A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 11

“The best feeling in the whole world is watching things finally fall into place after watching them fall apart for so long.”


Her laughter reached my ears and a low growl ripped from my chest. Brunettes were my weakness. My hands itched, wondering about all the things I would do to her once she was in my custody. But, I was only ordered to watch her from far and report.

I stayed away from the restaurant and didn’t speak with her after that incident. With humans so close, I couldn’t risk being exposed or didn’t want to get arrested again.

However, when I saw that wolf with her, I was furious. I haven’t seen him before and I didn’t know who he was. His hands were all over her, touching and kissing. That bitch!

I sniffed the air but there were so many people around which messed up with my senses. I noticed two patrol wolves in that area, so I backed up, slinking into the shadows.

I’ve been following her since Wednesday. My burner phone vibrated, and I answered without looking at the caller. Only one person had this number.

“What’s the update?”

“She’s with that wolf again,” I informed.

A loud growl ripped from the other end and I cringed. My boss wasn’t an Alpha, but he is stronger. “Is he an Alpha?”

“Don’t know. Too much people around them to get a scent and he has two wolves guarding her all the time.”

“All right, keep an eye on her until I return.”

Oh, I very much plan to. “I will,” I answered as I watched her allowing him to kiss her again. They were in his car, parked in her driveway. His hands wandered over her body and squeezed her bottom. I heard her moan and my blood boiled in fury.

It should have been me. She wouldn’t even look at me twice. The way she looked at him wanted me to tear him into pieces. But, I knew better. I sniffed the air. The scent of her need clung strongly to the air making me hard. I tried to get his scent, but all I could smell was the mixture of their lust.

He was now kissing down her neck and she gave him full access to her neck, he was nibbling and sucking the skin which I am sure would leave his mark all over her neck. She moaned again arching her body towards him grinding against his pelvic area.

I cupped my length over my pants. It would be a long night. Not that I could find an easy lay. I am not a favorite for most women. I tensed when he stopped kissing her all of a sudden and his head whipped around, scanning the surrounding. I took it as my cue to leave.

I waited for her every day in the alley, but she never came. That bastard picked her up every day and dropped her at her home. In the morning, the area was full of people making it impossible for me to reach her.

Nonetheless, I decided to confront her at home on Sunday. When I reached she was taking her bastard son with her and leaving the home. I tried to follow, but instead of taking the bus, as usual, she took a taxi and left.

I punched the nearby tree sending splinters of wood flying around. Then, I saw her neighbors leaving to God knows where. I waited till they were out of sight and went to her door. This is going to be so much fun.

What if he finds out?

I shrugged off the thought. My control was waning. I saw her first and the more I saw her the more I craved. Using a few tricks up my sleeves, I opened the door and slipped in.


The day was very relaxing. Finally, I had a much-needed break from my normal routine and I appreciated Hayley for inviting us. I fell asleep during the full body massage. When we left the spa, it was past two in the afternoon. The weather was warm and pleasant. We had lunch in McDonald’s and discussed our next stop. The men won’t be back until evening. I hoped Ben had a great time.

“Let’s hit the mall. We have little to do anyway,” Hayley suggested, dragging me out of the thoughts.

“Yeah, sure,” Daniela agreed.

“Yeah, why not?”

Once in the mall, Hayley and Daniela headed to the popular boutiques. They tried out the latest fashions and bought whatever they liked while I and Abigail babysat Diana. I didn’t want to spend Aiden’s money anymore. I was grateful for the spa trip and that was enough.

“Hey, don’t you want to try on?” Daniela quirked an eyebrow looking at us while I shrugged in nonchalance.

“Nah, we are fine,” Abigail answered her. I was thankful that she was like me. We hated cloth shopping and the tryout. When we shopped we mostly hit the small shops. They had many selections for a cheap and affordable price. We never spend more than an hour in clothes shopping.

While it was fun to watch them try on different clothes, it wasn’t for us. Hayley and Daniela snickered sharing secret glances when we reached Victoria’s secret. I looked Abigail and for once we thought about it.

Well, lingerie is a woman’s secret pleasure. Isn’t it?

Diana fell asleep during cloth shopping so there was no need for us to close her eyes here. The women giggled as we strode down the aisle which displayed thousands of sexy lingerie. Hayley and Daniela went on filling up their baskets with all naughty lingerie’s making us laugh.

I and Abigail mostly chose decent pairs with lace which covered the parts unlike Hayley and Daniela’s, whose raunchy lingerie left nothing to the imagination.

“These girls sure know how to rile the men up,” Abigail whispered. “Girl, I am horny all the time, but I never have the guts to flaunt my body in front of my man,” She continued and I agreed.

“So what did you get?” Daniela looked at our purchases and scrunched her nose in distaste, “Well you got to do more than that if you want Aiden and Nicholas on his knees,” she commented and continued to pull out the naughty lingerie.

My eyes widened in horror as I took notice of the piece she pulled out. “There is no way I wear that in front of him.”

“Well, how are you supposed to make him sweat then?” She asked holding a piece in front of me. It was a single piece lacy lingerie, and the problem was it covered nothing, I mean NOTHING.

“I have bought other sets and that would suffice for now.” Crap! I didn’t even think about it before I said it out loud.

