Two Sides of the Same Picture

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“What’s her problem?” I muttered. The girl who I had offered to give a lift to was just gaping at me while I flew away. “Seriously, it’s not like flying is a foreign thing to her.” I had seen her transform right before my eyes, it seemed like her magic was untamed. I had a growing suspicion that her magic had been the one attracting me. Shape-shifting was the most powerful type of natural born magic and her magic was so uncontrolled that it had a will of it’s own.

“I hope I never meet her again, for both our sakes” I sighed out as I flew into the setting sun. Both our magics were too powerful, and if we become close, what we did would change the flow of the future.

That night, as I fell asleep, a shadow passed by, coating everything in a veil of darkness. And little to my knowledge, the girl I had met that day was having a fitful night of sleep and the darkness descended.

I woke up with a throbbing pain in my head and aches all over. There was a smell of blood in the air and as I opened my eyes, I saw gashes all over my arm and blood scattered around the roof.

“Oh shit “ I said, letting my head sink into my arms and sighed.

These fits were becoming more and more often. Each night I would fall asleep only to see that I had went on a night rampage, and each time it got worse.

Wearily, I climbed off the roof and tried to find a place to clean my wounds and to pass another day.

After I cleaned up, a girl walked up to me.

“Can you help me steal something?” she said with an innocent look on her face.

I was tired of running, tired of tying and so I gave in. “Sure” I said.

“You won’t regret it” she said happily.

I already am I thought silently.

“So you’re telling me you want to steal someone’s magic” I said in disbelief.

“Yeah. You see that guy, he’s one of the noble families and anyone who steals his magic will automatically go into the king’s court” she said.

“You’ll get into the king’s court…” I said.

She stared at me weirdly and said “ of course, the king’s a stealer too”.

I stared at her and then finally said “ See yah, I’m not doing this” .

“Oh no you don’t, you already agreed to doing this” she snapped.

“Well I’m not going to help you steal his magic” I growled.

“Fine, I’ll do it myself and then hunt you down afterwards” she said with a smirk.

And then I blew it.

The darkness flowed out, it consumed her and cloaked everything. Her shadow ripped apart and consumed her. Blood flowed and the sky darkened. My power was letting itself lose destroying everything in it’s path. The stress from the night rampages leaked into my conscious and took over. When I came to, blood stained my hand and I screamed.

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