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chapter 2

Chapter 1

Huh huh huh brother are you still there?

Yes sister.

Are we going to have go through these experiments for the rest of our live it’s getting harder everyday I’m losing control I don’t want to end up like the others.

You won’t I swear it I will protect with everything before that happen.

But u can’t even now I can’t even see you only when they come to grab us can I see your face. I wish the man of multi colors will come and save us already.

Are u talking about that weird dream u have several weeks ago.

Yes I don’t know why but he will save us I know it and it will be soon.

That was only a dream we are going to have to save ourselves and we are going to do it tonight.


I have been lying to the people on what I can do. I also heard them talking they going to move us somewhere else tonight that’s when I will make our move then we can run away and find somewhere to go just for the two of us. This is what will do.

The sun was bright there wasn’t a cloud in the sky there were two people standing on top of two buildings. They wore cloaks that cover their entire body even there face. One of them wore an emerald cloak with an insignia of a bird on it while the other person wore a turquoise with an insignia of a gem on in.

"So have we found the boy yet", said a person wearing the emerald green coat.

"No master his power hasn't manifested itself yet so it’s still quite difficult to find Darkera's reincarnation." This was said by a person wearing the turquoise coat.

"Well we are going to have to find him soon or our world will be in trouble remember what the king said. Don't even get me started what will happen if the queen of beast finds out Darkera is coming back and we didn't inform her. ." the man had a shudder after he spoke those words.

"What am I supposed to do there's billions of people in the human world and only 2 of us. If the king just sent more people we can get done in a month but we have to do this covertly why is that?"

"You know why whoever is with Darkera is strong enough to hide his presence from us so if we go in full blast trying to find him what you think will happen. Whoever with Darkera reincarnation will just put him into hiding till Darkera gets reborn. "The person in the emerald cloak was speaking very seriously.”If it wasn't for that strange woman we would have never known about Darkera till it was too late."

"You're talking about the first human outsider that came to our world for centuries”


"What happened to her?" the turquoise coat person asked curious because since the sealing of the worlds there have been no strangers in the mage world. The mages just started trading with the beastmen just a century ago. So when a human found a way to our world everyone was very surprised.

"Well after she appeared she was talking gibberish at first but then after she started recuperating she was becoming more lucid. She was brought to the mage king and went through an interrogation. We don't know what was said but after that the king appeared he had our best researchers researching a ball of some kind. After analyzing the ball it was determined to have traces of Darkera’s power on it. Before we could question the woman more she disappeared and there wasn't a trace of her found anywhere."

"Damn it we could have use her to find out where she gotten the ball. The turquoise mage spoke suddenly."

I'm not done yet apparently the woman left a note saying when Darkera will be reborn soon and it will be in 1 to 4 years. We could go in full force and search for him but it will just send him into hiding. So if you have time to complain about your duty go search for Darkera.

"Fine let’s just finish searching this town by the end of today." After they finish speaking both magicians started chanting then simultaneously they both jump in the air and flew off in opposite directions to search for Darkera.


It was dawn and there were two figures talking in an old abandoned building. One was a man wearing a black cloak with an insignia of a black hole on it. His entire body was covered including his face. The other was a woman who had long blue hair. The woman looked no more than to be in her late teens but she carried herself with overwhelming dignity. She wore a swordsman outfit that was white, with black gauntlets that went from her elbow to her wrist, and she carried a long 73 centimeter katana over her back that was in a black and gold scabbard.

"It is time" the man started the speaking "the time of our lords’ revival is drawing near. Go to the boy and bring him hear Lyndis it is time to train him to control his power for we can use it to revive lord Darkera."

"But master why do we need this boy?” Lyndis spoke with a voice full of curiosity. “I’ve been following him for the last couple months observing his every moment it except when he went home which he did a lot he has no friends and there doesn’t seem anything that makes him stand out.”

"You don't need to concern yourself with those details all you need to know is that he is the key."

"Fine but what if he refuses to come?" said Lyndis in a more serious tone. “From all my time observing him he doesn’t seem the type to trust people and that could be one of the reasons he doesn’t have any companions.”

"He won’t because you are going to be his savior."


"Take this bottle and use it when he enters the dark alley on his way home."

Lyndis takes the bottle and saw that in the inside was a swirling mass of energy making it look like a tornado was captured.

"What does it do?" Lyndis asked curious of what is inside of it.

"It summons a monster that even you can beat with your current power. You are going to

Save Tommy when this monster attacks him and then bring him to a safe location where if we lucky he wouldn’t want to go home any time soon. But if he wants to go there are always other methods we can use to keep him here.

As u command master I leave at once to prepare the trap. For the day of lord Darkera’s rebirth! She leaves the room with only a puff of smoke showing she was there.

"You can come out now Lilith."

A woman suddenly appears from behind a door. She was of average height had blonde hair and looked to be in her early 20's. How did you know I was there?

I know you where there because of how long we knew each other.

