The Omega

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The Kidnapping

I turned. My form still slightly slouched over the toilet. Standing there in the door frame was my true mate. He looked shocked for a second before he rushed over to me. He didn’t say a thing as he turned on the bath while touching my forehead.

“Damn it Allison, your burning up. What is wrong with you?” He asked. But it sounded more like he was asking himself. “Come on. Lets get you to lay down,” he said gently as he laid me down on the fluffy rug that was in between the toilet that I had been throwing up in and the bathtub that was filling up with water. He left the bathroom only for a second to come back with a bath towel, robe, and a pill. I have no idea why he would have medicine, for it has no affect on werewolf. But as he gives it to me and grabs a glass of water to bring to my lips. I swallow it to appease him. He lifts me up to sit on the counter and brushes the hair out of my face.

“My love, I need you to take a bath okay? It’s cold and should feel good on your scorching skin. I will be out in the room waiting for you. Okay Allison?”

I just gave a nod. He left and my thoughts bombarded me. I was confused. I was happy he came back for me, but confused as to why he left me in the first place. I guess I held some sort of resentment from the fact that he wasn’t there to protect me after he left. I sighed and lowered myself into the tub. The freezing water felt amazing. I don’t know if I am sick, as far as I know, werewolves don’t get sick. Unless you are pregnant. But I know for sure I am not pregnant. Maybe Spike kissing me pushed me over the edge. I laid in the bath until the water turned warm against my skin. I got up and felt drowsiness and dizziness wash over me. I stumbled out of the tub and dried myself off. I put the bath robe on. I walked out of the bathroom only to be rushed to the bed. My mate gently laid me down on my back. My eyes started closing on their own accord. I was struggling an internal battle in order to stay awake.
“Don’t fight it Love. Just sleep, you need it desperately,” he said while caressing the side of my face.
“W-w-what did you give me?” I asked, too sleepy to actually care.
“I gave you a tranquilizer of sorts that royals use as sleeping pills. Do you know why you got sick?” He asked gently.
I lazily opened my eyes as a from graced my face. “Spike kissed me, he- he almost....... he threw me on the bed,” I replied while closing my eyes. I was barely hanging onto consciousness by a thread. I heard a possessive growl and with the last of the strength I possessed I lifted my hand to cover his large one that was laying on my cheek. His growl immediately stopped.
“Sleep Angel.” Was the last thing I heard before drifting into oblivion.

I feel so bad. My mate was lying unconscious in my arms as I rushed to my own room in the castle. I know that in order for me to get her on the plane to my home safely I needed her to be unconscious. Because I knew that if she was awake she would freak out. If my mate was freaking out while this stealth mission then I would never get her past the castle.

What lead to this mission was a surprise to me. It made me angry just thinking about it. Right after I was out of my brothers sight after walking away from my mate, I sprinted to my room to pack my things and think of a plan to get me and my mate safely away from my brother. Before I even finished packing I felt my little flowers fear and desperation. I immedietly sped walk to my fathers part of the castle, so I would not catch too much attention from the staff and guests left over from the party. It took about five minutes and I could feel my mates anguish but there was no feeling of fear. It was not much better but at least she wasn’t in any danger. I was ready to barge into my fathers study and take action against my brother through my father, but right before I ran into the room like a chicken with its head cut off, I saw my brother walk in. I stood there for a second in shock. I stealthly walked up and put my ear on the door.

“Papa, I know what brother is saying and accusing me of, but think for two seconds. If that girl wasn’t my mate, then why am I not dead yet? or crazy? He could just want the crown papa. I knew this would happen when I came back. That is why I waited until she was of age. The less time Viktor would have to take my place, I did exactly as you asked,” I heard Saul say. I was beyond angry. But my father had to believe me, didn’t he?

“Oh trust me son, I know. But I did not excpect your mate to be on it as well, she must have a little thing for your brother, I would be sure to take care of that as soon as possible before you guys are mated forever. She came up to accuse you of taking her as a mate against her will, although I highly doubt that would ever happen.

When I made it to the room I went in without knocking and followed the noises to the bathroom to find a sight that broke me. My mate was leaning over the toilet and sick. Immediately I formed the operation in my head. I would give her a tranquilizer that werewolves use as heavy sleeping sedatives. Then I would bring her to my home where I and my followers could keep her safe.

It is true that I don’t have a pack per say. But people live in my castle on the mountain. People who consider me their alpha and protector. I just need to make sure they are willing to keep my little mate safe. The moment I leave this castle with Allison is the moment I go rouge. Not literally of course since I am still an ‘alpha’ to my pack. Although my father will make it his mission to get my mate back and maybe with my head on a platter to serve to my older brother. I suddenly wonder what my mother has to think of this. Does she know anything about this?

Ever since my brother left I have not been as close to my mother. The only time we ever saw each other was at royal parties. Otherwise I was always swept up by my father for training. I quickly shook my head. Now was not the time to get stuck in memory lane, now was the time to get my mate out of here.

