The Omega

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The Razor

I was happily munching away on the sandwich that Viktor gave me. It was filled with melted cheesy goodness. Meanwhile Viktor was telling me how we got here. Although he has been keeping the why part a secret. Why? Who knows, but right now I am ready to eat everything I can.

By the time I ate three sandwiches, my stomach was full and I know how I got her. But again, the why is not quite clear yet. But I was not going to push my luck. As I finished my last sandwich I went to plop down on the couch. As Viktor sat beside me I rested my head on his lap and looked up at him.

“Do you promise you won’t drug me again?” I ask. I do not like not being aware of what is around me. Spending so much time with Spike and his punishments made being unconsciousness a blessing, but being involuntarily drugged is not my most favorite thing in the world.

“Only if you promise to stay here with me,” he said with a smile.

At that moment three faces flashed through my mind and I sat up quick and stood up.

“Oh my god! The kids! He’s going to kill them! Or torture them! Viktor, those kids can not die!” I all but screamed.

“Shhhh. Calm down. What kids? Where? Why would they die?” he said as he stood up with me and rubbed up and down my arms in order to calm me down.

“From Spikes pack, I saved them. Spike will kill them if I am here with you. I know he will,” I said burying my face into his shoulder. They could be dead at this very moment because of me, because I am here happy while they are still in that hell hole.

“Who is Spike? Hold on moy tsvetok (my flower). Slow down and tell me everything. I need to know what is going on,” he said soothingly as he sat us back down on the couch with my head still in his shoulder. I pulled back a little and took a breath.

“My parents were the Alpha and Luna of a pack. One day when I was eight, my pack was attacked by a few rouges. They killed my mother and in turn killed my father. At the time of the attack I was with my mother and three other kids. I took those kids and ran. Spike saw that as a weakness to the pack and said that being a cowered would have consequences. He then gave me a choice, make all four of us rouges or have all of us become Omegas. It was hardly a choice at all. The rouge that killed my parents then turned into our new Alpha, his name is Spike. Or I guess you know him as Saul. At least that is what you called him in the garden yesterday,” I said quietly. “He always held those kids above my head. He will kill them if he knows I’m gone,” I said dejectedly.

“I’m pretty sure I took care of that love, or at least bought us time. Enough time to figure out a plan to get them out before Spike will hurt them,” He said.

I could feel my eyes light up as my face turned hopeful.

“Really Viktor? Are you serious?” I asked on the brink of jumping for joy. We can save them.

“Yes, but I can not make any promises love,” He said with a frown.

“Wait, why not. You said it yourself, we have time to figure something out,” I said while tilting my head to the side.

“Yes darling, but I can not guarantee anything, but I can guarantee that we will do everything we can to save them. That I can promise you.”

“Okay, I just can’t lose them Viktor,” I said looking down.

“I know little one, but I can’t loose you,” he said while lifting my chin up.

We were both lost in the moment. But right when Viktor started leaning in a voice interrupted the silence.

“As sweet as this moment is for you Vikky we need to talk,” said a gruff voice. I turned to see a man who has military buzzed brown hair with matching brown eyes. He was leaning against the wall, it was suppose to look casual and relaxed but he looked anything but. He looked calculated, like he was planning his words carefully. He had a facade, and that made me instantly distrust him.

“Alexei, can this not wait until tomorrow?” Viktor asked.

“I need to know what is going on Viktor. Your name is being splattered all over the TV and being broadcasted throughout the entire world as far as I know,” Alexei said irritated.

“We can talk about this later, I just need some time to think on how we should go about this,” Viktor said calmly.

“How are you not freaking out Viktor! They are ruining your name and practically putting your name and face on a wanted dead or alive poster. All for stealing some girl that is your brothers mate?”

A massive growl came from Viktor and I jumped away from where I was in his arms. Now I was standing helplessly behind Viktor.

“You better watch it Alexei. You do not know the whole story, and I would hate to have to rip off my best friends head. So I am going to say this once, and only once so get this through your skull. She is my mate, my brother is claiming her as his mate but she is mine. That is all you need to know for now. If I hear another word claiming otherwise you will regret it. Is that clear?” Viktor said getting closer and closer to Alexei with every step.

“Yes Alpha,” Alexei said while bowing his head and showing submission to Viktor.

