A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 12

“I don’t need paradise because I found you.

I don’t need dreams because I already have you.”


I woke up in the morning feeling well rested and rejuvenated. No nightmares haunted me last night, and I didn’t remember a time, I slept in peace. Warmth radiated from Aiden. I turned in his arms, facing him.

He was sound asleep with a small smile gracing his lips. It was as if he was dreaming. Last night, we stayed at Hayley’s since it was too late to go home. It was the first time we stayed together, and it felt so right.

When Aiden offered to take the couch, I couldn’t let him. I mean, we’ve been too close to worry about sleeping in the same bed. I didn’t know why I felt nervous. When he came out after the shower, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. My heart raced as a sense of déjà vu filled me. It felt as if I’ve seen his naked torso before. I averted my gaze and turned away. Why do I feel like this?

The bed dipped when he climbed in and we lay there for a while. I couldn’t get comfortable at any position so I moved closer to him. When he didn’t object I snuggled into his chest.

One half of me expected him to return the gesture while the other half feared his rejection. What if he pulled away? However, Aiden just turned and pulled me closer before burying his face in my hair. I felt his warm lips press against my head before I slipped into the dark abyss.

A small smile made its way to my lips, and I sighed in content. Our legs were tangled and his body half sprawled on top of me. I loved this position and didn’t want to move. However, I had work.

I moved out of his hold gently and untangled our limbs and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower before going down to the kitchen to get my coffee. The girls were already awake. Hayley was preparing breakfast while Daniela and Abigail sipped the coffee.

Abigail has bathed and was already ready for the day. However, the love bites she had on her neck and the furious blush she had when she looked at me told that last night was her best. I smiled happily at her and greeted everyone with a good morning.

“You look good today,” Daniela commented and took another sip of her coffee.

The radio was on and I couldn’t ask more. It’s just like being at home. “I slept well yesterday,” I said inhaling the coffee Hayley gave me.

“So…” Daniela was expecting more, and I exactly understood what she was talking about.

“Um… No, we actually didn’t. We just cuddled and had a good night’s sleep,” I finished only for her to roll her eyes playfully.

“You will get there soon, girly. I have seen the looks Aiden has been giving you,” Abigail commented and I smiled in response.

After last night, I was sure about my relationship with Aiden.

“Nicholas is leaving me at work, you can join us if Aiden is not yet up,” Abigail said to which I nodded.

“I am going to get ready and then we will leave,” I said getting up and went to kid’s room to wake Ben. Instead, he met me in the hallway with the same morning cuteness I loved to see every day.

I scooped him up kissing him Good morning.

“Good Morning, Mommy,” he mumbled in his sleepy tone. “Where is dad?” He asked making me freeze.

“Dad?!!” I asked in surprise.

“Yes. My dad,” he replied again to which I just stood motionless. I didn’t understand why Ben asked about his Dad all of a sudden and I didn’t know what to tell him.

“I will find him myself,” he wiggled out of my grip when I didn’t respond. I followed him with a frown and almost sighed in relief when I saw him entering Aiden’s room. “Dad is still asleep,” I heard Ben say with a pout but made no move to wake Aiden.

My legs were rooted to the marble floor. Ben called Aiden, Dad.

I didn’t know how to take it. A Part of me was happy that Ben accepted Aiden as his father figure in such a short time, but I feared about Aiden.

What if he didn’t reciprocate my feelings? What if I am just a fling for him? What if this didn’t work for us? Ben would be disheartened. I have watched him look at other children longingly, especially the ones with their fathers. I smiled and gestured him to move forward, hiding my inner turmoil.

“Let dad sleep, we are getting late for school,” I told him and led him to the bathroom.

“I love dad. He is so cool. You know what, yesterday he taught me how to fish and swim,” he chirped and I couldn’t help the smile that crept onto my lips. He had a great time. That was all I wanted to hear. I left him to take his bath while I packed our overnight bag. We would have to go back. My eyes longingly swept through Aiden’s sleeping form.

Maybe Aiden can come over.

I had to go to our home to take Ben’s school bag. Hayley has already packed him lunch and snacks when we headed down. We ate hurriedly and rushed to meet Nicholas and Abigail who was already waiting for us in the car.

