A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 13

“You are enough.

In every way,

You are enough.”



The diner was crowded this morning and I was able to forget about the incident for a while. I haven’t been inside the home, so I can only imagine what would’ve happened. Nicholas wouldn’t reveal anything and I concluded that it must be really serious.

I badly wanted to call Aiden and ask what happened. Abigail has tried calling Nicholas a few times but he did not answer. She was tensed and with passing time we were getting irritated at the lack of information and I wanted to pull my hair out with all the thinking I’ve doing since afternoon.

The crowd has lessened around three in the evening and we took a break in our changing room. Chef Williams would notify us if there are any new customers. Also, one of the new recruits Mason was out there.

Mason offered to clean the tables while we rested for a bit and we agreed. He mingled well with us in a short span of three days and had a great sense of humor. Being the youngest of the staff, he soon became close like a little brother.

Wendy’s restaurant was open for seven days a week so the staff worked took turns in taking their weekly day off. I pulled out my phone and was pondering over the idea of calling Aiden when Leila called me and informed that Aiden and his friends were at my home.

I felt relieved and my heart skipped the beat at the mention of Aiden as my boyfriend. I got a call from Aiden after a few minutes, who explained exactly what happened at my home. He assured me that I am safe and he had made necessary arrangements for me to stay with him for the time being.

“What the hell? A guy masturbated and ruined your home,” Abigail whisper-yelled as she paced the floor. Her hands clenched as her face reddened.

Fortunately, Gigi went to serve a new customer and we were alone. We decided not to tell Gigi as we don’t want her worried over this.

“Girl, you sure got a psycho stalker behind you,” she mumbled after a moment. “I’m glad you weren’t home last night.”

I couldn’t agree more and I was also glad that Aiden didn’t hide anything about the incident. However, a sudden thought had filled me with a fear of the unknown. Had they found me? Then, I quickly shrugged off the thought as soon as it came. If my enemies had found me, they’d have killed me and my son without second thought. This must be someone else.

It made me feel disgusted, shocked and surprised. I should be feeling all these things. The intruder violated my home. I didn’t think I’ll be able to go back anytime sooner.

“I’m glad Gabriel and Hayley are letting us stay for a while,” I replied after a moment of silence.

“Hey, don’t worry. At least now we have the men with us,” Abigail comforted me.

I didn’t have the mood to work anymore but dragged myself out when the next customer came in. A silent groan left my lips when I saw him. I don’t know this guy’s name, but he was one of the on and off customer of the restaurant.

He was banned from the diner by Wendy and Jones after the last incident. Looking around, I noticed Gigi and Abigail were busy with a string of customers and Mason was nowhere to be seen. I silently approached him putting on my professional attire.

“Good day, Sir. What would you like to order?” I managed to speak and had to bite my tongue to control the rudeness that was bubbling inside me.

I usually treated everyone with respect but this guy was an exception. I despised him. He must be at least six feet tall with a bulky figure and broad shoulders. Tattoos stretched across his arms and neck, I was sure he must have tattoos all over his body.

Today he wore black leather pants and a tight black t-shirt which highlighted his taut muscles. His dirty brown shoulder-length hair looked dirtier and I squirmed uncomfortably as his dark eyes scanned my figure.

“My usual,” he replied and I stepped back so that the flying spit doesn’t infect me. I quickly scribbled his order and scurried to the kitchen.

“Jeez, that guy needs a serious bath. I could smell his junk from here,” Abigail commented while I tried to steady myself from the wave of nausea that threatened me. “Remind me again, what is he doing here?”

Abigail was right. It seems like he didn’t take bath for so long and was smelly. But no one dare spoke to him as they were all afraid of him. Wendy and Jones had to run an errand, so they weren’t at the diner.

“I can’t believe that guy even had the guts to ask you out once,” Abigail snorted with distaste and I shivered at the memory.

He wasn’t like this when he approached me the first time. He appeared decent and was well-spoken for the first few times. I declined his offer and he tried several times to get closer to me, but I always managed to evade him.

However, I lost my cool when he cornered me in the alley and tried to kiss me forcefully. He was a hell lot stronger and fortunately for me a cop who was patrolling the area saved me that day and took him into custody.

Nonetheless, he returned after a few months and behaved like a normal customer. Yet, Wendy kicked him out, telling him not to show up again.

He looked a lot more dangerous now. I served him the tray of food and immediately returned to the kitchen. I didn’t go out until Mason came to inform that he has left.

God, I hated that guy.