“You are so cute.” Daniela pinched my cheeks making me wince. “I don’t think he will hold himself when he sees you in this,” she said pointing at my basket. “But, Clara, sex life needs colors baby, you can’t do the same boring stuff again and again. Here, I am buying this for you both as a gift,” she said adding more of that raunchy lingerie into our basket much to our horror.

Our attempts to not buy the naughty pieces went futile, and I had no option but to go with it. Maybe I can use it when I am more comfortable with him.

Wait… What would he do when he sees my scars? Why didn’t I think of this? Will he even want me after seeing my body?

I put away the lingerie without another thought when Hayley stopped me, “What is it, Clara?” Hayley asked noticing my unshed tears.

“Um... It’s nothing.” I turned back to my task dumping the lingerie back on the shelves.

Hayley sighed. “Aiden won’t reject you for the scars you know,” she said as a matter of fact and my back stiffened. A few tears rolled down my cheeks. All my insecurities came crashing down when I met her knowing eyes again.

How did she know? Am I that obvious?

Sometimes, I felt so selfish for not letting Aiden know about my past or my scars. I should have given him a choice, but now I had fallen too deep and didn’t think I would survive a heartbreak. The thought of him rejecting me because of the scars frightened me and I didn’t realize my body shook with my sobs.

I didn’t just have the accident scars. I had stretch marks all over my abdomen. I had no one to take proper care of me during my pregnancy or after delivery. For God’s sake, I was struggling for food to take care of my body. It had faded but had never gone.

Hayley pulled me into her embrace and held me as I fought to control my tears. I hated to look into the mirror myself. I stopped looking below my breasts after a while it slipped out of my mind until now.

I looked down the floor nervously. I wanted to believe Hayley. I liked Aiden, but I felt so insecure about my body.

“When someone is in love with you, he will look past the scars and not at the scars. And for the record, I know Aiden is already in love with you. He would never leave you even if you have murdered someone,” she said with a confident expression. I believed her.


We got late than expected. There was an accident, and we had to wait for about two hours before it was cleared. Fortunately, we had stopped at a restaurant earlier to eat so the little ones were fed and we didn’t have to worry about waking them up for food again.

I looked down at my son who was fast asleep on my lap and has buried his face deep in my chest. Gabriel, Saxon, and Nicholas all sported happy smiles on their face. Saxon drove as Gabriel held his sleeping son with so much love.

During the trip, he spoke about his mating with Hayley. She did not conceive for the first three years. Werewolves were fertile and immune to human diseases.

However, with Hayley being a human she had problems with her egg growth. After undergoing treatment, she conceived Sam. Then, they had Diana after two years. Gabriel had said Hayley almost died due to the complications of her second pregnancy and that’s when he marked her. He wasn’t sure she’d survive the bite, but she did.

If I and Anna were together, we would have had more kids in these six years. I imagined how she would look pregnant. Would I be fortunate this time? I would never let her go again.

The women were waiting for us in the living room when we reached. Anna looked so beautiful as ever. She had groomed herself and looking at her, I could tell she had a great day. That smile she sported lifted my spirit, and that was all I wanted. She no longer appeared exhausted.

Nicholas scooped Abigail up kissing her with a passion before carrying her to his room. Gabriel went upstairs with Hayley close behind to tuck his son in bed. Saxon picked up Daniela before heading towards his room who giggled like a teenager.

This left only me, Anna and Benjamin in the living room. I looked at Anna who nervously averted her gaze to the floor.

“Let’s put him to bed,” I said, clearing my throat. She nodded and followed me upstairs.

“Did you eat?” She asked after a moment of silence.

“We stopped at a restaurant on the way here. Boys were hungry. Did you eat?” I asked her as I lowered Ben on the bed next to Sam. Hayley and Gabriel didn’t have separate rooms for the kids yet. They thought it was too early for the kids to sleep alone.

“I did,” Anna whispered.

I nodded looking at my boy. He called me his dad for the first time today. I bent kissing his forehead and Anna followed the suit.

Closing the door behind us, I led Anna to my room. I quirked my eyebrows when she stood in the doorway confused.

“You can sleep on the bed and I will take the couch,” I said half-heartedly, not meaning it. I wanted her in my arms. The house was big and had many guest rooms. She could have slept with Ben in the kid’s room if she wanted.

“I know you can sleep in other rooms if you wanted but I want you here,” I admitted when she didn’t reply.

Anna looked delectable in Hailey’s night dress which ended up a few inches above her knees giving me a full view of her long legs. She shifted uncomfortably under my gaze as I motioned her to get in the bed. I watched in satisfaction when she climbed into the bed and went to the bathroom for a quick shower.

She was awake when I entered the room again only wearing my shorts, her eyes skimmed over my frame and she swallowed before averting her gaze. Without another word, I climbed into the bed and we lay in comfortable silence.

She had her back turned towards me and I could tell that she was nervous and her heart always fluttered giving it away. Her scent filled my nostrils, my wolf wanting to claim. After a while, she inched closer and after a moment of hesitation snuggled close to my chest just like old times.

My eyes closed as a sense of satisfaction filled me. She made me whole. I felt complete after a long time. Turning towards her I inhaled her scent and pulled her close. Her warmth comforting me, I wanted her so much.

However, tonight wasn’t about sex. I had her in my arms again. My wolf and I was content. All I wanted was to hold her and never let go. And that’s what I did. With my mate in my arms, I fell asleep.

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