A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 15

“Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.”

― Mineko Iwasaki


After two hours of painful waiting, the Doctor came out of the emergency room. Everyone rushed towards him expectantly. No one asked him anything as it was obvious that we wanted to know about Clara and Aiden.

“They are safe. Clara is doing well, it’s just the shock. She will wake up anytime now. Alpha Aiden has been given some kind of drug–” He paused, allowing us time to process the information before continuing, “Someone has injected him with a banned drug. It is known to create hallucinations and mess with our senses. High doses are lethal to our wolves.”


A frown marred my face. I have always felt there was something weird about the guys but this information further confirmed my suspicion.

“How much?” Gabriel growled.

“Enough amount to kill him, Alpha. He wouldn’t be breathing if we had not known about this drug earlier. I was able to give him the antidote on time and he is recovering. We lost him for a second before the antidote kicked in and we were able to get his vitals stabilized,” the doctor said.

I am once again confused as the doctor addressed Gabriel as an Alpha. Why is this guy calling everyone an Alpha?

“What about the reports I gave you?” Saxon intervened and I wondered what he was talking about.

If it is about Clara, what has it got to do with Saxon?

The doctor looked around but Saxon assured him that it was okay to talk in front of us. But what the Doctor told next was something I did not expected in the least. It was too much to learn about someone one day, but now all the puzzle pieces fell into place and now I know Aiden was Benjamin’s real father.

Crap! I have noticed their uncanny resemblance several times and yet never doubted that he would be the father. If Aiden had known about Clara why does he have to wait? He could have approached her with the truth. What is he afraid of?

There was more to Clara’s past than anyone would let on. I dragged Nicholas to our room after handing Ben over to Hayley. I am not getting out of this room without any answers. I closed the door with determination. I would do anything to protect Clara and her son.

Nicholas sat on the bed, waiting, “Where do you want me to start?” his tone was tired.

So the troll did know why I brought him here.

“Who are you guys? Or should I ask… What are you guys?” Nicholas flinched on hearing my harsh tone and for once I didn’t feel remorse. I was furious and he is lucky that I am not kicking his sorry ass already.

“We are werewolves,” he replied and looked at me for any reaction, which one pissed me off further.

“Oh, yeah… and I’m a Ninja Turtle. The truth… asshole,” I sneer at him stressing each word, unable to control my anger anymore.

He exhaled before getting up. I stood my ground and just quirked my brows in question. He extended his hand and within a matter of seconds his skin was replaced with a reddish brown fur and his normal nails extended to sharp claws.

I took a step back with a gasp. He shifted to his human skin and looked at me for further questions, while I just stood there gaping at him. My mouth opened and closed several times with nothing coming out. He sat on the bed with a resigned sigh and patted the empty side for me to sit.

Do I want to go? I was shocked but not afraid. I trusted him. His eyes were sincere. If he wanted to hurt me he would have done it already. He took my hand when I went to him, enclosing it in his and comforting warmth surrounded me.

“You are like me,” he continued. “I was able to sense it when I met you the first time.”

“But I never felt different. I never growled before today. Hell, I don’t even know I could do that and I sure as hell never sprouted fur down my ass,” I ranted.

Nicholas hugged me sideways. “You are not a full-blooded werewolf. One of your ancestors must be a werewolf and you just happened to have the genes.”

“So what’s with all this drama?”

Nicholas appeared to be contemplating for a moment. “Okay, this might sound crazy but every werewolf has a mate,” he said.

“I don’t get it. What’s a mate?”

“Every werewolf is blessed with a soulmate, who will be his or her better half. It’s a blessing and a curse. We can identify our mates with their scent. Their scent is unique to us. A mated wolf will never look at another wolf and if a mate dies the other one often follows,” he explained and I nodded.

“So there is no cheating,” I asked in a low voice remembering the worst way I found out Eric’s affair.

“We won’t and can’t cheat on our mates. Our wolves won’t allow that and we can’t even withstand the scent of other females,” he confirmed.

“If what you are saying is true, then how could Aiden do that to Clara?” I asked as my tears sprang free. I moved away from him, unable to withstand his touch anymore. He was lying. I saw it with my eyes. Aiden was kissing that bitch. I have gotten over Eric but his betrayal cut me too deep and it can never be forgotten. He was my first love or so I thought until I met Nicholas. I was attracted to Nicholas when I met him. When he asked me out, I meant for our relationship only to be a fling and I didn’t want to fall for him.

