A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 9

“Love brings up emotions that run the gamut from agony to ecstasy. Love can inspire us to accomplish some of the craziest and most amazing feats.”

– Unknown.

A wide smile stretched my lips when my phone rang, showing Hayley’s name.

“Hey,” I greeted.

“Hey, Clara, It’s been long.”

“We just spoke last night, Hayley,” I said, a soft chuckle slipping through my lips.

“Yeah, still it feels long. Anyway, we are having a spa day on Sunday. You should come.”

Spa day? I chewed my lip. I didn’t have enough money. “Ah, um… I don’t think–”

“Girl, we’ve already booked the spa. And, I am not taking no for an answer. Besides, we can just talk and hang around.”

“Hayley, I…”

“I’ll send someone to pick you up at 7 in the morning.”

“Hayley– “

“Oh, and the invitation is for Abigail as well. I’d like to meet the girl Nicholas talks so much about.”

“Okay,” I sighed, realizing she wouldn’t listen. “But, you don’t have to pick us. Send me your address.”

“Sounds great. See you later.”

The call disconnected and with a shake of my head, I turned to face my nosy friend.

“Hayley invited us for a spa day on Sunday.”

“Wow! She invited me too?” She asked with disbelief.

“Yes, she wants to meet this girl Nicholas won’t stop talking about.”

Abigail blushed with a wisp of a smile gracing her lips. “Oh.”

“Hmm… Someone’s blushing,” I sang, poking her cheeks. I’ve never seen her this happy before. Not even when she was engaged to that asshole. “So you are up then?”

“Of course,” Abigail’s eyes widened. “What would they think if we didn’t go?”

“Yeah,” I sighed.

“Don’t worry. We can manage.” She squeezed my shoulder as if reading my line of thoughts. “I have saved some cash. We can use that.”

“Oh, no, Abi. I can–“

“Clara, you’ve been there for me when I had no one. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. Also, it’s what friends are for, right?” She asked, and I nodded with a sigh. “Great. Let’s do this then.”

I was hoping to spend Sunday as usual with Ben and maybe with Aiden. Then, Hayley invited us for a girl’s day out. Later that day, Hayley called again to inform that the guys have decided to go on a fishing trip and do some guy stuff. She said it was good for Benjamin.

Nonetheless, I felt happy that Ben would get to have spent quality guy time with his new friends Sam and with all the macho guys accompanying him. He has never gone fishing, so it would be a new experience for him.

As for me, I never got to relax in past six years so I was excited to have a full day only to myself with the girls. Maybe things would work well after all.

I was packing two separate bags for the day, one for Ben and one for myself when my phone rang.

“Clara, where are you?” Hayley’s high-pitched squeal had me cringe slightly. The girl squealed a lot when she got excited.

“I will be there by nine,” I said and disconnected the call after a few pleasantries. She asked me to wear something comfortable as they were going to the mall after the spa.

Aiden had offered to give us a ride earlier, which I declined politely. These days we spent so much time with Aiden and I missed the small walk and the bus ride with Ben. I took a taxi to their place as I didn’t know the bus route and soon we arrived at their home or should I call it, a mansion.

The two securities who looked like bouncers stopped us at the gate. They checked our ID and asked our purpose for the visit before I called Hayley, who asked them to let me in. I hated the way they glanced at my boy and Ben didn’t bother to hide his displeasure as well. She had forgotten to inform them.

The huge mansion sat at the end of the road with a long driveway and we walked for almost ten minutes before we got to the entrance. I should have let Aiden pick me. The landscape and garden they had at the front had me entranced and the mansion was even bigger on the inside.

“Clara!” Hayley tackled me at the door giving me a tight hug and Daniela followed the suit.

“Where’s Abigail?” I asked looking around. She earlier said she’d meet me here. The girls giggled pointing upstairs.

I smiled shaking my head and took the juice they offered. Ben had run inside with Sam. I was chatting with the girls when I felt someone hugging me from behind and I didn’t have to turn around to know it is Aiden. I have gotten used to his touch I could identify it even if I was blind.

His intoxicating cologne and the immediate warmth surrounded me making my head dizzy in a good way.

“Hello beautiful, you look so delectable today,” he nipped my earlobe making me shiver. He never called me by name, it’s always babe or beautiful or some endearment he came up with. “And you smell good too,” he said continuing to pepper small kisses on my shoulder.

