Runaway Wolf (Blue Moon Series) (Book 3)

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Levi is trying to forget his old life but fate has a sick scenes of humor. Old wounds open as he has to deal with his mate, who rejected him. But there's one problem, Kyle doesn't remember him at all. (WARNING: There is Boyxboy action in this story. DON'T LIKE IT DON'T READ IT!!) It's been three years since Levi Blackman left the Blue Moon Pack and his memories of Kyle along with it. Levi now has an amazing boyfriend, crazy awesome friends, his life has finally turned around and he can finally breathe. But all that hard work of trying to forget the past comes back to haunt him when he happens upon that SAME person who had turned his back on him, that person who ran from what they could have had leaving him broken and empty. He should have yelled at the bastard, he should have screamed his anger and frustration out at the man for breaking his heart into a millions pieces but he didn't. Instead he came to the realization that Kyle had no idea who Levi was. Kyle Parker had lost his memory. So what do you do with a mate who has amnesia? There was no way Levi could leave him in such a state even after all that Kyle put him through. But by helping Kyle he can't stop the abundance of old feelings he has for his mate from rushing back towards the surface. So the big question is will Levi be able to handle the very possible chance of Kyle running from him again once his memory returns?

Fantasy / Romance
T. Lanay
5.0 26 reviews
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Chapter 1

His hands were running down my stomach as he kissed my neck. I closed my eyes letting him have his way. His fingers hooked in the waistband of my jeans pulling me closer till there wasn’t any space between us. His tongue massaged my skin slowly and his fingers explored within my jeans and boxers. I bit my lip.

I gripped at his hair tightly, forcing his lips on mine. I took everything he offered but it wasn’t enough, he wasn’t enough.

“You’re beautiful” he whispered to me. I smiled looking into his black eyes wishing they were the mesmerizing gray that captured me every time and stole my breath. Shaking my head I pushed him down on the bed and climb onto of him.

“Why don’t you show me how much you want me” I purred in his ear. I felt the shiver run through his body, his arousal was strong and demanding. He grinned showing all those beautiful white teeth.

“With pleasure”

He was gorgeous, long brown hair, perfectly shaped brows, a face of a model and a body of a god. He was the same height as me, not many guys were taller than me since I stood at a six feet two. Matthew was the perfect male specimen but I could help but want that silky blond hair, luscious pink full lips that could even tempt a priest to crave a taste. That rock hard body lean and fit, his smooth deep voice that could make me melt at his feet if he wished it. I wonder what he tasted like. Was he sweet? How did he feel, were his hands rough or were they soft?

Matthew rolled us over so he was on top of me, his black eyes dark with lust. I closed my eyes imagining gray and blonde. My pants were slowly dragged down my legs till I was completely exposed to him as he was to me.

“I love you” he whispered in my ear and I closed my eyes.

I wish I could love you back… I really do.

A terrible beeping assaulted my ears. I hate alarm clocks they should all be banned for life. They caused my crankiness and lack of sleep. Groaning I reached over and grabbed the pillow that Mathew was using and threw it at the clock.

“Stupid f*cker didn’t know who you were messing with did you! Hahahaha” I grumbled lowly.

“Ugh, Levi if you break another of my alarm clocks I’m going to have to kick your scrawny little ass” Matt mumbled next to me wrapping his strong arms around me and pulling me into his warm chest. I sighed contently and snuggled further into him.

“Well tell it to stop waking me up ever goddamn morning.” I huffed.

Chuckling softly he tightened his hold on my and kissed my neck.

“We have to get up anyway” he sighed into the back of my neck.

“Ha ha no, Levi does not have to get up, you do”

“Are you going to start using yourself in the third person again babe? I thought we got you out of that.” he laughed. Smiling I turned in his arms to face him.

“Shut up, you love it.” his eyes were still closed but I saw the smile spreading on his face.

“You thought.” He chuckled. I nuzzled my face into his neck for a moment, licking at his shoulder. His body shivered.

“You know I can’t think straight when you do that” he husked. I laughed and slowly pulled away to stretched.

“Uuuuugh, I hate the mornings” I complained while stretching.

“Yeah don’t we all” Matt groaned and slid from the bed and stumbled over towards the bathroom. Shaking my head I slipped on a pair of flannel pj bottoms, walked out our room and strode to the kitchen blindly, fumbled with two cup of coffee for Matt and me. I made a bagel, slathering cream cheese on it for me and made toast for him. The apartment was quiet, except for the sound of Matt’s shower.

I leant on the kitchen counter and sipped my coffee just staring around the living room of my one room studio apartment. The walls were covered in my random pieces of art work. I had delved in that little talent a few years back and made a pretty good living off of them now. I had people wanting to buy my art work on occasions; it was a pretty awesome feeling. But it didn’t pay the bills all the time so I had to work as a bartender on the side at a club, which strangely I enjoy. I always meet new people and that was always fun. People were interesting when they were drunk. Well besides the dumb asshole who decided to pick fights and be complete idiots. Being a bartender was a pretty good paying job along with my art.

