The Omega

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The Kiss

After I spoke with the King I practically ran to my room with one last look at my mate. God was he handsome. I wanted more time with him. But time is one thing that I do not have. I told the King but all he said was it was just nerves getting to me. I rolled my eyes. I need help, and the King said he would give it if he saw Spike mistreating me. I sighed. Maybe my mate would help. I knew that he wanted me, he made that much known. He was so sweet. I wanted to know everything about him. What he likes, what he doesn’t, his favorite food, everything. He was taller than me by at least one foot and then some, he must be around 6' 5". He had a strong yet lean frame with broad shoulders. He had black hair that swept across his face and barely into his eyes. His eyes were a dark blue with a circle of electric blue around the pupil. They were so beautiful I just wanted to stare into them all day. I freaked out when we first met. The situation around me was getting worse. I stayed at the party because when Spike left he promised punishment when I get back, all because I tried to eat a sandwich from the snack table. Apparently I wasn’t allowed the snacks the other guests were offered. When Viktor gave me a sandwich and ate the tomato’s I was enchanted. He also didn’t get mad when I ate it. Then we danced. It was amazing. He was so warm. And cozy. He had a very deep accent. So I assumed he was from here or somewhere that’s not America. He promised to see me again. I smiled a true smile. One of the first in a long time.

I was walking, trying to find my room in this huge castle. I think I’m lost but I wasn’t going to ask anyone and risk getting in trouble. I was walking up a stairwell when I felt immense anger that wasn’t mine. I closed my eyes. Focusing to find the source. I don’t know how, but i knew it was Viktors. Before I could think about what to do, something inside me pushed to him, to comfort him. After a few moments I felt the rage extinguish. Like it wasn’t there in the first place. That was weird. I thought we were supposed to communicate with our mates when we met.

Without speaking a word we are supposed to know each other’s thoughts and feelings. But I couldn’t sense him. I could only sense strong emotions. No thoughts. I frowned. Is there a way to block your thoughts if you want? Is there something he doesn’t want me to know? Is he hiding from me? I shake my head. When the time comes, the time comes. I will deal with that tomorrow. Now I have to get back and plan on how to get the King to see me being mistreated by Spike. I sighed. This is not going to be fun. Before long I stand in front of Spike’s room. I turn the door knob and opened the door. the room was dark. Although I could see Spike passed out on the bed. I go deeper in the room to find a head of what I assume is a women’s hair. I made a face of disgust. A short red dress was on the floor. Of course only Spike would sleep with someone while trying to get our mating approved. Although if this is my “punishment”, better her than me. I went into the bathroom and took off my dress. I hung it up on the bathroom door and grabbed some shorts and a t-shirt from my bag. I grab towels that were laying on the counter and put them in the bath tub. I guess this is where I will be sleeping for the night. I was cold but I didn’t want to get up to grab anything else and risk waking Spike. I just closed my eyes and went to sleep. Dreaming of a pair of dark blue eyes.

Spike acted extra nice at breakfast. He pulled out my chair and pushed it in. He put food on my plate. granted it was not a lot of food, but considering all I ate yesterday a sandwich and a half, I'd take what I could get. I was disappointed to not see my mate. I couldn’t even catch his sent. There were still a lot of people at the castle but most of them are suppose to depart today. Spike said that he had a meeting with the King after breakfast and I was to do as I pleased as long as I didn’t go outside. Apparently it’s a safety risk. But really I think he's just concerned I’d run away. He’s smarter than I thought. I was walking around the palace when I came to a room. There was piano music coming through the door. Without a thought of the repercussions, I opened the door and stepped in. It was a huge library. I looked at all the aisles of books. In the corner there was a radio that played the piano music. I took a whiff of air and smelt old rusty books and some pine and coconut. It’s a weird mixture but it made me relax. I walked towards the pine-coconut smell to a couch that held no one other than my mate. I immediately went to go sit next to him. He was reading a book that I couldn’t distinguish the title as it was in another language.

