A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 14

“You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.”

-Robert Anthony


I woke up from my peaceful slumber and found myself cuddled to the children. Ben had me in his tight embrace, while Diana lay down on my knees hugging my legs. Sam was lying behind me with his leg over my hip. I heard a soft giggle which was followed by a camera click. I turned my head slowly to see Hayley standing by the door.

“I’ll help you,” she mouthed, coming to my aid. She separated Sam and Diana carefully without waking them while I detached myself from the arms of Benjamin. All three children looked so cute in their sleep and my heart swelled with joy. I placed a kiss on their foreheads before getting up. After refreshing, I went down for my much-needed coffee.

“Good morning,” I chirped to Daniela and Hayley before pouring myself a cup of heaven. Abigail hasn’t come down yet. I found out that Hayley and I had similar taste. She too had a radio in her cozy kitchen. It was getting late, I had to get ready. Hayley had placed all my stuff inside Aiden’s room and I started climbing the stairs to go to his room.

I didn’t bother as to why he has not come to see me yesterday night after dinner. We both had too much on our mind and I was too tired to think about it. I opened the door to Aiden’s room and what I saw inside had my entire being frozen to the spot.

Aiden was not alone.

A very naked girl had sprawled across his torso which was naked from waist up. It was not just that, she was kissing him and he kissed her back his hands running over her naked back. I felt my blood boiling at the sight. She climbed to straddle him. Her moans felt like a knife slicing my heart. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath to control my emotions which were running out of control. It didn’t help. I should’ve known better than to trust a stranger. Tears sprang free as I slowly turned away from them.

My body was too numb to react and my legs didn’t move faster like I wanted to. I felt betrayed. No, I was betrayed. Most of all, he betrayed my Ben. I couldn’t believe how close we grew in a short span of time. My innocent son has been played and he didn’t deserve this. How would I tell my son that Aiden wouldn’t be his father?

I bumped into Nicholas and Abigail on the way. “Clara? What happened?” She shook me, but I couldn’t respond and instead stared at her. Nicholas ran past me to Aiden’s room and I heard him curse.



That’s all I heard before I was consumed by darkness.


I heard Nicholas curse at the same time as Clara collapsed on my feet. I caught her head before she hit the floor. I carefully lay her on the floor and ran past her to Aiden’s room. A gasp left my lips as I saw the scene unfold in front of me.

Aiden was awake on the bed, his torso naked from the waist up. Nicholas had a naked girl by her neck and was shouting at Aiden.

“Bastard,” I muttered before running back to help Clara.



I shouted as I hoisted her head and placed her on my lap. “Clara… Clara… wake up please,” I shook her, tears welling my eyes. Clara is my best friend. She was always there for me during my tough times. It all felt unreal. Everything went blur and I saw myself there instead of Clara. I had been there in her shoes and went through it all.

Aiden and Nicholas rushed out of the room. When Aiden tried to touch Clara, I lost it. I pushed him away with such a force I didn’t know I possessed. “Stay away from her,” I growled and felt myself shivering.

Hayley, Daniela, Saxon, and Gabriel have rushed upstairs by now.

“Clara,” I heard Hayley and Daniela trying to wake her up. “Mommy,” I heard Ben behind me.

“Abigail, babe…” Nicholas called but all I could see is red.

I let out another warning growl which sounded more like an animal growl. I never did that before and I didn’t have time to ponder about it now. “You!” I said pointing to Aiden, who looked at me and Clara as if he was helpless. “You betrayed her. You did this to her,” I shouted making him cringe. “If you don’t want her, then you should have stayed away. You made her trust you and broke her heart all over again,” I yelled as angry tears sprang free from my eyes.

“No, no, please…” Aiden’s voice slurred. “It’s not like that. Let me explain, please…”

I raised my hand, stopping him while another growl vibrated from behind me. Aiden stiffened and his eyes went to this someone who growled. I turned to see a furious Benjamin and his eyes shifted, turning dark as night. “Ben, please listen to me. I didn’t do anything,” Aiden pleaded.

Ben crouched low and growled at Aiden, who watched him with wide eyes. Confusion clouded me as I noticed the change in his demeanor. Ben always growled when he wasn’t pleased with something. But, I used to admire his ability to mimic a dog and even tell Clara that her son has got a talent. But, this was different. His teeth weren’t human teeth anymore.

Ben’s nostrils flared, “You lie,” his voice came out more animalistic.

“Ben, I didn’t,” Aiden tried to speak again, his voice grew weak. He appeared as if he was sick.

“Save it!” Saxon’s voice boomed over all of us making me whimper at the authority. “You reek of that bitch,” he growled moving in front of me.

I moved towards Clara as Gabriel picked her up and I followed him. I could see Aiden trying to follow in my peripheral vision and Saxon stopped him. The bitch in question just stood watching the scene with a smirk. Aiden’s discarded shirt now covered her torso. I promised myself to punch that smirk off as I followed Gabriel down.