I scooped my princess up in my arms and turned out of the room. I rushed to a hidden stairway and started descending into hidden tunnels that I use to play in as a kid. I was swiftly walking to where the helipad sat with my own helicopter and trusted pilot. He knew little about the situation but he did not question me when I said to have the helicopter ready for take off. I knew his loyalty to me was as good as a pack member to their alpha because he was the pilot that brought me here and a part of my pack. When I finally reached the helipad I heard alarms ringing throughout the castle.

“Start it up!” I yelled to the pilot. Without another word he started hitting buttons and flipping switches while talking in to his earphones. When I got into the helicopter and safely secured my mate I put on a head set and told him to take off. I looked down at my sleeping mate and brushed some of her red curls out of her face. Once we started to leave the ground I saw people running to the helicopter, but before any of them could do anything drastic, we were already to far away. I turned my attention to the pilot.

“I am sorry to have to put you in that situation,” I said, yet I felt no remorse in trying to keep my mate safe.

“It is not a problem Viktor, who is she anyway? I saw her with your brother at this mornings breakfast. I do not want to step out of place but he treated her like a mate,” He said cautiously.

“She is my mate, he was trying to claim her. I had to get her out of there,” I said calmly. He just gave a nod of understanding. He had his own mate at home. He knew the lengths he would go to keep her safe.

I turned back to my mate. The amount of medication in that pill should last her at least until we arrive to the castle. We were going to land soon in a field where an aircraft would be waiting to take us home safety. I do not know exactly how long she will be out, but I know it will be for a long while, with her body mass and a pill that knocks out strong men, she probably would be out for a few hours.

I strapped in and held my mates hand while petting her hair. This was going to be a long travel.

We arrived at my castle. It was not as grand as the royal castle but It was home to me and at least a hundred followers of mine. I knew they would protect my mate with their life if need. I just laid my mate down when the doors to my chambers were slammed open. I turned, ready to shout at the person who dare to disrupt my mate while she was unconscious. Yet there standing in the door way was non other than my best friend since we were kids. Alexei. We were brothers really. He is my father’s beta’s son. We have practically been inseparable since we were kids. I went up to him and gave him a hug.

“How are you doing Alexei,” I asked. Since I left he has been handling everything here. We sure had a lot to talk about.

“I have been great Vik, who is this pretty thing,” He asked curiously.

“Don’t get any ideas, shes taken. She is my mate,” I said while grabbing his arm and dragging him out of my room as I closed the doors. “And I would rather not wake her now, the longer she is asleep the better. She will probably bite my head off when she wakes up,” I say while letting go of his arm. I continue to walk to my office that was on the same floor as my bedroom. As soon as I reach it I call the person who piloted the plane and told him to meet me at my office when he was done getting everything put away properly.

“Damn, what did you do man? Can’t be anything too bad if she fell asleep near you,” He said while laughing. I shot him a glare while I looked over all the paper work on my desk. I did not miss too much in the past three days that I have been gone, yet there was a lot to be done.

“I drugged her to get her here, else she would have been a liability in getting her out of the castle.”

“So let me get this straight, you kidnapped her in order to get her to come here?” he asked skeptically.

“You can say that, but there is more to the story. She was in danger, so I brought her here,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Care to elaborate?”

Just as I was about to answer the door opened and in came Tate as requested.

“Tate, perfect timing. I need you to go into my room and watch my mate, I need to know the moment she wakes up. But I also need to handle some paper work that has piled up. Just give me a call when she wakes up.”

“Yes sir,” is all he says as he leaves.

“So do you care to elaborate why your mate is in danger? I mean what are we up against here?” Alexei asked again as he put his hand down on the desk. I just looked up impatiently.

“I do not quite know all the details yet, all I know is that we can not trust my father or my brother. That is all anyone here needs to know for now, so if you could it would be great if you could spread the message and I will finish this paperwork you so kindly left for me,” I said as I motioned to the door. He walked towards it and as he was about to close it he opened his mouth.

“Great to see that even she hasn’t changed pompous attitude,” He said laughing before he closed the door.

I sighed to myself and ran a hand down my face. What is our next move. Stealing her was practically declaring war with the Alpha King and my brother. It’s me and my pack against the world. Those odds do not look good. I shake my head.

I finished the stack of paper work and thought about our options. I walked over to the window and looked at the stars in the sky and frowned. My mate has almost been asleep for twenty four hours. Usually it knocks a werewolf out for eight hours, or in smaller doses less. Just as I was pondering this I heard a scream. I turned and listened for another moment. When there was another scream and the sound of glass breaking I ran towards my room. I slammed open the doors to the room to see my mate not in my bed. She was standing in the corner. The bedside lamp was shattered on the ground beside Tate. Tate was walking slowly towards her as if she was a scared cat.

“Tate, I would advise you to step away from my mate,” I said. The tone of my voice was light but had an undertone that held a underlying threat. “You were suppose to call me right when she awoke, what happened?” I said as I slowly approached her. She was still in the corner with her eyes trained on Tate.

“She woke up and before I could even get a word out she threw a lamp at me. I did not have time to catch the lamp, let alone to call you before she went all rabid dog on me,” He said exasperated. He backed away from my mate. I then turned all my attention on her.

