The Omega

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I was awoken to a nuzzle to my fur by a wet substance. I lifted my head up lazily and looked to see the deep black wolf that was my mate. I dropped my head back down and let out a huff. I was still sleepy. He nudged me and then nipped at my ear when I didn’t get up. I instantly jumped up and lowered my head and lifted my but in the air and then wagged my tail. I was surly awake now, and I wanted revenge. His actions mirrored me as we slowly circled each other. He growled playfully as he stepped towards me and jumped out of nowhere onto my back. I let out a yip as he started licking my head and face. I struggled for a bit before I had to force him off of me. I huffed. He just shook his head and smiled and then nodded towards the trees that lead back to the castle. I got up and trotted slowly with him. About half way to the castle, my muscles were done for. I slowed to a stop and waited for Viktor to do the same. He looked at me and cocked his head.

Are you tired Angel?

I nodded and leaned against a tree. I should have known that my body wouldn’t be able to take this much strain after all the abuse that it has been through.

Hold on, I will find some close that we store in cashes that are scattered everywhere, I will be right back, he said as he literally zipped away. He must have been going really slow in order to stay in pace with me. I felt a little bad for slowing him down, yet if he really wanted he could have left me and ran ahead. I waited until I saw him come into view and he put a long shirt and large basketball shorts on the ground in front of me and turned around. I turned and was instantly greeted by the freezing cold. I quickly put the shorts and shirt on and made sure they covered everything before going to Viktor and climbing on his back and practically purring at his warmth. Instantly he was off and I had to hold on tight in order to stay on. What should have taken a half an hour took ten minutes. There was no doubt that my mate was a strong Alpha male. I smiled as he stopped outside of the castle. He walked to the right of me and his shoulder leaned against my hip as my hand held his fur. We were a little bigger than actual wolves, but not by much. I ran my hand through his fur and rubbed behind his ear as he let out a rumble of satisfaction. I smiled at that and scratched more at the spot that made him obviously pleased. He lead me to the living room before disappearing into a connected bathroom.

Not five minutes later he came out in basketball shorts and t-shirt. He came up to me and kissed my head.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” he said as he smiled down at me.

“You know if you really wanted it to be a surprise you shouldn’t have said anything,” I replied with a small smile. He chuckled at my cheekiness and let out a low whistle as I heard feet patter and a large wolf entered the room.

“Ummm, Viktor, I hate to break this to you, but another person is not a gift, are you trying to give me a slave?” I ask him as I looked at the wolf closely. It was bigger than me in wolf form, but smaller than Viktor. He looked menacing. The tips of his fur were black but you could see the white and grey underneath it. It looked soft to the touch. The eyes were the most striking feature. One was a ice blue and the other was a glowing amber color that looked darker on the outside and in some parts, making it look like fire is swirling in it. He sat and tilted his head and looked at Viktor.

“Hun, this is not a werewolf. This is your new friend,” He said as he patted the wolfs head.

“Wait, it’s a wolf? Like a real one?” I ask as I bury myself more in the couch and further away from the wild thing that could attack at any moment.

“Yes love, this is your wolf. He’s a companion for you, not only for friendship, but he is trained. He can protect you,” He said as he kept petting the wolf that had its eyes trained on me. “Now I would pet him, he seems to like you already,” Viktor says as he pulls my hand to touch the top of the wolfs head, and unlike when Viktor petted it, it tilted its head into my hand and closed its eyes, a sign of trust. I gasped as it walked closer to me and sat directly in front of me. “See, he loves you already,” Viktor says as he laughs. I pet the wolf more.

“Whats his name?”

“His name is Blaz, it literally means resolute protector. I've been training him personally for awhile. Don't get me wrong, he is wild and goes on plenty of runs, but he is a warrior. A fierce one. He couldn't take down really strong warriors, but an adverage one or a inexperienced one he could do damage on. Enough for you to escape before anything happens to you," Viktor said.

I petted Blaz as he rubbed himself against my legs and settled on my feet. He was a big wolf. I thought he was perfect. I kept scratching his head.

"Viktor? Do you have a tennis ball?" I asked as I turned to Viktor.

"Angel, he is not a dog, he is a wolf. He doesn't play fetch," Viktor said with a small chuckle that melted my heart.

"Wanna bet?" I asked as I raised an eyebrow at Viktor. He just chuckled and grabbed my hand and maneuvered us off of the couch.

"I think it is about time for some dinner, little one. Then you are going to bed, your body needs time to recover from that run," Viktor said. I pouted.

"All I ever do is sleep," I say as he started dragging me to the kitchen.