Lilith walks closer toward to the dark cloak man. I expect a familiar of lord Darkera himself to look slightly more dignified. The man was talking of how Lilith was dress. Lilith had a habit of transforming her attire to the skimpiest outfits she can think of to try to unnerve the black cloak man. Today she was very short shorts and a low cut shirt with her belly button showing. Lilith laughs at his statement "Well you don't know everything about me do you. I need a little fun once in a while I'm almost 5000 years old." She decided to twirl around to show off the rest of her outfit to the black cloak man.

Can u stop playing around and let’s have a serious conversation. The man spoke with an annoyed tone of voice now.

Fine then let’s get down to business. At that moment Lilith transformed her outfit to a long green dress now.

"How well did you train Lyndis, Lilith, she doesn't seem ready for the job. I also don’t like how she continues to ask questions and adds her own opinion to everything. "

"What’s the problem with that I prefer to have my students ask question and add their own opinion it means they are able to think. In order to fight the mages we are going to need our students to be able to outwit people who live thousands of years. What’s worst is that there not even full mages they don’t have the privilege of being a direct descendent so they didn’t get a transfer.

There are more subtle ways to get them to be stronger than the mages without being able to think.

No I won’t do that because of the side effects it involves then all my students will be worthless in the future if we were to go to a full war.

Aren’t you worried about them betraying you even though they part mage the other part of them is human and humans usually act with their own interest in mine.

I am not worried I had thousands of years to learn how to mold people the way I wanted none of my current people will betray me unless I give them a cause to which I won’t.

That may be the case but u don’t know everything about humans and that method is the best in having complete loyalty with your people.

I don’t care what u say I will continue training my student the way I see fit not yours u have your ways I have mines. That’s why I have complete trust in Lyndis strength. Her entire family died protecting her from people who wanted her power for their own. When I found her she was working for them and her heart was completely closed off. So I killed them and she came with me. She happier now than she was back then but she also been training these last couple years to become strong enough to protect the weak and serve master Darkera. As of right now none of my students can defeat Ami except for the potential Monica.

You mean the girl from 10 years ago I never seen her train when other people are sparring how can she be stronger. Come to think of it I never even saw study or learn magic of any kind.

You’re right she hasn’t trained or studied yet.

Then how is she stronger than someone who’s been training for years.

That’s my little secret just for you to know her power equal to an elite guard of the mage king right now and she can become even more powerful.

That shouldn’t be possible without training even if she’s a potential. The majority of her genes are human so she shouldn’t be that powerful without years of training.

"I told you already it’s a secret I decided to use a deferent training method for her to see what will happen. I will consider telling you if you tell me what you do with all the kids that failed our little test?


Ok then we both have our secrets so don’t go prying into mine unless you willing to reveal your secrets.Just believe me when I say Monica is super strong I may tell u the method I use later but not until you tell me what all those kids were for. But let’s stop talking about my pupil and their strength is there anything left u want to tell me.

"Well u going to hate this but there are two mages here sent by the mage king himself in the human world."

"WHAT why are they here you said they won’t come till his power has awakened." Lilith had a worry expression since it has been 5000 years since the mages came to the human world.

"Well there may be a leak in our organization or there someone other than us who know about the boy. What makes it worse is that they were able to talk to the mage king himself directly. He sent two magicians slightly after getting the information. My informants tell me that there are looking for Darkera’s reincarnation and to kill him on sight"

"So that is why you’re grabbing the boy so soon.

Yes they found a way to sense for our lord's energy somehow but they are still unable to find him at the moment because his energy is still very weak but if they get within several miles of him they should be able to find him."

"I think I am going to be working overtime wont I?"

"Yes," cracking a smile at the answer.

"You know how much I hate babysitting especially after all those potential several years back. Plus I am going to have to be able to hide his energy while he with me this is going to be very tiring"

"That true but who is better than Darkera's own familiar to train and protect the boy."

"Fine but remember this once lord Darkera's returns I will finally get to see what you’re hiding under that cloak. We’ve been together for close to 2000 years and I still haven’t seen your face yet but once Master Darkera revives there will be no secrets." With that the women disappears and returns to her house where she will prepare for a new guest.

The man goes to a nearby mirror and looks into it. "Lilith once Darkera returns I will rule all three worlds, and you will be dead. The man started laughing as he was already planning his victory.


Tommy a seventeen year old boy was just was waking from a nap after a long lecture from his math teacher Mr. Scott. Class was ending and his best friend Ariel was waking him up. They have been friends since he entered high school at Riverside High. She was shorter than him by a couple of inches, and had long blonde hair with black highlights.

"Sleeping again Tommy you know you're going get a detention if the teacher catches you asleep." Ariel was speaking with her usual playful tone. Tommy can’t usually tell when she serious because she always use the same playful tone in the majority of his conversations with her.

Tommy began to rise out of his seat and stretch. "It’s not my fault the teacher's boring watching paint dry is better than sitting threw one of his lectures."

