The Omega

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Time passed by quickly and all Viktor managed to teach me was how to work the television before I was glued to it. It was like a fantasy world of escaping. With people pretending to be people they weren’t. At this point I was snuggled up to Viktor as his pocket started vibrating.

“Hold on, I gotta take this Angel,” Viktor says as he takes his phone out and rapidly starts speaking in a foreign language. I just shrugged and continue watching this TV show that I was currently watching. I could not understand a word they were saying, but that does not mean it isn’t interesting. The interactions that the people on screen were having was wonderful. From what I could tell it was about a normal and happy family, there was nothing stopping them from being happy, other than the kids doing something they were not suppose to. But otherwise they were happy. It took another twenty minutes before the episode was over and a different show came on, but before the show could come on the screen started flashing and suddenly instead of a TV show I saw a picture of me in the right hand corner as a guy was talking in Russian. I looked at the screen dumbfounded. Why would a picture of me be there? Then the picture of me was replaced by a picture of Viktor standing next to spike and the king, but it was obvious that Viktor was the main focus of converstion. I turned ready to call Viktor in to ask about it but he was already staring at the screen. He walked and took the remote from my grasp and turned the TV off.

“That is enough TV for now moy tsvetok (my flower). Come on, I think you need to learn to read and write a little bit,” He said as he turned to a book shelf and grabbed a book and a writing pad that he had on one of the table s beside the couch I was sitting on.

“Why were we on TV,” I asked as he handed me the book first.

“You don’t need to worry about it. It is just the media being nosy,” He said simply as he lifted me up and put my back so it was against his chest. “Now I want you to read this book to me, you can read, can’t you?” He asked.

“I had to read a lot of recipes to cook, and sometimes I looked at the cover of magazines in the rooms I cleaned. But those were not good magazines,” I said as I looked over the old book. It had a picture of a girl holding a pig on the front with the title “Charlotte’s Web” on the front.

“What do you mean?” He asked, but I knew from the tone of his voice that he knew exactly what I had meant.

Instead of answering I started to read. I probably read for about a half an hour before I stopped. My throat hurt from talking so much in such a short amount of time. I leaned back onto my mate and closed my eyes.

“If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?” I asked randomly.

“I don’t know moy tsvetok (my flower), I have traveled a lot, but I do not think that I could actually live anywhere other than my home here or the castle. I have never really thought about living anywhere else. Where would you live?”

“I would want to go somewhere sonny with a beach. When I was with spike, it was always like a prison. The trees surrounding our home made me feel caged at times. I like the thought of an open area that is free and warm,” I said dreamily. He petted my hair and rubbed my back with his other hand absentmindedly.

“Whats your favorite hobby moy tsvetok (my flower)?" He said as he looked down to me.

"I like to draw. I use to do it a lot when I was young. But since I have grown up I either drew in the dirt or even sometimes stole paper and a pencil. What is your favorite food?"

"My mom makes these amazing chicken and dumplings. They are homemade and taste amazing, I have the recipe and can make you some if you'd like," He said. I just nodded and he started to get up. "I am going to need to go and get some work done, you know where the kitchen is and you are free to explore the grounds as long as you are careful. I will see you for dinner?" He asked although he already knew the answer. He slid out from under me and left the room.

I sighed and put my hands over my face. My stomach rumbled and I looked over to the clock that said one twenty five. I rolled off the couch and started to walk to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass and filled it with orange juice and started to find ingredients to make mac and cheese from the box. I turned to put the milk and butter down on the counter when I almost screamed in surprise at the girl standing directly in front of the counter. I quickly put the milk and butter down gently on the counter before I dropped it. I put my hand over my heart and turned back to her.

"Sorry to scare you, my name is Rosa, I am the daughter of the head chef here. Would you like some help?" she asked kindly.

"I think I am good," I said and watched as she sat at one of the bar stools.

"Well I can at least keep you company....."

"Allison," I filled in for her.

"Right, I can keep you company Allie, it gets lonely up her and there are not a lot of girls my age, well not nice ones at least," She said as she chuckled.

I stared at her for a moment and observed her. She seemed nice and wasn't threatening at all. She had long dark brown hair with natural caramel highlights. She had a triangular face with round lips and big grey eyes. She looked the same age as me or maybe a year or two older.

"That would be really nice Rosa, thank you," I said and gave her a big smile. "Are you hungry? I know mac and cheese is not the best lunch-" I said as I returned to making mac and cheese.

"Oh non sense. That sounds perfect. I was getting hungry anyways, I just got done with training and I haven't had lunch yet."

"Wait, females can train here?" I asked shocked as I got her a plate of the cheesy goodness. I mean spike had Female warriors, but I only ever saw the males train. The females were more like distractions just in case of an attack I guess, the pawns that were the first to go.

"Of course, not a lot of packs have female warriors, but the royal guard does not discriminate. If you are the best, then you are the best, and you deserve to train. Plus how else are we suppose to defend our self's," She explained as she took the plate I handed her.

"Sorry, it's all a little new to me."

"Wait, I thought you were brought here from the palace, shouldn't you know these things?"

I paused. They didn't know that I am Viktors mate? Should I tell her? I took a few minutes to mull over my answer as we both ate, but instead of getting to spew out the truth a boy that looked similar to Rosa walked in and ruffled her hair.

"Are you bothering the fresh meat little sis?" The boy asked as he ran his hands threw his sweaty hair. My nose wrinkled as I took in the smell of sweat and BO. He needed a shower.

"I was born two whole minutes before you, so you are the little brother here, and no, I actually think Allie here enjoys my company," Rosa seemed to snap back and playfully glare at the boy. So they must be twins. That must be why they have the same hair and eye color. Although he was more built and taller than Rosa.

"Is that true miss Allie, do you enjoy this Brats company," He said as his eyes turned to me.

"Yeah," is all I say.

"Well then why don't we all go do something so you can enjoy our company a little more," He said as he walked out the door. I looked to Rosa and raised an eye brow.

"He is practically obsessed with his wolf form. He goes on patrol a lot just because he loves to run a lot. He also expects everyone to share his passion. But I wouldn't mind going for a run, you in?"

I nod my head slightly. If I could run freely in my wolf form without being chased down and beat like a chew toy then I would. We cleaned the kitchen quickly as Rosa kept talking.

"That was my brother, his name is Bremen. Now we should probably go so we can get to our special spot. It's a beautiful field that has a river that people rarely go to, it's a little far out but we are in the mountains, everything is a little far out," She rambles as we walk. It's a good thing she talks a lot, else it would probably get awkward.

We were outside and immediately Rosa changed into a deep brown wolf. She came up and nuzzled the palm of my hand. She yipped and then playfully bit the tips of my finger tips. I laughed at her playfulness and then let the change take over me. I shook out my fur and stretched out my muscles. Not two seconds later Rosa let out a wolfish laugh. I looked at her amused. I cocked my head to the side and she just shook her big wolf head as she kept laughing. I lifted my paw and dropped it back in the snow beneath our feet. We were in the mountains but with my fur it wasn't cold. She took that as her cue to stop laughing and start running towards their spot. Not ten minutes later another wolf with lighter brown hair joined us and yipped, I was guessing it was Bremen. We ran for about another hour before we finally reached an open field that was only dusted in snow and had a river that was not frozen over but was probably cold. I walked over and lapped at the water.

My whole body was tired from running and using muscles that are either non existent or rarely used. I laid down and closed my eyes. I was at peace. I had everything that I could ever wish for except for the children I look after. But they have to be okay. I have a feeling they will be just fine. I thought as I drifted into a lazy unconsciousness.

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