"Little one, your body needs to recover. You have been through a lot of abuse," He said through clenched teeth as his eyes started to glow a bit, showing his wolf. I squeezed his arm encouragingly. "And you need to eat and sleep for a long while before you even think about doing anything for the next few weeks," he said more gently even though his eyes did not change back to the normal dark blue. I sighed and nodded. He was right. If I wanted to be able to do anything else I needed to get my strength and endurance up, in order to do that I will need to eat and sleep a lot.

We ate and made small talk when I brought up the TV thing again.

"Do you not trust me little mate?" He asked with his eyes slightly narrowing playfully.

"You know deflecting the problem is not smart, it means that you have something to hide. And by the way I could just search through your brain, but I feel like being civilized right now, I do not suggest finding out what I do when I am not," I say in a matter of fact manner.

"Its not looking good little one. Everyone is saying that I kidnapped you,"

"THAT LITTLE CONNIVING PRICK," I said angrily, shoveling the remains of my food into my mouth.

"No need to dirty your innocent little tongue with words like that, love. I can assure you that it's not worth it," Viktor said calmly. But I was no where near as calm as him. How dare they have the audacity to do such a thing. Viktor is my mate, and even if it looked weird to other species, mates followed each other where ever the other goes. Sure he may have drugged me, and then took me on a plane without my consent.......Wait...

"Your right, after all, you did really kidnap me," I said and playfully glared at him.

"I told you, you needed to be quite and we needed to be fast, plus you were sick, we wouldn't have made it out of the castle in one piece," he said exasperated.

"Well next time just ask first, then maybe it wouldn't actually be kidnapping," I said as I finished up my food. I walked over to the dishwasher and started loading mine and grabbed Viktors plate as well.

"Tomorrow you need to go to the doctor. He is probably going to prescribe weight pills, and vitamins, and probably something to help to keep you awake."

"I thought you said that I should get plenty of sleep?" I asked as we made our way back to our room.

"I think you should sleep at night and take a nap around noon until you get your strength up. But I think it would be best if you did not sleep all the time," he explained as he walked through the double doors and into the closet.

"Well I think you shouldn't have kidnapped me, but you know, too late for that," I said while grabbing a big t-shirt from his dresser and walking into the bathroom to change. I brushed my teeth and combed through my hair. I splashed water on my face and called it good. When I walked back into the bedroom I stopped dead in my tracks. He was laying on the bed and looking at his cell phone. He only had sweatpants on. No shirt. He is trying to kill me. I swear it. I stared at him for a few seconds until his head raised to me and he raised his brow.

"Is my stalker just going to stand there? or are you going to come to bed?" He asked.

"I think its safer if I stay here," I said as a flush stained my cheeks and I looked at the ground. I heard the bed springs move to indicate that he got off of it. I still didn't look up until he was directly in front of me. We were practically chest to chest. I looked up into his deep blue eyes as he stared into my green ones.

"Beautiful, absolutely stunning," he whispered, almost to himself as his thumb came up to caress my cheek. I leaned my head into his hand and sighed at the contact. "Come on, its time for bed," He said as he took my hand and draged me to the bed.

"Wait! We need the pillows and blankets," I said quickly. I needed to build the wall so he didn't get any ideas.

"You'll survive," he said as he pushed me gently on the bed and tucked me in. He clapped and then started to walk away from the bed. I sat up and clapped to turn the lights on.

"Where do you think your going?" I asked as he turned back to me. There was a ghost of a smile on his lips.

"I need to finish the work that I had to do today, someone was a little distracting." He said as he walked back over to my side. He sat on my side of the bed so I could feel his hip against mine.

"Can you stay until I fall asleep?" I asked. I do not know how well I can sleep without him here. I don't want to distract him from his work, but I also don't want to be alone.

"Of course little one, hold on, plug your ears," I did as instructed without thinking. I heard Viktor whistle and almost simultaneously Blaz was barging through the slightly open door and bounded into the room. Viktor patted on the other side of my legs and Blaz launched himself on the bed and walked around until he got himself comfortable and lied right next to me with his head across my stomach. I laughed. "Now you are not alone," Viktor said smugly.

"You know my mind isn't like and all you can eat buffet. I don't go snooping all up in your koolaid now do I?" I said.

"No but you can, darling I have nothing to hide," he said seductively and I just laughed. "Now go to sleep Princess. I will be back before you wake up," He promised as he retucked my blankets. He kissed my head and kept brushing hair behind my ear or petting my head. And that is how I fell asleep. With my mate petting me and my wolf laying on me.

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