“Hello my moy tsvetok (little flower),” he said.
“Hi,” is all I could muster out. He closed the book and put it on the table with a small thud. He then looked at me. This is the first time that he would notice how malnourished I was. The light in this room is better than that of the ball room last night. Plus my dress last night was more poofy and hid most of my bones. He had a frown on his lips for a second before he shook his head and stood up. He reached out his hand and I took it. “Where are we going?” I asked as we walked out the door hand in hand.

“I’m hungry, I missed breakfast. And I want to have a snack with you,” he said simply without looking at me. We walked side by side. As equals. My lips tipped up into a small smile. “Besides, I’d rather have my stalker where I can see her rather than where I can’t,” he said teasingly. I scoffed.

“Stalker? Please. Why would I stalk you?” I said as he stopped abruptly.

“I mean, have you seen me?” He said as he continued walking with my hand in tow.

“Cocky much,” I grumbled

“Very,” was his only reply.

I just shook my head and let him drag me through the maze of hallways. When we arrived at a kitchen, he pulled out a chair at the island and walked to the cupboards and started pulling stuff out. I just watched him as he prepared his food. When I looked at the ingredients I realized he was making pancakes.

“Just a Snack aye?” I asked giving a small chuckle.

“I am a werewolf little one, I need my food,” he said chuckling back.

Twenty minutes later he finally made enough pancakes for ten people. The smell was divine. My mouth almost watered. But I knew it wasn’t okay to eat his food. It was his. He made it. He deserved it. He came over and sat in his chair. I expected his plate that was piled high with pancakes. What I did not expect was another plate in his other hand that had two smaller pancakes on it. He placed it in front of me and said one single word. “Eat.” Before he started digging in. While he ate I noticed it was practiced and neat. His back straight and head up. He ate with two hands at all times. Always using his silverware. Strange. For someone to eat so poised and spotless, not normal. Then I remembered he was in a royal’s library. He could be a royal or related to. I smiled about finding something out about my mate, feeling a sense of self confidence since I could figure something out without telling me himself. “Why aren’t you eating Allison, aren’t you hungry?” He asked.

“I ate already,” I said. Not answering his question directly. I’m always hungry. Even after the breakfast I had, it was only a few pieces of fruit. Enough for no one to think that Spike starves me, not enough to fill me after I’ve been starved and fed scraps for ten years.

“That’s not an answer my little mate.” Damn. Thought I’d get away with it.

“You made it, you should get to eat it, you put so much work into it,” I say, trying to make it sound like it wasn’t up for discussion. I knew deep down my mate wouldn’t hurt me, I truly did. But I don’t want to do anything that would upset him. I’ve only ever really been around Spike and the first four. Everyone else steered clear. I don’t remember my parents very much. So I don’t know how a mate is supposed to act. Yes we have mated pairs in my pack, but Spike doesn’t allow them to show PDA in public, only behind their own closed doors. I don't remember the protocol of mates before Spike. Where they allowed to eat what their partner made for them?

“Yes, I made it. But I’m your mate. I want to provide for you, and it would make me happy if you ate what I’m offering,” he explained looking into my eyes. I opened my mouth to protest, but then shut it again. I looked at my food, then back to him. I gave him a small genuine smile before picking up the silverware. I picked them up and looked at him. As if looking for directions. The last time I got to use silverware was when I was eight. And I could never remember a time where I ate in a formal setting. The fruit I ate this morning didn’t required silverware, and the sandwiches were finger sandwiches. All the food I ate at home were bread and scraps, and I only ate when I needed it to get by. I gave the other scraps to the kids. My thoughts drifted back to my mate as he looked at me in confusion. I gave a nervous laugh before explaining.

“I don’t really know how to use these,” I said while holding up a fork and knife. “I make the food and set the table, I don’t eat there per say,” I said vaguely. Trying to keep as much info from him as possible without spiting out the horrible truth.

He gripped his silverware until his knuckles turned white. I gulped. He was not happy. He was angry, furious even. I felt his emotions through the tight bond. How I could describe our bond is like two cans supported by a thin string. You only get the loudest of sounds, in this case, emotions. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be like pipe with a megaphone on the end. All I could do is what I did yesterday, I poured comfort through that thin line. He immediately closed his eyes and relaxed the slightest. After ten seconds of him not opening his eyes I reach over the table and grab his hand to gain his attention. His beautiful dark blue eyes meeting my green ones. His anger has simmered but it was still there.