“Good, now I will discuss everything with you tomorrow. But for now I need to look after my mate, so you are dismissed,” Viktor said while waving his hand in the air, effectively dismissing Alexei. He then turned back to me and started walking towards me. With every step he took forward I took one backward. He would kill his own friend? That is not what friends do. I was not scared, but really confused. Is this how my mate normally acts? if so it is horrible. He always acted civil with other people and sweet to me. But is that how he treats people really close to him? Is that how he is going to treat me once we are close? I started to look around for an exit.

" I may not be able to hear your direct thoughts yet mate, but I know when you over think things. What is going on in your head my little Angel?” He asked while still trying to approach me.

“You said you would kill him, but he is suppose to be your friend. Are you always so mean to your friends?” I ask while still backing up until my legs are stopped by the back of a sofa.

“That was not mean per say. He was putting his nose in something that wasn’t his business and I needed to show him that I would not have him disrespecting you like he did. If I let him blatantly disrespect you, in front of you no less, what kind of mate would I be?” He asked as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.

“But I do not want you to be mean to people just because they are scared of something. I do not think he meant to offend me, he was just trying to protect his friend,” I said. I did not want him to do anything that he would not have done without me here. I do not want him to change.

“But if I thought in your logic Angel, then when would it end? He may be my friend but we are wolfs, if one person finds a spot where they can keep pushing us without retaliation, then we will eventually fall over. It is the same with authority in this case. Even if he is my best friend, he needs to know that I have a line, and he crossed it. He also needs to learn to not cross that line again.” I only nod my head as he closes the distance between us. “You have a good head on your shoulders, but you are still a little uneducated little mate. We will need to fix that. With the type of kindness you hold princess, people will take advantage of it,” he said as if correcting a mistake I made.

I shook my head. “Sometimes people need kindness Viktor,” is all I said. And I left it at that. We stood there staring at each other for a few seconds before Viktor broke the silence.

“You should get some sleep Angel. I know you slept for a day but I’m sure some of those drugs are still in your system and it is night anyway,” He said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me with him. I was about to say something about bossing me around but lost the courage, I will save that fight for another day. As we got to the room I originally woke up in, I looked at where the shattered glass was before, only to see nothing there. Before I could even form the question Viktor said he sent someone to come and clean it up. I laid down in the bed only for Viktor to get in next to me. I immediately sprang up and looked at him in disbelief.

“What in the world are you doing?” I ask.

“I was about to go to sleep with my mate by my side. What else would I be doing? Buying a unicorn? Now get back here” he said in a teasing tone. I went to the couch that was in the room and grabbed the throw pillows and blanket that were there. “What are you doing?” He asked but I did not respond. I went back to the bed and used the four pillows and thick blanket to make a wall in between us. “You do know that I have a lot of self control?” he asked skeptically.

“I highly doubt it,” is all I said before I went back into the bed, my head turned towards his.

“You are probably right, but come on, give me something,” He said practically whining like a child. Before my brain had processed my actions I put my hand through a little hole in the wall between us and grabbed his hand.

“Better?” I asked

“Way better. Hey, you wanna see something cool?” He asked and took his hand away from mine before I could even reply. He clapped his hands twice and the lights in the whole room went out. Before I freaked out because I couldn’t see anything I felt his hand go back to mine as he squeezed my hand. “Now get some rest Love, tomorrow will be a long day,”

I closed my eyes but not a minute later a question popped in my head and would not get out. “Hey Viktor?”


“If you see my kindness as a flaw, why are you so kind to me yourself. I mean you think everyone will take advantage of kindness, then why am I any different than your friend?” I ask as I move to lay on my back. I waited for twenty seconds yet no answer came. I was about to repeat the question when my mates sigh broke the silence.

“I did not mean to imply earlier that your kindness is a flaw Angel. I only ment to explain my actions. And how I know you wont take advantage of me is because you are different than Alexei or anyone here. And that is a good thing, always remember that. And I will never treat you as I do everyone else because you aren’t like anyone else. Does that answer your question?”


“Good night little one,”

“Good night Viktor,” I said as I yawned and closed my eyes. Not five minutes later I was already drifting off into a peaceful slumber.

