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Chapter 1

After the day of the birthday of the 10 years old princess, who just became 11, comes out Carmela with her 9 year old child on the kitchen.

Laura watched her mother work in surprise. Her mother did so many things. She washed dishes and cooks at the same time. Sheesh, my mom is a supermom indeed. Laura thought to herself.

"Dear, would you like to prepare the table? Go wash your hands first." Carmela said which Laura auickly did. She washed her hands neatly and rubbed it in a clean towel to dry. She grabbed plates, forks, knives, glasses, drinks, napkins, and so on.

All of the maids and the other chef helped Carmela cook and prepare for the royal family.

Later on, the royal family arrived at the kitchen. Ruby holding her mother's hand and got a grin on her face that couldn't seem to be wiped off. The king had a serious face on. Carmela's and the king's eyes met for a second but Carmela looks away and continued doing her work.

Laura pulled a chair for the princess which the princess was glad to sit on. Why is a young girl like her be working already? Princess Ruby thought to herself.

"Hey you girl," Ruby said with her soft voice. Laura turned to look at the princess. Her grass green eyes met the piercing ocean blue eyes of the red-haired Princess Ruby.

"Yes you, why don't you come and join us?" the King froze at the moment he heard that from his daughter. He looked at her with disbelief in his eyes. "Princess, are you sure?"

The princess nodded. "Yes papa, she is just a young girl. She must not be working this young. I don't even know how to prepare my own food by myself when I was in her age. She's smart pa! I want to eat with her!"

The king blinked and turned to look at the Queen. The Queen looked away and smiled at Princess Ruby. "Please pa?" The princess pleaded.

After the talk of Ruby and Laura in the dining table, Ruby felt delighted. She felt having an own little sister. She wants to be close to Laura even more.

When Laura and her mom was about to go back and the royal family has to go to bed, Ruby and Laura decided to say goodnight to each other.

"Goodnight Olivia, I wish you tranquility and sweet dreams."

"Goodnight Princess, I wish you tranquility and prosperity and sweet dreams too."

They smiled at each other and Ruby ran her fingers on Laura's hair, as if combing it. Before patting her head and they bowed at each other.

Once Laura was in the dungeon again, she slump on her bed and rolled until her blanket was covering her whole body as if she was a butterfly in it's cocoon.

She got this smile on her face she couldn't get off. She kept thinking of how beautiful the princess was and how they got the same red hair. She think of her as a sister. She couldn't believe herself that the princess had become her friend. At least she thought she is.

She slept in her position, silence all over the place. Carmela walked over to give Laura her milk but noticed she was already asleep. Carmela smiled and placed the glass at the bed table.

She laid down on her bed and looked at her daughter's angelic face. At least she doesn't have the same attitude as him.. thought to herself before drifting to sleep.

*Knock knock knock!*

A playful knock was heard at the door outside the dungeon which made Laura wake up. She rubbed her eyes and stretched. Before hopping out of bed and slipping her feet in her slippers.

She yawned as she opened the dungeon gate then step up at the small step of stairs, leading to the wooden door. Yes, the dungeon is underground. But no one knows. Except for the soldiers and the sinned father.

Once Laura opened the door, she was greeted by a delicious smell of pancakes and juice. But by her surprise, there was a grinning Princess Ruby with a tray of newly-cooked pancakes and some mango juice.

"Hi Laura! Good morning! How is your mother?" she peeked behind Laura but Laura blocked the way. She don't want her to know that she and her mother stays in a dungeon.

"Hey, why are the lights out? Don't you have windows there? Your mother needs it to be healthy! Sunshine sunshine!" Laura smiled as she realized they have something in common. By being a morning kid.

"Oh um.. There was a little problem on the lights since last night." Laura smiled at her. "Well, can I go in?" Ruby asked as she tried to peek on her shoulder but Laura blocked it.

"Um, our home is a bit.. messy." Laura flushed, mumbling.

"It's alright! I don't mind!" Ruby flashed her a smile. Laura pursed her lips. "Oh, and here is your breakfast. I prepared it with Old Ram. She taught me how to prepare juice and she guided me cooking! But i'm not so sure I got it. But it was worth a try. Here." Ruby said, giving out the tray of pancakes and juice.

Laura stared at it and she could feel her stomach growl. She put a hand over it. She looked up at Ruby. "Oh, it's okay. I shall prepare a breakfast for myself and mom." Laura said as she got out of the door and closed it behind her. Ruby noticed Laura didn't really want her to go in and her smile slowly faded.