“Can you teach me?” I asked with a smile. Trying to lighten the mood a bit.

“As you say, so shall it be moy tsvetok (my flower),” he said coming over to the chair next to me instead of sitting across from me. The next half and hour he spent teaching me as we ate. I’m sure it wasn’t the normal thing for normal mates to do, but I would cherish this moment. After he finished his whole plate and I ate two pancakes we cleaned up the kitchen together. I noticed how every time he could he used and excuse to touch me. Like when he needed to go in the same cupboard to put something away, he brushed my shoulder, or when he needed to grab something from my hand so he could put it on a higher shelf, he touched my hand. The tingles I felt were amazing. I had butterflies just being around him. And I loved how free I felt, I can’t remember the last time I actually felt free to say or do what I want. With Viktor, I had that. I knew I had to tell him of my situation soon. We both couldn’t live in this ignorant bliss forever. I just hoped that if the King wouldn’t help me, that Viktor would. I knew he would. He is my mate after all. Currently we were strolling through the courtyard. It was beautiful. All the grass trimmed and bushes all perfect shapes. The trees were almost empty since it was fall. It was beautiful. We talked about ourselves. Nothing too personal. Just random things. He took it in stride when I said that I didn’t know what something was or what my favorite of something was because I didn’t experience it. For instance he didn't get upset when I didn’t know my favorite movie, the last move I watched was Cinderella. At least I think it was. I was eight so I don’t really remember. I learned that his favorite color was green, he loved to go on runs, his favorite movie was called Gladiator. He lived in isolation but wasn’t a rouge. He didn’t go into great detail but I didn’t mind.

“What is your position in your pack,” he asked while I was looking at the colorful leaves on the ground.

“I’m an omega,” I said without hesitation. This seemed to take him by surprise as he stopped walking which subsequently stopped me since my arm was tucked into his arm. He turned to me and narrowed his eyes in disbelief.

“How did you become an omega?” He asked with an edge to his voice. I rolled my eyes. He probably thought that I killed someone or did something treacherous against my pack in order to be demoted.

“I was a coward,” I said as if spitting the words out. “I did something in order to try and protect three children and since I did that, we all got demoted to Omega,” I said trying to be vague yet trying to tell him the truth. I’m not stupid. I know my mate has power, more than Spike. So I’m guessing he’s an Alpha. Or supposed to be. From what I have seen of Spike, Alphas don’t appreciate or care for Omegas. Yet the look on Viktor’s face had me second guessing. He didn’t look disgusted at the title I had or angry that I was a low title. He looked sympathetic and in anguish. Genuine. Something I haven’t seen in a long time. His eyes were burning into mine. Like he was trying to apologize, but he did nothing wrong. I just happened to be in the wrong place, wrong time. Fate works in mysterious ways.

“You deserve better Allison, I’ll make sure to give it to you,” he said pulling me closer and putting his nose in my neck. I blushed. I never blushed. My heart fluttered. My body reacted. I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him back. I pulled back first, starting to get slightly uncomfortable with just standing there. Even if there was no one out here, PDA was never a big thing in my pack. Viktor started leading us again, walking through the garden. My knee length baby blue dress flowing with the wind. It was one of my favorite outfits that I bought. Simple yet elegant. We walked in a comfortable silence until we reached the end of the garden that led into the woods.