I woke up to the sun seeping through the curtains. I stretched out like a cat and bathed in the warmth. Usually at Spike’s I was always sleeping with the other children in the basement of the Omega house. There were no windows or even beds really, just a few sheets and pillows and a cement floor. I looked at the wall that was between me and my mate and screamed as I saw Alexei staring at me from where Viktor fell asleep. I jumped from the bed and took two steps away from him.

“Why are you in here?” I ask curiously. Surely Viktor would not leave me alone with the guy who supposedly insulted me last night right?

“Well I was told to watch you, I am sure this is not exactly what Viktor meant, but I wanted to know what all the hype was about.”

“Well you have no right to be in here,” I scoffed and turned towards the door.

“I would take a shower first, I mean, you absolutely reek, when was your last shower snowflake?” He asked as he plugged his nose. I almost blew up and started yelling at him, but then I heard a whisper in my mind.

Why are you so upset, love is all I heard as my whole mind felt like it was exploding. The bond felt like it was wretched open suddenly and all Viktor’s emotions were suddenly running through me as were his thoughts. I held onto the wall as Alexei started to walk towards me, he looked like he was saying something but I couldn’t hear him, I was too busy trying to figure out why the bond opened now, and why it was so sudden. Without a second thought I reached out to Viktor.

The bond is hurting me, is all I get out before the bond is close to shut again from his side.

Better? I hear Viktor ask.

Much, I was angry because Alexei scared me half to death when I awoke and made a snarky comment on how I smell. I could hear the whine in my voice even though it was through the bond.

Awwwww, you poor baby, he said teasingly. I just ignored him and walked past a dumbfounded Alexei into the bathroom. I closed the door and looked into the mirror. I did look like a mess. My hair was a poofy mess and my makeup that was on the day I was taken away was all over my face. The pj’s I was wearing under the robe looked wrinkled to no end. All and all I looked like a mess. I could still feel Viktor in the back of my mind and I felt a little self conscious about getting into the shower. He has seen me naked before, he probably has even notices the scars that lined my back still from my recent whipping. And even though nakedness has never been a big deal to me, this time was different. I never have really wanted a guy to like my body before, and I guess that it made me more self conscious with my mate.

Don’t worry love, if you need some time alone I can do that, as long as you promise to contact me when you need me, says Viktor as I jump in surprise.

Thanks, I say as my mind suddenly turns into an empty space. The bond was like there was a door I could open if I needed to but otherwise it was closed. I stripped after running a brush that was on the sink through my snarly hair. I hopped into the shower and watched as the water that came out Crystal clear and turned to mud and grime as it went into the bath tub below. It was refreshing. I used some bottle of soap that had a picture of a man that had bubbles in his hair and I assumed this specific bottle was for the hair, and one of the many bottles must be body wash. I searched through the labels. There was also a handheld device that I saw in my pack, it was in the showers of the males in the pack house. It had four sharp looking blades. After I rinsed out the soap from my hair I picked it up curiously, I never really got to hold one unless I was moving it in order to clean. It looked more like a weapon, so why was it in the shower. I tested it by running it along a part of my legs. It took off all the hair there. I stared at it in amazement. What is this. I did not know you could actually remove the unattractive hair on your body. I put it down and decided to try more when I was done washing the rest of myself. After that I picked it up and did it again but this time the blade slipped fast up my skin and left a burning sensation. I tilted my head to the side curiously as blood started running out of it.

“Shit, way to go Allison,” I mumbled to myself as I tried to stop the blood. The cut only reached from my ankle and up my calf for about a foot. Now the water was turned a light red from the blood. For a little cut it was sure was bleeding obsessively. After a minute of waiting for the blood to at least slow down but to no avail. I sighed and turned off the water as there was a pounding at the door.

“malysh (baby), I smell your blood, are you okay? Can you open this door please?” I hear Viktors voice from the other side of the door but I did not dare step out of the shower.

“Unless you want your bathroom to look like a murder happened in it, I have to stay in the shower Viktor,” I said trying to lighten the mood, I did not want him to be mad at me for doing something I wasn’t suppose to do. So I did what I did best, stayed out of the way and tried to not make a huge mess while I did it.

“Okay Allison, I want you to listen carefully. Can you do that for me?“I nodded before I realized he couldn’t hear me and gave him a timid yes. “Okay, OPEN THE GOD DAMNED DOOR,” he roared. I practically jumped out of the bath tub and scrambled to grab a towel and go to the door to unlock it.