I had a wonderful dream.

Anna walked into my bedroom, stripping seductively and started kissing me and it felt so good. I moaned in approval as she climbed on top of me, she was pulling my shorts down when I felt someone pulling her off from me.

I jolted up in shock as it felt so real. Someone muttered ‘bastard’ and I turned to see a furious Abigail. Everything was a blur at first and I couldn’t tell apart my dream and reality. When I noticed Nicholas holding Tanya by her scruff I was confused above all. Tanya was not supposed to be here.

I heard a commotion outside and Nicholas threw Tanya across the room before running out. I jumped up from my bed and my body swayed. What the hell? Tanya tried to help me up but I pushed her away, her presence alone irritated me. I wanted to growl, but I couldn’t feel my wolf. And then I noticed she was naked as the day she was born, I felt like a jolt of electricity pulsing through my brain as I realized it was not Anna I kissed.

I rushed outside to see Anna collapsed on the floor and Abigail was trying to wake her up. I tried to go to her when Abigail pushed me away, “Stay away from her,” she growled as I stared at her with surprise. I knew she had a werewolf gene which was dormant and not enough to shift. It meant one of her ancestors was a werewolf.


Abigail said pointing at me. I watched helplessly as she got ready to shoot me the daggers. “You betrayed her. You did this to her,” she yelled making me cringe. My brain was still fussy and I was trying to figure out all that happened. I understood one thing I kissed Tanya mistaking her for Anna. I didn’t understand how it happened. Why was I not able to scent her and push her off me?

“If you don’t want her, then you should have stayed away from her. You made her trust you and broke her heart all over again,” Abigail yelled at me with angry tears.

I understood her concern and I could only guess Anna would have found me in bed with Tanya.

“No, no, please…” my voice slurred. “It’s not like that. Let me explain, please…”Another growl stopped me this time. I turned to see my furious son.

Shit! Not Ben…

“Ben, please listen to me. I didn’t do anything,” I tried to move towards him. I don’t want my son to think I betrayed his mother. Ben crouched low and he growled again. My own blood didn’t believe me and the thought of him ready to attack me, shocked me to the core.

Ben’s nostrils flared, “You lie,” his animalistic voice roared.

Tears pooled in my eyes as I looked at my son helpless. His words slicing through my heart and I felt a pain like never before.

“Ben, I didn’t,” I try tiredly.

“Save it!” Saxon’s voice boomed over all of us making me whimper at the authority. “You reek of that bitch,” he growled moving in front of me.

I couldn’t smell anything odd. No not even Anna’s comforting scent. I met his eyes helplessly. I saw Anna cuddling with our son yesterday, she was sleeping and I left her since I didn’t want to wake her. I went to sleep alone.

Gabriel hoisted Anna as others followed him. Nicholas stood behind to confront me. Let’s say I was not ready for something like this being rubbed on my face. I didn’t even have time to think about it when I just woke up and everything goes boom. They all thought I cheated on Anna with Tanya, which I didn’t and never will.

Anna is the only woman in my life.

I wasn’t a saint. I sure had my fair share of fun with girls but it never got past the making out session. My wolf never allowed me to do it. My wolf made sure that I never got hard for other girls and I couldn’t do it even if I wanted to. I couldn’t feel my wolf. I felt empty.

A burn started in my chest, suffocating me as I collapsed on the floor and clawed my chest. It felt as if a heavy weight was placed on my chest and then darkness consumed me.


I watched as Clara was rushed into the infirmary.

“Does she have any medical history?” The doctor asked and Saxon rushed out saying he has something.

I frowned as I thought what Saxon knew about Clara’s medical history. Did we meet recently? Minutes later, he returned with a thick folder in his hand.

“Here is her file. Prepare another bed!” Saxon handed the file to the doctor as he barked the order.

Nicholas rushed in with an unconscious Aiden in his shoulders. I watched in confusion as he laid Aiden on the bed and my eyes went wide when I noticed the streak of blood coming from his mouth and his once perfectly tan body was now turning blue.

Gasps could be heard around the room as the others took notice of Aiden. He was soon rushed in. Gabriel and Saxon growled as they paced the floor of the waiting room. I had so many questions in my mind, but it will have to wait before I can ask Nicholas about it. First things first, I wanted Clara to open her eyes and I don’t wish any harm on Aiden either. Did Aiden consume poison? He didn’t seem like a person who would try to kill himself. Did the girl poison him?

Minutes turned in to hours as we waited there for the doctor to come out. Both of them were taken into the emergency. Ben was curled in my lap and sobbed as they treated Clara. I tried my best to comfort him, but who could replace a mother. A mother would always be a mother. No matter what, no one could replace a mother and Ben needed his mother right now.

I couldn’t believe Aiden would betray Clara like that, but I saw that with my own eyes. Now that he was poisoned and was in critical condition, I didn’t know what to think. I silently prayed for both of their well-being as I waited there.

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