But he crept in my heart with his caring nature. He gave me respect and treated me like I am special. I know I have fallen for him and we got intimate over the past few days. The more time I spent with him the more I was attracted towards him.

Nicholas panicked when he saw my tears and tried to console me but I moved away again. There were so many questions in my mind, but we were distracted shortly.

“Abi…” I heard Daniela’s voice outside the door, seconds later she entered the room with a knock.

“Clara is awake,” she informed and I jumped up running towards the infirmary with her and Nicholas in tow.

Clara was awake and Ben was lying next to her with his head on her chest.

“Hey,” I called softly “How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay,” she replied, her tight lipped smile didn’t reach her eyes. I could tell she was struggling to keep herself together.

Nicholas looked as if he wanted to tell something but kept quiet. He shifted from one foot to the other as if expecting something.

“What is it Nick?” Clara asked, not meeting his eyes.

“Um… uh… Aiden is poisoned,” he informed and her eyes snapped to meet his eyes. Nicholas cringed under the weight of her gaze and for the first time I saw his eyes averting to the floor as if exposing his neck to her. Sudden flashes of scenes similar to this surfaced in my mind. I’ve seen a few servants doing the same to Gabriel.

“That girl you saw him with, she injected him with a drug which causes hallucinations and is lethal if the dose is higher. He thought that he was kissing you and collapsed later. Luckily the doctor was able to save him,” Nicholas explained without meeting her gaze in a single breath not allowing her to talk in between and waits for Clara to process the information.

“Oh my God!”

“It wasn’t dad’s fault?” Ben lifted his head from her chest.

Clara looked at her son, unable to answer her question. Her eyes were wide as shock coated her features. “How is he now?” Her forehead creased as if she was tried to remember something from her past.

“His vitals are stable.”

“We need to leave now!” Saxon entered the room with Clara’s overnight bag in his hands.

Clara blinked not understanding what he was saying.

“What is it?” Nicholas tensed.

“Aiden’s mom is on her way here from the airport,” Saxon replied as he helped the confused Clara to her feet and picked up Ben.

“Fuck!” I heard Nicholas curse.

“I’ll explain everything on the way,” Saxon pulled Clara out of the room, while Nicholas stood as if he couldn’t decide what to do.

“Nick!” I shook him. “What’s going on?”

Instead of answering me, he hoisted on his shoulders and raced to our room. Once inside he sprayed me with the perfume. Then he rushed outside sniffing and spraying perfume here and there as I follow him without single hint for why he is acting like a loon all of a sudden. I needed no explanation when the door opened and a tall woman with a raven black hair and dark eyes entered the hall.

Nicholas hid the perfume bottle behind his back as she glanced towards him. “Where is my son?” her voice rung with so much authority that I felt him tense beside me. She looked like a ruthless businesswoman in her Maroon pencil skirt matched with white shirt and an executive blazer.

He stood his ground and straightened his shoulders standing tall. He looked intimidating in this posture but the woman looked unaffected. “Your bitch poisoned him,” he sneered and the woman let out a growl, her eyes changing to dark black. Nicholas didn’t move as she raged towards him to pick him up by his collar and pinned him to the wall.

“Mind your voice, boy! I can snap your neck this instant.”

“So, you are not worried about your beloved son being in the emergency. It’s just my voice that has you concerned,” Nicholas didn’t relent.

“Take me to him,” she dropped him and started walking ahead of him.

“You are going the opposite direction,” Nicholas snickered and walked towards the infirmary, pulling me along. I could feel her glare on our back. We reached Aiden’s room where he lay hooked up with tubes. He was still unconscious.

The beep sound from the monitor was the only noise that could be heard inside. Clara deserved happiness in her life and if what Nicholas said was true, only Aiden can make her happy. Again it made me wonder why they broke up.

The new woman kept quiet as she took in Aiden’s appearance and that was the moment her strong façade fell. She moved closer to Aiden, caressing his face as soft sobs shook her body. For a moment, she appeared vulnerable. “Where is she?” she asked composing herself.

“Alpha Gabriel has her under custody,” Nicholas replied. “Luna Caroline, if you may excuse I would like to leave so that you can have some alone time with your son,” he bowed before exiting the room with me following behind.

I was puzzled by his sudden change in his demeanour. He placed a finger on his lips silencing me, when I opened my mouth to ask him something. “We need to inform Gabriel and interrogate Tanya before Luna Caroline gets her hands on her,” he said once he was sure that we were out of earshot.

I nodded eagerly. I would sure love to give her a punch or a few. My hands were already itching in anticipation.

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