First, he took us to our home so I could pick up Ben’s books. When we got to our home, the door was unlocked leaving me confused. If one thing I am sure about, I never left home without closing the windows and door. How come it is unlocked now?

“What is it?” Abigail hollered from inside the car.

“My door is unlocked. I am sure I locked it,” I replied with a frown.

Nicholas was out of the car in an instant. He sniffed the air slightly and let out a low growl making me jump. His growl was like a mature animal while Ben’s growls were like that of a pup.

“Stay here,” he ordered before going in.

I heard rustling before he came out of the house with Ben’s bag in one hand. He took the key from my hand and locked the door quickly. “Get in the car,” he half dragged me to the car by my elbow and shut it once I am in. Abigail shrugged her shoulders as I watched Nicholas with pure confusion and a lot of questions popping into my head.

His jaws were clenched as he drove away and we were at the bus stop on time for Ben’s school bus. Once Ben boarded the bus, Nicholas sped up the car and anger rolled out of him in waves. His knuckles turned white as he gripped the steering wheel tighter.

Abigail rubbed his biceps to cool him down while I threw a quizzical look at her, hesitant to ask him.

“Someone broke into your home last night,” Nicholas broke the silence as we took a right turn to reach the main road.

My eyes locked with Abigail’s as different questions popped into my mind.

“I believe this someone had fun yesterday. He took no valuables, but all your panties and clothes are ruined,” he said gritting his teeth. It felt like he didn’t want to give me the details.

“I… I don’t get it,” I stammered in shock.

“Someone jacked off in your room, Clara,” he replied in a clipped tone. “I will drop you both at the diner and then go back to your house. We will call the cops in, you don’t have to worry,” he continued to speak soothingly, his voice softening.

I wanted Aiden now.

Who could have broken into my home?

Shock and fear rendered me speechless. And I already knew this would be a long day.


I grunted as the distant ringing of my mobile brought me back from my peaceful slumber. In all honesty, I didn’t want to wake up right now. I opened my eyes to see the other side of the bed empty. Her scent still fresh in the room. The clock showed its half past nine and Anna must have left early for the work, she hated being late.

The pounding in my brain increased as the ringing ceased and I felt someone trying to converse with me through the mind link. Being a werewolf our minds were connected and we could converse through the mind links. It mostly helps when we are in our wolf form.

We usually keep the mind link usage to a minimum when we are in our human form to blend with the humans. A sense of urgency crept into my bone marrow as I lowered my mental barrier wondering if it was my mom before shrugging off the thought. She was too far and cannot reach me through mind link.

“Head over to Anna’s home, now,” Nic’s frustrated voice rang with an urgency, making me tense. My wolf growled at the mention of her name.

“What happened?” I growled.

“Anna and your son are safe. Someone broke in and did something really nasty. You should come really quick. I have already informed Saxon and Gabriel,” he said and ran out of the door shifting mid-air.

Hayley was climbing the stairs when she saw my wolf. She was probably coming to wake me up to give the news. She quickly moved out of my way with an understanding nod. Gabriel being the Alpha of this pack, it was a normal thing for wolves to saunter so openly during the daytime within his campus as it was isolated from the human population.

I ran through the woods and reached her home within ten minutes. My wolf sniffed the area taking in different scents. We were no different. We were one and the same with same body and soul, but with different personalities. Let’s say he was the dominant and the bad twin of my human side.

I saw a reddish brown fur in the middle of the trees towards north from Anna’s home and trotted towards that direction. The wolf in front of me didn’t bother to look up as he had his snout in the ground, sniffing.

After a moment, he lifted his head to meet my eyes and motioned for me to follow him as he moved forward with his nose close to the ground. I followed him for about five minutes when we came around a tree. Wood splinters were splattered across the forest floor and the trunk of the tree was missing a chunk.

Nicholas let out a growl motioning me towards the tree. I moved forwards and sniffed the new scent. It belonged to another male wolf.

“What does this mean, Nic?”

Instead of answering me, he led me towards Anna’s house saying, “You should see it yourself.”

My wolf was growing antsy and the scent of the male was getting stronger as we neared the home. I changed behind a tree and after making sure no one was watching, quickly crossed the road and entered her house.

Gabriel and Saxon already stood in the living room with pure rage coating their features. The scent was too strong now and a part of me knew what it was. Entering the bedroom I only saw red.