I almost jumped when the girls giggled at us. I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at them. My stupid self-has forgotten that they were with me when Aiden came around and hugged me. His touch did things to me and being close to him is enough to send my brain into a frenzy.

Get a grip, Clara, I scolded myself. I have been celibate as long as I can remember and at the touch of a male I melted, but not just any male, only Aiden.

I wore a floral sundress and didn’t bother with a coat or cardigan as the climate was warm. Aiden twirled me, taking in my appearance and gave me an appreciative smirk which had my cheeks grow red.

“You look so beautiful in this dress. But, I would love to take it off from you,” he whispered in my ears making me gasp.

Daniela snickered behind us as Hayley nudged her to keep quiet, but I could tell they were enjoying our encounter and I would be their hot topic today.

“Hey girly, there you are,” Abigail’s excited giggle saved me from further embarrassment.

I pushed Aiden away and tried to put as much distance as possible. Instead of staying at his spot, he closed the distance between us and pulled me again into his embrace. I have noticed that he always tried to touch me. The simple gesture brought a smile to my lips.

It felt good to be wanted by someone. I looked up to see Nicholas doing the same with Abigail and she gave me a ‘Yeah-I-know’ look. I couldn’t help the smile that surfaced on my lips.

The men were out of the door after half an hour. I kissed Ben and asked him to stay safe and close to the men all the time. It was his first trip without me and I was nervous.

“No Goodbye kiss for me,” I turned to face Aiden and shook my head.

“You are a big boy and big boys can do without goodbye kisses,” I teased with a smile tugging at my lips.

“Well, then you can give me a Good luck kiss, so I can catch many fishes than the others,” he said pointing the other guys earning a laugh from them.

“Okay,” I giggled and went to kiss his cheek but he turned at the last minute to capture my lips. I thought it would be a simple kiss, but no. He deepened the kiss and his tongue twirled with mine.

When we pulled back to breathe Gabriel and Saxon were already inside the car with the kids and were waving at Aiden and Nicholas to get in. I smiled pushing Aiden towards their vehicle and watched with content as they drove off.

This is how it feels to have a family.


I was changing into today’s attire when Ben came charging into the room and tackled me from my behind with all his might. We had gotten close in this past couple of weeks and I finally felt happy to be so close to my son.

I was planning a day out with my mate and son when Daniela suggested they could do a girl’s day while men get to do some of our stuff. She suggested it would give a chance for Benjamin to bond with me and also pointed out Ben never had an actual father figure in his life. She said this trip would help our relationship.

That felt like a good idea and I wanted to teach my son a few things I learned as a child from my father.

Going down with my son in tow, I was first hit by my mate’s floral scent and slightly wobbled at the onslaught of desire. I got to kiss her and make out, but I wanted more. She always stopped me whenever I tried to get to the last level.

Each time it took a lot of strength to control my wolf from pouncing on her and claim her. My mate looked stunning in the floral sundress showing her long slender legs. I could already imagine those long legs wrapped around my waist while I claim her again.

Already knowing how it felt to have myself deeply buried inside her only increased my desire. My body and soul craved for that pleasure again. I was instantly hard and couldn’t help but to pull her close to ease my pain. My son had wandered off to see his friends at some point, which I didn’t notice.

“Hello beautiful, you look so delectable today,” I nipped at her earlobe making her shiver. God, she smelled so divine. I avoided calling her by name and always used an endearment. I didn’t want to call her by her fake name and calling her by her real name could ruin our relationship.

“And you smell good too,” I continued to pepper small kisses on her shoulder. I could feel other’s eyes on us, but I didn’t care. She’s my mate, and I was just showing my affection towards her. She-wolves took it as a pride when their mates displayed their affection in public. It made them feel wanted.

“You look so beautiful in this dress. But, I would love to take it off from you,” I whispered in her ears making her gasp and blush. Oh! How much I would love for her to scream my name in pleasure right now.

Daniela snickered at us and Hayley nudged her to keep quiet, but I could tell they were enjoying our PDA.

When we got ready to leave, I tried to get a kiss. Though she played hard to get at first, she leaned to kiss my cheek but I turned to capture her lips. I am addicted to her taste and if she thought I would just leave with a kiss on my cheek, big mistake. I deepened the kiss making her moan against my mouth.

I pulled apart when I smelled her need for me. My wolf felt satisfied at that and I joined others for our little adventure. Ben’s grin grew wider and his excitement was contagious. It’s going to be fun.

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