. It took all my worries that she didn’t want me away.
“I assume you are staying here overnight?” I asked. She only gave a curt nod as a reply. “Then I will see you tomorrow little Mate,” I say as I wrap my arms around her waist and put my nose in her neck. Smelling her and leaving my sent on her as she was leaving her sent in me. I pulled back and kissed her cheek. “Sweet dreams love.” I say and I let her walk away. Most of me screaming on the inside to go to her, to not let her go. I watched her walk up the stairs. I assumed she was going out of the ballroom until she turned and started talking to my father who appeared to be waiting patiently. My father knew my mate? I immediately started walking all the way to the stairs. The crowed pushing me back and forth as I tried to get through. But by the time I reached the stairs only my father remained.
“Oh finally I run into you Viktor. Your brother retired to his chamber before you got here. He seems to be less social than I remember,” my father said while walking close to me and hugging me. But before he pulled away he whispered in my ear so no one else could hear. “We need to have a word in privet,” is all he said. I looked over my shoulder to see a bunch of media people looking at us with interest yet pretending not to hear in. I roll my eyes. Of course father invited werewolf media. Publicity is good. I shake my head. We both walked silently to his office. Soundproofed for meetings and privet business. When we stepped in he immediately got to the point. “That girl I was talking to, she is your brothers mate.”
Immediately I growled and my nails grew into claws. She was my mate. Mine and mine alone. My father looked at me surprised before realization struck him.
“Oh my. What is wrong with you son?” he asked. “She came up to tell me that she’s not his true mate. It was a very incriminating accusation so I asked her if she was positive that she wanted to tell me this. I didn’t want to believe my own son would force someone to become his mate,” he said, clearly stressed.
I almost lost it. I was hanging on a tiny thread. “They are already mated?!?!” I say, wanting to rip my own brother to shreds. How dare he take what’s mine and force her to mate with him. Then I remember how starved she looked and I lost it. “She’s Mine father. She’s MY mate,” I say. I felt my fur sprouting until I felt comfort roll through me in waves. I closed my eyes. It was coming from her. I knew it was. She still blocked her thoughts, but she pushed comfort through the bond. I instantly relaxed. “That women with red hair that had on the white and gold dress, her name is Allison. She’s my mate,” I say this time more calmly.
“I can see that, now we just need to figure out what to do with your brother,” he said calmly.
The actions of taking a mate by force is punishable by death. When a werewolf wants a mate, they won’t stop. And my brother won’t stop trying to woo my mate. Even if it was revealed that she was my mate. The darkness that consumes mateless wolfs has consumed him. So he probably thinks that in some sick way Allison will fill the other half of his soul. I can’t imagine what my brother has done to her. She looked lighter than the dress she was wearing. She didn’t have any scares that I can see but I bet they are there. Mateless wolves are very aggressive. There wolf sides starting to take over. Mates help keep us males balanced. So we don’t become so aggressive. I thanked the goddess that I found mine so soon. But I was also sad that she has probably went through so much from my brother. But I will protect her. From now on.
I know my father doesn’t want to kill his eldest son, and I know my mother would be against the whole idea. But I will do what I have to. Brother or not he is a danger to my mate, neither my wolf nor me would take that. Me and my brother were never close. I knew it would be a loss of the family, but it was a loss needed to protect my mate. Selfish or not, it’s what is going to happen. I’ll do what i have to.
If worse comes to worse I can turn to the old ways. I can challenge him for my mate. Challenges in the werewolf world were intense. Depending on the challenge, it’s either to the death, or unconsciousness. For mates it’s too the death, for no wolf would give up a mate. Even if they aren’t true mates. And for a title it’s to full submission. Even if they submit before being unconscious, the weaker wolf needs to learn not to challenge people higher in authority and submit to the stronger. If I needed to, I would challenge my brother. And I would win, I have to.
“Father you know it’s too late to turn back for him. We sent him out for a last chance to find his mate, the fact that he hasn’t gone crazy yet is remarkable, but it’s only time before he snaps, and I will not let my mate be on the other end of that. Don’t you see how starved she looked? I could see it even though she was wearing a puffy dress. Father, please. I know he’s your son, but I am your son too, that’s my mate. Brother or not he is messing with what’s mine. This is just how you told us Uncle treated our mother. Do yo understand where I am coming from?” I asked trying to convince him. And I could see using the comparason helped. His eyes blazed up and he let out a growl. Funny what a mate could do to you. Without them you go crazy, but with them you are crazy protective.
“I would kill him, brother or not,” my father said. Now seeing my point. “Okay, but I don’t want to kill him. He’s my son.”
“And he’s my brother. But he has gone crazy, he is breaking the law and taking a mate which is not his own father. He’s taking MY mate father. I will do what I have to do to keep what’s mine safe. Against your wishes or not. He became little to me the moment I realized he is taking a mate that’s not his own, let alone my own mate as his.”
“I understand, do as you must,” he said. I could see the conflict in his eyes. And I understood it. But I was not going to let an innocent soul be tormented anymore. Let alone my own mate.

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