“Would you like to go for a run?” Viktor asked suddenly. I looked to him nervously. The last time I went on a run was a little less than a year ago. Spike had us do this stupid game. He releases all the Omegas and allows us to shift. We are then hunted down and used as target practice. Since none of us know anything about fighting, we are as useful as punching bags. Amusement I guess. Once a year. Once a year we can allow ourselves to be free and allow half of ourselves to be free, but the price to pay is to be beat half to death. But all I could see in Viktor's eyes was kindness. He was offering an actual run. I looked back to the forest. Then all at once, I shifted. I do not know if I could have stopped it if I wanted to. It ripped my dress and I looked at the ground and whined. My dress. My paw went on the largest part left. I looked up at Viktor. He was laughing. I just sat and huffed. When he was done he reached to pet my head but I went to go and nip at his hand. ‘That’s what you get for laughing at me mate.’ I think to myself. I wag my tail and lower myself to the ground. I have never acted this playful before, not in either of my forms. I guess that is what mates do, bring out a part of you that you never had. He gently patted my head and tapped my nose before walking behind trees and bushes, probably to actually take off his clothes. Before I knew he was next to me, a huge pitch black wolf was rubbing all over mine. We were becoming accustomed with each other. After a minute I became antsy. I have never got to run just for enjoyment. Even when I was younger I only ran to train. I wanted to run freely. I want to know how it feels. But right when I went to run off, I was on my back with Viktor on top of me licking my face. I gave a wolfish laugh and tried avoiding his tongue. When he finally pulled away we were both grinning ear to ear. Happiness. This is what pure happiness is. We were both too enthralled in each other to notice the footsteps. Once we heard the growl, it was too late. Viktor’s movement was too fast for even me to notice as he jumped in between me and the growl. I stood up walked slowly over to Viktor to see the person where the growl came from. The growl that I’ve heard for ten years. And standing there was Spike. Looking more pissed off than I’ve ever seen him. I swear I saw smoke coming out of his ears. His eyes instantly went to me and his glare washed over me at the same time his power did. I whimpered and wobbled. Trying not to drop my head in submission. I felt Viktors side push against mine as if to hold me up. Support. Sadly that only made Spike even angrier. He took a step towards me before Viktor growled at him again and took one step ahead. It was a staring contest between the two. My mate doesn’t even know who this man is, what he’s done to me, what he’s undoubtedly going to do. I had to remember those kids. They were there with his first four. If Spike said anything to them, they would be hurt, or worse. Killed. I wouldn’t be able to handle that. I looked to Viktor who was still growling at Spike, keeping him away from me. He doesn’t even know the situation and he’s protecting me. I look down. I phase back into my human form. Naked as the day I was born. I put my head down and showed my neck in submission. My hair covered my breasts and to my waist but the rest was exposed. Spike has seen me before. It’s the best way to give beatings, on bear skin. I feel so bad my mate had to see me walk away like this. I started to walk towards Spike. When I was within arms reach he grabbed my arm harshly and pulled me behind him, out of my mates sight. He took off his own shirt and put it over my head. When he turned his back to Viktor and looked at me he had disgust in his eyes. This is not good.

“Shes not going with you Saul,” Viktor says after he changes to his human form. Saul? I mean I never thought Spike was a real name, but it’s what everyone knew him as back home.

“She is going with me Viktor, she’s my mate and I need to settle a few things with her before we go and see father.” Spikes father is here? What the hell was going on? Before any other words could be spoken I was dragged back to the castle. While I was stumbling over my feet I caught a glimpse of Viktor. He was walking away. No glance at me, nothing. Something inside of me shattered. I should have told him, I should have expected this reaction. I lowered my head back down as I was lead to my room. Once we were safely inside the room I was thrown on the floor.

“You dare to go to some other man? You would rather have someone else dick? Huh?” He said harshly. I cringed at his vulgar words. The only way for me to get through this was to be submissive. I needed to play Spikes game. My mate may not want me now, but I was not going to be in Spikes clutches for much longer. I needed to get out of here. But the thought of my mate walking away made my heart clench. He just let me go. With another man. I guess Spike was right all those times that he has said that no other man would ever want me as a mate. Maybe I should just stay with Spike. My mate doesn’t seem to want me, the king isn’t going to help, and Spike still had the people I consider siblings in his control. I look down and show my neck in full submission. My birthday is in five days. I have five days left of being unmated. I was brought out of my thoughts with a hand gripping my chin strongly.

“Pay attention Allison, I will make you regret it if you don’t,” He said with malice. I do not know how I found my strength to speak against him to his face, but words flew out of my mouth before I could think them over.