Then there was Matthew, he was your average aspiring musician. He was trying to get his band signed but not have much luck like everyone else out here in the city of Los Angeles. I moved out a few months after graduating from high school wanting to get the hell out of there. I regretting leaving my dad but he was the one who pushed me to go find myself and I’m happy he did. I wanted to bring him down for a while this Christmas but had to get the money for the tickets. I met Matthew one day in the club I worked at. I had barely settled into the city so I was overwhelmed with the fast pace of the place since I had only ever been in small towns and lived in forests with my old pack and my current pack.

He came in cute as ever with his band, he started flirting with me and I brushed it off as I was starting to get use to all the flirts the place attracted. Bi’s, gay’s, straights it didn’t matter when you’re drunk you let loose and I’ve seen it all and heard it all. But day’s later I met him at Starbucks and he was determined to talk to me so I gave in and after a month of dating he asked me to be his official boyfriend. I told him I was a damaged case but he just shrugged it off and told me ‘aren’t we all’.

That was what attracted me to him, his optimism and personality. Nothing really fazed him and if it did he just chose to smile about it and turn the other cheek, plus on top of that he was beyond cute. I was grateful to Caleb for the small gift he gave me; with that one little bite I was able to live my life. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here today… literally. The Kyle thing had really messed me up to the point where I had no will to live at all.

Sighing I shook my head and put my cup down to take a bite of my bagel. I hated thinking of Kyle but he always seemed to sneak his way in anyway, especially at the worst times. Like last night he was in that bedroom with me and Matt and I hated that. I always felt like I was being unfaithful to him when I really couldn’t do anything about it. Kyle would always be there in my mind no matter how hard I tried to forget him. There would always be that pain in my chest at the loss of him but I could live without him and that’s what I planned to do, he didn’t want me so I would honor his wishes and live on. If that was all I could do for him, if that what make him happy then I would do it.

I grabbed my bagel and cup and brought it over to the black couch and set them on the coffee table. I pulled my feet under me and stared blankly at the large flat screen hanging on the wall. My apartment wasn’t anything fancy like you would think since I’m a slightly famous artist now, it was one of those run down studio apartments, the walls were chipping with maroon paint which made the white walls behind it show. Some people would have scrapped it off but I thought it gave the place character. The paint had millions of small cracks in them, the floor was wood I had covered up with a large white and black tie dye rug. I had no particular theme I just brought things in that I liked. I was still working on decorating the place after three years.

“Morning” Matt said walking in swiping his coffee cup of the kitchen counter smoothly in his hand and the toast with the other. I smiled up at him as he came up behind me and bent down to give me and upside down kiss.

“Are you the Mary Jane to my Spiderman?” he muttered against my lips. I snorted and kissed him again.

“More like you’re the Robin to my Batman” I corrected. He winkled up his nose at me in a teasing way.

“I’m sure” he answered sarcastically plopping down beside me.

His hair was wet and hanging in his face as he nibbled on his toast. I watched the droplets of water cascade down his chest. He was so good looking and all mines.

“Oh, Twinkie and Tacos asked if we were free tonight.” He said bringing his cup up to his lips and peered at me with those dark eyes. I chuckled; Twinkie and Tacos were two of our best friends, Tacos was a girl and Twinkie was a boy. When we were all getting to know each other I came up with this nickname game. I asked them what their favorite food was and whatever it was that was they would be called. I didn’t know it would stick with us all these years though.

“I have work at nine tonight so I don’t know if they’re going to be free that early.” I told him.

“I bet they will.” He said stretching his arm over behind my back and softly caressed my hair. “Hey when are you thinking of getting a hair cut your starting to look like Lola” I gasped at him and swatted his hands away. He burst out laughing as I touched my hair.

“Hey there’s nothing wrong with Lola!” he tried to save himself. I glared at him

“Yeah all except the fact that she is a he! Are you trying to tell me that I look like a tranny!” I glared at him mockingly. “I might as well just go over to her house and borrow one of her dresses. Do you think I can make better money performing than bartending?” I asked him narrowing at him.

“I think that you’ll be amazing at anything you like, honey” he said schooling his face, like I didn’t see him secretly laughing at me. I pointed my finger in his face and gave him a dangerous look.

“I’m telling Lola about this” I threatened. His eyes widened,

“You wouldn’t” he whispered. I rose a brow and did my best seductive expression.

“Oh you know I would.” And with that I shot from the couch and ran towards the room.

“Levi!” he yelled getting up to follow me but I had already slammed the door in his face and locked it.

“You’re in trouble.” I taunted childishly.

“Oh come on Levi please, let’s just keep this between me and you babe.” He whined.

“Ha, ha, ha, not a chance!”

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