“Jeez, a please would have worked too,” I said a little apprehensively. He looked me up and down at my leg and then he started busting out laughing. “Ummmm, I am not a whole expert on this mate thing but aren’t you suppose to be, I don’t know, upset about your mate bleeding and not laughing?” I asked generally confused.

“Yeah, well,” He said trying to compose himself but to no avail. He laughed for another good fifteen seconds before he finally calmed down in the slightest. “It is just funny on how you cut yourself, that’s all little mate. You are a curious little kotyonok (kitten) aren’t you?” He asked teasingly as he went into a cupboard and grabbed some gauze. I huffed as my cheeks flushed from embarrassment. It’s not my fault, I saw something and wanted to try it. It made me sad that I messed up enough that my own mate would laughed at me. “Awww little mate, don’t be sad, I will explain a little more later okay? The bleeding should stop soon after I get it wrapped up and should heal up nicely in no time. Yeah?” He asked as he focused on my injury. I just huffed in response, to which he only laughed more as he wrapped my leg in a thin layer of gauze. He pulled me off the counter and hugged me to his chest. “Darling, you need to understand that this is all new to me, and the fact that you tried to use my razor is a little funny, let alone the fact that I have cut myself on that thing more than a time or two,” He said lightly as he gently hugged me.

“You need to understand that I do not understand a lot of things either, this is all new to me. Therefore I need you to throw me a bone once in a while,” I said as I straightened out. I wasn’t upset at him as much as I was at myself. I am not use to doing something wrong. I walked out of the bathroom only to hear a low growl and then feel myself being pulled back by Viktor.

“Alexei is out the little one,” He said deeply.

“So? I need to get dressed,” I said as I pulled against the arm that was holding me back.

“Yes moy tsvetok (my flower), but you can not go out there in front of him like that,” He said as he pulled me tighter to his chest.

“Why not?” I asked as I stopped fighting and turned to my mate. In my pack it was normal to be naked in front of others. It does feel different and makes me more self conscious to be naked in front of Viktor, but it is not like he hasn’t seen it all before. I cocked my head to the side as Viktor opened our bond so I could feel his emotions more clearly. I gasped at the anger that was practically radiating off of him. I took a step back, he was really angry. Almost as angry as Spike use to get.

“You feel that little one? That is how I feel when I even think about another male other than me seeing you like this. Now I am going to get you clothes and you will wait here,” He said as he left to grab me clothes. I swallowed that information. It made him angry for other males to see me practically naked, noted. I walked to the door an peaked my head through the door. I saw Alexei standing in the cornor of the room staring at what I assumed to be a closet that Viktor disapeared to. As soon as my head came into his view his gaze snapped to mine. He smirked.

“Aye Vikky, it looks like you have an insubordinate for a mate,” He said as he looked back to the door that now had a pissed looking Viktor with clothes in his hand.

“Really Alexei, you have your whole life to be an ass, can’t you take the day off? and while your at it keep your eyes off my mate before I take them off her myself,” Viktor growled out as his eyes started to glow dark blue, indicating that his wolf side was in charge, although not completely. Alexei adverted his eyes but not before winking at me. I just walked back into the bathroom as Viktor joined me. “These are going to be huge on you, but they will have to do before I can get you to a tailor.” He said as he reached to take the Towel.

“No, no, no. You do not get to see me naked,” I practically squealed like a pig as I jumped away from his hand.

“Come on moy tsvetok (my flower), Don't you remember that I have seen you naked before?" He asked as he reached again. I just slapped his hand away.

"Just because you got to once does not mean you get to again," I said as I grabbed the clothes out of his hand. "Now turn around so I can get dressed."

He did as he was told and I slowly slid the towel off and put the sweatpants on and rolled the waist band and tied the string as tight as it went so they wouldn't fall off. I put the large black shirt on and was immediately enveloped in the coconut and pine smell. I sighed as Viktor turned back around. He chuckled.

"We need to get you to a tailor soon angel. My clothes are way to big for you, but until then I am going to show you around and show you how to use different appliances around the house."

"Like what?"

"Like the TV."

"Perfect," I said as I practically dragged him out of the bedroom and past Alexei.

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