Ruby looked down and held the tray as Laura passed by her. But before Laura can even go any further, she turned around and said, "Please take the pancakes and juice." Laura stopped. She turned around and looked at Ruby.

"But.."Laura said and her gaze dropped on the pate of pancakes. "Please? It's my first time to cook. And you're very special because you're the first person who's gonna taste it." Ruby said as she held out the tray to Laura.

"Why me?" Laura asked. "Because you're my only friend..."Ruby said, her voice dropping as sadness took over her.

The sinned father and her mother didn't let her go out to the village. She always keep them inside the gates. Sure she had been on the garden and gates where she could see people and kids through the thick silver gates but it was never happy.

She could see kids of any gender on their 11th year being dragged behind the castle. They had their hands tied at their back tightly that when Ruby looked back she could see blood seeping through their wrist and around the rough ropes and she would just go back to her room scared.

It was like that every year. June 19th. The month and day where the children on their 14th year go by training and being tortured to be strong. Torturing them first, whipping ropes and leather at their back and arms. Their legs and chest. Their stomach. And Ruby stayed in her room and closed her ears for her to not hear the cries of the children being tortured.

Then they would rinse them in the river with salt water. Scrubbing every inch of their bodies, not caring for their wounds as their blood ran across the river. Sometimes the girls would be rinsed fast and if the soldier liked them they would take them and torture them for pleasure until the day they die. Then the rest would be forced to eat a lot that they would always vomit out the dirty vegetables and sometimes with worms in it. After that they would be forced to be in a tight suit and thrown into one, small room where there is a cold marble floor, white cold walls and iron doors that kept locked. And they would be in there locked for 7 days without food and water. They only drank their own saliva and tried to survive.

The maximum that survived that challenged was 12/30 children. 12 survived. 9 got out of their minds and died. 9 died in hunger and pure sadness. And those children who survived, was to be a soldier or a warrior. If they were to be a warrior, the king would choose them to take the test whether they like it or not and if they failed, they would cut off their heads. And the lucky not chosen ones would be trained as soldiers. But it was more brutal and more torture that they wished the king would've just picked them to the test to be a warrior instead.

It was like that in their kingdom. As they fight numerous kingdoms and clans just to take over their place. Their main goal was, and obviously, to take over the world. It had been their goal since the 11th century when wizards and witches became famous and every kingdom has their own sorcerer and wizards and witches. Some of them to be a healer and some of them to fight. But these days, those famous wizards, witches and sorcerers were slowly to be extinct. They had lost a lot of their kind.

But the king ordered something to have more wizards and witches and sorcerers. The male wizards would impregnate female wizards and witches. Whether they like it or not. And those too kind wizards, took them gently and not brutal like those soldiers. Some would go out of their mind because of the pleasure when they are making love to their love of their life and rape them on their will. But those were the ones who the king cut the heads off. They don't support those wizards to impregnate the female wizard more than 4 times. Young or not.

But Ruby known none of these. She had previous friends and they were all witches and wizards. As the same age as her or 2 more years older. She had 14 friends. But by one week, all she knew was they were gone. Her father telling her that they had gone off somewhere important and that they would never come back. She didn't knew, that all of her female friends were raped to death, male friends forced to impregnate until death. Ruby didn't knew. No she never knew.

Laura looked at her and blinked and looked at the pancakes before approaching her. She held the tray and smiled. "Alright. I can taste it." She said and Ruby's face lit up and she clapped as she jumped, her pink silk gown bounced. "Great! Great!" She said.

"Let's sit here." Laura said as she sat in the nearest chair and laid the tray on her lap. Ruby dragged a small chair from her playroom near and put it in front of Laura and sat on it as she grins at Laura in excitement.

"Go on." She said. Laura took the fork and the plastic knife and licked her lips as she stopped herself from devouring the pancakes. She gently pressed the knife on the pancake and slid it back and fourth for it to be sliced. She pulled the piece of pancake with her fork and she took it all in her mouth. She chewed and Ruby watched her with expectant eyes.

"How was it?" Ruby asked. Laura smiled and drank the juice. "It was good. I like it." Laura said, smiling. Ruby frowned. It was not what she expected. She expected it to be spectacular!, delicious!.