“So you threw a lamp, moy tsvetok (little flower)? I didn’t know you had it in you?” I said with a chuckle. Trying to avert her attention to me. It worked as her eyes suddenly struck to mine. My attention was then turned to the the letter opener she must have grabbed from the bedside table in her hand. My lips turned up into a smile. Shes feisty.

“So you kidnapped me Viktor? I did not take you as the desperate kind of guy,” she said. Her lips turned up into a tight lipped smile as she still held the letter opener.

“Maybe you can give me the letter opener and we can discuss how desperate for you I actually am,” I said walking even closer to her. At this point we were only a meter away. I knew she wouldn’t try anything with the letter opener. At least with me. “Come on Angel, just set it on the floor and we can talk. I can stand right here if it would make you more comfortable. Tate can even leave the room,” I said in a calming manner. Tate took that as his cue to leave and I heard the door shut quietly. She slowly leaned against the wall and slid down it until she was sitting on the floor. But she still did not let go of the letter opener, it wouldn’t do much damage anyway, but I was still curious if she actually thought I would hurt her. I checked over her once again and saw the bags under her eyes and how she was shaking slightly. I started to walk closer until she pointed the letter opener at me. Her green eyes glaring. I gave a chuckle.

“If you could wield that thing it still wouldn’t do any damage to me. Considering that you did not even know how to use silverware I would say you have no shot against me little one.” She seemed to be weighing her options. I could practically hear the gears turning in her mind as she looked around the room for a possible escape route. I shook my head as I held my hand out for the letter opener. She looked into my eyes and shrugged.

“Aye it was worth a shot,” she said as she held it out for me. Right when I was about to grab it she dropped it. As I instinctively reached to grab it she ran out my door. I gave a light laugh as I put the dull blade on the bed side table and calmly walked out of my room. I could feel her presence. Our bond was a little bit more open and even if it was not quite like it was suppose to be, I could still sense her. She is smart, she knows she could not blindly escape, no she would not go looking for an exit. She would either go looking for a person to help her or she would hide. She is a clever little thing, I’ll give her that. I kept walking down the same hallway before I stop suddenly. I turn slightly to see the wind blowing at a curtain. No way. We do no open the windows. Shit. I go running at the window and look out to see my mate sitting on the ledge swinging her legs. It was about a ten story drop from this part of the castle. Is she crazy!!!

I took a deep breath and looked at her. Her hair was crazy. It was flowing in the soft wind. Her eyes practically glowed in the moonlight. It was beautiful, until I considered that she could fall at any moment. I leaned out of the window a little more in order to get a little closer to her. If she fell she was close enough that I could grab her arm. As I was about to say something she broke the silence first.

“This is peaceful out here. I see why you live out here, but why live so far away from the castle and your family,” she asked as her big eyes turned to me. She turned her body towards me just a little bit so only half of her butt was sitting on the ledge. She was making more nervous by the second.

“How about you come back inside where it is warm and safe. Then you can ask me all the questions you want,” I bargained.

“Or how about you answer my question,” she said with a teasing undertone to her voice. I groaned.

“moy tsvetok, please come in and then I will tell you every little thing you want to know, you are not safe out there. Please?” I plead.

“Why am I not safe? You are standing right there and I know you could catch me. But since you asked so nicely I guess I can do as you say just this once,” She said as she started to scoot more towards me. I sighed in relief as she grabbed the window ledge. Before she could even throw one leg in I grabbed her waist and lifted her in myself and pulled her to my body.

“Do not do that lisichka (little fox), you scared the hell out of me,” I said into her hair.

“Well then don’t drug and kidnap me without giving me some sort of warning, because quite frantically you scared the hell out of me. Waking up in a place I don’t know, in someones bed, with some weirdo staring at me is a little creepy, just a smidgen,” she said sarcastically while pulling away and using her fingers to exaggerate her point.

“Deal krasavitsa (cutie),” I say as I put my hand over my heart.

“And for Pete’s sake I do not know what you are saying, can’t you throw your mate a bone and help a girl out? I mean I do not even know if you are saying anything bad,” she said while laughing.

I was in awe. She was never this laid back at the other castle. Was it because of my brother? The thought was unpleasant. “I can assure you love, I would never say anything bad about you. Now how about you let me take care of you. Let us get you something to eat and I will answer your questions as I promised?”

“I would say that sounds like a great plan to me, I am starving. How long have I been asleep anyway?” she asked innocently, but I knew she was also digging for information.

“How angry would you be if I told you I gave you too much medicine and you were asleep for about a day,” I said testing the waters.

“Well my dear mate, be glad that I have other questions that I have to ask or I would be furious enough to use that letter opener I had earlier,” She said calmly as I lead her down the stairs to the kitchen.

“Yeah, I guess I better change my name to lucky luke. Oh and it’s a great thing I ate my lucky charms this morning, that probably helped,” I said while looking down at her.

“Sweetie please, I am going to need you to put you last few remaining brain cells together and work with me here to answer my questions can you do that?” she asked sweetly.

“Yeah I can do that," I grumbled lowly as we continued to the kitchen.

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