“You would not dare hurt me in the palace. I know for a fact that someone would walk by and hear my screams, you can't hurt me here,” I say with venom in my voice, even though he still had the bruising grip on my chin. His eyes glinted with something that resembled excitement.

“Is that a challenge, mate?” He says with a knowing smirk. My resolve trembled slightly. Before I could answer He was dragging me by my hair to the bed. The pain in my scalp excruciating. I kicked and was about to let out a scream when some type of rag was shoved in my mouth. I looked up and kept my expression as blank as I could. I guess I deserve this. I ran my mouth when I shouldn’t have. “I take challenges very seriously mate, and if you do not think that even that cloth could keep you quiet then maybe I should give a call to kill those pups you look after? aye?” He asked. Immediately I shook my head. They were my weakness, and he knew that. He gave me a sadistic smile before pulling a shot out of his pocket. My eyes widened as I flinched. I bit on the cloth. I needed to keep as silent as possible. He put it to my neck and I sucked in a sharp breath as he pushed the unknown substance in my neck. He then harshly brought the needle out. I felt the pain of the gash and gasped as I felt some blood trickle down. He brought his lips to my neck and sucked on the gash that he had made. I shivered in disgust which he must have mistook as pleasure as he moaned. I wanted to gag and vomit. He has never done this, never kissed my skin, never drew blood to drink it like done in the bonding ceremony. He was taunting me. I don’t even know if this will affect the bonding ceremony. I was never educated on mates, only before Spike was I allowed pleasures of learning and doing things of my own free will. He gave my skin a nip as he pulled back, I looked in his eyes and I did let out a muffled scream. His eyes were a wild black. A sign of a crazed wolf. Spike is out of his mind, which is nothing new. But black eyes show the fact that the human part of this body is no longer there. Or if it is, it is almost none existent. It makes the Spike more wild, less predictable. Not good. He hovered over me and attempted to put his lips to mine as I moved my head trying to avoid them. He was not going to be my first kiss, I was not giving up on escaping until he physically made it impossible for me to, and even then I would fight. I met my mate for heaven sake. What god did I piss off to the point of punishing me through Spike.

My mind wandered back to my true mate. Suddenly I stopped fighting as I whimpered. He walked away when I needed assistance. He left his mate alone with another man. Unclaimed and with a crazed unmated wolf.

I did not get another second to dwell in my self pity as lips were smashed to mine. Instantly I gagged. It was slimy and gross. It got even worse when his tongue slipped past my lips. He tasted like sewage. It was absolutely mortifying. This man has seen more of my body than a anyone who is not my mate should. He has put scares on me. Maybe not many physically. But mentally. And unlike the physical ones, mental ones never heal. And the physical ones stay as reminders for a few years before they finally heal. I gathered the strength to bite his tongue and push him off of me. I ran to the bathroom and retched up what little was in my stomach. As I was vomiting I heard a knock at the door in the main room. I tried to listen in but all I could hear is Spike.

“Now? My mate is feeling a little under the weather. Can’t the kings approval wait until tomorrow?” Spike said.

I shivered. He didn’t want to leave me. He wanted to stay and punish me. More than he wanted to go and get the permission so he could bring me home and mate me. I have four days. I just need more time. I still need to convince the king to save me. My mate did not seem like an option. Then as that thought crossed my mind I puked again until I was dry heaving. I felt like I cheated on Viktor, even though we aren’t technically together. He was still my mate. And I still felt that pull. I cant believe he can’t feel it.

“Allie, I need to go speak with the King. I do not think I will be back tonight. He invited me to go hunting and to spend the night in the mountains,” he said as he appeared in the doorway of the restroom. His eyes squinted at me in what I thought was disgust. But his tone kept a false softness to it. “You are so sick that I think you should stay in here,” He said but I heard the underlying threat. Someone must have been in the room or just left and are in hearing distance. All I did is nod. He took that as my obedience and left. I heard the door to our room shut softly and sighed. I laid on the floor. My body tired and emotions fried. This was too much. When the door opened a minute later I thought that maybe Spike had come to finish what he had started.

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