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It was a quiet night and an elderly grandmother is putting her adoptive child to bed.

"Can you tell me a story please I just don't want to go to bed this early." The little girl asked in a cute voice.

"Fine, but after the stories are over you're going straight to bed."

"OK I promise what story are you going to read to me?"

"I'm going to read to you about a book called The Three Worlds" she goes to the bookshelf takes the book then sits down in a chair beside the bed and she began reading the book.

"Once upon a time there were three worlds the human world Earth, the magic world Aggelos, and the beastmen world Zoe. Zoe was a world full of people who were able to transform into different animals like cats, dogs, birds, sea creatures, and even dragons. The people of Zoe were known as beastmen to the other races. It was a beautiful world with as many different ecosystems as beast. Of the three worlds the beastmen were the strongest when it came to speed, strength, and endurance. The beastmen believed only in strength so the beastmen always trained and fought in arenas to prove their strength. In order for them to get married they had to be successful in an arena or the female beastmen won’t accept a male beastmen as a mate. The rulers of Zoe were the dragon tribe because out of all the different races none of them can fight on equal terms with the dragon tribe. Aggelos the world ruled by magicians was a world full of mystery and wonder. Even during the age of prosperity there weren't many visitors to the world because of all the magic in the air usually anyone that wasn't born there will be affected by the mist that surrounded the planet and the people will fall unconscious as soon as they entered the planet. Even the identities of the people were hidden because whenever a magician came to another world they wore cloaks and never showed their face so no one knew what they looked like. People of that world had a rule to never discuss what was on that world because they didn't want the other races to know what they had and when anyone discusses it a spell would activated in which the persons memory would be wiped out and there magical power drained. One of the few topics they were allowed to talk about was that in there world there’s a shining star in the center of their greatest city that shone in every color. They were allowed to talk about it because it was their greatest achievement and to them it was the most beautiful thing that ever existed. Not talking about it would be a crime in itself. The last world was the earth. Earth was the youngest on the three worlds but it had the fastest growth and expansion compared to the other worlds. The world thrived on technology even though humans were a young race there expansion was great while the other civilizations lived in harmony with their environment the human civilization kept wanting more and didn't care about how it would affect the environment. The only things they cared about were to build objects that made their lives easier. This drive allowed them to build and think up so amazing buildings and gadgets. The greatest strength of the humans was also their greatest weakness which was their ambition. The three worlds lived in harmony trading with each other and sharing ideas. This time of peace was known as the age of prosperity. It would have continued if not for the one that broke the balance and brought chaos into the world. This person will be forever known as Darkera.

The only thing known about Darkera is that he came from Earth and for some reason had characteristic from each of the different worlds. He had the mind and ambition of humans, the magical power of the magicians, and he also had the power to transform a beast which no lived to tell the tale. After he transformed the only thing left was a pile of bodies. "Grandma how did they know it was Darkera who did it and not the human army?

"I was getting to that part dear his transform state wouldn’t have ever been known if a young mage hadn’t survived. During one of Darkera’s raids the magician was out of the village when it got attacked. Instead of trying to go help the village he hid fearing for his life he didn’t want to get hurt so he hid like a cowered and that’s how he discovered Darkera’s beast form.

Even though the worlds traded together it was always done in a forth world known as Lecretia. It was created by the mage’s of the magic world so that the races wouldn't go to each other world except for discussions. Each planet had a way to get there from certain points in their land but it was forbidden for a person to go to a world they weren't from for they fear that the world will be thrown out of balance if they go to another world. Only certain representatives could travel to the different worlds and that was after going through steps unknown to everyone except the mage royal court. But Darkera who was clever in mind and strong in body found a way to bypass the measures set up by the mages. So one day he went to the magic world to see its wonders. Nothing is known what happened there except that when he came back from the magic world and returned to the human world he was a changed man.

His craving for power increase tremendously and he would do anything to obtain it. First thing he did was he used his magic to ensnare all the rulers of the human world and made an army of man which he used to invade the other worlds. His first stop was the beastmen world because of how strong they were he had to deal with them first before he went after the mages. So in the first battle he dealt a crushing blow to the beast men by attacking in the middle of the night when everyone are in a more relaxed state, and sleeping. He killed everyone even women and children because he didn't want the beastmen finding a way to his world and cause havoc. As the war with the beast men continued his armies strength was evident his army used strange weapons that were created by Darkera himself. The weapons were so strong that one hit from them meant instant death. In the first three days since he started his attacked he wiped out half the population. If it weren't for the people from the mage world the beastmen would have been completely wiped out.

When the mages first appeared they took the human army by surprise but even that couldn't save the mages when Darkera appeared. As the mages were fighting Darkera they didn't use all their strength because they feared it would provoke Darkera to use all his power and wipe out them out. So there first priority was to rescue as much of the beastmen population as they can. But there was only so much they could do Darkera's army was immense and their weapons were too powerful to fight in a straight on fight. But after they rescued the majority of the remaining citizens the king of mages met with the rulers of the beastmen to form an alliance. It took an entire night of negotiations but an alliance was eventually formed. Darkera caught wind of the alliance being formed between the mage’s and beastmen so he decided he had to do something to get the mages under control. So during the evening of the alliance formation Darkera went to the mage world and kidnapped its princess the strong g and beautiful Caelestis.