"Fine but you know how Ami gets when she’s angry she probably put you in the room again if you get detention." Ami was Tommy's adopted mother who has been raising him since he was 7 years old since his parents died. She also had two other sons named Shay and Cody who were younger than him.

"I don't care anymore another 6 months in that house then I can finally leave it." He was speaking in an uncaring attitude. Since Tommy wasn't Ami biological son she been using him as a servant and beating him anytime he mouths off, or didn't do what he was told, etc and if he was really bad or she was just annoyed with him he would be sent to dark room where he will be left alone for hours to think on his behavior.

"I don't know why you stay there you should have called the cops plenty of times if you wanted to."

"I don't know why" stated Tommy "it’s just every time I thought of doing I felt I will be in worse trouble if I left the place. Also who would have believed me as long as I remember everyone hated me I didn’t give anyone cause to but they did. I know my eyes are different from others, and I have a hard time talking to people but it would have been nice if they got to know the real me instead of making judgments.

Don’t worry if no one is willing to understand u I will I knew it from the first day I saw you aren’t a bad person u even saved me from those thugs oops. At that moment Ariel covered her mouth quickly and started looking back and forth making sure no one was paying attention. Sorry Tommy I know u don’t like talking about that day.

It’s alright the incident happen years ago and those people left school weeks after that so you don’t have to worry about it. Tommy started smiling at the end of those words.

As for leaving Ami Ariel I just have to be with her for 6 more months and then I will turn 18 and I can finally leave her house. Since u said I could leave with u while I go to college it made me real happy.

"That won’t be a problem my parents love you and you’re like one of the family. Will u be able to stay over again it’s been awhile since u last stayed over. Maybe in a couple weeks I am just going to have to catch Ami on a good day." At those words the final bell for school rang.

"Let’s go home I can’t be late today" said Tommy. He picked up his book bag and started putting his belongings into it.

Sure! Ariel started to do the same and they left school together.

As Tommy was heading home with Ariel he was planning on taking his usual route through the alleyway but Ariel stopped him.

"Let’s not go that way today please said Ariel grabbing Tommy's arm."

"Why not it is the fastest way to my place?" Tommy asked in a confused expression.

"It’s just that I want go to the mall quick and I need u to help me pick things out. I would’ve asked u sooner but we were very busy in school."

"You know how Ami gets if I'm late. Last time I spent several days in the room just for being late for a couple of minutes.”

"Don't worry I just explain to her we were busy helping the teacher with some work she needed done."

"She won’t care I'm just her servant boy with no freedom in her eyes." This was true because no matter what he does Ami just finds reasons to punish Tommy. No matter what he does he can never get any recognition from Ami.

"OK let’s sweeten the deal I will also treat you to your favorite meal for a week if she gets angry."

"You sure " Tommy usually doesn’t get to eat different food but since he befriended Ariel she been sharing some of her food with him. His favorite food was burritos which she brings every couple weeks.

“That's fine i have enough money from my job so it will be no problem."

Tommy started to weigh the options in his head when a voice suddenly appeared. Why are you doing something so pointless just let her go by herself to the mall and we can go home and not get in trouble with Ami.

Sociable as always Nimic.

How can I be sociable when you are the only person I talk to if you in trouble I gladly come out but other things I have no interest.

I’m always happy for that if it wasn’t for you I would’ve been injured all those times by the bullies yet you ask for nothing I even offer for you to use my body but u repeatedly say no to it.

That because nothing interesting happens in your life and if I took over your body I may end up killing Ami. Im still surprise u never once attacked her the way she treats you I woudve been try to get back her.

I thought of it several times but I usually stop my self at the last minute she seems very dangerous the moment I think of it she looks even more dangerous. I think I am going to go with Ariel life is short plus what’s the worst she can do send me to the room for a couple days.

Fine but don’t say I didn’t warn its just I don’t like bein in that room for some reason I get very tired whenever im there do you have any idea why.

Nope none at all. But in the back of his mind he had an idea why he was getting tired but couldn’t tell him unless he broke his word.

Well im going to rest why u go on your outing with Ariel cya. With that the voice disappear from his mind.

"Okay Tommy was speaking now speaking with Ariel I go with u to the all but lets try and make this quick Ami always annoying when she’s angry

Then let’s go! Ariel spoke those words with a very jolly tone. Ariel grab Tommy s hand and start leading him towards the mall but as she did that she looked back toward the alley way and then sent a very strong energy burst with her mind to warn who was ever looking not to follow.

As Tommy and Ariel was leaving Lyndis was back at the alley looking terrified. "Who the hell was she I been following Tommy for weeks but I never seen her before. It was just like she materialize out of nowhere and that attack she sent may have just been a warning shot but her malice was behind it. My body is still trembling I never felt a power that strong or dangerous before I have to go and report this to Lilith." Lyndis disappeared in a puff of smoke to report her findings to Lilith.


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