Two Sides of the Same Picture

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Power Outage

I staggered around, resting my head on the wall, trying to stop myself from fainting or collapsing. Someone or something kept sending out powerful waves of magic, and it was driving mine out of control. I was going crazy. My magic was leaking out, tendril of dark magic were snaking around the alley that I had hidden in.

“Just a little more, just a little more” I muttered to myself. It wasn’t safe on the streets, for myself, or to the people around me. I needed to get to higher ground, or else trouble would ensue.

My heart was thumping so loudly it was the only sound I could hear. Somehow, someone or something out there had enough magic to rival mine. And it was the exact type mine was attracted to. I cursed my luck. Why would this happen?

I staggered up the stairs, hoping I would be able to make it to the wide open spaces of the rooftops. Step by step I dragged myself up and at last I reached the top.

Thanks gods I thought, and then I promptly blacked out and my magic exploded.

I sat up, my head groggy from my collapse and the amount of energy that the magic had taken out of me.

“Oww” I said as I rubbed my forehead, hoping the pain would fade away. I looked around, trying to gauge the amount of damage the explosion has caused.

Most of the things on the roof had been crushed, bent, or mutated. Crates had been blown apart, wire parts were twisted into weird shapes that seem unnatural, and the ladder on the side was sticking out at an odd angle.

“Oh well,” I thought. “ Could have been worse”. There was that time when I hadn’t learned how to control my magic and I had blown apart a whole building. Thankfully I wasn’t caught, but there had been such an uproar about terrorist activity in the neighborhood and everyone moved away from the area. It had become known as haunted and I sometimes went there to scare the hell out of people to pass time.

I got up, and tried to bend everything back into place. There was always the feeling of remorse that came with destroying things. But I couldn’t help it, it was part of my nature, the ability to destroy was a natural instinct. Everything was slightly closer to the condition it had been in before my little burst of magic and sighed as I went back down to the street.

I walked around, without a care and just enjoyed the moment. There were few times that I could enjoy life. For me, everything was a haze, just trying to make it to the next day without destroying too many things or hurting too many people. To have the time to do nothing was a luxury I rarely had or gave myself.

It was evening, and the sun cast a golden glow on everything. I walked around, admiring the shops and their displays and all the little things that made life worth living for. There were happy families walking around, children in the arms of their parents with wide smiles. A few teenage boys ran around, zapping their magic in a game of tag. I smiled wistfully. There was a time I was like that, when I didn’t have magic, when I didn’t know about the chest I carried with me all along.

But I tried not to think about it that way. At least I was still alive, still breathing. There were somethings that I had that no one else could have, and they were things that some people would be jealous over. I had an affinity to magic that few people had, I could have been a great magician if it I wasn’t a stealer and my magic wasn’t so dangerous. I hadn’t been born with the power to control magic, and I was the rare type known as stealers. We had magic, but for some reason, we weren’t born with it. The only way to gain it was to kill a true magician’s symbol of magic. These were usually charms or pieces of jewelry that contained the essence of true magic. Those who stole magic were looked down on, because by killing the symbol, we basically killed the magician. At the same time, the power of our magic was determined by the power of the person we killed. Powerful magicians were always targets. The world was full of stealers and they all wanted the best magic for themselves. And I just so happened to have an affinity to magic, so magic was always looking after me, helping me. I had the luck to attract people with magic, and they helped me on my journey.

The only setback was that I controlled dark magic. My magic was the dark side of magic, the side people loved to pretend didn’t exist. And thus, I was avoided. I was treated like bad luck and was avoided once my magic was known. And that was why I kept my magic a secret and avoided people and crowds.

I looked at the setting sun, and decided to call it a day. With a small twitch, my wings spread and I flew up into the sky. I looked down, trying to decided which roof I would call home for the night. looking around, i choose a nice house in the Outer Circle that was sort of isolated and would be easy to escape from if anything happened.

I slowly drifted to the roof. I made myself comfy and prepared to sleep, and slowly, very slowly, my eyes drooped shut and I was sailed to dreamland.

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