"Good?" Ruby asked and Laura noticed the disappointment in her face. "It was great, actually." Laura said. Ruby looked up at her. "But I suggest you to spread cheese or butter on it to put some taste. It is somehow too plain. I think Old Ram have her pancakes without butters in it. But I still suggest you to put some. But anyway, it was great!" Laura said and looked down at the weird shaped pancakes. Some of it were not even together and formed a little 8 or 9.

Ruby smiled. "Really? Well, alright. Next time I can put cheese or butter in it. Supposedly, Old Ram will teach me how." She said. Laura smiled and put the tray on the princess' lap.

Ruby looked at her confused. "You don't want it?" Ruby asked. Laura was confused for a moment but she got what she meant.

"It's not that I want it but, you can't cook me a breakfast." Laura said. Ruby frowned. "What? Why not?" She asked.

"Because you're the princess. I'm the servant. I should be the one cooking of you a breakfast." Laura said, rubbing her hands on her slightly dirty dress.

"But it's alright. I did it on my will. Go on. You can give it to your mother. Think of it as a gift." Ruby said, smiling warmly at her. Laura stared at her eyes trying to see if there were any other emotions than hope. But she gave up when she decided she doesn't have any choice. Ruby is the princess and she can't say no to her.

Laura smiled at her. "Alright then. It seems like I really can't resist you." Laura said and she grabbed a hold of the tray. Ruby squealed happily and wrapped her arms around Laura's neck and pulled away after a few seconds.

"I guess I should go." Laura said and stood up and Ruby followed. "Alright. I'll see you later then." Ruby said and Ruby leaned in and they both put their left cheeks together as if they kissed their cheeks. "Now fetch that food to your mother." Ruby joked.

"Seriously, princess. Thank you." Laura said and her eyes flutter a bit as she felt a sting on her nose. She was teary. An actual princess giving them breakfast. And not a pretend-princess. A real princess.

"No problem. Off you go!" Ruby said and Laura turned her back to her as she let out a grin as she walk down the stairs to her door. She carefully opened it, trying not to be noisy if ever her mother was still asleep. But it seems not. As Laura opened the door, she saw her mother sat at the backless chair and she was knitting the hat Laura didn't finish last night.

Laura slightly gasped as she saw her mother's red fingers. She put down the tray on the table. "Mom!" She said and wrapped her arms around her mother and turned grabbed a hold of her hands. Carmela laid the hat on the table and pursed her lips.

Laura looked up at her. "I told you not to knit anymore. Look at your fingers." Laura said worridly as she caressed one of her mother's red fingers. Carmela sighed and stroked her hair. "I just wanted to help you. And remember I was the one who taught you to knit." She said.

"But now you can't, mom. You know that." Laura said and ripped a cloth from her old shirt and rapped it around her mother's whole hand. Some of her fingers were bleeding. But there was one when there was a big cut. Carmela just put cotton on it and taped it around her finger and Laura just sighed.

"Just don't do it again, mom. Sorry for raising my voice."Laura apologized. "It's fine. I'm sorry too. I promise I won't try to knit again." Carmela said and smiled at her.

Carmela turned to look at the food on the table. "You cooked?" Carmela asked and slid the tray nearer. Laura bit her lip and shook her head. "No..It's from the Princess."

Carmela turned to her confused. "Who Princess?" She asked. "Princess Ruby." Laura said and Carmela's eyes widened. "Oh. Why am I surprised? It's not like she was the one who cooked it." Carmela said and drank some juice and sighed in relief.

"She did. She asked Old Ram to teach her and she said it's all ours." Carmela looked at her in shock. "What?" She asked in utter shock. "I can't resist her anyway. And I don't wanna disrespect her. She is the princess." Laura said.

Carmela pursed her lips. "Oh nevermind." She said. "That stubborn girl. Of course she would ask Old Ram that. She's too stubborn to get rid of." Carmela joked as she remembered those moments Ruby kept on pleading to take her outside or let her feed the battle horses, clydesdales. Ruby was indeed very stubborn. She gets what she wants.

Laura smiled and chuckled. Carmela hold her by the waist and brought her to her lap as she poked the fork on Laura's lips. Laura ate the piece of pancake on the fork and drank. Carmela took a taste. She hummed delightly. "Hm. Not bad. Yet it is too plain. But still good." She said and chuckled.

"That's what I said." Laura said grinning and they both laughed as they ate their breakfast. Outside the door, was Ruby with her ear pressed against the door. She smiled and turned around, walking away to wake up her parents.

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