Exhaustion weighed down my bones at the end of my shift. Aiden picked me up as usual and Abigail left with Nicholas to retrieve her clothes. She said she will also be staying with us at Gabriel’s mansion.

Aiden didn’t speak but squeezed my thigh once in a comforting manner. Upon reaching Hayley’s, I am met with a furious looking Hayley and Daniela but their expression softened once they saw me.

“Hey Clara, Did you eat dinner?” Hayley asked softly and I shook my head.

“Well, I have put some clothes for you in Aiden’s room. Why don’t you go and change? We can have dinner together,” she suggests and I nod climbing upstairs.

I first visited Benjamin who was playing with Sam and Diana in their room.

They got along really well and after past few encounters, they are inseparable. Ben has warmed up to Diana and doesn’t shy away. After spending few minutes with the children, I went to Aiden’s room and decided to take a hot shower to calm my nerves. The bathroom here was bigger than my bedroom back at home and was loaded with supplies. The hot shower felt so good that I didn’t want to it to end.

“Clara…” I heard Hayley calling me from the other side of the door.

“I’m done. I will be down in a few minutes,” I reply and dried myself hurriedly.

Hayley had laid out a baby blue pajamas and a decent pair of Victoria secrets lingerie I bought the other day. I had forgotten the shopping bags at Hayley’s this morning and I am glad at least I had something to wear. According to Aiden’s words, all my undies were ruined and I didn’t even want to see my old clothes again. Not after hearing what was done to them.

I will have to buy new clothes and until then I decided to borrow some of Abigail’s. With a deep sigh, I went down to join the others for dinner. Abigail was already back and waved at me from across the table.

“The children ate early, so it’s only us,” Daniela said tapping the empty chair next to her and I sat between her and Aiden.

My taste buds moaned in pleasure as I took a sip of my Chicken soup. “Mmm…This is very delicious Hayley.”

“Thank you. I am glad you liked it,” Hayley beamed at the compliment.

“Hmm...Yeah, I agree. This pasta salad and grilled vegetables are heavenly,” Abigail added and in my peripheral vision I could see Gabriel looking at his wife with so much pride.

The conversations turned to the general direction and I felt myself relaxing with the delicious food and chatting. It was good to have some friends that you can rely on. After dinner, I muttered a good night to everyone and went to see Ben who was reading a storybook to Sam and Diana.

Hayley joined me after a few minutes and we lay there watching our kids. Ben’s soft angelic voice blanketed me and soothed my soul. Before I knew, I was slipping away into a dreamless realm.


She is not here. Her house was locked and there was no sign of her being here. I growled in anger when I caught the scent of four wolves. No wolves came to this part of town. This was not even their territory.

“Where is she?” I growled loudly and lashed out at my sidekick. He fell to the ground with a grunt at the impact.

We were at our little hideout deep inside the human town and too far from the wolf territory. It was a rundown building and no one dared coming here. The building was ruined in a fire accident a decade ago and rumors claimed that the souls of the victims still roam around these dark corridors.

When I moved in, I used the situation to his advantage.

“You were supposed to watch her,” I kicked him again. My anger only increased with every passing second.

“I saw her at the restaurant today, someone picked her up from the restaurant,” he coughed in pain but I felt no remorse.

“And you didn’t care to clean up your smelly ass before going in,” I feel my wolf surfacing.

“How could you be so careless? I told you to clean up before going there,” I threw him across the wall and heard few cracks.

“Useless freak,” I muttered angrily and paced the floor.

I should have thought before recruiting him as my sidekick. A rogue will always be a rogue and nothing was going to change him. I couldn’t risk him going back into the human population again.

“Get up,” I picked him by his neck and pinned him against the wall. “Go! Find her and don’t lose her this time,” he nodded vigorously and I dropped him down. His fear invaded my nostrils.

“And don’t go into the human population again like this. I smelled few wolves at her home and we don’t want their attention either. Be careful, I more goof up and I will end your life,” I warn before leaving the building.

My phone rang, irritating me further and I tensed on seeing the caller.



“Liam, you son of a bitch… How dare you disrespect my calls?” The high pitched voice had my anger doubled up.

“I was busy,” I replied through my clenched jaw.

She snickered at the other end, “You had one job Liam and you failed. I think I will take it further from here.”

This irked my wolf and he clawed my chest wanting out, I growled loudly into the phone.

“Don’t go all wolf on me boy, I paid you one million dollars to get that bitch,” her voice rang with so much authority that my wolf whimpered. “I want her either dead or alive. You can play with her for all I care and I want her gone. Do you understand?” Her alpha command forced me to my knees, “I understand,” I replied helplessly.

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