Anna’s used panties, clothes were scattered on the bed. Everything soiled with the bastard’s semen. Her laundry basket was pulled out and the dirty panties were torn in the area where it covers her private part.

I choked on the loud growl that erupted from my throat at the sight. I didn’t want to attract the humans near her home. I’ve noticed a girl of Anna’s age looking suspiciously at our car parked outside through the small kitchen window when we were talking in the living room.

What happened here was a repetition of something from my past and this time I knew Anna was with me the entire night. It caught me off guard, bringing all the pain and suffering I’ve carefully buried in my mind.

Gabriel cleared his throat and motioned for me to come back to the living room where he handed me a cold water bottle. I shifted on my feet and chugged down the bottle while meeting their gaze, silently asking for an explanation.

My wolf wanted to rip the bastard to shreds, and it took a lot of effort to control him. Fur threatened to sprout on my skin as he fought my restraints to take over.

“We don’t know this scent, it must be a rogue. I have a sample packed so once my trackers have his scent we will track him,” Gabriel told me earning a growl which was not directed at him.

My wolf was just angry at the thought of another male around her. She is ours and the male could have harmed her, had she been here yesterday. I looked up at Gabriel for further information.

“No. We have no other details. The wood splinters we found in the woods only prove that he is been stalking her. This area belongs to the humans so my patrolmen wouldn’t know about this wolf,” he finished as I paced the floor.

I didn’t want Anna here at any cost. I want her close to me so I could keep her safe. I saw Saxon pulling out a bag from the back of Gabriel’s car and emptying its contents in the back seat.

“I will pack Ben’s school stuff and the other important documents. You can buy her new clothes or she can share Daniela or Hayley’s for the time being,” he said going into the room.

I was grateful for his thoughtfulness. I couldn’t stomach being in that room for another second.

“Anna wouldn’t know this wolf even if he had approached her before, but Ben might tell us if he had come across one,” Gabriel stated scratching his chin and my wolf perked its ears.

“Then we should check with him,” I agreed, and we left the place once Saxon came out with the bag.

I noticed the young woman hovering in the driveway with the suspicious look, her phone clutched tighter in her hand.

“Hi, who are you and what are you doing here at Clara’s home?” She asked with a stern look.

“Hi, it’s Leila, right? I am Aiden,” I extended my hand for her to shake.

She returned the gesture with a slight blush. Her eyes regarding the men behind me.

“I am An-Clara’s boyfriend and these are my friends. We came to pick up things for her as she is camping with our families tonight,” I replied casually while maintaining eye contact. The last thing I wanted was for her to peg me for a thief.

“Oh! Do you mind if I call her and verify your claim?” She asked pulling her phone out, and I smiled with a curt nod.

Anna had a good neighbor, but this act could be dangerous for her if I were a threat.

“Hi Clara, it’s me, Leila. No… no nothing… It’s just your boyfriend and his friends are at your house. And, I thought I would check with you as I have never met him before,” Leila informed her, her eyes never leaving us while she spoke.

“Ah! You mean Aiden,” I smiled when I heard Anna’s voice through the phone. With our extensive hearing, I could clearly hear the other end of the conversation.

“Yes, it is.” I could see the tension leave Leila’s shoulders as Anna confirmed that I am her boyfriend.

“Sorry, Leila. We are seeing each other for some time and I never got time to introduce him. Thanks for calling me. I appreciate it,” Anna said and Leila ended the call after a sharing a few pleasantries.

“Okay now that’s settled, congratulations are in order I guess,” she gave us a wide smile and left us to go to her home.

Once she left, we climbed into the car and left her home. I called Anna on the way back to Gabriel’s residence and explained her everything. I didn’t want to keep her in the dark and she was my equal. She had every right to know, and this involved her.

Anna was shocked at first, but I soothed her and informed her that I have made necessary arrangements for her to stay with us until this issue was sorted out. When I finished the call, I noticed Saxon going through some documents in the bag. He looked up to meet my gaze and silently passed the thick folder which contained a lot of papers.

The look on his face said that it was important. Looking down at the papers, I realized it was a set of medical reports with her name on it and two things had me frozen on the spot.

First, the documents had her real name on it and the second was the date mentioned in the first report.

It was the same date she went missing or ran away like every other’s claimed her to be.

What the hell?

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