Two Sides of the Same Picture

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Building Tension

I sat on the rooftop, staring at the small swirling ball on my palm. My mind slowly wandered back to the days when I had just begun to learn to control my magic.

I had just stolen magic, the one thing I vowed I would never do. And the magic…it was building up, I felt like I was going to burst. And then it did. The shadows started to consume and changed my appearance and twisted my soul. My gold hair became streaked with black and grew longer while my eyes were tinted a bruised red. Weird symbols appeared around my arms like chains that tied me to my fate. I shakily stood up and heard a slight rustling behind me and I turned. I wasn’t ready for what I saw. I had wings. They were a cross between a dragons and a devils, but they would always be a reminder that I was something a little different from human. I was a monster.

Okay, maybe I lied. It took me a lot longer before I learned how to control my magic, and even longer for me to accept the person I was. But I changed. But back to the present…… I usually hid in the shadows and stayed as far away from people as possible. My magic was powerful, and I found out afterwards that I had stolen magic from the most powerful wizard in the world. It explained how he knew my nickname from my childhood, he must have used some type of magic on me. I had hidden the name in the depths of my mind behind locked doors. In the end, I was the loner who no one wanted to meet. I was notorious for hurting others, most of the other loners stayed far away from me. It was my curse that I needed to bear for the rest of eternity.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the baker wheeling out a cart of bread. “Time to get dinner” I thought as I flew down the roof and landed on the street. I swiped a piece of bread from the cart only to have the old man yell at me.

“HEY YOU COME BACK!” he yelled. He then waved his finger and a lion appeared and started to chase me. He was a summoner… of course, he just had to be a summoner. I jumped up as my wings unfurled and flew up intot he sky and hovered there, eating my bread. The man stared at me in awe and I flew away.

I turned around and stuck my tongue out and flew off into the neverending blue.

Sigh. Everyday was the same. Steal, fly, kill, piss off someone, and always alway always be alone. It was just me and this roof I called home and whichever retarded idiot decided they had enough courage to start talking to me.

“HI! OMG! I’ve heard so manyyyyy stories about how awesome you are! Wanna come eat with us! OMG! You can tell me all your secrets!!!” a random girl says as she winks. SHE WINKED AT ME. ARE YOU SERIOUS.

I glared at her and said “No thanks” as coldly as possible.

She didn’t seem to get the message and pouted. “Are you sure?” she whined.

Move lady, this is my roof, now just leave me alone to enjoy some peace and quiet until the usual crowd comes by to beg me to tell them my secrets.

“Yes, I’m positive, and no, I don’t feel bad about having to eat alone, nor do I care that I might freeze to death, and no to any other thing that may bother me,” I said as I stalked off to another corner of the roof. Jeez, did no one ever understand that this roof was MY territory?

“Hi Shane!” yelled the most annoying yet familiar voice. It was idiot number one. Standing in front of me were the trio I detested most.

“SCRAM!” I yelled back.

“Awwwww, don’t be so mean” the first said.

“Jeez, just come and eat with us, it can’t be that bad “ the dark haired one said to me.

“It wouldn’t kill you to come with us. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” the short one whined.

And I blew up. WHY WOULD NO ONE LEAVE ME ALONE! “JUST GET OFF MY ROOF! GO SHACK UP WITH SOME OTHER DUDE AND STOP ANNOYING ME!” I yelled and accidentally shot out a whip of dark energy. Thankfully they didn’t notice, and they scampered off with fear in their eyes.

I crumpled to the ground and stared at the ground in shock. I blew up, again . I was having a harder time controlling my emotions and they kept spilling over, attacking every single person around me, no matter how much I liked or disliked them.

I sighed, and stared off into the sunset, only thinking about the price I’ve paid for my sins and the burdens I have to carry throughout my life.
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