Darkera believed that the mage king would do anything to save his family but that mistake cost him dearly. Darkera believed that women were weak and powerless creature only meant to serve men so when he kidnapped the princess he didn't know that she was one of the strongest mages ever born. This mistake would cost Darkera the war. After Darkera captured the princess he went towards the alliance to demand the mage king to join his army help him wipe out the beastmen. But as he was demanded the mage king to join his army the princess went into action. She succeeded in activating the spell she been preparing for since she been captured. The spell purpose was to sacrifice her life and seal the opponent’s body, soul, and power. But she underestimated how clever and strong Darkera really was because in the exact moment she activated the spell Darkera activated a spell of his own that separated his power and soul from his body the making the princess sacrifice almost worthless. Even though she couldn’t fully stop Darkera she was able to separate Darkera from his body. That act helped a lot because magic is unable to recover without a body.

The combined armies of the beastmen and mages thought she succeeded in defeating Darkera but after they looked in the sky and saw a giant ball of pure energy they began to get fearful. The ball started to change it shape until it finally transformed into Darkera's form. Darkera was already strong but now in the eyes of alliance he looked almost godly and their fear begun to take its toll and the army was on the verge of collapsing just at Darkera's sight. For once in his life the mage king didn't know what to do fear was taking its toll on the army and he also was on the verge to succumb to his fear of Darkera to. But instead of giving up he put all his power into the strongest spell known only to the ruler of the mage world themselves can use it. It was a spell that used the life force of the user and whoever willing gives their power to the user and complete kill the foe soul and all. So the king with his tremendous magic united the shambling army and told them his plan by speaking to them directly into their heads. The king at the focal point began chanting and the mage army joined in by adding their power but at that moment Darkera began chanting also so he can finally end the fighting and win the war. At the moment the king released the spell Darkera released his it was giant balls of energy fighting each other for supremacy neither of them willing to give up. The kings and mage army was great but Darkera's power was greater and the mage army starting to lose people because of the power required to keep the spell going. Right when all seemed lost and Darkera about to win the beastmen gathered there courage and returned to fight Darkera with their ruler leading them. Then they added their power to the mage kings spell and for once in the war Darkera was losing a battle. Darkera continued to call more power but it wasn't enough to overcome the mage king spell. Then in an instant Darkera completely disappeared in a giant ball of light and that was the end of Darkera.

After the spell was over the majority of the alliance army was destroyed they gave up their lives in order to kill Darkera. With Darkera death the human army with their strange weapons began to disappear in balls of fire.

Not much is known after the war with Darkera except that the magicians sealed all the remaining portals that led to each other’s world. With the decimation of the human army the humans lost the majority of their population. All that remained were just the simple farmers, the elderly, women, and the children to young to join the army. The beastmen civilization was in shambles their land was ruined it would take thousands of years for the land to return to normal. The land that once had thousands of different variations of people was left with a fraction of their race survived Darkera’s onslaught. Nothing is known about the magician because of how secretive they were except that they lost the majority of the power they once had with the war against Darkera."


As the story finish the grandmother closes the book. "Grandma is that story real," said the little girl

"No dear it’s just a story." Spoke the grandmother with a tired voice.

"It’s time for bed so see you tomorrow." She tucks the girl into the bed then gave her a kiss on the forehead. The grandmother then turns off the light and left the room. She goes down stairs and entered the kitchen to get a drink when a man wearing a black coat enters. "So is she the one" said the man

"Yes her power was increasing as I was reading the story," the woman spoke with an excited tone of voice."


"How long is it before my master returns to the world?" The women spoke those words with a solemn expression.

"Just another nine to fourteen years." exclaimed the man.

"Good I'm tired of babysitting these potential for our lord I just hate little kids. How many have we found anyway?"

"Only 2 the other five going to be harder than we thought they probably in one of the other world that was sealed by the mages."

"Damn it you know how hard it is to get there as well only our lord was able to get there and he didn't tell anyone how he did it."

"Don't worry once our lord power begins to manifest in the boy he will go there himself." "Fine but we are still going to have to worry about the mages if they find out about him they will kill him without a second thought."

"Don't worry that why I'm here they won’t be able to find him till his powers manifest itself and by that time it will be too late."

"OK if there isn't any other news I'm going to bed,"

"Fine go then" the woman begins to leave. "

Wait said the man send me the rest when you get the time there not needed anymore and I am running out of experimental subjects. Make up some cover story so our potential won’t be to sadden when they disappear"

"Fine" said the woman with a tired expression. "And don't worry lord Darkera will be here soon you just have to be patient" with those words the man left through the door disappearing with the darkness of the night.

"Only nine to fifteen years left huh things are going to start get exciting very soon." The woman leaves her cup on the table then leaves to her room for the night.

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